She Actually Left Him... | TGFbro

Jay Swingler

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    Today I react to TLC's 90 Day Fiancé again as the story with Big Ed and Rose continues, she actually left him...
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    I watch and react to the most requested 90 Day Fiancé Couple, Big Ed and Rose! Now I can see why Pewdiepie reacts to these TLC Shows. We should do a TGF 90 Day Fiancé, does this mean a TGF wedding could be coming up?!?

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    1. Jay Swingler

      I lost a lot of quality in this video due to copyright issues guys, so much had to be cut out to allow this video to go public, sorry if it’s shit hahahahah

      1. Pete R

        Do you think he has to use a booster seat when he's driving the car

      2. Loneone seven

        I have a video for you to comment to on the youtube channel called VICE the video is called Donkey The Most Bizarre Tradition.

      3. Mark Kavanagh

        Jay there's another one he's on with ah different girl

      4. MAYAN


      5. Mredit 96

        For the next tgf win thing on discord you should do ten ppl win early access to the new tgf merch

    2. Ubaid razaq

      If he married her his daughter would be older than her mother


      He looks like an angry bird

    4. Raveena_.H

      "shes in her what 20s now and shes showering with her dad"

    5. Bailey Farr

      When she left you could tell that hit him like a brick wall

    6. Waityyy


    7. Jordan

      15:00 omg BIGEST ROAST EVER

    8. 2Can Two

      15:40 yeahh so many pinay(filpino) girls like older men young girls WANT older men

    9. Grey Wolf

      A rat the size of an Air Force 1 hahahaha 😂😭😂😭

    10. Heidi Davies

      hahaah y does he always have simpsons o in the back

    11. Bryan Sierra

      “Ye ye ye ye ye, you tell him BITCH”😂😂

    12. Eve

      "She's dipped" 😭

    13. Kerry Nottelling

      Did he annoy you off Jay 😂 😂 😂 I met my husband on Yahoo and 20 years later still going strong 😉

    14. Bnhy g

      React to the assanti Brothers from my 600-lb life.

    15. Shannon Dunn

      Hahahaha you’re so funny😂😂

    16. Pugzy

      Why am I just watching the simpsons behind you 😂

    17. Pete R

      No Neck Ed really is Jabba the Hut

    18. Ravel Jnr Jnr

      If they get married Ed’s daughter would be older than his mom

    19. PONURO

      Jay is not childish in situations like that... wtf he handling issues like adult?

    20. Hurtz

      anyone else keep having this recommended even after watching it a couple times. tgf magic if u ask me

    21. FTM EMZ

      She defo gold digging

    22. Justwhy 11

      Jay I think you have a cheeky crush on Ed and his minion neck

    23. Łøgåñ Mōörę

      Jay the only British man in existence that has good teeth

    24. James Langford

      Imagine if ed is watching this 😂😂

    25. lee medlicott

      The goal is to try and get 🗿&neck to watch this vid 🤣🤣

    26. Hung Tai

    27. Maike Kotze

      "I'm 4'11, I've got no neck, my chin got evicted" idk why this sent me-- I shouldnt't have laughed lol.

    28. Duc Vinh Vu

      His daughter She the same height as him that kind of wholesome 😂😂😂

    29. your a bot

      I met my girlfriend on Snapchat and I’ve been with her 2 years and I’m 16 the woman who said you can’t find love online is moving madddd

    30. rosie MAKEUPx

      11:46 😂😂😂😂

    31. Bandi〈3

      what kind of mic is that ?

    32. faze fluffs


    33. Mr.Dave Blank

      She’s in it for the money. Get in the fucking shed where you belong.

    34. Emily Birch

      Watch the newest one with Ed and his new girlfriend

    35. Christina Campbell

      Wait till u find out she’s now married to a woman 😭😭😭😭

    36. RedawN-

      .... "my chin got evicted" ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahaha

    37. Alfie May

      jay be switching sides like rats crossing the minefield in between the berlin wall

    38. Russo

      1.69 mil, nice😏

    39. Joseph Stalin

      I've never been so early

      1. Shrek Donkey

        I know

    40. Shrek Donkey

      The smaller his neck gets lol

    41. Kay's Corner

      Ed is in a spin off called 90 day fiance the single life. Could be a fun reaction

    42. Joseph Christian Matos

      Watch the new video of big ed kissing a new girl with guts HAHAHAHA

    43. asioe kiou

      each other and didn’t really communicate on one level and actually with each other. They wanted different things

    44. J Gill

      Why you got constipation adverts on your video, you trying to get to know man's bowel movements duuuuuude

    45. Kurt Cocaine

      the simpsons in the background bro!

    46. Kjento Lauwers

      You should continue the Ed serie! He has more with Liz a waitress

    47. soiung toiue

      each other and didn’t really communicate on one level and actually with each other. They wanted different things

    48. Director_Ranjeet

      jay's reactions are fucking hilarious lol

    49. Jack Measor

      I like how you call the rat a megatron then put a picture of a fockin gundam on screen. Like, What's that?!

    50. Mohammed Suffian

      7:26 what jay did to the mic had me dying and I wanted to do it too 😁

    51. Katie Riojas

      I fuck heavy with TGF 90 Day Fiance idea

    52. Will Cottrell

      There’s another Ed episode get on that jayyyy

    53. Carlie Grantham

      Could you maybe react to some of the worlds strangest addictions? It would be interesting!

    54. ozxy

      yo jay i love you mate

    55. Airsoft And Co

      Megan Fox

    56. jay billo

      Bro Ed has a new bird call liz you need to react he has sex for first time it’s jokes. 90 day fiancé

    57. R32 Legends

      Nah why was my pet rat a star in this episode

    58. Leigh Wheldon

      Yo jay can I get a pepperoni passion from dominoes bro

    59. Ethan Ayre

      These are the only videos that are getting me through life atm

    60. bocoy noiu

      Me gets randomly excited that jay uploads constantly

    61. EZC Clan

      Jay i love your videos you are my favourite youtuber

    62. Hazel Oflaherty

      a f~~king rat man its a bloody helicopter look at the size of it

    63. Pixel424

      this is so entertaining

    64. Ella Louise

      you should react to my strange addiction or extreme cheap sakes :)

    65. Saffybonbon

      you should do a reaction series to Behind her eyes, if you haven’t seen it already

    66. Jack Hickman

      I think u should do a vid giving away xbox series x

    67. Catherine Penfold


    68. duvoux olivier

      Ayyy jay react to “Strange obsession” please

    69. Toxic Toast

      Ed reminds me of kung fu panda or a mini jack black might be the voice

    70. Kaqsou

      Does tgf mean thank goodness for ? Or what I still haven't figured it out ???? Some1 help

    71. Brandon Syphas


    72. Martinos Leontiou

      this content is straight fire man

    73. Joe

      Bro fah the next ‘make me laugh to win ...’ competition like the one you did earlier if you got any childish products comin up that are ready fah release soon then do sum like that or if new hoodies comin soon do ppl can win one signed by tgf members 🤓💯

      1. Joe

        Tickets to days out, win a day wit tgf or get to film a vid w them sooo much you could do shii would be unreal 🙌🏾

      2. Joe

        Ik you been hintin that lil childish energy every few vids ‘,:0

    74. upye_YaBam

      where is the dog hide and seek

    75. kolim jone

      I love how he plays Simpson’s every vid

    76. xDontCry Hoex

      i wish the fib came in XD cuz she is 23

    77. Empyrean

      Next prize on discord should be a macbook pro or even a mac.

    78. Commander gree

      Simpsons in the back

    79. Ben Hutchinson

      Next prize should be a gaming pc or vr headset

    80. ben slatter

      For the next prise on your laugh bids should be something like £500

    81. Lil Lemonjuice

      1k as the prise

    82. Relay Sooliviathen

      Try x-box series x’s

    83. CalebTPG 123

      Jay came from discord and u asked for the next prize so I think it should be the new childish hoodie to 10 people

    84. Birmingham Children

      Give away Xbox series x

    85. UrBoiAlfie

      its good she left him because ed could of died after them being together for like 20 years

    86. Ignite Hd

      Please look at your discord messages please

    87. Its_Tom

      Mans just didn’t want to got to the top of the discord that’s racist

    88. Connor Mcmurph

      Do more ps5

    89. King James

      Me: Clicks the video to watch Jay's Reaction Also me: Just watching the Simpsons in the back and not even paying attention to the video

    90. Ben Sheldrake

      Give away £10,000 or iPhone 12 Pro Max

    91. P3DR0KAGE

      Jay I think for your next video you could do maybe apple products or maybe some Xbox Series X’s

    92. Tylller -_-


    93. Nastypasty 420

      If u make me laugh ‘Xbox series X’

    94. DatSkeateZz

      Next prize should be 5 xbox series x please Jay 😢 my joke would have been a banger 😥

    95. JJ Hollis

      I rekon you should do ‘a you get a new pc if you make me laugh ‘ 🤣🤣

    96. Comrade Melon

      Next prize should be the new childish product

    97. Jack Chidlow

      giveaway an iphone 12 as the prize folr a make me laugh video

    98. Blue Seagull

      U should give away some valve index headsets😂😂

    99. Youssef Nasser

      You're next prize should be like iphones or some childish merch


      Congratulations to all the ps5 winners I think a good prize would be multiple items like : iphones - ipads - PC's Just multiple different devices and stuff 👑