Parents & Kids Look Through Each Other's Phones | Cut


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    Parents & Kids Look Through Each Other's Phones | Cut

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    1. Alston

      The "I think no" at the end was so funny

    2. Brin

      One of my worst fears

    3. Aye Bee

      Honestly? Lol I would love to do this with someone I really like (who likes me back). It seems a lot of people aren't too comfortable communicating .... So why in the hell not?? ☺️💀 I'll update.

    4. Miss Thang

      I would do this with my mom 😂 She’s my best friend. LMAOOO I wanna see what she got on her phone 💀

    5. cerny ptak

      So... I'm gonna ask what we all want to know.... Emelia ig ir ticktock??!?!

    6. Melany Deleonescobar

      0:12 The guy behind the camera: *hi!* The guy: *wassup*

    7. Leah Mernandez

      On the way home it si going to be awkward

    8. Your Friendly Neighborhood: Spider-Man!

      This is how you get something free 101

    9. el

      "my dad has crabs" "WAIT WHAT?"

    10. Shinobibxndits

      Emilia hella weird bro 😂

    11. glockenrein

      I’m so glad my family isn’t like Emilia Rose and her mother and sister, holy crap.

    12. Noah Bates

      The Amazon girl is the definition of “ghetto”

    13. Meh Meh

      I would never ever ever do this even if I was paid all the money in world

    14. Boring Bunny

      If this was a Hispanic mom or dad... oh god-

    15. Bob The builder

      3,333 comment 😁

    16. Danasia Booker

      i wish my dad was like kyle's, not tech savvy and doesn't know how to access the search history. DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I COULD'VE GOTTEN AWAY WITH¿¿

    17. Pisces 28


    18. Ivory

      Gimme Emilia's @ right now

    19. ______

      There all bad

    20. Shyamoli Pathak

      Is it just me or does the mom give off Kris Jenner vibes? 😂

    21. Raha Rajabian

      to have American parents...😫

    22. GALACTUS

      I thought it was Katy Perry in thumbnail 😂

    23. sye

      the father and daughter relationship is very 🥺🥺🥺🥺

    24. Devangi B

      I would be dead if it were me and my indian parents

    25. athena cale simbre

      okay if that's asians parents and other countries they will get their weapons ( hanger, belt, stick)

    26. 20somethingsWorld

      Soo creepy the black guys dad looks like my dad and they dress the same too 😂😂😭😅😫

    27. thats cool

      My moms Hispanic- she would beat my ass and ground me for a year No fucking joke

    28. Glitch The Deer

      My parents: Lets go to his gallery! Me: *Evil laughter knowing im about to scar my parents with furrys*

    29. Ebunny Mc

      Poor fuckin Kyle XD

    30. •taro•

      me who shares a phone with my mom:

    31. Eric MrPenguin

      Everyone is just exposing their self 😂 Jesus is a real thing I’m sorry God 🙏

    32. Eric MrPenguin

      This video is great!

    33. Gabriel Wilson

      Bro having a father look through his daughters phone is abuse on both parts😂😂

    34. Chris G

      that emilia girl so fine i need an @

    35. xairy


    36. Ritam Talukdar

      This phone series is amazing


      Of I ever go on one of my parents phone and see this imma throw up

    38. Markie Ross

      Emelia if you make a channel I'm subbing to that shit, ily 😪😂❤

    39. Reece

      I'd do this with my mom if I was out and she wasn't homophobic💀✨

    40. Chris Majewski

      So much anxiety watching this

    41. Bruh bruh布鲁赫

      Girl got exposed by her own mom

    42. Aliena C

      I thought it was katy perry in the thumbnail

    43. Flip

      That emelia rose is gorgeous

    44. Olga Delgado

      Yo send link😂

    45. Mamkajiwin

      What’s up Broski 🦋🦋

    46. Fabian Gonzalez

      When they say the first name and the middle name right after you know you're in trouble LMFAO

    47. Proud Human

      Why did they agree to this 🤣🤣🤣

    48. S.M Autonu

      5:06 😂😂

    49. Door Soup

      This reminded me to delete my henta

    50. Mayia G.

      Heavy on the “I’m her sister and she blocked me” I hate family sometimes lmao

    51. Sswwaaggyy Zadar

      First thing they will do: Check history How I miss unverified video...::((

    52. soinu foig

      Poor dude definitely liked that girl and instead of letting things build casually his dad just murdered it :(

    53. broken pc

      Jokes on you, I don’t have any photos.

    54. Gauri Rampal

      I could never do this with my parents

    55. Ștefan Călin Nechifor

      Blake, or who is talking, sounds a bit like MrBeast don't they?

    56. Jeremiah Kinloch

      Why are you doing this why did you agree to this

    57. Waterdrxps

      When it says Olive not Olivia:

    58. levi

      how much did the kids get paid to do this

    59. Big Bob

      what emilia rose's @ ?

    60. Patricia Uch

      I cringed so hard thinking about how I would feel in these scenarios 😬 Especially if its on SEprom posted by a channel with 10.5M subscribers!

    61. John B.

      What was the song from the beginning?

    62. Xavier Novelo

      yeah I rather die that do this

    63. REEE jongo_plays_minecraft_with_guns


    64. Amaya Mayer

      okay i'm a lil kid but my vid was like 4 yaers ago i was 4 yeah i was 4 but my chanile is amayas fun house i post one vid its the hot spicey one so can you plz plz plz show me some love on it and get it to 100 subs im only at like 36 and i have alot of viwes but can you joust get me up i love you guys so much gn and i hope you had a great day and im sorry for not posting i have been working on school and stuff and go check out my brothers ej peater and yeah so plz get me to 100 likes i love yall guys so much i'm giveing away a i phone 11 for my next vid a slime video why im giveing it away is because who ever is the first one to i might post the vid in june bye i love yall sooooooooooooooo much

    65. Brittania Bird

      Yeah no my parents would die of disappointment 😂

    66. itsJeth _

      the one parent ive seen that let her child swear


      Let me grab the pop corn

    68. ParadiseHills0

      5:02 what’s with the fifth and sixth search’s?

    69. CorgiOffender

      I always search in incognito mode

    70. Lorelei Oetker

      I came here from kody ko

    71. Alex

      "i'm simple like that" hahaha

    72. Alex Cruz

      I’m tryna see the full vid of Emilia 😏

    73. sincerelynagito

      imagine one parent went to the kids phone and said “you got games in your phone?”

    74. Lili pad Gaming

      Karen alert! Karen alert! Karen alert!

    75. noah skidmore

      So what’s her @ lmao

    76. Diesel

      That mom is all fucked up.

    77. •Lara Elago•

      Were Fine :,>

    78. Alex Reese

      Shit I’d block Emelia as well she toxic🤡

    79. Jungkook’s_TingTingBall

      I would be so safe. My mom would just find hard stan BTS edits and Jungkook pictures hahahahaha

      1. FBI — Federal Bereau of Investigation

        Eh if I were your mom you wouldn't be so safe /j

    80. mk

      Incognito mode is truly secret he doesn’t even know about it

    81. Pablo marcelo

      If it was 1 and 1/2 days before that they knew about this they had the time to erase everything they wanted :/

    82. Celicakes

      omg 5:00 why does it say “cute teen” WYD SIR😭😭😭😭

    83. Lettuce Dealer

      All they would've found on my phone is monke

    84. Matt Trukovich

      Emilia if u see this I turn 18 in 3 years and I would be a good step dad I’m ver mature for my age

    85. Sophia G.

      I go through my mom's pics when I'm bored lol

    86. Nylon

      Black goddess had my dying

    87. Gracie Clements

      Why does Emilia look like Vanessa Morgan..

    88. Big Kid

      No cap ima need that girls video for research purposes

    89. SoftHeartBeary

      2:08 "He doesn't go to incognito" "What is that"

    90. SirTorture

      Do emilia got an instagram? 👀

    91. Timgucci

      Ey whats the girls @ ?

    92. Ebba Iithelenga

      The way the lady keeps referring to her as "Emilia-Rose" and not just Emilia or Rose😂

    93. Jeremy S

      I would never even think about sharing anything that deviates from the devout Christian boy image I have.

    94. Jeremy S

      I hate Amelia. Sorry to say it.

      1. Soft_.pastels


    95. Jeremy S

      I would never do this with my parents. Their perception of me is a complete 180 of who I actually am.

      1. Danielle Mijares

        Same 😬

      2. Aminata Pavion


    96. Robbie

      I'm here from Mr cody ko

    97. 773 Legend

      Someone find Emilia @ no cap 🤣

    98. kyle mclemore

      What’s amelias @??

    99. Enter Name

      funny, link?

    100. Fuck Your Opinions About Me

      Emelia’s mother rubbed me the wrong way 😒 I would never put my child down like that. What a judgmental “mother”.

      1. Billy Bust Inside

        @Jeremy S nah she talks Shit about her to her other daughter

      2. Jeremy S

        Some parents aren’t giant pushovers like most modern parents these days. Her mom tells it as it is.

      3. Billy Bust Inside

        It’s common. Mothers feel super jealous of their daughter in a lot of mother daughter relationships. Especially when their daughter is much prettier than they are.