Smashing a Lamborghini on the streets! #shorts

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    1. Włoskie makarony

      Noice fotoshop

    2. Nándor Szigeti

      Its fake

    3. HJ L

      Fake weight bro

    4. Anthony Conner

      Before I watched I knew it was fake because you used that weight on of your newest vids

    5. Hüseyin Bilik


    6. asha bejjam

      Are you gone nuts

    7. [XWAS] killer


    8. Villain Ochako Uraraka

      Its like every video I watch, I see “He’s the type of guy”, like please, stop.

    9. Josh R

      Congrats you threw one of those fake weights on your car windshield

    10. HB_ Sousa


    11. Keli Bode

      Me bli nje audi mua

    12. andrean crono

      Here, have a dislike

    13. Tome Tomat


    14. Rowan Britto

      That weight be lighter than this guy's intelligence.

    15. Kiel The Kollector

      You could never lift or throw a 45 plate 😂😂

    16. Train Room

      Right a guy with his body mass index throwing a 20k plate like that?! In a movie maybe!

    17. AnomaliGames

      Love the fake weights

    18. LukeYT


    19. Badem Gümüşoğlu


    20. хрустик

      Богатые вобше охренели уже

    21. Kane gomez

      Well that’s fake because he definitely can’t throw the weight that high like that 😂

    22. Timea Nemet

      It's fake bro

    23. Beejay Quimpo

      The weights are fake

    24. Radhe Shyam

      Fake weight

    25. Viktor Aggerholm

      I was anticipating that tennis ball clip any moment

    26. Zochhuanawma Zote


    27. Raheeb Hassan

      It's a toy

    28. snowy mew

      He's the type of guy that puts milk before cereal

    29. Colly Brandon


    30. djotafreestyle fankanal

      It's fake

    31. Jackson Harris

      It probably made of foam. It's not real

    32. Linklink098

      I saw it hit and i think that glass is STRONG

    33. Thiago Mendonça

      que agonia

    34. stay positive

      And he's awesome! 👌

    35. ŞERMİN GÜL

      Which app do you use for those edits?

    36. Rafael Augusto

      Ta facil que esse gordinho pega 20kilos facil assim

    37. James P

      Stupid content

    38. Shivansh shukla

      Paise jada ho hame bhej do

    39. Bosnia And Hercegovina


    40. EggYouk


    41. Benn Wisbey

      It's a fake weight

    42. Tughral Raja

      Its fake

    43. Kamrul Hasan


    44. Man2 Medianista

      Until this day humanity has lost intelligence because of this

    45. Davide Tomassi

      Even though it's yours, you're a criminal

    46. Богдан Кабанченко

      Это цирковая фигня из пены...

    47. Roman Gudev

      He’s the type of guy to throw a fake 45lb plate at a lambo windscreen for clout

    48. veriso channel

      Is a plástic wheight

    49. Whoever Whoever

      It's just a piece of foam.

    50. Mia Meyers

      He is so crazy o my world

    51. Jayson Denosta


    52. puxxxcasu

      Fake weight or ur hulk throwing it

    53. SW Entertainment

      He the type of guy who would throw a fake bar bell on a lambo for views


      Nem da pra perceber que é de isopor

    55. Jake Jenkins

      Funny how it’s a movie prop fake disc, Jesus people will do anything for views nowadays, even posting crap content....

    56. Karrr

      No one::: All comments. "He's a type of guy..."🗿🗿🗿 WTF🗿😂

    57. Mexican_Joker

      Is Fake

    58. FMSP8

      His the type of guy to lip sync to an instrumental

    59. purple hax

      you cut the clip too late

    60. Inomjon Gulomjonov

      This fake

    61. Mike Wyman

      I wish we can get the disliked total back

    62. Felipe Banderas de la rioja usd yt

      Hera de goma chicossss :/

    63. Doubius

      You just threw 45lbs Like it way 2 feathers.The fake Dumbell... is it Startphom or plastic ?

    64. Jennifer Nickson

      just stop

    65. Emilija Bulvydaite

      Its fake

    66. Larry Fontana

      Foam weight. These stupid ass rich kids really think people are that gullible.

    67. Snpr Skllr

      i closed my eyes 😶 i dont want to see my favcar smashed

    68. Marie M

      Ik Daft dat het kapot gin

    69. Gaming Edition

      Fake weight lol what a moron think we that daft?

    70. Hugão Leonardo

      nunca que um frango desse pega 20kg assim

    71. Gabriel Hague

      I mean it's fake anyways

    72. 0 abonnés 0 vidéo Bien joué à moi même

      One world: delete/ useless

    73. nic

      This is fake

    74. رسلان رسلان


    75. Pate

      Good now get a real car like a skyline lot faster and better and even more badass looking

    76. SnickerOfSteel

      styrofoam weight

    77. Thanh Thach

      Foam plates= fake

    78. Lyrics CReedonic

      He is type of guy wants us to believe the sun that shines in the dark ..

    79. Shohrux Kenjayev.

      Не железо это

    80. Steven X

      Yea it’s made of foam wow so cool

    81. Jake Mehr

      Fake weight plate


      Dude wtf

    83. Ed Tad

      You are fake as the weight you carrying!

    84. Wyatt Chilton

      This is the type of guy to drink water instead of extinguish a fire

    85. Controlled By

      Oh it's fake weight I get it now... Lame

    86. Brady cadwell

      Thats a fake plate

    87. Jester Duyag


    88. Luka Igrutinovic

      He’s the type of guy that pours hot water into the water heater

    89. Patrick Anayo


    90. Ľubomír Jarotta

      Cat €10000 😅🔫

    91. The Dockta

      So, was that foam or rubber. I dont get why the slow motion. It's not real and we know that because your legs are not twisting to toss the weight so it weighs under 1 or 2 kgs, plus you definitely could lift it if it was 45 lbs. Look at your gangly self lmfao so...

    92. José P. Vega

      If it was my Lambo I was already kicking your ass

    93. Connor Clarke

      This man should be in prison.

    94. Guillermo Aguilar

      Nobody can easily throw like that 20 kg, fake

    95. Owen S9

      Se nota que es de plástico esa mamada 😂😂

    96. belan yassen

      It's fake just sponge 😏

    97. Cleiton pires


    98. Peter Dawe

      Fake! That thing is made of plastic