Surface Laptop 4s vs M1 MacBook Air: You'll Be Shocked!

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    We WEREN"T expecting This once we hit the Real-World Tests.. AMD vs Intel Surface Laptop 4 vs M1 MacBook Air
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    In this video, we compare the M1 MacBook Pro to Two Microsofts Surface laptop 4's the 16GB AMD surface laptop 4 vs 8GB Intel Surface laptop 4.

    We test everything from Geekbench and Cinebench R23 Benchmarks for CPU and GPU Metal and Open CL performance, Gaming performance with GFXbench, Lightroom Classic photo editing, Davinci Resolve 17 4K video editing, with Performance when unplugged and on battery power, web browsing performance with Speedometer 2.0, single-core, Multi-core, Fan noise, CPU temps and overheating/thermal throttling, smoothness \u0026 More!

    Timestamps ⬇️
    Surface Laptop 4 vs MacBook Air - 00:00
    Exterior Differences - 00:59
    Comparing Ports - 01:25
    Keyboard and Trackpads - 03:12
    Speaker Comparison - 03:45
    Webcam and Mic Comparison - 05:18
    Displays Compared - 05:43
    Web Browsing Speed Test - 07:02
    Geekbench 5 CPU - 08:29
    Geekbench 5 CPU on Battery - 10:08
    Geekbench 5 GPU - 11:32
    Geekbench 5 GPU on Battery - 12:28
    Cinebench R23 \u0026 Thermals - 13:17
    Lightroom Classic Photo Editing - 16:33
    Davinci Resolve Video Editing - 18:41
    Which Laptop Should YOU Buy? - 21:15

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    1. Max Tech

      Check out our FULL Review and Base Spec AMD vs Intel here ➡➡➡ The WINNER of this Comparison ➡ ​ Help us reach 1 Million Subscribers before the end of the year! Best Laptop Deals on Amazon ⬇️ 13" MacBook Air M1 Tested in this video (Amazon) ➡ AMD Surface Laptop 4 in This video (Amazon) ➡ Intel Surface Laptop 4 in This video (Amazon) ➡

      1. Shailander Singh

        @D-Knight and I have to buy

      2. Shailander Singh

        @D-Knight and I

      3. Shailander Singh

        @D-Knight and

      4. Shailander Singh

        @D-Knight and

      5. Shailander Singh

        @D-Knight and I have tried it to

    2. Stanley

      You guys are just talking about the M1 not being plugon but y'all are forgetting that it's a damn mobile chip and don't need it.

    3. August

      And this is only the first generation M chips... The new Macbook Pros that will be relased this year will probably have significantly better performance. I wish my workflow allowed me to use Mac. Macs used to be overpriced, but nowadays they seem superior to Windows laptops in almost every way: much better performance, beter cooling, better battery life, better keyboard, better trackpad, better security, usually better customer service, usually better design (the surface laptop is an exception), better value etc. The only real selling point of the Surface Laptop (which is a great Windows laptop imo) is the OS. I dislike Mac OS because of how limiting it is, but I'm sure I could get used to it. Sadly, I use some programs for work that only run on Windows.

    4. Justin Reimers

      now i use a apple m1 macbook pro but i do agree that the surface camera is better

    5. yoshinosakura

      What is the spec of the AMD model? Is it the 4680u or 4980u? As professional reviewer you should mention that instead of just saying this is from the for business channel.

    6. Zach thompson

      The quiet odometer fittingly spray because cabbage bioinformatically sack absent a natural newsprint. moldy, rhetorical deal

    7. st johnson

      intel is failing near all the tests m1 better

    8. st johnson

      i am a amd fan amd better than intel

    9. MG M

      Windows or no Windows. MACs are overrated IMO.

    10. Yongky Siaw

      Geez that speaker has no comparison. The Air wins hands down.

    11. KING NOSS

      I'm sorry this way better than listening to Linus. To add what the hell Apple, geez

    12. Fernando Alvarez

      Good review but what's the "S" for in "4S" ??? It's only "Surface Laptop 4" without the S.

    13. Mohit Jarwal

      Macbook air M1

    14. jason yan (J C Y)

      The mask sounded better from mic

    15. jason yan (J C Y)

      The surface looks better in cam

    16. NONE

      you are telling me that my i7 10th desktop running at 4.8 is slower than the M1?, jss that's fast.

    17. Nati D

      Microsoft doesnt use thunderbolt because of security concerns that can't be patched by software.

    18. Deepak Pillai

      Intel and Amd needs to pull up their socks and need to introduce new architecture instead of new processors. Apple has upped the ante with the M1 and going by Apple’s standard they won’t rest on past laurels. Intel and Amd should look how Qualcomm and Samsung were caught napping by Apple and should get their acts quick.

    19. Robin Singh

      Imagine macbook pro

    20. Stephane R

      As a Windows guy and against Apple, I will buy a MacBook pro tomorrow. You converted me.

    21. Roshan Y

      Better Software, better processor , better hardware and is cheaper. M1 Macbook rocks. 🔥

    22. NCG

      I'm a Windows user for more then 12 years, but Mac outdid themselves. The M1 is amazing, and if you are looking for an amazing laptops Mac M1 is the best you can have

    23. GrayF0x

      If only apple give us capacity without raping the wallet …. My poor wallet-air

    24. Mario Kirov

      MacBook Air hands down no discussion the best, but it's running MacOS, so that alone is a deal breaker for me.

    25. George Lowe

      You can get the m1 air direct from apple through education discount which they don’t even check you just add to your cart and wait for pickup or delivery that’ easy and it’s $100 off

    26. Amri Mustaqim

      But u cant transfer file from android to mac =SUCKS=DEALBREAKER

    27. Hassan Rehman

      For you guys wondering, M1X is on the way🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 that high core performance



    29. Matheepan Manoharan

      Super comparison 👍

    30. You're wrong!

      I love the person that is exited in the background

    31. Lovemore Nk

      I hate these fast reviews that people make just for views on SEprom, an entire team spend months working in something, to keep things better and then youtubers like this come and say, his no, that yes, I wish this, I wish that, go do your own.

    32. kenny callens

      very good cpu , dogshit OS.

    33. Maciej Mozolewski

      M1 is very good in video (multimedia) related task because of dedicated circuits. I curious how it perform in CPU intenisvie gneral tasks like compilation or scientific calculations?

    34. cherry lore

      I am so happy Apple is offering their M1 laptops for this price. I bought mine for 880€ and it is perfect for what I need. Light to just hold it on the sofa, higher display to see more content, never have to think about the battery anymore, have no waiting time after opening the lid, convenient fingerprint reader for passwords, it is completely silent. With 16GB it would have been perfect, but the price was too high, 1300€, not worth the difference for my usecase.

      1. cherry lore

        @Angoah if the price difference is not so big I would get 16GB. I just surf the Internet, light java programming, read books, make video calls and 8GB seems to be enough. Depends what you study. If you study computer science I would get 16GB 💻😊

      2. Angoah

        Do you think getting the 16gb would help with the laptop's longevity? I want to get one for school.

    35. Christopher Lee

      The M1 is the first Apple product I've been tempted to buy since I got an iPod Touch over a decade ago. It's a shame that their shitty attitude toward people wanting to repair their own products or who don't need every app approved by Daddy Apple means I'll never buy one.


      MacBook sounds better : more crispy, can hear bass , ...better than expected

    37. Ali Shahzad

      My Geekbench Metal score is around 20700. 8C Cpu, 8C Gpu, 1TB SSD (3.2K Read and 2.8K Write), 16GB Ram. Perfect fuckin machine. Just moved from Surface to mac after 15 years and this shit is awesome!!!!!

    38. Johan

      So,...APPLE MABOOK M1 Air is overal much better? Than the other 2,!

    39. Mohid Adeel

      M1 is the best

    40. Nathan Sandy

      The M1 is just winning! :)

    41. HEALTHY

      I love the look of Surface computers, but it's a no brainer for price to performance

    42. Rishvanth G V

      Does the apple macbook air m1 have backlit keyboard?

      1. Valerie Paris


    43. Ari Avallone

      Surface Laptop 4 mic sound was like yelling macbook is better

    44. JackIshere

      bro where did “Intel is struggling to keep up with amd” go? cmon bros give intel a clap

    45. Jon Son

      If MS were to port MS Access to MacOS, I would buy a Macbook air M1.

    46. Bolly Melody

      Another title : M1 bullying intel and AMD for straight 22 minutes.

      1. Sparer Yahya

        @IICarPlayingguess I'll use hackintosh

      2. IICarPlaying

        @Sparer Yahya learn to use MacOS lol

      3. IICarPlaying

        @Sparer Yahya it also has steam

      4. IICarPlaying

        @Sparer Yahya it has Roblox and it performs Roblox better than windows

      5. Sparer Yahya

        Too bad apple doesn't have frickin STEAAAM And why no Roblox

    47. BonnieRose

      I’m all apple

    48. Chetan

      When Apple hits, it hits HARD..

    49. Daryl Blas

      Why don’t you ever plug in the MacBooks? I want to see performance of them plugged in like you do with the others.

      1. Valerie Paris

        @Daryl Blas idk i think people just accepted it so not many complain about it

      2. Daryl Blas

        @Valerie Paris Why hasn't windows addressed it?

      3. Valerie Paris

        apple laptops don’t lose/gain much performance when plugged in like windows laptops do

    50. Ftw Project

      Great analysis. Thx!

    51. Narenplayz


    52. Ladder

      Apple has become what no one expected it to be.... a good deal.

    53. Quy Tran Manh (BlackAndWhite)

      Nice video. But this is how Apple should made 10 years ago.

    54. Lucian Ilea

      I know that Apple Machines are slow for their hardware slower than Windows anyway linux îs The Best speed

    55. Sreenivas Nalluri

      I really hate apple.. and their business model... 🤮🤮🤮🤮

    56. Gemson Dordas

      Macs always sounded rich ❤️‍🔥

    57. The One Dude

      My broke ass watching this on a Lenovo All In One Touchscreen desktop I found on the curb in 9/10 condition.

    58. Mr Williams

      When Mac OS becomes touch screen is when I’ll gladly get a Mac book.

    59. Mah Khi

      Anyway your AMD is fried.

    60. Mah Khi

      Which CPU better thwarts Viruses and has longer battery life. Also in the data center, which is better at hack proof. One Machine can do the Work of 20. You'll have Return on Investment in 5 years.

    61. Prajwal Sahu

      Macbook lover......using since it was first released

    62. Sash Campbell

      Cannot wait for the M1X. I'm saving and stepping up from my 2015 13 inch.

    63. Aditya Deshmukh

      "Slow 300mb speed" Me with my laptop that transfers with 50mbps: 👁👄👁

    64. Colin Tang

      do you have a list of the services you used to both test and measure the machine's performance/temperature as well as the other data in the video?

    65. Oliver Toparti

      M1 isn't even in this category of laptops 😂🤣 M1 is probably the best in the world that is for "business and video editing use" atm. APPLE IS SMASHING IT.

    66. Mr Aurelius

      Guys should I buy a Macbook M1 if I only use windows OS & Android phone? >> So just boot windows to Macd (Macs = Great, Mac OS = Dreadful)

    67. Kishan maiyad ahir

      My favourite M1 Apple Mac 💻

    68. Mike Jones

      They’re all powerful computers comes down to what os you prefer

    69. Juliano Gorga

      Very very good Thank you very much Appreciate it the video

    70. xXWillXx - Model Trains, Gaming & More

      Mac sounded and looked better.

    71. Abhishek Labade

      M1 eats everything in front of it ! #beast

    72. dieAlemusik

      18:32 - maybe AMD's chip, like VW's cars, has software that lets them know when they're being tested...

    73. Mark Moore

      Microsoft: out of touch people making outdated garbage for enterprise. Amazing how they’ve managed to create nothing good since windows 9. I will buy nothing from them any more.

    74. Uchiha Ikoy

      So which one is the best? The ASUS G14 2021 spec'd out. But ya, for the price point and size, get the MacBook Air.

    75. nishi3250

      No match to M1, it’s just WOW!!!

    76. INSEN

      these videos prove that none is perfect, pick the best...screw this team blue vs team red fanboism

    77. Huzaifa Adnan skills

      The iMac was louder and better bc the sound of Microsoft’s laptop was a lil bit suffocated

    78. Sam Sheriff

      Bought a MacBook Pro, yet I’m sat watching this :/

    79. Rusty Alley (Rusty Alley)

      This is why I refuse to use AMD this has always been a serious let down for me.... but I’m a Mac now and looking forward to getting an M1 MacBook

    80. Rusty Alley (Rusty Alley)

      I was shocked at how clear the surface’s mic was then it did a massive dip and was like ooooh noooo why

    81. abhyudai

      He was trying his best to show MacBook worse than the others, but still Mac is a worthy king!

      1. Beats Beats

        That’s what Apple does haha. During their keynotes they try to make the competitors look decent.

    82. junior rider

      Is MacBook laptop battery performance get down by software update? Like apple iPhone!!!!

    83. Kaushik Barman


    84. Charles Edwards


    85. Anthony Mendez

      How is the macbook air supposed to make noise? It doesn’t have a fan

    86. Reiki Blasing'Blue

      Just one more week to see the next M1 for the coming MacBooks, can’t wait!

    87. Wouter Zijlstra

      Damn.. Is it really a problem at the moment that one computer is ready a few seconds later than the other? Or am I getting old? 🙂

      1. Bob Coco

        We could call that "Millenials prblms"😅

    88. Spinju

      Soooo……In every way the M1 Macbook AIR (which is apples lowest spec laptop line) crushes the competition and the only way you can even get a slight edge on only 2 tests is by having the competitor plugged in 24/7. Wild.

    89. UA

      Im going for a mac mini m1x + iPad Pro 12.9 M1, best ecosystem.

    90. Pengy

      Macbook has better sound. The windows is muffled

    91. Trevor Evans

      I’m getting an M1. Brilliant

      1. Gemson Dordas

        Got mine, It’s mind blowing

    92. josh bowman

      Should have the Mac plugged in when u have the others plugged in test isn’t far

    93. GY L

      Intel is dead

    94. King Corgi

      so i need some help. I have enough money to buy a laptop. i’m super scared to buy one since i don’t know if im going to regret it or not. 🥺 i need one for gaming and editing, and i know the macbook pro is super good at it. but i know that gaming isnt a good idea on a macbook. should i get the macbook pro 512 gb 8ram or surface laptop 4 2020/2021 i7 intel 13 inch 1tb ssd and 16ram, or a hp envy 13-ba100 with tb ssd and 16ram and i7 intel? which one do you prefer for minecraft, roblox, and blender? please tell me as soon as possible. thank you! 🥺 (i dont want those games to ruin the computer) :c

      1. King Corgi

        @mandeep singh baath is the new 2021 dell xps 13 also fine-? 🥺🥺🥺

      2. mandeep singh baath

        Without any hesitation go with MacBook Pro M1 - 16gb ram and 512 SSD if you don’t have budget issue💡

    95. Ravnit Deshpande

      Which is the best 5 window laptops according to you ??

    96. Meqdad

      WOW dude I like your channel; It is so informational! Keep the good work up :D

    97. TheWorkKnight

      With every laptop you've put up against the M1 Air, the air always wins in terms of clarity for me. Everything else just sounds so muffled. Can't wait till my air comes in in about 2 weeks.

    98. youdont knowme

      But does app that are more compatible with Intel crush on m1

      1. Reiki Blasing'Blue

        Well, not that much, there are a few apps that runs on x86 (Intels architecture) that can be run on the MacBook using Rosetta 2.. getting better performance than using a Intel devices Heck, it manage to run Windows better than the Surface using an emulator

    99. Brian Pham

      Is the macbook air 8 gb of ram in this video?

      1. willXR


    100. Kashvi Naidoo

      M1 is to powerful Can’t compare Apple all the way Plus the mac was not even plug in 😂