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    Harry Pinero:
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    1. Ducktape

      Harry and Filly would fit really well in the sidemen tbh

    2. Arda 62

      no cap best tinder so far

    3. Alexandria Johnson

      tf is this?

    4. Sentry

      24 million views on an hour long video… Sidemen on some next level content right now and it’s only getting better 🐐

    5. Ikari

      He really did the mashallah into the inshallah

    6. Desley Fa'afoi

      How NOT to get a girl? Watch this video and observe Vik. 😂

    7. DNJN_Panda

      5:00 The PRESENCE alone🙌

    8. Desley Fa'afoi

      31:38 CHUNKZ - "It's a great day for me, i'll be honest" EVERYONE - "Well done" KSI - "Oh shut up man"

    9. Desley Fa'afoi

      24:34 - yo chunkz, when does the ablum drop? 😂

    10. French Cuadoro


    11. French Cuadoro

      Chunkz undefeated

    12. Christopher Scott

      30:00, Did he just peck his cheek😳😳

    13. i The Prime

      I literally have a crush on the first girl🥴

    14. Tyler Klinge

      What did philly mean when he just said clapped like idk y I’m confused abt it

      1. Cat cha

        Clapped means very ugly

    15. Jack Cadorin

      46:51 The violation of the century...

    16. Unknown Person

      Chunkz got all yes on them🤣🤣🤣

    17. Bijaya Tiwari

      Filly said clapped.what does it mean???

      1. Cat cha

        Clapped means very ugly

    18. Seregor Mhd

      12:49 😂 mashallah brother

    19. Gucci sock man Shroyer

      Yo I thought Simon was jj's bf df

    20. Kbarkes 2121


    21. Mareme Diongue

      The Mashaallah turned to Inshaallah pick up line was good😭 If only she got it😭

    22. Um Mmm

      I'm 5 foot 10 Tobi: WTF? Me: LMFAO

    23. Hasan Joker

      Anyone April?

    24. Boris Nhira

      Harry pinero comes up w the breathe joke after one second every one is k.o on da floor😅

    25. Boris Nhira

      Hp where is the sauce 😅😂🤣

    26. TRGN- Blaze

      Filly seems like the nicest person he also seemed like a really sensitive person

    27. Timo Weghorn

      Ally or how she called was pretty cute... in my opinion

    28. Cleon_ Bizzy

      Me: WAIT THIS GOT 1 MILLION LIKES HP: Bro I do this daily 😏

    29. yljz kld

      0:35:05 i feel bad for tobi she violated him

    30. Enzo Melucci

      Jingle back wtf

    31. {* Mathew *}

      Ally didn’t deserve that kind of disrespect.

      1. MarkDa1One Gaming

        Stop the cap

    32. Itz_ Destinyy

      That third lady really annoyed me for some reason😬

    33. Zozef F

    34. A K

      Omg that guy herry was so rude to that girl in black turtleneck.

      1. A K

        @Lavahound Gaming exactly. It was not meant to be serious he made it so personal.

      2. Lavahound Gaming

        she didnt get a single joke, also the whole things not serious

    35. Dado ;

      12:47 i am done 😹😹😹❤️

    36. Tas Budgets

      That masjid and the slippers one sent me ngl

    37. Kwesi Abruquah


    38. Lance Rommuel Rodriguez

      Yeahh Simon 🇵🇭

    39. DT RADIO

      Plz subscribe to my channel

    40. Ginner

      I can't lie, Filly is actually the best.

    41. Zeus -

      Carmel @ ???

    42. Broken 2.0

      She don't like bad men💀😭😭

    43. Raymondo Li

      Look at the bricks above JJ’s head. @ 33:44

    44. Ally Jolly

      Why was the 3rd girl trying to be funny. It was just cringe.

    45. Ross Mccann

      Yoo chunks can sing

    46. Super memes Magic

      Is that unknown p

    47. Kevin Mendez

      ik i aint the only who j dont like harry pinero😅

    48. Hunni bee ASEH

      ksis forehead is as big as his ego

    49. Lucas Cottin

      they destroyed the 33rd girl xD

    50. Xx-mattyh234-xX

      10:10 the only reason I rewatch this video 😂😂

    51. Ryhan Mortuza

      Harry’s Inshallah line was golden

    52. Max Woodford

      That girl got VIOLATED BY HARRY

    53. Olu Anu

      36:54 LMAO

    54. G2

      The way how they all started jumping at the end like they’ve won the champions league 😂😂😂😂😂

    55. G2

      Harry is toooo funny 😂😂😂😂 Him chunkz and filly carried it icl

    56. nazifa hussain

      Harry generous KSI funny and crackhead Vick either violent or weird Ethan trustful Simon the only one who has been focused Toby the warm hearted one and giving Josh the play hard on travel but tinder play easy

    57. Supergoz27

      Tobis drip tho

    58. Ioan Campbell


    59. Levi Dryden

      A yo I got bullied in primary for being short and now I’m taller than all of them 💪💪

    60. Hashim Khawaja

      i ship harry and perdie

    61. Aiden Lang

      27:08 the boys always got ur back lmao

    62. Nice Shadows

      I’m ksi

    63. mimi barrak

      Omg ally is sooo sweet and cute anddddd polite love herrr ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    64. Lewis

      JJ is looking lean

    65. Alex Savastru

      Ally seemed so sweet and genuine I felt so bad she got the *ultimate violation*

    66. Okay Buddy

      No because they need to do this again

    67. Erling Nasslander


    68. Jae Dot


      1. Christopher Cleto


    69. Emasco Chukwujindu

      I can't believe I sat throught this

    70. Anime Lover

      What’s chunks doing there

    71. Decipher

      The fact that people bullied ally so much she turned off comments is so upsetting, she seems great

      1. Victoria Gasper

        @mansur Hafizdelwar allyretberg

      2. mansur Hafizdelwar

        Bro what's her insta?!

    72. Ryan

      She’s a robot

    73. Callum Butler

      Vik woke up and chose violence

    74. G2

      Chunkz’s laugh is so contagious 😂😂😂

    75. Daniel

      Have to make another one with these guys this was the funniest and the best tinder video

    76. Kobetji Madike

      Harry is genius

    77. haha

    78. JET

      how the tables turned @miniminter

    79. HoennDragozz

      53:37 Simon wrecked her

    80. Old KSI Videos

      The amount of violations in this video 😂

    81. Meta Daman

      VIK was the villain throughout this entire video

    82. Mistake

      My woods bend left🤣

    83. Luke Lam

      The last girl is amazing

    84. Sir Kitty Luxs

      The third girl was low key pretty

    85. King Zay

      46:55 “clapped”

    86. harvey field

      part 4 needed soon

    87. Chris Badillo

      I don’t think she understood the vaccine joke

    88. Gran Turismo

      The relieved join chronically behave because swing equally lock qua a peaceful neck. unique, thick denim

    89. Roqia Hassan

      It's very hard to hold your laughs in this vid honestly i didn't feel like it was about an hour 😂😂😂😂😂

    90. Goat Buckets

      38:40 got me wheezing 😹😹

    91. CSC Basketball

      Harry was rocking the Muslim jokes

    92. Taylor Aming


    93. Jean Mimi


    94. ALo 7

      Iv watched this so many times, mainly because of chunkz, philly and Harry 😂

    95. TBreemans

      Left bended gang🔥🔥 👇👇👇

    96. Jessica Hall

      Every sidemen video I slowly start to like harry....these harrys I swear

    97. Sam Kuti

      "muy grande, nueve inches" ahahhahaa

    98. lablofi rutipba

      The male closet uncommonly kneel because lyre opportunely rush afore a damaging february. last, next lily

    99. HU5N4IN G4M1NG

      Ethan at 41:52 🤣🤣🤣

    100. Stylish_plays

      Ayo why did ksi bend over like that when filly said ‘ I’ll be honest clapped’ 😂