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    You chose the theme and we delivered! Get ready for a FERMENTED FOODS edition of our Ultimate Poker Face Challenge series; and who better to taste-test than our resident chef, Ben, along with our two normals, Barry and Mike.
    If you want to find out more about the stuff we looked at, here are all the links you'll need - we haven't been paid/sponsored to talk about any of them so they are our honest reviews... But some of these links are affiliate links, which means if you click on them we may receive a very small amount or percentage if you go on to purchase - this adds no extra cost to you.
    Indonesian Belachan Paste:
    Osato ​Nattō​ ​Fermented Soy Beans:
    Century Duck Eggs:
    Oskars Surströmming:
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    1. C439672-D

      Wouldn't eat any of these. Nor would I eat Casu martzu, but would love to see u guys try it. Unfortunately as far as I know it is illegal everywhere apart from sardinia

    2. Baobei Nisa

      Next fermented food is durian tempoyak pleaseeeeeeeeeee

    3. Nick Guiliani

      Since TikTok trends have been a theme. Do a poker face of the worst TikTok trends.

    4. Nashyj

      I'd love a bitter foods challenge, seeing the guys try bitter melon would be interesting! Kalmegh is apparently very bitter as well!

    5. Amazingly Awkward

      Natto to me isn’t offensive. I just think it’s super bland and then I don’t like the texture. It didn’t make me gag when I had it but I didn’t eat more than a couple of bites because it just wasn’t enjoyable.

    6. Megan Popple

      The science of natto: Natto is produced through the fermentation of soy with Bacillus subtilis natto. During the fermentation process, the extracellular enzymes from the bacteria act on the soybeans to produce mucilage (the stringy mucus).

    7. Spöklik Smol

      Ugh, why instagram? Twitter, please?

    8. zozog

      Surströmming 🇸🇪

    9. thron gamer

      Nato Is really good and the raw egg is the best omg even tho I'm not from japan 😆

    10. Mi Box

      My mother used to make natto and she had to warn me to leave the room because of the odor, it has a strong sewage fecal odor that is very "unique"

    11. Vandal49

      Natto is friggin delicious and natto+raw egg is the perfect food, what is wrong with these people?

    12. Neil Campbell

      Did the final one ever turn up? Haven't seen it on Instagram

    13. Adam

      What do you end up eating or your go to afterwards to really chase the bad tastes away? Any favs?

    14. TashaAzhar

      Missed the opportunity for tempoyak (fermented durian)😂

      1. SORTEDfood

        There is always next time 😉

    15. Dilara Kandemir

      “Swallowing is the way forward” needs to be on a shirt.

    16. Rai Gimoto-Taneo

      I love Durian so much. People will either love it or hate it. Always at extreme.

    17. key bear

      try sour or bitter i would suggest umeboshi

    18. Jack Atkinson

      ''Swallowing is the way forward''......... I AM DEAD :D

    19. Berry Yummy - That Sweet Feeling

      Great video as always guys!! By the way, all fermented foods taste sweet with the Miracle Berry. Never be sour again lol!

    20. Kylan Beaumont

      Not me literally eating natto and rice while watching this xD You should mix it with soy sauce before eating it!

    21. Kat Ozkosar

      Y'all should do super sour foods next xD

    22. khaxjc1

      Not my favorite series but I still appreciate the effort on the part of the team.

    23. Jamie Lawrence

      The noise Mike makes at 8:41 will live in my head rent free forever.

    24. Akhil Muraleedhar

      This is just torture. There's actual physical pain. I agree. SEprom views are not worth this. Next time atleast milk it out. Make 10 videos out of it..somehow..

    25. Jade T

      Mike makes these challenges. I'm crying right now 😂😂😂😂

    26. Lily White

      Natto is not a "western pallettes don't like this thing" because a LOT/most Japanese don't like it too

    27. Oliver Zhao

      Could have definitely made a better dish with century egg, like with vinegar and ginger, or in a congee, or mixed with seasoned silken tofu. The devilled egg idea is disgusting

    28. Oliver Zhao

      That much shrimp paste all at once is disturbing :( should have only given them a pinch, like the drinking snack in Thailand

    29. Natalie Holch

      R1 i would say berry but he ate way less than eves

    30. Burris Streaming

      in Sweden it's against the law to even take on a bus in an open container.

    31. Mathy Don

      Except for Natto and the fish each of these items are more like seasonings, you wouldn’t sit down and just eat a bowl of garlic 🧄 or black pepper

    32. Jocke Lundquist

      surströmming is one of my absolutely favorite food. =)

    33. darknessblade

      Only those who's nose are permanently blocked can eat "surstromming" without a issue.

    34. Cathy Nguyen

      Century Eggs are actually amazing, I love having it in congee with congealed pork blood

    35. EvilMonkeyPaw

      Barry, I'm mock-offended at your description of the taste of the century egg.

    36. Nagelfar

      How did you miss Hákarl? :D

    37. Alex Sugahara

      The little chef inside Ebbers DIED with this challenge

    38. Lara Luck

      I have not laughed this hard in a long time😂. Urinal cake

    39. Simon Koo

      Who win the end poker faces challenge permented food..... didn't get any channel.....

    40. Jean's Survival

      I remember when I lived in Sweden... My Swedish girlfriend wanted to treat me with an Swedish specialty.... So I was in the living room on the couch minding my own business while my girl prepared.... Sürstroming... She opened the can and I immediately sensed the rotten odour of it and went to the kitchen to see what went bad.... According to my girlfriend nothing it has to be like that.... At that point I was already gaging... I told her I love her and I appreciate it but I will go out get a pizza! 😎🇫🇷#frenchprotip

    41. Michael Cheng

      Century egg with soybean and soy paste is my favourite cold side while Natto is a good if infrequent snack that I like, it’s hilarious watching you guys “eating” them

    42. Harris S

      1:08 When you say "belachan", it's Malaysian It will be correct if you say " Terasi" or "Trassy"

    43. John Cossack

      Did you seriously not finish the video?

    44. Lydia Yao

      The egg is suppose to be eaten with vinegar which cuts back on the ammonia smell. Cooking them in a western style doesn't sound good.

    45. Ryan Hicks

      What was the 5th thing and who won? I don't have Instagram and don't really want to sign up for one. Thank you so much in advance!

    46. Chunga Wumba

      I'm Japanese-American and I grew up with natto. While it's not the grossest fermented food in the world, I absolutely cannot stand it. Most of my family eats it and I just hate it.

    47. rragnarok

      Barry looks like he's reviewing all his life decisions at 14:18

    48. Christina Stracquodaine

      I really don't like the "crack crack sizzle" intro. It's way too muted and boring. Bring back the old one!

    49. liv

      indonesian here and i can confirm even most indonesian wont eat belachan like that😭😭 we either fry or steam it first to put in our sambal😭

    50. Cruzz999

      I'm impressed! They opened it under water, like they should!

    51. Jordan H Reiter

      I actually like natto...

    52. Miranda

      Barrys piano playing was the funiest thing

    53. rain suria

      So nobody dared to cross the unchartered territory of TEMPOYAK..aka fermented durian XD

    54. Noar Abdulrhman

      This video is hilarious it deserves more views for sure

    55. Katlyn L

      Mike can never win cause he needs to be in every one of these 🤣🤣🤣

    56. Mikael Sjöberg

      When I went to school someone empty the surströmming can into the ventilationssystem. We all had to go home.

      1. AThousandLives

        For like the whole year? 🤣

    57. Arlene Aquino

      Poker face challenge always makes me LOL. Please make more of this video :)

    58. Kekkelpenney Peckeltoot

      I gotta go ben, mike, barry mike

    59. S0dfish

      If you haven't had surstromming before it tastes like the smell of an outdoor bin in a hot summer times 100. Eating it will ruin about a week of your life. I wasn't as lucky as these guys and the fish in the tin I ate had actually almost entirely dissolved leaving mostly bones and roe. If any food deserves a do not try this at home warning its this. eat outdoors, if you must. Do it for charity, the 30 or so people watching me watched me and my boss do it for a dare and we spun up the charity idea as an afterthought and got nearly £500 just because they were in smell vicinity. but try it now if you must. Young Swedish people (where it comes from) wont eat it so you may soon not get the chance. Forgot to say they all impressed me with the amount they ate. I can imagine going in for a second bite though, when your already completely on fire, you don't notice more fire.

    60. Filippa Svensson

      *me missing midsummer watching them eat surströmming*

    61. Karasu Shiro

      I'd love for them to try kusaya and maybe stinky tofu as well. Theres also exotic dishes that maybe they can try from different cultures. Here in the philippines theres balut and fried one day old chick. Or a live food poker face challenge with octopus and silkworms

    62. Devin O

      This feels like Jamie and some vengeance I love it.

    63. Sky Sweeper

      What was the 5th thing and who won? I'm not making an Instagram account just to find out.

    64. Glamour N' Nail

      Mike in these is my favorite! ❤️ I feel like he should get a bonus points for the entertainment he provides.

    65. Georgia S

      Crying laughing

    66. Lauren

      You've done spicy. You've done fermented. Sour, unbelievably sour, beyond all imagining. No foods come to mind, but I'd like to think drinks could be involved. Alternatively, high proof booze and a decent amount. In a short amount of time.

    67. George Loveland

      I’d love to see some Poker Faces against the most salty things, and the tap out can be water (get it, TAP out)

    68. Flovonne Johnson

      I love natto For some reason, Even though I'm a texture person who can't eat bananas because of the texture. I love it.... Although it probably would have been eating better if you would have stirred it until it's no longer clear looking.... It's a little less gooey that way

    69. BroGrab

      Century eggs aren’t bad. Our Asian market sells them by the six pack for $20. You should also try hakarl. Tastes like pee

    70. Vixey Teh

      What is the link to the instagram? Who won???

    71. Vixey Teh

      Barry really had a pokerface. I totally bought that he actually quite liked that and he thought it was just like any another pretentious ingredient. Then he said "THAT WAS BLOODY AWFUL!!!"

    72. Scandic

      As always people forget the Västerbotten cheese , but ill giv epoints for eating it with a Klämma( bread) your a legit food channel if you eat it like that. I love surströmming. seriusly but id never eat it raw

    73. Jon Boy

      New intro is great!

    74. Lori Anderson

      Lutefisk! I have only tried once! A Minnesota Norwegian tradition. The smell is something you never get used to, the texture is very unusual!! And some people eat it every Christmas time! The smell reminds my husband of childhood, where it was made in his Grandparents basement, you could smell walking up to the sidewalk!

    75. Flip Flap

      Bug poker face? Concentrated food poker face? There are always more exotic fruits and vegetables.

    76. Cory Walker

      Dude, natto is delicious!

    77. FabulousKilljoy917

      What about like an unusual food challenge? Innerds, face, eyes, genitals. And I must say I enjoy when the chefs join in and am so curious how James would play in one of these

    78. Panji Aditya

      Indonesians generally call them "terasi" instead of "balacan/belachan". The latter is more popular in malaysia which is out next door neighbor.

    79. Lunaire

      I absolutely LOVE natto!.... and I'm the only European I know that actually eats it for breakfast 😅 pls tell me I'm not the only one

    80. Golden Nine

      “Shutki”should be next guys. Do try this fermented fish

    81. MJB

      I should not have watched this video with a chesty cough :(

    82. Tanequin1

      New poker face challenge, who can keep a poker face while listening to non-stop Benuendos.

    83. Charles Watson

      Imagine not seeing the irony of gagging on natto because it's "gluey" but having no problem with cheese

    84. Emma Mak

      What about some weird spreads? I'm Aussie, but watching people eat a whole spoon of vegemite is hilarious and I'm sure there are other things that different cultures put on their toast or in a sandwich.

      1. Emma Mak

        Jamaica: Scotch Bonnet Pepper Jelly Japan: Ume Plum Jam Cambodia: Prohok (Not used on toasted but with vegetables as a dip) Ukraine: Salo (not sure it's weird enough, but it's just lard on bread)

    85. Robert Archambault

      My favorite skit

    86. Rascal W.

      So much more respect for Mike after watching this.

    87. Siddiqua Haswarey

      Hi! First off, my husband, 2.5 year old, and I love your channel. The best bits are always on the cooking battles. That being said, this particular episode made me wonder and question a few things. Granted the reactions to the foods... the gag reflexes etc., are involuntary. And some of the cast were quite civil in their reaction in particular their description of the food. BUT, I wonder if some of comments in the show could have been culturally sensitive? It's one thing to say you don't like a food. But quite different if one describes a food or compares it to things repulsive, isn't it? Did anyone else feel this way?

    88. Ruth Mayhew

      Let's get James in that chair

    89. Riabain

      And here I eat natto on top of bread for breakfast....

    90. hannahalice

      @14:20. Barry's look of utter despair

    91. PB

      oh my god i laughed so hard it became weird hyenas shrieks

    92. tempest

      I would love to see this with pickled food i would suggest Japanese umeboshi plums

    93. Grimm Wald

      The beans are super neutral. Like no taste at all actually.

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    95. Erika Montoya

      Lowkey upsetting that they ate all of the other items how they were supposed to be eaten in their cultures and they decided to trash century eggs by making them deviled eggs instead of eating them properly with congee or something.....

    96. SCNC Tecnologías Alberto Rozos

      Where is James?

    97. Sophie Parker

      That was one of the greatest twenty minutes of youtube i've ever watched.

    98. Pat R

      We need a compliation of Mike's positivity!!

    99. Ray Beaudry

      I don't have Instagram ( ANNOYED ) 🤬

      1. SORTEDfood

        It's on our community post on YT too :) seprom.infocommunity

    100. chuchuchuchia

      Goes to show how impactful growing up with something is. I freaking love century eggs with a little soy sauce, flavortown.