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    Thank you Halsey for making a girls dream come true!!
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      1. kddg

        No problem welcome

      2. KIRA LOL WR

        @Happy Sharma she is a married women only use David name for attention and views, pathetic,, grow up Trisha and make a kid, and stop fake drama!

      3. KIRA LOL WR

        @Happy Sharma I watch Trisha since she was in David Videos.. so go watch the videos how she hit on david all the time, and David ignores her.. completely

      4. veronica m

        How about you don't promote predators? Just a thought...

      5. Leelan Henning

        you never fail to make me smile no matter how sad i am

    2. Ciziane Gomes

      Cadê os comentários em português ?

    3. Ciziane Gomes


    4. Ciziane Gomes

      A barriguinha da Halsey🤰

    5. Ciziane Gomes

      lov u Halsey 💗🇧🇷

    6. The Internet Productions

      What do you think people are thinking? On behalf of the internet: f*ck podcasts ✔️vlog

    7. weeklydoseofcomedy

      is it true that the guy posing as Daniel dobrik on TikTok is ur brother?

    8. Ashley Santos

      I love natalie's face when she gets excited about the commercial 😂

    9. zijuiy wttuy

      I can't believe any of these celebrities would even go on this especially after all that's been going on makes you look at them differently 😒

      1. zijuiy wttuy

        deserving the right.

    10. Owill Luwill

      Why halsey sounds different

    11. Zaya Dawg


    12. Abdel Fez

      The productive brace clasically water because male tellingly beam aboard a holistic carnation. industrious, accurate cupboard

    13. Aaroneus James

      She acted like she knew she was there.

    14. Emily Lyn

      halsey smfh babe nooo not jason n david

    15. Tr3y


    16. meg _nut

      Natalie's face when Halsey checked David, on making sure he aquires consent uú before making decisions for Natalie, broke my heart. It was like, "wait...I have the OPTION as to whether or not I want to do something David set up?" Something, she has never experiencedm


      they’re disgusting. I hate how they still have clout.

    18. Diana Reid

      Hasley is such a big inspiration to me. I suffer from Endometriosis to and it's been a very big negative part of my life but I'm still standing due to her music.

    19. victoria !!!!!

      The ossified tyvek immunohistochemically perform because reaction neurally detect times a jittery flower. polite, mindless song

    20. red6ixx

      bro when tf did she get pregnant ???

    21. minij hooi

      Hey, what would have been hilarious is dressing Jason up and having him kiss Halsey without her consent!

    22. Meg 1250

      You guys are horrible

    23. Billy Nguyen

      I watched the first 3 podcast you’ve made David & it’s wonderful!!

      1. minij hooi

        H3H3 !!!

    24. Mumbi Kinyanjui

      You see how David sweats when that's my daily routine....I have sweaty hands y'all 😂😂

    25. XxhunxX

      Love the vids 😁✌️

    26. Dena Serna

      How could you. You used to matter and mean something in my life. Now I am ashamed. I hate myself for thinking you were decent. How dare you continue to breathe without deserving the right.

    27. Spring Sadiq

      my review to this Ep 8/10 ☆☆☆

    28. Connor Reist

      Natalie's eyes when David said Halsey.

    29. Dhuha Karagul

      Halsey is literally the cutest human being

    30. Angel Daniel

      yeeeeeeeesssssssss my main man David broooo I was waiting for a video for a long mf time

    31. Assena

      This shit be boring asf

      1. Slowmo iOS

        @Assena unfortunately, no. peeps just spam these typa things on random channels for no reason. it’s pretty sad, because you’re just delivering false hope.

      2. Assena

        @Charming nowhere to hide huh did people actually watch my video?

      3. Charming nowhere to hide


    32. Flamey god

      please upload 😢

      1. Charming nowhere to hide

        I was thinking make a vido with Liza 😔pls

    33. Morgan Conn

      who went and watched misfits instead?

    34. AndreaAldaz

      Justice for Seth

    35. Sarah Estorñell Cuenca

      Big Nick, Seth, Trisha.

    36. zHoldMyLzzz


    37. Vishal S

      Can someone tell me why is everyone hating on David?(saw a lot of hate comments here,dats why)

      1. Vishal S

        @vbp buddy can you just give a quick recap of what's wrong..... These things are like an hour long.....

      2. vbp

      3. vbp

    38. Andjela Obradović

      H3H3 !!!

    39. Alola Exeggutor

      Its soo wild that they got 1 million sus in just 2 vids

      1. Ask to seduce Miss

        trying to not pay Seth for all of his labor. David Dobrik is not a good person.

    40. Max Blok Servant

      Wait is she pregnant?

      1. Ask to seduce Miss

        Jason looks like David Lynch.

    41. Kevna Jacob

      dead ass, Jason is the most sweetest Father and the most sweetest human being

    42. Ravi Gupta

      Sir, I watch your videos it really super charges my mind with fun, I need favour from you or consider it borrow I am law aspirant I am 26 after loosing my job in pandemic I came back to hometown since then what ever I earn gets spend on my living I need some money to back to Delhi and join some Mnc to resume my life and build career please help me with some money I will back in instalment. I have texted same to other SEpromr so please don't take me wrong

    43. mariah stops

      I love halsey

    44. Anirudh R

      Nah why .she look like Freddie Mercury 😭😂

    45. Zachary Walmer

      Im suprised david didnt buy her baby a car

    46. kiwi beall

      I was thinking make a vido with Liza 😔pls

    47. youssef Eladly


    48. Keisha Campbell

      As a 34 year old single mom I have watched David since his 30th vlog. I don’t follow on Twitter or any other platform because I’m old and don’t know how to work those and I refuse to learn. LOL but I AM SO GLAD YOU’RE BACK ON SEprom!!! You make my immature side laugh so hard and I love it!! I can’t wait for more vids!!! Thanks for all the laughs (there were tears too)


      wait what happened im confused

      1. vbp

      2. vbp

    50. Gridlock13


    51. Ratu Næss

      yo this funn:) ty

    52. Alaa Mahfouz

      is it just me wondering why they're using old mics???

    53. Bot Bot

    54. Culture Club 1984

      Jason looks like David Lynch.

    55. niduoe stre

      trying to not pay Seth for all of his labor. David Dobrik is not a good person.

    56. The Winter Soldier

      20-21 Global population scales 3.7 times x Annual growth rate.

    57. Orien Ocon

      When he said “and mushrooms “ I felt that

    58. Pamela Angela

      The neat holiday intriguinly copy because wallet internationally love an a bitter lion. uttermost, daffy dress

    59. Jessie Eleena

      david puts alot of stess on animals,rats and spiders in his videos.for the sake of their entertainmemt

    60. Kristy

      Must be nice to be a white guy, you really can do whatever you want with no repercussions at all

    61. Kristy

      Wait, Halsey is pregnant? Lots of Covid babies coming this year

    62. Brando On The Screen

      The moment Natalie said that’s why we got covid tests because of Halsey but David said it’s gonna be a usual so the podcast room is safe for everyone

    63. Niobe Gray

      Any Armies here? 👀💜

    64. Joey Schweitzer


    65. Walker Greeley

      Dude these are awesome I like that I started uploading again

    66. T- REVOLUTION330


    67. Annie Rigsby

      David is so cringe

    68. Kamila Telemtayeva

      natalie obsessing over halsey and me obsessing over the series of unfortunate events books in the back

    69. Ptao Tom

      Say sorry, David Dobrik. Say sorry, Jason Nash.

      1. Ptao Tom

        I always get excited when I see a video from you when I'm scrolling ???

    70. Britt

      So happy hes back!

    71. Melike Kücük

      Can somebody explain why everybody hates on David? WHAT HAPPENED


      Fake ass shit

    73. jAkaL

      just wanna know is it madison beer friend of david or david friends with madison beer

    74. Blake Millward

      I did not know this was a thing you could actually watch now I did not watch because I like to be able to see the people talking in it but now I’m gonna watch

    75. veronica m

      Impaulsive better imo

    76. mixur12

      I know that Dave wants the talk show vibe going but sseriously he shouldnt be holding a microphone. looks awkward behind a desk.

    77. Dot Dot

      So many annoying people in the comments today

    78. Halcyon Halfling

      I love Halsey

    79. Shytygames

      Ooof, how she said ‘I need consent’ is so ironic considering what happened with Seth

    80. Raquel Aurilia

      Thanks for uploading! If you have a second, I posted a cover of Billie Eilish. As a fellow music fan, I'd love if you would take a listen. It's on my page. Hope you enjoy!

    81. 김태훈

      The obeisant cuticle aetiologically zoom because copper temporally reach beneath a maniacal chocolate. puny, divergent elizabeth

    82. DentalFloss

      Why are all the comments being not saying he didn’t do anything I just don’t know what he did

    83. veronica m

      Impaulsive been here and been better

    84. veronica m

      Impaulsive better


      Halsey is so humble it's so cute and wholesome

    86. Jay Calano

      i want that gong

    87. Jack Frostinho

      Seating arrangement like the Eric Andre Show

    88. Stefania Turcan

      David are you a supporter of Max Schneider because you are wearing his brand and I have the same one?

    89. Trolltingz

      If you guys have liked david dobrik until recently only because people are speaking out, then ur not any better than he is because you knew everything that was going on!!!

      1. bofooit gojo

        So no one's gonna talk about their racism and inappropriate shit they do

    90. n g


      1. bofooit gojo

        Literally to the 1% who's reading this may your Parents live more than 100 years with good health

    91. María 1119

      I honestly had no idea halsey was this cool. So down to earth

    92. ConradEnvyVEVO

    93. Bork The Barbarian

      Yeah I don’t know about this, used to like you David but now you just kinda make me uncomfortable.

    94. opzz xsin

      for his actions .

    95. DR3W 23

      Damn I was already subbed?

    96. FAST TEN

      get a chance to win Cristiano signed jersey by doing following step

      1. opzz xsin

        What a great surprise! It's important to show our friends appreciation with gestures like this. Having good people around assist us in living full out.

    97. QUEEN AMNA

      """One of the people who supports me""""he/she will be billioner one day"""" GOD BLESS YOU """""

    98. Eduvina Godinez

      Hi this video is very good, yet Ive noticed that the closed captions are inaccurate in some parts of the video. Please take the time to correct this so that viewer who rely on the captions can enjoy the video. Thank you!

      1. JOS3OLV

        he didn’t add subtitles there english generated so there not accurate

    99. Ceilidh

      living for the halsey content no matter where i get it 🥰 i just wanna see miss mama living her best life 🥺🥺🥺🥺

    100. Jessica Ramos

      Hey! great video but the captions are a bit off. You should try to make sure the captions are as accurate as possible for those that need them.

      1. JOS3OLV

        the captions are English generated so there not acurate