Samsung S21 Ultra vs iPhone Battery Life Test!

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    Full battery Life Drain Comparison of Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra vs Samsung galaxy Note 20 Ultra vs Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 12 Pro Max vs iPhone 11 Pro Max. If you enjoyed this then do consider checking out my full camera comparison here:
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    1. Mrwhosetheboss

      Hey again! So I've been racking my brains trying to figure out how to make battery tests more engaging, let me know if this was a step in the right direction! 🙏 Also If you enjoyed this then do consider checking out my full camera comparison here:

      1. Mark Custer

        loved the video. and love the battery tests

      2. Minecraft Ruler

        Didn’t the huawei get the highest? It lasted 8 hours and 46 minutes.

      3. Tech Is Beautiful

        you are so right. what do you think about my videos??

      4. Kevin Gaming

        Okay as we know all, it is real that the samsung galaxy S21 ultra can hold the battery for a whole day so it will not get to 56 by 4 hours that is not posible so thisnis fake

      5. DVRB GAMING

        Can you give me one phone from your collection


      The winner is the timer phone🎉🎉❤️❤️

    3. oyuncu

      My turkhish

    4. Robin Kumar S

      Great video and information for me to go for the right phone. Next Samsung galaxy will be my choice. Thanks

    5. Set Hut

      Please give me a phone


      Wow, if it were my cell phone, in three hours it would be 30% already

    7. Manipal Gaming

      Legend know that this is also speed test

    8. simon_ _

      Do know that Video where the cameraman is faster than the runners at a race That’s the timer phone

    9. Mohan Sethuraman

      Stop the test 5% and show us the screen on time

    10. haste

      Really goes to show how important optimisation is, just imagine if the iphones had equivalent battery capacities, would absolutely demolish any android

      1. xan

        yeah but apple behind sometimes and they know it lol

    11. Abdeo03

      3-4 hours + of battery life is still good for me since my iPod touch can't hold 5 sec without dying :'(

    12. Voicu Marian

      Test with run pubg mobile

    13. Jasim Uddin

      Samsung S21 ultra :)

    14. Axcel ReMs

      The winner is My PhonE!

    15. Raj Kiran

      Make a battery test from 95% to 20% because that's the range we are using now to maintain battery health

    16. VIPER OP OP


    17. артур пирожков

      Samsung with resolutions small and bid battery.....< iPhone with small battery and uhd resolution

    18. El Diablo

      Well tbh its not that fair... Iphone is 60hz And samsung is 120hz if the s21 and s20 were in 60hz they could do even better

    19. IntelLectual

      I see that we are entering an era in which it all starts to make no difference.

    20. Graham Parkes

      Great video. Very informative. Looking forward to seeing the battery test video of the Snapdragon Galaxy S21 Ultra.

    21. imperator core

      me: galaxy s10 surviv to long


      What about the which is on stop watch it battery never gonna die

    23. Spotify

      120 Hz turn off do it like on iPhone

    24. Mr pawan

      Samsung s12 ultra 😘😘

    25. Madhavi Tiwari

      Apple is amazing 🍎🍎

    26. Gabriel Heiss


      1. Gabriel Heiss

        @Gator ist doch egal heul mal nicht

      2. Gator

        @Gabriel Heiss nope

      3. Gabriel Heiss

        Is fake

      4. Gator

        You are fake

      5. Gator

        You are fake

    27. milan mahat

      My iPhone 12 pro max has screen time of over 10hrs. I am very happy since I upgraded from IPhone X which has screen time only around 4hrs.

    28. by_stratus

      es falso😒

      1. Gator


    29. NintemdoMarioBros124

      Mini Aaron

    30. Eddie

      I had some battery issues on my S21 Ultra 512 snapdragon model, but I fixed them. Currently my percentage is at 74%, with an onscreen time of 2 hours, and last full charge was 23hr 18min, without a full charge or some charge. I have the phone on FHD, 60hz, 4GLTE. I have WiFi scanning off, Play protect scanning off in the google play store, location off (as well as wifi and Bluetooth scan for accuracy). I do have the adaptive battery on. That is the only option that I use, I do not use the power saving feature. I have force dark mode option on in developer settings. I have noticed because I have T-mobile as well that 5G even though it is better, will use more power from your device, especially if you don't have good signal, I was a communications guy in the military and it will run your battery down quicker than 4GLTE. If you wanna test the quality of your 5G and see how effective it is I just turned mine on right now, go to about phone, status info, and select Sim card status, my signal strength on 5G is -111 dBm which is pretty crappy signal, even though everything is running smooth. I switched to 4GLTE and checked my signal is -87 which is better and less battery drain than 5G. You will in reality want a level between high -70s and mid -80s, but the rule is the closer the number is to 0 the better your signal will be, but in reality I have seen my phone, not just this one but the lowest I ever seen was probably -70. The last thing I forgot to say is I go to my apps, and select the app, then select Mobile data, if you do not want that app running in the background select "Allow background data usage" off and "allow data usage while data saver is on" off. I've done this for the majority of my apps, only left my SEprom, amazon Music, messaging, and probably like 5 more apps turned on for this. Hope this helps lemme know if you have any questions. Almost forgot Sync is off. Also last thing the quality and building materials that the building you are in plays a huge role, if it has to use more battery because it is struggling to get a signal and is always scanning, then it will drain your battery more. I would turn on your wifi and wifi calling and disable your data, you will still receive text messages with this option off. Hope this helps!

    31. Litseen Xoots

      Great test!


      Samsung is best

    33. Kadir Yoldaş

      Xiaomi mi note 10 pro full charge ultra Power saving 508 hours

    34. Emre yılmaz

      aferin lan çok iyi video çekmişsin.

    35. Turi Volos

      Its not fair why u deleted first samsungs phones and then they have more time!! No hating

      1. xan

        bruh what? 😂

      2. Gator


    36. Taranpreet Singh aujla

      Games name

    37. Erica Te'0

      I have S21 ultra No problem love it

    38. San Samurai

      hope all smartphones are will die!

    39. Dilshan ahammed

      The charge of iphone kept for timing is not finished yet

    40. G7 Matt3ew69

      My galaxy a21s is about 10 hours :)

    41. Nicanor VII Garcia

      Try Tecno Mobile phones for battery test.. 😁😁😁

    42. Flash Plays

      Samsung wins

    43. AJ movies

    44. ทαƬђαท .ઽ

      moto g8 power gives a chorus to those there kkkkkkkkk

    45. Not Zaia

      Turn off 120hz

    46. Agent X

      Meanwhile me with m51 at the end od day 2 and 20% LUL

    47. Dan

      its not fair to compare battery mobile you already use it more one year with other mobile only use it less than a month. for battery must when you get any mobile first day you make battery test and record the result and video. after you use this record and video to make fair compare.

    48. Adlyh Chico

      So cool. Keep doing these videos

    49. Henry Chau

      Hey guys, at the moment, the price of the SS21U is 2/3 of the price of the 12PMax in my country... It's a no-brainer right?

    50. Sony Paul

      Guys this guy is doing this for about 8 hrs

    51. Khan Eye

      S 21 ultra) I try to take pic. first time i not put SIM yet. i just try to focusing 100 zoom. after few mints camera Auto shutdown. and error show mobile is heat up..... after an hour i try to shooting video, 4 Min 57 Sec mobile heat up and auto shut down camera. it mean i choose wrong device, i purchase S21 ultra only for shooting and video shooting. what i do? i think i lose my money.

    52. Jade Paul

      Hey man, even if the s21 ultra had lasted a minute longer it wouldn't have broken any record, the mate 30 pro lasted 8hours and 46 mins in your own comparison

    53. Samrat and Saisha’s life style

      Samsung galaxy Z 2 fold phone

    54. Hal Jordan

      Funny thing is he has the S21 Ultra phone on for over an hour before it falls before 90% mine will fall under 90% after an hour of just being unplugged 🤔

    55. Jasper Ecb

      The fuzzy pelican bailly stop because head logically hunt among a rich fish. periodic, curly fall

    56. SHIVANI Kumari

      Omg😱 so many kidnies!😅

    57. Alexis Aguirre Vazquez

      If the s21 ultra with crappy exynos beat the iPhones, imagine snapdragon.

    58. Blizzard YT


    59. Kamil Andrew

      Petition to add roblox to the battery tests 🙋🏾‍♂️.

    60. Юлия Кост

      11 pro Max the best

    61. joga essa bunda pro alto na ponta do pe

      esse s20 nao ta bem da bateria

    62. 45 3


      1. Gator


    63. Dakota Shelley

      Can you maybe get a Motorola G power 2020 edition

    64. Adarsh Jadhav

      Samsung 💪💪💪👍



    65. czarasdetpuch

      ez ip better

    66. TheYoungKid LOL

      The winner is the one at the very right ngl

    67. Aman Ali

      Would you like to test the Energizer power max p18k.


      S21 ultra is the best🔥❤

    69. Blocky

      I’m watching this on 23 battery

    70. varre balaji

      I got this s21 ultra yesterday and the battery life is pathetic for me it's just giving an avg 4 hrs of screen on time In some forums some are saying the smart learning will optimize the battery in a few days but found no supporting evidence can anyone help me with this

    71. Tanmay Mondal

      Great video ❤️🔥

    72. ZB87 Honda&Tacos4Life

      Hoping iPhone steps up their game with the iPhones in 2021 series phone. This with Touch ID and I’ll upgrade my 11 pro max!

    73. Amar

      One of the best reviewers on you tube. Keep going and thanks for your videos

    74. Mark Li

      You cannot buy galaxy S20 Ultra due to its shorter battery life than other phones as Mrwhosetheboss has tested in this video, but galaxy s21 ultra is the phone you must buy, so don't think about buying the older galaxy S20 Ultra, but galaxy S20 Ultra is still a great phone, but galaxy s21 ultra has a lot improved than its predecessor: the galaxy S20 Ultra, the difference is massive between galaxy s21 ultra and galaxy s20 ultra, that is a big upgrade for these two premium Samsung phones, the iPhone 12 Pro Max has improved hardware for iPhone 11 Pro Max, you should not buy iPhone 11 Pro Max and galaxy S20 Ultra because they are slightly older, so iPhone 12 Pro Max, galaxy note 20 ultra, and galaxy s21 ultra are the phones you should choose, only choose one of these three phones I listed there to buy, now!

    75. Mark Li

      The galaxy s21 ultra's Exynos processor is the fastest chip ever in a galaxy phone, as Samsung has introduced for, but iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 11 Pro Max still has pretty good battery life, the iPhone 12 Pro Max has the A14 Bionic chip which is the fastest ever in a smartphone, as Apple calls for, but get the galaxy s21 ultra if you want more features, more portable phone with a larger 6.9 inch display, which is the largest display ever made in a galaxy S series phones, better camera of up to 100 times zoom which beats iPhone 12 Pro Max so much, so get the galaxy s21 ultra, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro Max, Galaxy S20 Ultra, which you need to choose one of these phones to make up your decision to buy one of these phones, now!

    76. Namles Plays

      year 1941414 new phone with 18 years of battery life

    77. Gashi Aurola

      ✨Iphone✨ 👇🏼

    78. Hea Dara

      If samsung got bettery 3900 wo unbelievable



    80. Pubg Gaming

      I think Samsung is the one with the most battery life around per hour or That day too but Samsung is good to choose. If 20 notes are still quite a bit. But if this 21S wow this is good for use by THIS cellphone bro. Because s21 is very good.Than the iphone. if the iPhone is pretty good too but can't hold it per day. it only usually takes an hour. But don't offense but the iPhone might lose the battery ... Samsung galaxy S21 ultra win is time sorry bro I m pick samsung galaxy S21 ultra.he have Snapdragon 888 good for game and good for camera a it.and Battery too.12GB .OR 8GB THAT sick

    81. Ognjen Milosevic

      Best battery have huawei and shaomi

    82. Bo C

      also is junk mobile

    83. Sahil Chawla

      Oh so iPhone still has that ugly notch at the top. Pathetic.

    84. Vivek Upadhyay

      Why don't we go with other flagship with iPhone except Samsung

    85. Nam Hải TNT

      Tôi không hiểu tiếng anh

    86. AJP Misteri

      The iPhones were really good though

    87. Sam Richards

      Which phone is best for astrophotography

    88. Reverse BS

      The Iphone not have 120hz

    89. Delamaycon

      the battery of the Galaxy s21 ultra is destructive

    90. Levi ackerman

      Samsung isbetter

    91. MrCoffis

      I would love to see standby battery test too

    92. Fusion 360

      Arun the phone with the timer win, not the s21 ultra

    93. Hell Yeah

      5 of them are incredibly great

    94. The Empire

      I got 3h from 100to 35% on my note 20 ultra exynos


      Did the Samsungs overheat recording 4k video for that long?

    96. I’m not that person u want

      I like apple more ;)

    97. Артур Михайлов


    98. SpotifaiPrimium

      But what about that motorola HAHAHAH

    99. ihatekids

      do samsung m51 with 7000mah

    100. David V Martin55

      The accidental hat mechanistically battle because cardigan archaeologically employ via a alleged pillow. flashy, scientific vulture