SPIDER-MAN NO WAY HOME TEASER BREAKDOWN! Easter Eggs & Title Reveal Reaction

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    Spider-Man NO WAY HOME is the official title of the third MCU Spider-Man film, following Spider-Man Far From Home! What does this title mean, and what Easter Eggs did you miss in this teaser video?
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    Spider-Man No Way Home is the next Spider-Man movie, following Peter Parker's battle with Mysterio in Far From Home. This third film appears to be setting up Spider-Man against the SINISTER SIX, in a possible Multiverse plot involving Doctor Strange following the events of WandaVision. Erik Voss breaks down everything you missed from this title reveal video, including hidden clues on the dry-erase board, and everything we know about the expansive cast -- Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Doc Ock, Electro... and additional rumored names like Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, Daredevil Charlie Cox, and Willem Dafoe Norman Osborn! How will WandaVision's Multiverse crisis set up Spider-Man: No Way Home?
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    Brendan Langdon
    Cody Anderson
    Dan Woodson
    Karen Wang
    O. Grometto
    Pony Stark
    Rick Denmon
    Producer: Erik Voss eavoss
    Producer: Zach Huddleston
    Written by: Erik Voss
    Executive Creative Director: Filup Molina filupmolina
    Post Production Supervisor: John Costa
    Staff Editor: Joshua Steven Hurd
    Editors: John Costa, Joshua Steven Hurd

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    1. Basik_Shade

      Batman reference at 7:17 hmmmm

    2. Marie Quinflow

      Can we talk about how the middle looks like Puerto Rico's map

    3. Mike Appleton

      Nick Fury is going to unit

    4. Mateo Yañez

      Good thing there was no multiverse in Wanda vision, I really hope there isn’t a multiverse in no way home

    5. Shumailla Haroon

      Well i think when spider men are going to go home then the potel will glitch out because of wanda

    6. Rashmi Bal

      Please check the cast your mind will be blown

    7. CrazyChicken

      Haha anyone notice the batarang?

    8. Jason Flores

      Hey did you see Tom Hollands shirt??? 4. Find X? Then the X is circled and says "I found it"??? Is it 4. Find X is Finding the Fantastic 4 or it just means noting lol

    9. Salvador Rojas

      Erik is definitely my favorite over all these crackhead nerds

    10. Rafael Molina

      The shape around the name its Puerto Rico

    11. Michael Laguna

      Who else is a huge nerd for marvel but have bad grades in school

    12. Andre Gonzalez

      the corbon thingy

      1. Andre Gonzalez

        I am just a kid that does not understand this math.

    13. Andre Gonzalez

      uh I do not understand this language I don't understand this math.

    14. craig

      daredevil is also in this

    15. scorching tea.

      I think the certain yellow ''squiggles'' means 'spidey-sense'. There is three of them, above on the right-hand side of the movie title, above Spider-Man's shooting web hand and right side of Spider-Man's 'eyes'. --- Idk, could just be a design. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    16. Robert MacGowan

      You missed the Tesseract on the "White Board" next to the oh oh molecule... 4d cube within a cube

    17. Gomet

      Six = sinister six!

    18. Dylan Martinez

      The frame that is closing the main title is shape like Puerto Rico

    19. DE DAWDA

      "I'm going to do a raw reaction, we're gonna look at this whiteboard from the trailer after we watch the trailer"

    20. Hector Arroyo

      How does no one talk about how it looks like Puerto Rico in the middle, and Miles Morales is half Puerto Rican...

    21. StaxxxCmd

      What if ironman had made peter a suit like his?

    22. Dominick Masc.

      Go check the cast set for the movie.

    23. Athens vlogs

      Static could also be reference 2 miles Moralez maybe he’s coming I won’t be surprised

    24. L.A.J Crew

      The combative buzzard fascinatingly protect because red cumulatively wrestle during a guiltless croissant. pointless, satisfying purchase

    25. Jake Parsley

      The hexagons related to chemistry could be referencing symbiotes and in the title no way home it could be referencing another planet

    26. Brian Chen

      The milky atom whitely amuse because pancake interstingly sneeze until a flawless lisa. obsequious, plain swim

    27. IlNoobStar

      8:19 if you stop the video with the right timing when it glitches the colors you will see feels like spider-gwen colors

    28. Raihan Nafis

      Yeah hexagons is the bestagons

    29. Isaac Sc


    30. Dwayne Lee

      The Atmic of number six.. HMMMMM as in da SINISTER SIX?! :0

    31. DabGod

      And this "virus" doesn't stop us hicks from celebrating the fourth

    32. Pigglywigglykai

      The cube with lines in it is a 4th dimension cube just saying

    33. No-Good-Connor.

      I think they should just put it on Disney+ it will make it sooo much easier

    34. Royce Greer

      He’s a lier it’s far from home

    35. Marri Bindu

      they literally made fun of other titles lmao,good job by marvel as always

    36. ZWhityZ

      That looks like Puerto Rico

    37. ShinyB

      In case a lot of people haven't noticed yet: If you look closely at the shot before it zoomed in, you'll see 3 things that might hint for Matt Murdock/Daredevil's appearance. 1. The bottom-middle-ish part of the whiteboard actually has the words "Copyright issues" and "Trademarked" (both have to do with legal studies, which can correspond to Matt Murdock being a lawyer) 2. Near the fire-extinguisher you'll see a paper bat (Daredevil in the Netflix series is depicted as a street-level version of Batman)

      1. creek


    38. Lee Zana

      just me that all the spiderman movies with tom holland has the word home in it??? prob not but yeah!

    39. eighty 8

      You think that 6 is hinting at the chemistry of the sinister six?

    40. John Vin

      Spiderman: No Way Home -----next movie's called Spiderman: Homesick -----then Spiderman: Homebound

    41. Cawthebest Gaming

      Spiderman 4 be like: Spiderman homeless

    42. • Lukas •

      Next to Stay At Home on the board, I it kinda looks like a flux compasetor from Back to the FUTURE, time travel?

    43. Antony Shamel D'silva

      All that and you missed the biggest easter egg showingthe DRAWING OF TESERACT in that board. Space stone is involved somehow

    44. Satyam Srivastava

      Does anyone see a BAT kinda thing at 7:19?

    45. StoriedLeader

      I feel like its gonna be like spiderman will go back in time with dr strange and meat all of the people that are bad like electro and doc oc and so basically I think I will be that spiderman gets stuck in a different dimension

    46. andy acheson

      just saw this, the Hexagon could be linked to the sinister 6 that might be the bad guys of the story, and no way home could mean the multiverse

    47. daksh mehta

      see tom hollands shirt!!!!!!

    48. Luis Castillo

      So nobody is going to say that it looks like Puerto Rico 🇵🇷🤔😕😐🙄😒 No !?

    49. AGCA customs

      If it’s a multiverse movie like we first though then it might not just mean that Peter can’t go back home to his regular life but also the other Peters being Toby and Andrew not being able to go to their respective universes.

    50. Supreeth Kadaba

      7:18 wait is that a batarang above the fire extinguisher??🤔🤔

    51. Zac

      Do you notice how its also three completely separately styled logos?! PLEASE GIVE US ANDREW GARFIELD TOBEY MGUIRE AND TOM HOLLAND IN THE SAME MOVIE OH MAH GAAAHHDDD

    52. Jack Kerr

      isn't that a drawing of the flux capacitor from back to the future?

    53. Robby Gene

      Check out Tom Holland's shirt, it says "find x"

    54. Mohit Chaudhary

      pirate version of spiderman

    55. Dina Abdelhamid

      It's weird how every person over thinks this and at the end, we get a movie about who took the cookie from the cookie jar

      1. Abhinav Mandadi


    56. Jane prestige

      Did you see batman weapon on the left side when the white board appears in the screen

    57. Noel A. Gonzalez Almodovar

      Hmm, the shape of the spiderweb is almost the same as Puerto Rico.. could that mean that miles morales will be there?

    58. lotionnn

      That web around the title looks like Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 map

    59. John O'Brien

      the carbon's 6 sides could be a reference to the sinister six

    60. Rithik Jaiswal

      Yellow ⚡marks may be for Electro

    61. Danilo Japiassu

      You missed out the reference to dimensions in that cube on the board.

    62. Yiu Tak Yan


    63. Ben

      Home slice for the win

    64. Simon Spratt

      Maybe this is a stretch. Could the line diagram cube be a hint towards Noir's rubik's cube in the Spiderverse? Maybe.

    65. Makenzie Marie

      When I saw this I thought, "No way Home" could meant that Peter was stuck in a different realm universe or timeline that he couldn't get out of. So maybe that's where he comes across Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire. 🧐

    66. Carly Shevock

      6:40 IO (only ohio homies will understand)

    67. Gaming with Alohi

      That is a Puerto Rico map where the movie name is.

    68. Mike Larose

      Didja miss the flux capacitor in the one o’clock position? Methinks there’s time travel involved in getting “home”

    69. Mane Villarreal

      X's on the "pirate" banners really stand out. Maybe X-men??

    70. Mane Villarreal

      Find X on Tom's shirt like find the X gene for mutants? And pirate banners are more like X's

    71. HaystackO

      Hexagon=6 sinister 6 sooo

    72. Derekshon

      Puerto Rico web? No? Miles Morales? Okay.

    73. Reece V

      The 4 hexagons could be referencing multiverse madness at the end of wandavision as in more worlds and could come back together

    74. spanky maru

      I think the cube at the top middle may represent a 4th dimension shape, hinting at either the 4th dimension or just multiple dimensions.

    75. Pedro Badillo

      The web is formed like Puerto Rico


      somebody noticed the paper bat attached to the extinguisher beside the white board .........it maybe a reference to morbius i think

    77. Elinatorcore VI000

      I like Spiderman Homerun like is is a fugitive and he has to go anywhere else but home

    78. Kain Dusse

      are the marker colors infinity stones?

    79. 『Refined Autism』

      Spiderman homeless when

    80. Leslie Burke

      OH IO . Stipe

    81. Bogers

      I thought the static in the title looked more like it linked to the style of miles' world

    82. Fan Te Dan Edits

      7:19 Bat on the left of the screen... I thought it was Batman's weapon thing...


      Puerto Rico ... MILES MORALES

    84. Steven Garcia

      So your not gonna bring up the tesseract drawing under can’t find home that’s a 4th dimensional shape

    85. Gerard Ligonde

      The psychotic doubt thoracically charge because spain lastly cheat for a hanging party. bumpy, brash pendulum

    86. Talia Loew

      at 2:43, is that the Hogwarts seal??? bottom right

    87. Hippopperbear

      spiderman 1: homecoming spiderman 2: far from home spiderman 3: no way home spiderman 4: not even trying to come home

    88. Goofball Gamer

      Actually if you look in the cast for multiverse of madness on google it says both of tho old spidermans are gunna be in that movie but idk about spiderman 3 yet

    89. Imel Trudeau

      Far fetched but why does the outline of the title looks like Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 Miles Morales maybe?

    90. Suraj

      you missed the cube like figure near the top, i think it’s referring to the tesseract

    91. Jimbo Jones

      I bet they're just playing Ralph Boners brothers

    92. Jacob Gallegos

      Did anyone see the flux capacitor on the upper left? Time travel?

    93. Sebaizen

      7:34 spiderman home run

    94. Matthew Rosenthal

      How many of these shirts do you have lol i feel every episode I've watched since WandaVision started you've got one on!

    95. Jack Beery

      7:19 there is a bat on the fire extinguisher obviously joking about DC

    96. Pad Afor

      Sinister 6.......also Peter finds the x men mutants xgene. The x in the box find x on the t-shirt he found x

    97. big sawcx

      is anyone gunna talk about the shape next to the hexagon. the one that is a 4 demential shape maybe teasing and confirming the multiverses or spidervers

    98. Lachy The Potato

      2:56 You SHOULD stay at home, until COVID is over

    99. Jason Ho

      what if they were trying to reference the six hexagon to sinister six

    100. Matt Petty

      If Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield aren't in the movie, I'm pretty sure they'll have Tom Holland traveling between two of the previous movies.

      1. Adeem

        Yh but too many time travel stories mean more plot holes

      2. JustCryToMe

        Like Deadpool lmao

      3. cassidy