Swimming in a pool of oobleck #Shorts

Dylan Ayres

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    1. yumehi uwu


    2. Felshuha Gouveia

      This would definitely work as body armor

    3. pop tart

      Oh shoot, you all that oobleck in English? In France we call it : Newton liquid Much better than oobleck. (':

    4. Cayle Rome

      Try making a tree house with spray foam stuff u used in a previous video

    5. shijo joy

      Then Let me try in your home

    6. Anon Anonymous

      Obligated to get stuck

    7. M fery gaming


    8. Fro0p

      Walking on water??🤔 r u jesus??

    9. Mista Moss


    10. Brady Love

      You should fill a car full of it

    11. Vennessa Atkinson


    12. mizzez sanchez

      Do a pool of jelly

    13. Shontelle Davis

      Congratulations you've experienced a bit of Newtonian Fluid 💓(would usually do this at Open Day - Chemistry experiments for visitors but due to COVID19...😑)

      1. soiung toiue

        It’s Cheetos puffs 😂

    14. Muhammad Darwish Zurazil

      Good, now eat it

    15. Evie Fox

      It’s called a paddling pool in Yorkshire

    16. David Royall

      I'm going to try this at home if I can

    17. Kasem Mohammed

      العراقيين شوفو مو عبالك قيمة

    18. y/n Ophelia

      "Don't try this at home" Me:k "3 days later" Me:buying 1 billion obbleck

    19. Daveyon Menasian

      It's called Oobleck

    20. Yousif agha

      Can u do mantoos and cook plz

    21. Noor'Aini Abdullah

      Put slime

    22. kc edit_and_short videos

      Can you look up Collins key oblek

    23. bocoy noiu

      Okay that's got to be one of the coolest things I've ever seen

    24. Brown Celine

      I want to buy this pool I'm in UAE WHERE CAN I ORDER IT PLEASE?

    25. Chief

      So this is how Jesus walked on water

    26. Julia Hee Yi

      It’s Cheetos puffs 😂

    27. daleys catering

      You should try corn starch ana water but don't add a lot of water it's the best thing ever to play with 😚😚😚

      1. bocoy noiu

        It's like a slime

    28. amit choudhary

      Its just corn flour 🤣..

    29. Ricey Bae

      Looked sus at first ngl

    30. other EJ channel

      then i hit it with an axe 🤣

    31. mahatheprettygirl

      Why it’s 🍊

    32. matriciaharper

      So many likes omg

    33. Zilla Bass studios

      I love how he got this from Collins key

    34. Blanca Guzman

      Wei wat

    35. hayley steggell

      That would be fun

    36. nieooj gotoy

      his emotionless and monotone voice makes it better

    37. Keiliann Catalan

      Omg I want ittttt

    38. Ximena Ferrusca

      Me emayne algo cuando viesacasa

    39. Judy Bryant

      Why would u do this in the first place xD?!

    40. Abdurahman Bedru

      It's like a slime

    41. Bridget Conlon

      I'm Dylan

    42. Yesenia Dickson


    43. it's me amy


    44. •ITZ HaYdEn•


    45. Sonia Hormoz

      I did this in school



    47. Chris Lambe

      Do slime

    48. Melissa Kress Cole

      My God I done this at school and it was really fun then I saw this on the video then when I put my hands in it oh my God it got so stuck and it said like so hard clay and if it's so awesome I hope you get 10,022,12,522 likes I hope you love this video bye

    49. sceince with Neyland

      I'm confused is it a solid or a liquid

    50. _*C0mfy Roblox*_

      He did a lot of the stuff that Collins Key did

    51. NM Msr

      I try that like a week ago and it was good but a bit messy

    52. oiuet souiu

      Her: he is probably cheating on me😥 Him:

    53. Eileen Adhitirta

      New bed

    54. Grace De Guzman


    55. As Sin

      Filling a pool up with slime but telling your friends it's jelly

    56. ana randoy


      1. oiuet souiu

        How do you make it?

    57. Jasmine Mayo

      Do you know what a stupid

    58. Jasmine Mayo


    59. Omar Jefferson

      Just taking forever

    60. Randen Wise

      Shoot it


      Joomla a la mires y

    62. terrice boyce

      I did that

    63. Leonard

      Could u use it as body armor?

    64. I'm_not_rich8469

      Have a pool full of coke (I mean the drink)

    65. Grace B

      Interesting to much time on your hands

    66. Jessica Rex


    67. Jessica Rex

      Fill it up with glue

    68. D H

      الي يبي الطريقة يحط نشاء وماي

    69. Lucas Melcher

      This is the most original video of pool of oobleck ever

    70. lofi zyro

      How do you make it?

    71. Zoe Randall

      That looks fun

    72. Red plays Roblox

      Is oobleck bullet proof if you put it in glass

    73. Calvin Jensen

      Be in the full week

    74. Sloane Hicks

      Isn’t he walking on water cause the stuff is just made out of cornstarch and water- 👌🤭🙃😧

    75. purpaxo

      Kinda sus 😳

    76. Sam

      Shoot it

    77. The_true_nderue daved_q

      This is cornstarch

    78. qopoy dnon

      Only if you could make it look like water and bring it to a park and walk on it-

      1. zbaker330

        copied comment.

    79. David Zheng


    80. Michael Abagat

      When u washed off I thought I PeEED

    81. Kim Nash

      You need merch that says So one day I...

    82. Julia Bergström


      1. qopoy dnon

        Bruh you and you're buddies need a real damn job.

    83. Julia Bergström


    84. Alison Dixon


    85. Rosiland Smith

      Who else made corn starch mixed with water before not knowing it was called oobleck?

    86. ChubChubs8

      Fake unspeakable video

    87. Stjepan Vargic

      It Lokks like gooby slume

    88. MetalGhosty

      So that's how jesus did it

    89. Steven W

      Alright folks move along, move along nothin to see here.

    90. Sofi Vlogs

      Bro this is what this guy does for a living JUST CHALLENGES think about that for a sec

    91. Karl Kahn

      Eat It!!!!!

    92. Nicole

      Love it

    93. Avril Carrizo

      Hi tú si eh

    94. A C


    95. Lucas Cuevas

      Jump out of a plane into a pool of that stuff and you’ll smack the surface and slowly sink into it like a cartoon character

    96. stewie

      Bruh you and you're buddies need a real damn job.

    97. Shannon C

      Corn starch and water lol

    98. Jimmy Nguyen

      The narration sounds like it was a 3rd grader's essay on what he did during summer

    99. Yusuf Ayaz

      Imagine copying Collins key