The Aftermath of the Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather Fight


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    Taken from JRE w/Josh Dubin:

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    1. Alvaro Rodriguez

      It's the same old story all over again. A guy who's not supposed to win, wins and turns the business on its head, then he gets trashed by a semi-legimate opponent, and not long after everyone has moved on. This is exactly what will happen here. Call it for what it is, that Logan Paul did not look good in the Mayweather fight. He threw looping punches and overall his "boxing" is garbage. The "good" brother has also never looked good in a ring other than punching out people who were either terrible or utterly out of shape and injured (and only in there to get paid).

    2. Deven Murray

      I’ve never watched anything from any of the Paul brothers. Ever. I barely decided to click on this video. You want this shit to stop that’s the only way. Just ignore.

    3. nieooj gotoy

      woman after each victory.

    4. Junior pena

      The Paul brothers are fake as fuck.

    5. Junior pena

      Come on joe Rogan,When you have more years experience than the kids been alive,What's 35 pounds😑

    6. Altogether Separate

      Same situation as WNBA or WUSA Soccer. What about me? How much money do you generate.

    7. Tom

      Sounds like they are talking about Rome coliseum. Only difference is ppl don’t fight for their lives.

      1. nieooj gotoy

        Tyron isn’t in the top 3😩. Maybe top 6. Maybe

    8. Matthew Alkman

      They covered every talking point you woood assume they would “Look it’s not fair but people like these guys”. That’s all this video is

    9. Joe Wagner

      This isn't new. There's always been ridiculous exhibitions. Ali went overseas and fought a kickboxer. What's new is people who think this is new.

    10. MoNexus

      Spotify is only allowing me to listen to the audio. No video. Technical error?

    11. Ano

      Mike Tyson Vs Jake Paul ...

    12. Small Fry

      Bitch please, Mayweather threw that fight. Rewatch it and watch for the moment Floyd keeps Jake up on his feet after he got Paul a stiff jab

    13. Harry Bauer

      you could tell Joe isn't very jealous of all the money he's mentioning but just amazed and dumbfounded. Rite on Joe

    14. Corek BleedingHollow

      Holy shit. I didn't know Logan Paul was built to be a boxer

    15. Mr.B

      Can we see the both Paul brothers on the Podcast.... That'll be cool to see..

    16. Truth SeeKr

      Why don't they start Actual SEprom Boxing as a separate Sport. I paid $50 for the PPV and it was exciting to Watch Floyd do his Thing, He's a Great Fighter nothing but respect!!🥊

    17. Rob

      Mike Tyson is next

    18. asioe kiou

      I'd love to see Jake Paul fight Tyson. Tyson might end his clownish career.

    19. Cesar Medrano

      Why wouldn't floyd walk toward maidana cus he was scared to fight a real fighter

    20. Jimmy Dean

      How did this clip get on SEprom

    21. Michael Latanzio

      Tyron isn’t in the top 3😩. Maybe top 6. Maybe

    22. Splash Flash LLC

      TI and Mayweather should fight a exhibition

      1. asioe kiou

        will and experience. Famed Old Days, with sportsmanship at heart and money weren't that important. Of course don't mind Floyd legally "robbing bank", I do like to watch som

    23. Jermaine Burgess

      I call bullshit if I was a fighter I'll be pissed it was a bullshit fight a fake fight

    24. Mud Gaming

      Running in too see them loose that’s genius and that’s what they all do

    25. DJ Revolver

      Did joe just say Tyron will throw a punch then setup a Take down? Joe, have you watch Tyquil fight? It's called back up to the cage and pray you hit the overhand

    26. Arnabi Arnab

      The people who bought this fight are morons......

    27. TheMr. Mister

      this has to be the highest iv ever seen joe

    28. Robert Hill

      Jake Paul needs to fight Mike Tyson. That would bring in a ton of money and fans. I wanna see it. Mike could get in shape for it

    29. Robert Hill

      We want to see the youtuber get his ass kicked. until we see that we will keep watching. no one cares about SEpromrs lasting with someone who is like 40 lbs less than him. Put the Paul kid in with a professional boxer his weight and size. I want to see that.

    30. cody neely

      If you thought that was a size difference you should watch the Aaron Carter vs Lamar Odom fight 😆 Btw much more entertaining than the Paul vs Mayweather fight

    31. Stuart Ross

      I don't know who I wanted to loose first.

    32. eioshen boboi

      I'd love to see Jake Paul fight Tyson. Tyson might end his clownish career.

    33. Craig Stevenson

      The fact people keep calling jake and logan kids, they are fully gown men.. 😒

    34. Ben Watson

      It wasn't a sporting event, it was purely an entertainment event.

      1. daf

        sport it`s sport

    35. Joshua T

      Facts boxing is going under because it's all bs anymore fighters getting rematch clause every fight is bs why do we have to see people fight twice but boxing is bs now and they want big fights go 2 fights for the money that's why mma is all I watch boxing is rigged Stevie wonder can even see that and Logan isn't fighting a guy his size he did already to ksi beat him and there about same size but Logan got beat by Floyd who is much smaller and Floyd still was hitting Logan with some hard punches so if you put Logan or his brother in a real boxing match with a real fighter there getting ko ed

      1. eioshen boboi

        like a walk in the park .. feel blessed

    36. Blaze OniShiAku

      But then you watch Arthur Gatti vs Micky Ward 3FightON, and you see spirit-lifting, healthy without malice, spectacular fight. Fight where two contenders come to test each others will and experience. Famed Old Days, with sportsmanship at heart and money weren't that important. Of course don't mind Floyd legally "robbing bank", I do like to watch some circus too. It's just kinda silly and plenty of people love that kind things, especially during pandemic/lockdowns/global reset. For anyone that want to see two Gladiators checking each others endurance and concussion limit check three fights of Arthur Gatti vs Micky Ward, it's FREE ON SEprom, no Premium needed ;D

    37. RCR3395

      Dude. Joe’s seen tyron Woolley punch. How can you possibly think he would lose. That will be a round 1 knockout

    38. N1ght Lover

      Joe Rogan: Can you wrestle the bear🐻? Khabib: Send me your location.

    39. The Island

      Dear JRE, I travel abroad half of the year. Please ask Spotify to not “Region Lock” your podcasts.

    40. Greg T

      "People don't get paid for quality in combat sports" Rogan Smart people "they don't get paid for quality in podcasts either, put 2+2 together"

    41. Daniel Villarreal

      I love boxing thats my sport but I'm sorry mma fighters should not take boxing matches anymore make the boxer meet in the middle kickboxing


      this guy looks like an old George masvidol

    43. ee10128945

      If they were smart they would create a fund for helping retired pro boxers and tie it into the ppv revenue. Even more people would support the freakshow who otherwise would not.

    44. CremeLinguini

      Ur giving jake allot of credit but he fought an amateur and logan fought MAYFKINGWEHTER arguably the best boxer of all time

    45. vbddfy euuyt

      No different then the times of the Gladiator days many many many years ago. 🤷‍♂️

    46. Thaddiy hart

      jake vs pac-man

    47. JohnstasBACK

      exactly. well said.

    48. Drag Racing and Car Stuff

      Whatever kinda fighters the Paul Brothers have fought, it's crazy that they are being matched with world champion fighters.

    49. Picasso Pete

      Andre ward would eat Paul alive

      1. vbddfy euuyt

        It wasn’t genius on the part of Floyd to run his mouth all these years and beat his family so ppl would pay to see him get beat… he’s just a piece of shit who can fight.

    50. Super Saiyan John

      What also bothers me are the Usman and Adesanyas who still make over a million dollars for a single fight and feel animosity towards another person in a similar industry making 20x that amount , like hey buddy you just made over a million dollars for that fight , be happy and feel blessed you aren’t grinding in factories and facilities busting your ass 5-6 days a week for 20$ an hour , you get paid to fight which really isn’t that hard if you’re doing it for a lot of money .. people are out here working jobs that make fighting look like a walk in the park .. feel blessed

    51. Kevin

      Funny how Jake and Logan start training for not even a year and they talk like they have 20 years experience boxing

      1. Detested Individual

        Train for 3/4 years

    52. Paul Banner

      Get Jake in there with Tommy Fury

    53. Ryan Castillo

      Ya he's walking up to him cause he knows that Logan won't do shit because of the contract.. same reason Logan had his hands down the whole fight he knew Floyd wouldn't do shit either because of the contract.

      1. Ryan Castillo

        @Yeet huh?

      2. Yeet

        Or it was a professional vs a rookie and that’s that

    54. dash4eva

      I just want JRE back on youtube, i haven't watched at all since he went to spotify

    55. Jool

      The internet allows anyone to become something. Anyone can get a following now for something. And the thing is that you can do it with very little help. The Paul’s knew this. The teens today know this and a lot of kids are acting on it. Using all free social media to make bank and popularity. The star power is better and more valuable than fighting skill in this instance.

    56. kiero1236

      I can't wait until these clowns get flatlined by someone. I will not be spending any money to watch it, but hearing about it will make my day.

    57. bocoy noiu

      The Paul brothers are just following that model.

    58. Tedd Nagurski

      People only tuned in to see Logan Paul get his ass kicked.

    59. dava00007

      Joe! You have a yt channel and you can fight, you can pull it off, got on a fight !

    60. Motor Madn3ss

      @loganpaul even Joe thinks your jake 🤦‍♂️

    61. Vic S

      This will continue as long as people only care about fame and money.

      1. bocoy noiu

        woman after each victory.

    62. Negus6

      Boxing industry is bored

    63. AND ME

      It wasn’t genius on the part of Floyd to run his mouth all these years and beat his family so ppl would pay to see him get beat… he’s just a piece of shit who can fight.

    64. Bruce Conley

      He has to step back work his way up the ranks in boxing to get true respect in that or any other sport

    65. Bruce Conley

      Jake Paul needs good manager that tells him enough of side shows you made name for yourself so money will be there but kif you want be professional like you say lets step back now pick up some fights thats more even matched and work your way up the rite way if you want respect as a boxer.

    66. Bruce Conley

      Joe you guys are so far off if you ask me to be honest. You have to remember so much been going on in the usa now with the elections and pandemic people looking for anything to take there mind off all the bullshit. Things like this takes peoples mind off these things. Everyone loves a underdog match. This best time in our lives to have things like this just to distract from all the crap going on in this world rite now.

    67. Marcus John

      The world isn't fair.

    68. Fredrick Neitzche

      Stop being such pussies. I want to see a death fight with weapons.

    69. George van asch

      I miss the long interviewsss damnnn,

    70. Vince

      Worst Imagine ever. Jake Paul getting a belt fight. 🤦🏻

    71. Mark Tydlacka

      Mma and boxing are now the equivalent of wwe

    72. K Heim

      Jake Paul vs Logan Paul

    73. ABC Abc does

      Ahhhhh shit! Now im waitin on that fight!

    74. Shir Pradhan

      In a few years, the biggest match will be between two minecraft streamers!

      1. Nicoli ThePoet


    75. Joe Goes Gaming

      When he says “Mayweather” at 3:23 he’s not talking about Floyd. He means Honus “The Husband” Mayweather, a British prizefighter back in the 1880s who used to slap a local woman after each victory.

    76. Magpie Media

      If Jake wanted to compete for world titles he would need to drop a couple of weight classes in my opinion he isn't big enough to be fighting as heavy as he is against pros.

    77. Chuckles

      Isn’t this the guy who said he despises Kamala Harris but still voted for her and Biden?

    78. Brittney Molcan

      I just despise these ignorant SEpromrs... especially the Paul brothers & People don't hate them for doing nothing... People hate them for the accusations made against them, all the screwed up things they've done & their entitled attitude. Someone needs to get in that ring and feed Jake Paul his teeth

    79. misterr50

      not a fight, it was a staged dance for fools to pay to watch

    80. ddslahs ddslahs

      Floyd learned from trump. People want to see them loose. They got famous first! Then people watch

    81. WaapRepeat

      It is WWE, nothing new.

    82. wizeup 702

      White privilege is a hell of a drug 😂😂😂

    83. d 2

      Its like he is the heal in pro wrestling

    84. Ben Nichols


    85. daddy c

      Those SEpromr fights are fake lol

    86. TobieSoft Studio

      In my opinion, Logan hardly moved his head in the fight and his face met with Floyd's fits too often. I don't know what style if any Logan learned prior to his bout with Floyd but, those shots hurt. They could have been avoided. Floyd the greatest of all time? no. Smart and savvy fighter? very much yes. Boring fighter? yes. Entertaining and exciting fighters? Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, Muhammad Ali, Lennox Lewis, Tony Tucker, Sugar Ray Leonard, Manny Pacquiao, Roberto Duran, Riddick Bowe ect. My opinion 👌🏼

      1. TobieSoft Studio

        Marvin Hagler and Hearns as well. Those two giants 🥊

    87. ROCK-SOLID

      Joe Rogan: Jake Paul can fight! He can knock people the f**** out! That guy can punch. Guest : But can he knock out fighters though. Joe Rogan : I don't know. LMAO!! Man if u dont stop ruining your credibility for the sake of trying to be accepted by the Paul brothers Joe!

      1. Mason Azlin


    88. Shop Talk

      bro is 💯 percent right! they have tapped into the same idea that has made floyd a billionaire! Embrace the hate... I respect them both

    89. Mr Smith and the Outdoors

      No different then the times of the Gladiator days many many many years ago. 🤷‍♂️

    90. Brian Daly

      Andre “S.O.G.” Ward would teach Jake Paul many lessons in the ring but I doubt the SEpromr ever takes that fight.

    91. M Alva

      Why would any right minded person be mad at this shit, lol

    92. Ended-the-fed

      Imagine being so stupid you bought that ppv

    93. GivesGoodComment

      Ok, I would pay to watch Taylor Swift vs Miley Cyrus

    94. dahom plays

      I'm not trying to discredit what Floyd does but this guy's talking it about like it's rocket science. I think everyone knows by now that being provocative and controversial sells fights

    95. Evan Shively

      " the aftermath " lol... who cares about such nonsense.

    96. ryan schmidt

      That's why the fight game is jacked.

    97. Adrian

      Ben Askren clearly took a dive LOL. C'mon guys, what are we talking about here?

    98. HATE is a sign of ENVY

      Floyd is a Warrior and scientific when it comes to boxing and capitalizing. ACCEPT IT HATERS 😅

    99. ay_dee_an

      There is nothing more boring to me than a boxing match, put these influencers in the cage and then we’ll see an absurd amount of viewers, logan is thinking abt it so yeah