Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra vs iPhone 12 Pro Max Camera Test Comparison.

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    A different kind of smartphone camera comparison - Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra vs iPhone 12 Pro Max - including 8K, 4k video, zoom test, night mode, microphone quality, slow mo + more!
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    1. Mrwhosetheboss

      I've tried a LOT of new things for this camera comparison to try and make it more interesting to watch - so any feedback you have would be super useful so we can take this to the next level! Also, if you liked this video, then do consider checking out my Battery life comparison too!

      1. PantoMath

        Earth isn't a planet

      2. Vhin Gonzales

        i want samsung😳

      3. Allan Maina

        Am still hoping i will even see this phones one day....

      4. Ch .Sarmad

        It was great keep em coming

      5. Abhishek Voin

        Bro why did you not used with Huawei mate 40 pro 🧐🧐🧐

    2. Adam Azrin

      I have a better idea buy a cheap phone and buy a canon camera or whatever u want lol

    3. Tyler Pena

      The chemical begonia separately surround because dolphin secondarily tickle amongst a public armchair. quirky, fabulous prepared

    4. Gabriel Sicily

      I had the iphone 4s back in 2012 and i was very satisfied ( especially for the camera) but then i never bought iphones again mainly for the higher price and the bad reviews people always gave to the camera compared with other androids phones. I got recently the 11 pro max after years of sony,xiaomi, samsung, huawei and google pixel and its so clear that iphone has the best camera ( when i say best i refer to quality of the picture, natural and realistic look , colors, sharpness ecc.. i dont refer to the 300x zoom the 172 megapixel ,the iper macro , the 35 different camera mode options and features). Almost 10 years of using the latest most expensive flagships of the best android companies out there just to realize that in the camera section iphone simply takes better pictures and videos than any other option. I was never a fanboy of apple, i actually hated the apple trend but if u want the best camera in a smartphone dont let reviewers convince u that you need all those useless dozen of features u will never use not even to try them out once . The only thing that beats apple are companies that gives you super good phones for half price ,then thats a good deal, but saying that those expensive flagships camera is at the same quality level or even better than iphone camera is a joke to me.

    5. Jake Holden

      0:35, damn he rick rolled us

    6. Flashlight Studio

      I still love the iPhone colour over Samsung

    7. Luke Vincent

      I am subscribed to around 1000 SEprom channels and I have to say: You are hands down the best reviewer out there! Insanely professional and totally informative.

    8. Wanwan Cal

      Iphone cameras is still the closest to what a human eye can see like if you agree

    9. Sathya Hemanth

      Sir u r the king of comparison.... Why are u not comparing oneplus 8 pro vs s21 ultra camera comparison..? 🙄🙄🙄

    10. sertanejopoprock

      People prefer iPhone because they look a little more beautiful in photos

    11. Greg Chard

      I love this approach on the differences of the two Flagships. I have heard that on the s21 ultra you can shoot a video in 8k and get very impressive photos from each frame. Would love to see you doing a segment on this feature. Havagooday from Australia Greg

    12. Kazuto Kirigaya

      Quality It’s more like Android real product inside and IOS more like software.

    13. Prathmesh Nikam

      I have samsung note 20 5G ultra and my friend who loves iphone has a iPhone 12 pro max and bragging about his phone till we took some photos in night and in iphone light scatters a lot


      *glinsnetwork on IG is a genius, I recommend him*

    15. Techs Share

      I really love 21 ultra

    16. Roccofan

      Great video. I like the dots for winners and losers. I would have liked to see the weightings for each dot, but then again, I live in MS Excel.... :)

    17. mob syr

      After getting this phone from preorder here in Sweden (exynos) , I returned the phone for this: 1-Phone has 25w and I used my 40w charger it takes to charge from 0-100% 2:20h can you imagine, my other chargers will take more than 5 hours, i went to mobile shop tried typc charger 18w same 2:20h. My mate 20 pro 40-50min only so it is big downgrade, i saw charging test on youtube it took 1:15m so Samsung doesnt give you charger and doesnt make thier mobile friendly with other companies chargers totally SCAM. 2-Screen on time gave me 3-4 hours ONLY i checked online I found many people have same problem on "samsung forum" , samsung are updating the system but only 6 hours SOT i got max,while so many youtube reviews show atleast 8 - 14 hours, so samsung have problem with some devices not announcing 3-Games, it is AWFUL for games if you have pubg it will run 60fps only on smooth, more than smooth it will run 40fps!!! While I saw review on youtube snapgragon version runs on 60fps on any graphics!!!! And i play "World of Tanks" it is the same on high graphics the frames will dropp like s***. While my 2 old years mate 20 pro have no problem at all with frames on any game except heat. Despite the nice big color screen and amazing sound quality but my 1400€ i paid doesnt make me happy nor satisfied at all. I sent the phone first for fixing to check if there is problem with charging, samsung sent back with "nothing wrong". So I RETURNED. Hope next year S22 do better in terms of more watts for charge and include the charger and I heared they will have exynos with AMD graphic then I will buy for sure. Hope my review will help you guys to decide.

    18. Prod1gyx760

      Apple:iphone 12 People:what's new with this one? Apple:new? When's the last time we did something new, it's an iphone with a camara in it that's it . iPhone users: true new is not important

    19. B.G. The prince of RP.

      Screen of iPhone cold colour, and in galaxy hot colour.

    20. Victoria Stürz

      I have the iPhone 7 and my granny a new Samsung With many cams (idk which model) and the colors at my phone are More realistical (?) Its better for zoom Bit the cams are bad i think Sorry for my Bad englisch im german 😅

    21. David Debbarma

      Just one question .. in DXO mark s21 ultra scored 120 around that's too less for 2021 and highest flagship from Samsung .. aww yet your test says pictures diff. 📷 anyway what your choice ?

    22. Shaun Chambers

      The scrawny purple feasibly receive because hedge singly enjoy towards a adamant governor. delightful, alcoholic lung

    23. Mr_bacon

      Did i see a filter in the shots in dark mode on samsungs telephone? There was like "snow" particles raining down in the samsungs shots but not in the iphones one

    24. vaibhav

      Arun bro We are Asian That's why We should support samsung

      1. A Wandering 12 Year Old

        No Xiomi is greater

    25. Akshat

      ig i gawt your adress now

    26. Akshat

      I read the comments and I wana watch the vedio full

    27. Berry Sum

      Me seriously taking notes even tho I can’t afford either of the phones 👀

    28. jhonpaul clarina

      But apple use samsung branded parts

    29. Hemlata Lingwal

      Keep the phones aside bro you got some really awesome pics.I mean DAMN!

    30. Tenor Ong

      a sub to the channel would be ... good

    31. Sajjad

      Don't put ur face again again on screen we r not blind We r not here to watch u Just show mbl

    32. Drax Logan

      Did anybody see at 0:36 we got Rick roled lol

    33. Drax Logan

      Did anybody see we all got Rick roled😂😂😂😂

    34. Youtube Viewer

      why is Samsung's photo color more towards red? was it automatic that way or was it adjusted that way?

    35. vegeta super_blue

      Bro it was interesting. And awesome 👌

    36. Rall Meehan

      I like Samsung but I think the pictures looks so exaggerated now, still can’t decided witch one I will get 😃 just to recall I’m using iPhone 6 🤣🤣🤣

      1. Sam

        @Rall Meehan I have an iPhone XS Max, but it doesn’t really matter if you chose Apple or some android brand, as long as you enjoy your phone nothing else matters

      2. Rall Meehan

        @Sam Hi which one do you have?

      3. Sam

        Just go with your gut feeling and make sure you enjoy whichever phone you get

    37. Davidr Steve

      yea, and no one going to mention apple deep fusion, camera smoothness,fast taking shot, fast response when taking photos, like snap its just snap, android snap...wait..okay snap. im going apple 12 for sure this time. im an owner of s10 plus btw. better wait for samsung and amd chip coming, maybe that will make me want samsung.

    38. Mohammad

      you are just fan of the iphone...

    39. ReadySetMineTime

      I'm commenting because I really like the creative approaches Arun has been taking with his videos as of recent and I desire for the algorithm to promote it! Loving the videos, keep it up!

    40. HangOutLate

      The Samsung phone had you looking pale.. I’ll go with the Pro Max.. Just my opinion...


      Does one of these cameras shoot in RAW ?

    42. Intension Gaming

      Samsung shows fake photos and iPhone shows natural Photos

    43. Laura Brown

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    44. mostafaali chy

      gift me the samsung S21 Ultra.....I see every Video of yours......Best review!!😍😍 I m your HUGE Fan from Chittagong In Bangladesh. Best wish to you (MUSTAFA)

    45. Tarun Kumar

      For this video I hav to switch to 1080p

    46. iPhone Cam Tech

      I have recently started a SEprom channel, For who like iPhone Videography, iPhone film making, iPhone camera tips, iPhone sample tests and much more.. all the videos and editing done on iPhone itself. People can explore their talents with their iPhone without using any DSLR.. iPhone Videography becoming the next platform for Film Makers.. Please Do Subscribe my channel for more upcoming videos related to iPhone Videography film making techniques and other camera tips...

    47. Lith

      more options =/= a better camera experience all around. I mean lets be real here, the majority of people taking pictures with their phone don't use half the options the phone gives them. I doubt the majority of them actually know half the terminology used. The more options come into play really when a professional comes into play who understands how to take a decent photo and knows what all the settings actually do. I'd actually say a more simplistic camera is better for the vast majority of users, but having options is also good. I wouldn't give samsung a point for having more options in their camera because many people don't even use half the settings. It depends on your needs really so I'd weight them about equal. honestly though, can we all just appreciate how far camera's on phones have come? like seriously. You are getting a good camera no matter if you buy samsung or apple.

    48. HKillerGHOST

      The picture of s10+ is fake, i have one

    49. RAJAT RANA

      I cannot afford these flagship phones but I love to see the battle of flagship phones.

    50. Rois Limbag

      Are u gay dis guy 101%

    51. FrostyyNeeps

      This comparison video was awesome!! Concise but still all the details I needed. Love this format you earned my sub :)

    52. Ashley Carnes

      So I'm definitely getting a samsung because I dont want to make the move to Iphones right now but I want to start a SEprom channel and b4 I invest in a super expensive camera I was wondering if I should get the newest S21 or would a previous model suffice for video quality...I'd be doing more fashion try on type videos so not alot of things outside

    53. Mladen Martinovic

      Samsung oder Apple?

    54. Kai Gebhardt

      The Samsung is ugly I think I would go for iPhone bc who needs that many cameras

    55. Amer Ali

      but how about huawei x100 zoom

    56. Aiden Johnson


    57. Aiden Johnson


    58. kam shaft

      both made by cheap labor breathing in cancerous substance and staff jumping off buildings save money buy a better 4k video camera

    59. Raz Kim

      Normal ca aici întotdeauna câștiga telefonul al carei companii plateste cel mai mult pentru promovare.

    60. JustArandomViewer

      0:35 rickroll

    61. steve purple

      Thanks for referring me to G4fullz On telegram I got credit cards, bank logs, Fraud bible 2021 and bins from him I’ve been dealing with him for weeks now and no red flag 100% legit 💯💪


      I13 vs S21 not I12 vs S21

    63. Roi-Ketur

      You are paid by Samsung, stop lying

    64. ChimpSidious


    65. Subutai

      iphone is good but samsung is perfect

    66. Duckles PG3D

      0:36 is rick roll

    67. Ras Dan

      Well it's funny bcause i watch this video on iphone 5s

    68. Legendary SS

      Очень много болтает, очень мало показывает 👎

    69. Stephanie Michael

      Text drakehack001 on Instagram for free iPhone 12 giveaway I got mine on through him.

    70. Darwesh Alturk

      Comparison made with Exynos processor or Snapdragon processor

    71. Zukak

      me watching with samsung galaxy note 4 😒


      Which phone can i buy anna?which phones under 30 k say anna redmi note 10 pro max or Redmi K40 pro vs realme 8 pro Or realme GT orsamsung galaxy A52 or oppo F19 pro say anna. Which phone is to buy before nowing. Please anna 🙏

    73. Renz Clan

      i want the samgung phone now cause of the camera

    74. Vasmay Don

      One of mobile phone gift your subscriber❤️

    75. Johari Bacolod

      Apple phones offers realistic photos. That’s their goal, not to be over, nor less, but to be real.

      1. Sam

        @Connor Krystowski how does everyone keep missing that the iPhone does not come with a charger?

      2. Connor Krystowski

        @Sam it doesn't come with a good compatible charger, apple is a ripoff, they just want your money(well so does everyone), they don't care about customer service, they give you slow chargers so you will buy a more expensive new charger so that they get more money, they come with a 5 watt charger for god sake, and dumb people like you for some reason defend apple,its a sad company:/.

      3. Sam

        @Connor Krystowski the iPhone 12 does not come with a charger... And neither does the galaxy s21...

      4. Connor Krystowski

        @Sam I'm not trying to be mean or anything but idk of any Samsung phone that doesn't come with a charger or a compatible charger for that sort, the iPhone 12 comes with a frigging 5 watt charger;-;, Samsung starter charger its 25 watts:/

      5. Sam

        @Connor Krystowski you must have missed the news... Samsung also doesn’t include chargers anymore...?

    76. 2203 Valentin

      The thing is, with an iphone u can make simple good looking pictures whereas samsung pics look like u doing them with a snapchat filter...

    77. Johari Bacolod

      4:07, let’s go to bed. Haha! Just kidding.

    78. Security Pro

      Loved this video! Keep it up!

    79. Ela Jones

      I prefer the S21 ultra audio

    80. youtuber золбоо2021

      "1:40" Happy to get a lot of *DIAMONDS* from *ML2.BEST**

    81. Solang Romenss

      Me parece que los dos celulares son lindos para eso están las cámaras digitales profesionales

    82. Solang Romenss

      Ese s21 toma fotos bajo el agua ...?

    83. Aryan Bose

      00:35 The right side of the screen looks good.

    84. you tube

      iphone is more natural. Samsung is totally a contrast trick.

    85. Frizzy

      Like idc about camera

    86. Santeri Pit Vlogs

      Me: prefers the s21 ultra bruh

    87. calvin brannon

      I’m not a huge comparison watcher, but you had my attention the entire video. This was really well put together in my opinion and I will definitely be checking out more of your content. I feel like I could make a well informed decision when I’m on the fence and that makes me very happy as a tech geek. Thanks for this, you can tell you put a lot of time and effort into your art!!

    88. Teina Kingi

      0:35 we got the sneaky rickroll

    89. Raboy, Jude Niño D.

      when you were testing the audio you sound similar to Henry cavill.... btw samsung s21 ultra is definitely on my wishlist

    90. Haliima Hussein

      0:35 you have rickrolled us a lot man

    91. Adau Madit


    92. CB Mitch

      iPhone needs portrait mode for video and it’s over

    93. Sammy

      I actually considered switching to iPhone because Samsung is going the iPhone route when they removed the headphone jack. I'm still holding on to my Jurassic S7 edge. It has Samsung Pay, headphone jack, fast charging, great camera... basically a beast of a phone. After watching this video, I've decided that I'll still use Samsung but I'll wait for their another year before buying a new phone. Thank you so much for this video comparison.

    94. Josh R

      It eventually comes to operating system- if you are I. iOS ecosystem, it’s just too hard to switch and iOS to Android was still ok, I hated switching from Android to iOS last year - I couldn’t transfer my Samsung notes to notes, but iOS allowed me to transfer my iPhone notes to Samsung notes. I love iOS and the Samsung camera, so for me I’ll remain with iOS.

    95. mk

      I like samsung phones but have always hated the camera quality. It always make me look whiter than I am and it looks weird and fake. Every time I look at my samsung pictures it looks so ugly I can't 😭 IPhone takes nicer photos in my opinion. Even in this video it looks to me like the iPhone photos were better. I have a samsung s21 5g so I don't got the ultra or anything so my camera quality is even worse than the pictures in the video 😓

    96. Someone 01

      S21's audio is definetly better.

    97. DanTippp

      This was Itttttt! More of this pls!


      Is it just me or did anyone else see the Rickroll

    99. Muhammad Afzal Lakho

      I have 12 pro max but to be honest S21 Ultra camera is much better 🔥🔥🔥

    100. Carol JeonKook

      Queria a câmera da Samsung com o sistema IOS do Apple! Só não uso Samsung pq realmente não gosto do sistema 😪