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    1. Merl

      BIG 2021 TUNE.

      1. Adam

        @RaiinBowV2 you play fortnite you melt

      2. Adam

        @P2Trappy 💀💀💀💀

      3. Adam

        Go away cringey fortnite you tubers

      4. Raigõn


      5. Michael Jeche


    2. Diego cera

      Vengo de tik tok JAJAJA

    3. ʏ ᴜ s ɪ ғ ᴘ ɪ ʀ ɪ ʏ ᴇ ᴠ

      Very good (from🇦🇿)

    4. Ded

      The transition thing on titkok

    5. Mqondisi Cele

      Russ : free him he's too innocent Wayne : none of my niggas innocent

    6. ahm0n


    7. Jacob

      that 720s looks like the same one in central cee 6 for 6

    8. Meliodas

      In the blue jump russ looks younger


      The beat just going and keep going

    10. Paige Ellis

      Russ. Press play was hard but did one just goes that extra

    11. StaceyFoxx


    12. D.C HITTA

      Free cass2x

    13. Diego Rincione

      i hate this they speaking gibberish h

    14. Diego Rincione


    15. • SGAY

      This a bop

    16. Kyle Jenner


    17. Kyle Jenner

      Fiona from shrek

    18. H3NRY

      The Editor Went Ham On This One

    19. SeV

      1:48 FLOW

    20. Pyro

      Get Buni on the remix

    21. Lim Ariel

      Vida Loka 🔥🔥🔥

      1. Marnelle Gaming

        High as a kite, never sober 🔥🔥🔥

    22. Pecknarm Blue

      Why Russ reminding me of Killy in blue story 💀

    23. aspects rl


    24. aspects rl


    25. Noha.

      Ong, I only subbed and followed cuz ur habesha 😂😂😂. And cuz u be saying fax

    26. Kingsley Otuechere

      Tiktok brought me here

    27. Issac Gaona

      No fucking clue what them niggas is saying but shii fye 💀

      1. Marnelle Gaming

        "Vida Loka, high as a kite never sober, (?) hit him with a cold bar, free up my bro casanova

      2. Marnelle Gaming

        Russ Millions part: "English English girl named Fiona, African girl Adiola, body ody shaped like cola, back up back up at come closer"

    28. Edible


    29. SirCapulous


    30. Gamer Gooner

      How has tiktok taken this song😭😭

      1. Marnelle Gaming

        Because they had it before it came out 💀

    31. HuzzaR GB

      Tiktok changed the drill game for everA

    32. Rafael /gr8or1

      That transition tho

    33. Kevin Krueger

      how tf are these guys from the uk they sound asian

    34. Kri Hila

      Nice music

    35. YvngQUON

      How King Von, Juice wrld, x “fans” came as soon as they died 0:28

    36. BZNZ

      WhIcH tRanSiTioN iS BeTtEr

    37. Daniel

      ice cube spittin fire

    38. Hacen Hacen

      0:30 yo respect from algeria 🇩🇿 ✊

    39. Hacen Hacen

      0:30 a masterpiece

    40. Samuel Grega

      Best song 2021 good video 🙏🙏😁🙏🙏🙏♥️♥️♥️♥️

    41. Kolenceee aJBG

      "french drill transition tiktok video" that's how i found it.. wby?

    42. CleanDrillJs

      Absolutely nobody Tiktok: “eee euh eesus eehuh”

    43. RAY AND JAY

      Cool transition at 0:28

    44. Mohad Mahjoub

      Shatta kodo X ash 🌶🔥🔥 go listen to that track

    45. 808Bvng Beats

      Mood all 2021😤🔥🔥

    46. Jonathan Garcia


    47. Justin Toribio

      Put it on 0.75 speed, it sound harder or Im tripping 😂

      1. Jiddle

        It does sound decent 😂

    48. Sam

      ‘When I punch man it’s grivuis’ hardest line

    49. ATX

      Tion and Russ have the hardest flow wtf

    50. Saintballer

      The remix needs: Poundz E1 Officia Saiso Arrdee

    51. Telma Silva

      This song is so hard got me saying the ABC for no reason 🔥

    52. Christine Vasconcelos

      I’m replaying this song for the past 10 minutes and I’m not stopping

    53. Mr Salles Fanboy!!!

      Man, the replay button do be making a harem

    54. chaouz

      the uk ynw melly

    55. Magda W

      Mandem talking bout Sherks girl


      I think they can make a lit 🔥 remix with stormy

    57. ياسر حمزة علي


    58. MillyWay


    59. M N

      Tion a whole OPP....but this 🔥🔥🔥

    60. Elhadji Sene

      Yo this fire

    61. ORDER 66

      0:27 they definitely shot 2 different shots, one with just russ and one of all the people in the background then just cropped russ out and put him in the shot with everyone behind him

      1. Dertheus

        yeah you can see a little bit of blue around him right after the transition

    62. Thomas McCarthy


    63. OddLoudLouis


    64. Sah quelle Plaisir

      Tiktok ???

    65. Fayaz Farihi

      I only know Becky and Keisha

    66. H


    67. WeNotFrm63

      showed this to a skeleton now it got a body

    68. Anonymous Banton


    69. Hitler's coochiehair

      This is what that one kid with that thic blacl brand jacket and knife puts on that huge speaker that he brings everywhere

    70. TOP 10


    71. Daeranie Allicock

      Hard fucking style

    72. qysh the mfal


    73. Tanim


    74. DaHindi

      British rappers be like

      1. Zi di Nuovo io

        @DaHindi look bro its just not it

      2. DaHindi

        They sound british

    75. Repubblica Dominicana


    76. Tanjeev Tanjeev

      Don’t hate on russ just because of OFB

    77. Anime Films


    78. Axions YT

      Can’t forget about Tion Wayne humming this 💀

    79. Lyubomir Padalski


      1. Zi di Nuovo io

        "Lyubomir" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    80. Ridzy

      12 MILLLLLY IN 3 WEEKS 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    81. Conspiracy Theorist

      I can hear this from the year 7 roadies 💀😭

    82. Niffle Niffle

      0:29 coolest transition I’ve ever seen

    83. Andy Miller


    84. Anonimo - 250

      What almost no one asked for but everyone wants. 🎭

    85. Kenny Rosario


    86. nathan2smart

      I don’t listen to UK rap. But this song put me on

    87. Juzo Suzuya

      Where is the lyrics guys ?

    88. Samuel Mawan

      Body ody shaped like cola🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    89. Raphael Luyeye

      this is cold no cap

    90. nir sea

      thought bro was spitting arabic at first😭

    91. Charles Mwangi


    92. George Daly

      Are there the orange cars in central lee video

      1. George Daly


    93. Mo Naji


    94. Ruben Silva

      Sanderson great

    95. Pintrijel Mihai

      0:44 What jordan 1's are those?

    96. 1Girlboss kellisha


    97. Stefano

      how cold 0:29

    98. Scott

      Russ has the worst voice in drill

    99. Temur Soliyev


    100. Temur Soliyev

      Gap yo' chotkiy😎😎🤙🤙