Rich Gamer vs Broke Gamer

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    11 Funny Moments and Fails / Troom's Got Talent Show:
    Wealthy gamer Leo always has the best. But poor Ray even the simplest devices do not interfere with being a real gamer. Which one is cooler is a difficult question. Today we will try to figure it out.

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    1. Christine Rupprecht

      I like you poor dude you're handsome

    2. Giraffe Frog

      I'm like rich

    3. Jolteon Gaming

      1:56 are we gonna ignor eyhe fact that on the shelf are some gaming devices that look expensive

    4. Muhammad Dzikri Hamzah Muhammad Dzikri Hamzah

      I hope there is a part two

    5. Saji Sophi

      He was minding grass Block with sword

    6. Samit Mehra


    7. Ella Williams

      WHOS THE FIRST GUY ( asian man )???? whats his @

    8. Rashid Sheriffdeen

      Video is so boring

    9. Gaming Roblox

      They also used ripoff AirPods from wish

    10. Gaming Roblox

      I like how he uses a diamond sword to break dirt😂

      1. Francisco Saucedo

        @SILLY GAMING ff



      3. Christian Sardalla


    11. Selena Garcia

      😃🤩🥳👍🏽🤟🏽 🥇🏆🎖

    12. 𝘼𝙣𝙙𝙧𝙚𝙜𝙖𝙢𝙞𝙣𝙜Roblox

      The poor one has an Iphone6s

    13. Xen Spixy

      me: wtf am i watching? *continues to watch the whole video*

    14. Abdul Haseeb

      the girls controller and the rich guys controller wasnt even on

    15. Mayra Montejano


    16. Madan Khanal49


    17. Melinda Bankus


    18. Jay Alberto

      Very manly voice xDD

    19. Nazma Uddin

      When Leo was playing Vr The guy he was fighting was Oel thats backwards of Leo

    20. H&C

      This video is so funny

    21. pianoshop leo

    22. Mori jin

      Troom troom is the reason we have to put do not stop with hand labels on chainsaws

    23. Ray's Gaming

      :poor guy oh my am in the mountins broom=picaxe

    24. Jairah Baylz

      i see

    25. Jairah Baylz

      brawl stars see

    26. Wayne Ioanis

      Jdyc hbhgug

    27. Michelle Erdembileg

      0:40 from 1:13 is so Fanny hahahaha

    28. Plumps

      Why is the rich gamer mining dirt with a diamond sword

    29. Manuel Colina

      Lets get rosting

    30. Manuel Colina

      Make Ray poor 100 times

    31. Manuel Colina

      Rich Wird chines boy

    32. W Ton

      #daddy is dumb

    33. sam playz

      Did he use a pickaxe to mine dirt!?!?

    34. Khada Bhandari

      when the rich gamer was playing minecraft he killed the grass block


      I feel like the person who made this video is a racist

    36. Soco Espinoza

      The broke gamers mom is so stupid

    37. Alex Mythix

      3:03 this guy doesn't even know about Minecraft

    38. Jack Daniels


    39. Dog Kreidli

      Really well done

    40. Dog Kreidli


    41. Red lightning 45

      Controller is off

    42. Red lightning 45

      Thats a mop

    43. Ferhaan Rodjan


    44. Kyyuana Gilchrist

      OMG best video 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

    45. Nico Lynch

      I love you so much I hope you guys have fun

    46. Bineyam Mekbib

      Richie the richest:why are you tired?bring me water!

    47. Wilhelm Strydom

      The poor gamer is a god

    48. Kole S

      Rich gamer: Imnumber1rich broke gamer: Brokeone4ever

    49. Isaac Toy Fun


    50. Michelle Asense

      why is that youtuber named mrbeast also im a boy the pink small paper

    51. Jason Creech


    52. Jean Zebe

      Really out

    53. Spoffy

      The rich gamer is just a dweed with rgb on his chair the worse looking heaphone set on planet earth the most basic mouse and anime stickers on his monitor the broke gamer is just stupid But i love that keyboard he litterly drew red marker on the mouse in the beginning to make it the sensor Lol and his computer is empty. this is litterly impossible Edit: i noticed that his entire setup is now made of cardboard its litterly impossible to do that

      1. Rodney Navy

        Can you not say that-

    54. Mr Viper Channel

      Power Laser 3 : Destilizes And Falls

    55. Hernan Chavez

      You have brawl stars I have it to

    56. Marc Parent


    57. Anthony 🤑


    58. zShuu 062

      Rich kid dont hew good mic

    59. zShuu 062

      And look his monitor bruh

    60. zShuu 062

      Rich kid usin vr-box vruh i hew this

    61. zShuu 062

      This what rich guy using are not bast keyboard and mouse bruh

    62. Farhan Iqbal

      I love you broke Gamer sub and like for you only

    63. Blake Layton

      This is not the truth because online is what every body plays

    64. Teemode1


    65. Martina Hope Nalica

      This is dumb dumb boringggg🤢🤢🤮🤮😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬

    66. Retray👾

      That's a good ending for them

    67. Donroger Llamera

      Mr beast

    68. Harold Family

      Even look like Leo

    69. Harold Family

      I am like Leo

    70. 김주원유튜브

      mr beast?

    71. 1KAnusha Andrews

      stop the cap stop fucking cap

    72. A Gamer

      While yes the Rich gamer is a douchebag the poor gamer is also very nice but I used to have to rent headphones just to play games and I have had about a $3000 pc setup and most people aren't toxic

    73. Efrain Gamez

      Ok ps esta

    74. sherin banu

      LEO LEO🥳🥳🥳🥳

    75. nutty5

      lol no gloves for vr

    76. Aiden Falzo

      Leo got rich

    77. Amoi Clarke

      I want to be rich

    78. Takeru


    79. B. Rodrick

      Mrbeast69 pretty good

    80. Sushma Tirkey

      That was tanks a lot right?

    81. masn9367

      aw wawdwdawdadadwada



    83. Brayden GameLover


    84. christina p

      2:01 what texture pack did u use to make dirt blocks into emerald ore?

      1. Bunny b.

        It’s so cool I will be the pro gamer

    85. Karmelo Holcey

      2:12 dad roles up is sleves...WICH MEANS.......DADS GETTINNG A BELT

    86. Palabrarabe rep

      3:03 this man don't know how minecraft work

    87. Maria Elisa Esguerra

      I play brawl star

    88. FullTimeNoob

      MrBeast69 xD

    89. Nightmeow on Elm Street

      Really bitch? The broke gamer would have old gaming phones.

    90. XxBonnie_CarrotsX

      He was using a sword to mine wow

    91. Tavaris Elmore

      I like both

    92. Kara Reier

      My favorite person is the rich guy

    93. Andrea Montes

      Ya true

    94. BANGTANTV 2

      Leo versus the nerd

    95. Buddy22


    96. LiAsh Ayala

      Buvefzikh. Fdhhf

    97. gamer austin

      I love your videos so much

    98. Amber