Reacting To Trans Youtubers Who HATE Me!

Blaire White

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    1. Blaire White

      Shoutout to everyone on this list whether they love or hate me! I said it 45479 times in the video but don't send hate to anyone :) We're all just trying to navigate this crazy world and even crazier interwebs. xoxo

      1. _ omarlives

        So likable!

      2. Karen your kids can hear you

        OK so here are the reasons I hate you you i know your probably not gonna see this reply “feminism is cancer” you support Ben Shapiro you’re a Trump supporter and many more

      3. Gabrielle W.

        Blaire, my true wish for you is that one day you can learn to love and accept yourself so that you stop feeling the need to hurt others. I don't think you're a bad person at all. These followers you have do not accept you as anything other than a token or a fetish. I don't think you even believe half of what you say but you feel like you have to say it. Don't keep siding with your abusers. I urge you to rethink the abusive behavior you inflict upon others. Love be with you, chick.

      4. 『 Nagi 』

        Blaire, I'm dissapointed in how you misrepresented Natalie's argument. She never attacked the morality of platforming Yaniv, instead she was questioning your motivations for making that livestream with a *predator*. You are an incredibly intelligent woman and it is hard to believe it wasn't on purpose and the timestamps are all over this comment section so you could've corrected yourself on twitter. Edit: Contra even said in the video that she doesnt give two shits about Yaniv.

      5. Lazy Tongue

        This was supposed to be a video of who hates you, but it was literally the opposite.

    2. Chiperry 20

      just stop using the wrong pronouns and midgendering people please thank u :)

    3. LP?

      Why is Blaire using Riley's name so many times and never a single pronoun?

    4. Danny Lahav Elkis

      Not judging Kim for being trans or hating Blaire, but her music is just a big no. the girl can not sing.

    5. Floofer Pupper

      The dog in the background though...

    6. IRONMAN000

      How does Blaire get any hotter? Put her in a hot tub.......yup, that did it. 👌

    7. _ omarlives

      It's 2021, nobody has friends.

    8. _ omarlives

      Beauty and brains.

    9. Xonia Harper

      I used to feel a sadness when watching your videos because you’re a m to f trans and i honestly wish i was too and never really considered the fact that i absolutely could be who I know I am I love your videos for helping me figure this out❤️😌

      1. Patriotic Dandelions

    10. Antnj81

      What do you think of Samantha Lux? Personally, I think she's a douche

    11. Antnj81

      I love how Blair refuses to call Riley by any pronouns, let alone feminine ones 😁


      I haven't seen her videos before and this is my first video but how did I know that she was gonna say that at 8:09 he's like my little brother 😂 Coincidence I think NOT I'm joking

    13. Ditje Datje

      Dude, if you are going to keep your penis, why do that awkward walk? Wear it with pride:p

    14. ben spencer

      I trolled one of these people on your list..aint gona say who it was but it got a response i knew they lost some sleep over it and then they did 2 episode's on what i had said..Left leaning people tend to fall into the trap of their ignorance.

      1. ben spencer

        @;9. im not here for other people..

      2. ;9.

        no one thinks your cool

    15. TheHappyCynic

      No Samantha Lux?

      1. TheHappyCynic

        @lady Camilla My guess is that Samantha is more of a trans advocate whereas Blaire is more a conservative girl who's trans.

      2. TheHappyCynic

        @lady Camilla She's opposed to many of Ms. White's views.

    16. Imaginary Pluto

      Kat Blaque does not hate you. She certainly doesn't love you and doesn't share all of your views, but I believe that she simply does not care and does not wish to associate, she has better things to do than sit around and worry herself about what others do or say.

    17. Addison Katrina

      1:50 I thought Blaire got "banned" from Chicago, guess not. 😂😂😂

    18. idontrey

      The Kalvin one is unbelievable I feel like y’all share the same political views 🧍🏾‍♂️

    19. ally kulhmann

      Isn't Kat into BDSM

    20. Kenn the Legendary Sky Pirate of the Seven Skies!!

      Why are most of the comments people who don't like Blaire White?

    21. Meg Garbincus

      My birthday is the day after yours....Virgos rock!

    22. Duran Delao

      Blaire has a amazing tuck!! 👏👏👏


      Awww... I wanna cry...


      Kay this suxs... But it's cuz u mean something to me...


      Plz don't ever dress like that again... Beauty is pain babe... Ur gorgeous in it.. but it breaks me cuz I want u for a real life

    26. John Compton

      Oooh we have the same birthday Blaire (:

    27. John Compton

      Oooh we have the same birthday Blaire (:

    28. Aaron Stoner

      Kat Blaque said that to that specific person because they were after attention. If she really believed they were serious she wouldn't be joking. They came on her Twitter and threatened to kill themself for a response from her. I don't know the specifics of your disagreement with Kat but she's a really sweet person from what I see of her in her videos.

    29. Andrew Weber

      Your so beautiful Blaire

    30. RealityCheck1993

      Kat doesn't hate you. She's said in a video months before this that she encourages people to understand the nuance of your position and your opinions. Without bringing up your cringe tweets at that. Lame

    31. Brooke LaMenza

      Go underwater and come back up. You'd never

    32. Nicolas Mamba

      Stop touching your hair

    33. Melanie Vazquez

      How are you so relaxed and casual about being ra**d....I hope I can achieve that some day

    34. Laura Hinojosa

      At this point i realized i watch ur videos because i like your voice lol

    35. William Tsai

      Short attention span is real. Btw you look good lol.

    36. Radina Bonita

      I love rose of dawn

    37. Alex West

      Didn’t you literally do a video with Kalvin?

    38. stoned ape music

      U is hot

    39. Rollie55

      That Kat Blaque comment was a bit too far. "Put me in the will, kid." Wtf

    40. Niklas Kronlein

      Lmao the comment section is just a bunch of contrapoint fans. I can't with this 🤦‍♂️😂

    41. THE Curious Meow

      I love Blair so much I watch old videos! Blair you are absolutely beautiful!! And I’m a straight female

    42. Panda xxx

      The lying, the manipulation, the misrepresenting... Blaire White in a nutshell

    43. Anthonny Vaquedano

      U'r so cringe Blaire


      i want to be hear with you

    45. Erica Greene

      Why does Blaire never actually watch videos properly or do any research? 😂 It's honestly embarrassing

      1. Erica Greene

        Like she clearly didn't watch the actual video contra made lol

    46. So Vidushi

      Contrapoints had no problem with u calling out jessica. She said that the ethics behind you capitalising off of it to this extent (merch and stuff) can be questionable and that it seemed like you're pandering to a potentially transphobic audience (which is just my understanding of what she said in Cringe, I could've misinterpreted it) along with that she does not make videos about you, she mentions you in her videos.

    47. Bre Lira

      Freaking love Blair, you’re a real queen 💕

    48. AubreyJamesMusic

      Blair my bday is 9/14 as well thats y i love u

    49. Cookie Mocher

      I don't even like hot tubs all that much but honestly this video's setting is lookin relaxing

      1. Patriotic Dandelions

        My hot tub is WAY COOLER than hers. 🤗

    50. chloe creating

      “the hate i get over the smallest things- and sometimes valid things of course.” i have said it before and will say it again: i have different point of views than you on a lot of issues, but love listening to you anyway, because you’re self-aware and willing to admit mistakes, and because you feel like a really good source for opposing views explained in a rational way

    51. Londonwastaken

      Who wouldn’t hate you- lmao like ur fr the whitest person on SEprom, love making fun of people, love hating and bringing others down, and LOVE making yourself looking stupid.

      1. Patriotic Dandelions

        And... She WORSHIPS S-A-T-A-N!

    52. Blind Bandit

      Oh gee... hmmm... I wonder why these people strongly dislike you... hmm...

    53. Samuel Simpson

      Contrapoints was arguing about the sincerity of you platforming Jessica and you’re handling about it, not the fact you did it in the first place.

    54. DankFrank

      I love that so many people watch both Natalie and Blaire. Someone say "science fiction double feature"???

    55. DankFrank

      I actually found Contrapoints channel because of yours (and for what its worth I found you through June.. S/O to the holy trinity). I've gotta say, I think maybe you should re-watch the video and see your part in context because she has some good and valid criticisms (which I definitely share) of your work and I think it'd be pretty awesome if you actually worked on some of that because it would make you an even better content creator. I didn't really get an overly critical vibe from her, I think what she said was pretty fair and reasonable (even considering all the extra stuff you just mentioned). Maybe dive into some of the "Chris Chann A-logging" stuff she talks about, it'd be cool to see your opinion of that. Honestly, as it stands I could still watch you read the phonebook, keep up the good work!

    56. Een Ui

      like dis video or somthing

    57. Sensual ASMR

      *Just subsribed to Rose of Dawn! Let’s support each other to make a positive change in the world!* ♥️💪🏽

    58. Sensual ASMR

      Just watched a few really dark videos of you (wich where super awesome and important btw!!), so I really need to whine down now. As pretty sensual and bisexual person I must say I appreciate the way, you are in your body. Just brings me so much joy to see women feeling happy, joyful and relaxed in their own bodies, minds and souls weather that be in a burka or a bikini. You are a role model for us, Blair. ♥️♥️♥️

    59. BCharlieee

      Your body is goals rn

    60. Dario Romano

      You are so sweet

    61. Hannah Richey

      Yessssss, September 14th 1994 🙌🏼😘

    62. Groucho Marxist

      Kat Blaque has gone off the deep end.

    63. Insanely Drew

      I love you Blaire 🙌🏼 your so real with the shits lol

    64. James Ewing

      I love your videos! Thank you.

    65. Necroxis

      So did Blaire either not actually watch the "Cringe" video that Contrapoints made or is she purposefully trying to make Contra look bad? Also "Cringe" was the first and only video where Contra criticized her, she even defended Blaire White against Ben Shapiro. The "Cringe" video is an hour and a half long. Do you know how long Contrapoints talks about Blaire? Not even 10 minutes. I think it goes to show that Blaire isn't as intellectually rigorous as she pretends to be.

      1. astrolabe1976

        she has a horrible track record of not doing her homework or really looking at sources

    66. Dillon Lowe

      Omg I didn’t know Kim was even trans!!! But also, that’s some real bs that she stated that. I imagine that her team probs told her to publicly distance herself from you because of her image and audience and they want her career to take off. It’s shitty that the politics of the industry push people to not really be who they are. I respect you and would respect her more for that.

    67. American Amy

      I feel terrible I missed your birthday. Happy late birthday. 🙂❤️

    68. Lazy Tongue

      This was supposed to be a video of who hates you, but it was literally the opposite.

    69. david prince


    70. Mr. Garib

      Clearly, ContraPoints' criticism is not groundless. At first you exposed Yaniv as a predator which is great, but then you were like obsessed with her. It wasn't any more "calling her out", but making a content out of her.

    71. Gabrielle W.

      I just have to say that I absolutely adore Contrapoints.....she really cleared up a lot for me as far as non-bianary people and just a lot about transgender issues in general because as a cis woman, I had a lot of question marks floating above my head. I know what video you're referencing - I think she has a lot of regard for you and a lot of affection as well. You should rewatch the videos.....they aren't as negative as you think they are and she even has your back most of the time (even when she's being critical). She's an ally, as am I ❤❤❤❤❤

      1. Gabrielle W.

        @Stuff Things well - your thesis does have several points, so I'll try to do the best I can. So first - you say that gender dysphoria causes your brain to fundamentally change it's structure to align itself with the biological sex you identify with. "Transgender people have gender dysphoria, which causes a biological change in that person's brain that causes them to be the opposite sex neurologically." This is logically false. If this were the case, then hormone therapy and other forms of medical intervention would NOT be necessary for a person to transition. The brain and body would simply start producing the chemicals it needed to reflect its chosen biological sex. That's incorrect. It doesn't work that way. But let's assume for a moment that this is true. If a non-binary person does not identify with either gender or a combination of both - according to your postulate, their brains would change and they would begin displaying external changes of intersex people. Again, this is impossible - but if your theory is true, then that would STILL validate non-binary as trans, since these spontaneous brain changes would stimulate a transition. This brings me to the second part of your comment I want to address: I would challenge you to re-read the first sentence in your latest reply. "Gender is the cultural and social expectations and roles of the sexes." How is this different from my assertion that our perception and concept of gender is a sociological construct, and not a physiological one? You go on to say that "Just because something is cultural/social, does not mean it is not biological." You seem to be confusing association with definition. While it is true that our binary understanding of what is expected of both genders is based in some elements of biological sex characteristics, these elements are not caused inherently by biological sex. This would mean that trans people in any form could not exist, since their genders stem purely from the biological structure of their sociological and cultural genders. You can't have it both ways. Either you understand and acknowledge the idea that gender is a social construct and therefore, fluid (since these are abstract and subjective emotional interpretations)- and this fluidity can include those across the gender spectrum from cisgendered to ftm to mtf to any of the various shades of non-binary - or you staunchly believe that the only acceptable way for trans people to exist is if they chose one gender or the other - and only because they have a verifiable disorder. This means that you think of it as a disease that we can cure with hormones and surgery rather than an important and deeply personal facet of a person's individuality. This is incorrect. Trans people are not required to be validated by empirical absolutes since those don't exist in a subjective space. Just as love cannot be proven or scientifically validated as real - but yet we as human beings know that is it real. Finally, let us dive into your final paragraph. "Non binary people are valid, it is valid to want to exist outside of the male-female masculine-feminine dymanic." Good - you're catching on. But then you totally contradict yourself in the following sentence: "But you don't get to A, say it's just as valid as transgenderism, because it is not. And B, that transgender and non binary are the same thing, because they are not." Do you see how these two statements cancel each other out? You are admitting that non-binary people are valid and have the right to exist outside the gender norm. Yet you refuse to admit that this is a part of the trans community by default, since "transgender" quite literally means that you do not identify with your biological sex. By your own definition, this must include non-binary trans people. I'm sorry if this offends your understanding of the word, but I've just proven that non-binary people are part of the trans spectrum using your own words with my own interpretations. The concept of gender is just as fluid.

      2. Stuff Things

        Gender is the cultural and social expectations and roles of the sexes. Gender expression and gender are not "unable to be separated" Just because something is cultural/social, does not mean it is not biological. That is a false dichotomy. Culture and social hierarchy are both rooted squarely in biology, evolutionary biology, biological anthropology, game theory, and a whole host of other scientific fields. Every sexually dimorphic species on the planet has a "gender" binary, roles and "social" understandings of the sexes within that species and the roles that they play. It is all biology. Transgender people have gender dysphoria, which causes a *biological* change in that person's brain that causes them to *be* the opposite sex neurologically. That is the difference between non binary and transgender people. You're just repeating yourself, your "the very definition of transgender" point was literally addressed in the comment you replied to, perhaps read it before replying? "A definition based on modern common use of a word is just reflective of the change in how people use it. And that change in definition is attributed to people like you, who insist that non binary people are transgender, and push that narrative, with no actual evidence or validation, and the outside world takes that as coming from the “trans community” and adjusts accordingly. All you are pointing out is that your narrative has been accepted as general wisdom by cis people, who don’t even look into things. You cannot provide any other validation. Because there is none" If you can't provide any other objective validation for it, then just stop. You are literally doing the exact thing I described in my reply. Because you can't validate non binary gender identity on fair or objective grounds, you try to attack and undermine the very idea of objective standards for gender instead. The fact you have to do that to support your claim says something. No, gender is not separate from biology, it is not the exact same thing as Sex, but it is not non-biological. I do love that trans activism now has just become undermining the entire validation of actual trans people. Non binary people are valid, it is valid to want to exist outside of the male-female masculine-feminine dymanic. But you don't get to A, say it's just as valid as transgenderism, because it is not. And B, that transgender and non binary are the same thing, because they are not. And instead of pulling transgenderism down to the same level as non binary to show it, bring non binary up, show actual evidnece, provide neurological data and proof of it. Because we have proof and scientific objective evidence of transgenderism, that very fact alone is why they are *not* the same thing. Hopefully you'll actually read my comment properly this time and not make arguments I literally already addressed in the previous one.

      3. Gabrielle W.

        @Stuff Things what is gender but a collection of performativity and expression? How does a person express gender? Gender expression cannot be separated from gender since gender cannot exist outside of perception without that gender being expressed in some way. The very definition of transgender is a person whose biological sex does not align with their gender - and how is gender expressed? Gender expression. Therefore, the science of gender dysphoria does include non-binary people as well as trans men and trans women by its very definition. I don't see how expanding the community to include those that are exploring their gender can harm anyone, especially trans people. I mean what do you think is going to happen?

      4. Stuff Things

        Brandon A definition based on modern common use of a word is just reflective of the change in how people use it. And that change in definition is attributed to people like you, who insist that non binary people are transgender, and push that narrative, with no actual evidence or validation, and the outside world takes that as coming from the “trans community” and adjusts accordingly. All you are pointing out is that your narrative has been accepted as general wisdom by cis people, who don’t even look into things. You cannot provide any other validation. Because there is none. Transgender people are born with neurological, structural differences in the brain to people of their birth sex. An MtF, aka, a trans woman, has a brain similar to cis women, she has a female brain. Thus, she has a mis-match in her body and brain gender, and she changes her body to match up, as we cannot change neurological structures yet. That is what transgender people are, they are people born with a gender mismatch who are compelled from a very young age to fix that mismatch. Non binary people do not have this objective validation. Non binary people do not have neurological structures reflective of their claim. They do not have “in between” brains, there is no “not female but not male” brain. Transgender people’s claim is validated because their brain objectively reflects what they are saying, not the case with non binary. That is the major difference. One is founded in actual objective neurological science and testing, the other is not. And before you push the “gender is a social construct” narrative. Know that it literally *undermines* decades of trans activism and validation. For over 4 decades the *cornerstone* of transgender activism is that it *is* biological. That is how we separated ourselves from being compared to cross dressers, sissies, and drag queens. The entire basis was “we are born this we, we can’t help it” that scientific founding is what secured us a valid spot. To just dispense with that bedrock of science just because you can’t validate non binary people with it, is just shooting transgender people in the foot. And that is the major problem with this. They are not compatible. Non binary people’s narrative of social gender completely invalidates transgender people’s plight that they live in the “wrong body” in order for it to be a wrong body, the brain must be a certain way, that is biology. You can’t have it both ways. You cant claim that gender is a social construct then turn around and say that transsexuals have the brains accordant to their preferred sex. The idea of putting these two, very different groups into the same bucket and calling them the same thing is just absurd. The fact that the LGBT community will bitch and wail to no end to argue the distinctions between bisexual, pan sexual, demisexual, and so on. Yet when transgender people *dare* want a distinction between transsexuals and non binary people, suddenly we’re crazy. There is also the point that transgender people have existed throughout human history to ancient times. And i mean actual transgederism, not just existing outside of gender norms. It has been documented in early medicine and depicted all over the world in several separate cultures. It is a byproduct of human beings themselves, nature, biological mutation. Non binary on the other hand, has only existed for the past decade or so, and started in the west, particularly America. And no, just because you can find people throughout history who have preferred to act outside of traditional gender norms, doesn’t mean they are non binary. Gender expression is not gender itself. At best, non binary is wanting to exist and act outside of the expectations of gender and masculine/feminine dynamics, which is valid. But to put it on the same level as actual transgender people, people who have went through their entire lives struggling with gender dysphoria, dealing with the emotional, and often physical pain associated with that, that journey they go through. Is absurd. And insulting. Just because you cut your hair short and prefer they them pronouns doesn’t make you transgender. And if the only thing you can point to is a dictionary definition that was only changed due to pressure from the very same people now trying to use it to validate themselves, maybe reflect on why you can’t find any objective validation for your claim. And instead of kneecapping the entire scientific bedrock of gender and sex in your quest to fight for non binary people, understand that you’re undoing decades of work done by actual transgender activists.

      5. Brandon W

        @Stuff Things Nonbinary people fit the definition of transgender, which is people who identify with a gender not assigned to them at birth. So nonbinary people are transgender. It is true that they are different from binary trans people, but that doesn't mean they aren't trans. Just like how watermelons are very different from bananas, but they both fit the definition of fruit.

    72. Marsha Boody

      You should talk about you husbands attraction to you.

    73. AWlpsSHOW36

      This isn't really 'SEpromrs who hate me" This is just Trans youtubers in general and your connections with them. Many of them are nothing but positive and you seem to really get along with them. Isn't Buck Angel a porn director? He was in Jubilee's porn related videos (Middle Ground and Spectrum). He thinks porn's educational. Like wtf?

    74. Mars Kickass

      “From the hot tub” Me: 👀

    75. Charlotte Bergstrom

      I love that bathing suit

    76. Alexis Rolle

      I saw Kalvin and read the title and was like wait wtf happened

    77. Never More

      Still are an still putting in the work to, got a straight man doing double takes on that intro.

    78. A.d.e M.C

      You in that hot tub is too much for me....

    79. A Person

      Remember when Kaitlin Bennet Shit her pants at a party

    80. Jugga bugga

      Happy birthday babes

    81. Bella Ludovici

      I'm sorry but anytime someone has a problem with someone going after a pedo or defends a pedo I think it's cuz they're the same and they tske it personally. It's the most logical thing I can think of

    82. Kozmik K

      Blair as an intelligent young trans woman, it’s disappointing to see you wilfully misrepresent what Natalie (Contra, another intelligent young trans woman) had to say about the the more nuanced points of how you profit from ultimately merchandising the actions of a sexual predator through your platform. Keep it real sis. ✨🙏🏼

    83. Ruby S

      Blaire, you are the only SEprom channel that I am subscribed to. I think you are beautiful on the inside and out. I think you are helping the trans community by letting people know that they dont have to subscribe to the 100 gender narrative. Thanks.

      1. Patriotic Dandelions

        Please get a life, honey.

    84. John Doe

      I don't hate you !

    85. here's jonathan

      Omg you have birthday one day before me

    86. megan smallwood

      My first thoughts seeing the intro, 1; wow she really skinny and extra with that swim suit. 2; good that she on vacation, everyone deserves a break and relax.

    87. Ultimate Degenerate

      Yes my girl rose of dawn! I love her so much!

    88. Dru Smith

      8:10-8:15 I became an aunt when I was 7 and my maternal grandfather had an uncle who was a year younger than him.

    89. Drive Tone

      Wow, can you really dunk a sex robot in water?

    90. Peter Griffin

      I thought Kim was poppy at first omg. 😂

    91. Npc I'm knot

      Yaniv was also caught by rebel news going to the children's hosptial to meet a 'minor for sex'. She also assaulted someone.. shes a bad person

      1. Patriotic Dandelions

        And probably a friend of the SATANIC elites, like John Wayne Gacy was. 🧚‍♀️

    92. Lynn Willmont

      So.. you don't think non binary is the same as transgender? Even when we have symptoms that require transition and surgeries ?

    93. L

      WOW Kim Petras is what Yaniv thinks he looks like 😂😂😂

    94. Diamond _20

      Kim petras chooses to work with Dr.Luke and supports him. She also likes tweets making fun of Kesha

    95. L U I S

      okay tiffany tumbles 🤧🤧🤧

    96. Davonn Collie

      Contra was not being too faced. She even gave you props in her video “Pronouns” and agree with you. In “Cringe” she was still supportive of your efforts to get Yaniv, but girl, you sold Merch, did a make up tutorial AND kept covering Jessica Yaniv in a couple of videos. I find it odd that you say you didn’t get money and Never speak of Yaniv again AFTER your live stream, but you did, and that’s the point contra was making.

      1. Stuff Things

        So, at best, contras point is empty and meaningless. It doesn’t matter if Blaine dedicated her entire channel to covering yaniv, there is nothing in that which is wrong or negative. Selling merch or covering him in videos is not a negative. It is making content and wanting to get paid for making it, what the subject of the video is is largely irrelevant to that. Her videos brought useful awareness to what he was doing, that is valuable and useful.

      2. L U I S


    97. caliburrn1

      I see that shade gurl, not using gendered pronouns for the trans ppl you disagree with lol

      1. Stuff Things

        Like who?

    98. Andi Leigh

      You know what I have noticed after all these videos, you never ever put your hair up... Why is that? You'd look super pretty with a messy bun :-)

    99. Mikayla Vernom

      I love this video tbh, I love how much you’ve grown as a person! Still supportive of everybody, and doing your best to be respectful even though some of them weren’t very great to you! ❤️

    100. Any One

      I really dislike Kat Blaque

      1. Egg salad bar