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    The biggest and most expensive house in the world is a 105,000 square foot modern masterpiece in Bel Air created by developer and visionary Nile Niami. The property features a nightclub, fifty car garage, AMC style theatre, bowling alley, five swimming pools and sits on a plot of land at the top of Bel Air the size of a city block.
    In this exclusive interview, we speak to Nile Niami the developer who built 'The One' to hear about his vision for the future of this one of a kind home.
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    Developer Nile Niami: nileniami
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    1. honkkiley

      this is embarrassing

    2. Gin Mador

      Dont do drugs kids mmkay? Or end up like him & his house

    3. Winning Window Tints

      The interesting part is how producer Michael keeps a straight face during the whole interview.

    4. Arfabiscuit

      No thanks i would rather have a cabin in the woods but to each their own

    5. MaxTrain 666

      even michael knew this guy is abit wacko

    6. Aizat Mazlan

      Icarus flew too close to the sun.

    7. Larry Smith

      This belongs to the banks now, doesn't it? LOOSER.

    8. Bless Up

      Update: He lost the house to the bank 😭

    9. Lucy wow and wow would I love to spend the weekend there in that Amazing home and with that sexy enthusiastic man xxx  Cooper

      He!p me help myself, give me that chance please,I pray for that GODBLESS

    10. Jose Motley

      Oh shit, only one way flights. Sounds like a kidnapping of many people 🤔

    11. Cameron H

      If a commercial Hotel Resort with similar event space cant pull it off, then why would a residential home be able to do such?

    12. Morten Hjornevik

      Just read this in Financial Times. Niami, shown on a private jet, has not yet commented on the looming foreclosure +8 Niami, shown on a private jet, has not yet commented on the looming foreclosure He owns multiple properties in L.A. and this is the third default notice he's been given this year after receiving others for 1369 Londonderry Place in the Hollywood Hills, and one for a debt of $23.4 million on a mansion at 10701 Bellagio Road. He is currently trying to sell the latter for just under $60million. In an Instagram video promoting The One, he said: 'Seven years ago, I had an idea to create the biggest, most expensive house in the urban world. 'And I did it.' Niami is well known in L.A. as a bombastic, party-loving developer. He is regarded as the mega-mansion king, but has run into trouble with The One. He has offered $1million to the social media influencer who can sell the property for him. Now we know producer Michaels reason for doing this! So two faced

    13. Kamran Abbas

      Big hand to producer Michael for not only keeping a straight face , but actually sounding fairly sincere and enthusiastic whilst taking to the coke head . Well done Michael !

    14. unknown

      what the fuck is this

    15. thurstonhowellthe4rd

      Michael endorsing this guy's spec investments? Really? Man, I must say, that was disappointing.

    16. P M

      Wow; and not a good wow.

    17. SS Joker & Cars

      When he began going off the rails I can hear those Looney Tunes birds chirping. Sometimes I heard that mumbling teacher on Charlie Brown while this dude went on.

    18. Stark

      What's that saying? Theirs a fine line between genius and psychotic? I think he has a leg on each side! But I love this master piece house he built! He does have very good taste!

    19. Stark

      It would be really cool if he could start something that would help others, I really hope it becomes reality! But I got the sense that this dude just spent all his money and some of the banks money on building this place and he's about to lose everything. He seems too desperate and I don't get a trustworthy vibe from him.

    20. IAmStaka

      Talk about overcompensating lol

    21. Damani Scott

      I'm in Los Angeles, and this home is worth only about $150 million at best. He should've brought in some top of the line designers to help him build it, because it looks very basic. It's not even staged properly and construction equipment is still laying all around the home.

    22. Valfula Ti

      " The Muppet Show "

    23. Richard Billingslea

      Why build a house then ? Just build a damn stadium

    24. rasadul islam

      Hi Nile Niami, Michael and your team really you are showing us THE ONE . In my view is once again that it is one and only modern architect because of the parking garage, theater room, swimming pool, party space, grass path way and glass design, gym and the top view point where everything is viewing below the city any one could lost their mind here. You know i really like this videos more then any architect in youtube. Nile Niami is the creator and owner "THE ONE" and Michael, Adams who show us this modern peace of architect. Thank you all very much Md Rasadul Islam, Rajshahi , Bangladesh comment 11/05/2021 5.25 am local time

    25. stupidmg

      Texas and Florida just destroy his boxing PPV plan... Big F...

    26. John

      Stop saying its worth of $500 millions. Its listed about over $300 millions. Who is the guy showing the house? He is a not the architect or builder or the real estate agent. Who is him?

    27. rednails4

      Manic episode aside, from a business perspective, this is ridiculous! Why would anyone invest in an events company the only selling point of which being a house that is not owned by the company? I am just hoping that no one falls for this because Michael is playing with fire by marketing this idea. Producer Michael may be trying to show support out of kindness, or maybe because he’d like access to the other houses that this guy has built over the years but it may just turn into a fun case for the SEC if not careful.

    28. Gary Singleton

      * sets reminder for God Plane episode in 2023*

    29. Nansel Vongman

      Nail: we are going to teach the world about sustainability Also nail: builds a house with as many light bulbs as the Beijing International Airport

    30. Jaguaratama


    31. Satomi Urata

      If he is smart he would be selling in BTC and had address posted here and PPV invitation to all of those who sent BTC and share of the company based on BTC paid

    32. Satomi Urata

      Sir it’s all your problem not world’s problem

    33. Satomi Urata

      It’s so huge Neighbor will not even notice lol

    34. Satomi Urata

      He needed to shift it to comercial space lol

    35. panda cobra

      It just looks like a mall with rooms and pools

    36. jason

      This guy has created the monther of all SCAMS.

    37. jason

      yes because that is exactly what the world needs more than anything. a COVID safe boxing match on the grass. WTF is this guy on?

    38. Alex Freeman

      Michael, this house is a true monstruosity for endless reasons. It’s loud, tacky and hypocritical like its developer. And I’m sure you know it.

    39. LaswellB

      Michael is sitting there thinking this man has lost his mind.

    40. The Biden Zone 2021

      What’s that scheme that rhymes with Fonzi?

    41. charlielol71

      He's saying it as if he isn't going to sell it. I'm confused is he selling it or not?

    42. JJon Jen

      They said ‘Do not reveal your future moves or plans to strangers’. Now this guy is telling the world of all his crazy moves and the all sounds nonsense

    43. UndoneSums

      This video is actually the logical conclusion to Producer Michael's channel (bright buoyant chap though he is!). It's a psychological case study that locates precisely where bad taste implodes into self parody. The cameraman's ever-nodding, always "oh how surprisingly brilliant!" tones of sycophancy, render him a sort of servile marionette, always stride-to-stride with Michael's, erm, ...ahem..., taste.

    44. Mola Ram

      Rick James was right. "Cocaine is a helluva drug."

    45. Billy Bryce Kirby

      Am I the only one who's never heard of this guy, until this comedy came out???

    46. Billy Bryce Kirby

      Dan Bilzerian is down with it....

    47. Vinicius Blank Fonseca

      What I don't get is he seems to be trying to sell this house while also having a lot of plans for its use. Does he just expect that whoever buys this place for 340 million dollars will just let him shoot a reality in it or hold events? Its like, "I build the house of my dreams that I could never afford so I'm going to sell it for more than any other house in the world so a billionaire will have the privilege to sleep here while I get to still use it".

    48. Florian Ressl

      Does somebody know where to get such a couch from?

    49. edbEduard

      5:28 wtf…. Wtf…..”it all will be possible with payperview” this dude man omg

    50. samuel johnson

      Michael spoke only 5 lines in the entire vid The guy is on booster pack 😂

    51. samuel johnson

      I know one thing for sure Michael has lots of patience 😂🤣😂🤣

    52. samuel johnson

      The guy is on drugs 😂😂😂

    53. Tony 3232

      No words 😶

    54. J Scott Ellis

      If it ends up working out for him and everyone involved I'll be shocked !! But I think it's a long shot 🤷🏼‍♂️

    55. B. A.

      Actually a little disappointed in Michael that he’s giving this coke-headed maniac a platform. He even calls his plans “credible” at one point, unbelievable

    56. James Stevens

      Lol, what a joke. Media and boxing matches bigger than ever...nobody 🥱

    57. Nuno Dias

      This is the lunacy virus the political left is made off, that is why it always ends up in destruction suffering oppression hunger and death.

    58. crazy stuff

      this dude, he is clearly insane

    59. ohaggie

      OH MY, I can tell that he is stressed and a bit depressed so I hope things turn around for Mr. Nile Niami. He stated in the video that he has a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy case going on now on a property that he lives in and now this 'THE ONE' property has a 'Notice of Default' placed against it (he has bills he has not paid). Althought this is all a huge FINANCIAL mess, he somewhat has a good attitude and he is trying to keep his spirits up. GOOD LUCK!!

    60. Rjb Rjb

      Why not everything is possible. Like he made this house . Good luck to him dreaming big.

    61. Karl Struminski

      I see the vision. Go for it!

    62. ryan mj

      Ok what’s going on here and why I’m struggling to believe this guy and why everyone is talking about coke

    63. Mr. Yamaguchi

      back to read the new comments.

    64. Gerry O'Brien

      I think he is a crazy person lol

    65. sweeper1977

      It seems Nile is getting some sort of a break -- he sold 2 Bel Air properties for a total of $72 million last week, after failing to score a major sale for the past several years. Not sure how much profit he has got, but developers normally get a sizable chunk. That could be the miracle from Michael. Good for Nile!

    66. Mike Swindell

      Get this man a cheeseburger.

    67. Mike Swindell

      He wears that beanie to protect his Vision.

    68. caza101

      I need whatever he is drinking 💪🏼😎

    69. DeflatingAtheism

      This is what Elisabeth Kubler-Ross calls, "the bargaining stage."

    70. Jeremy Paz

      I really like this guy. He obviously has hustled and he isn’t a lazy piece of shit. But... he gone!

    71. Franz Haas


    72. Vanessa D

      I feel sad watching this

    73. dogboi

      His future Ex wife will be also an Hologram

    74. Craig Steiger

      There are nuts, then there are LA nuts... this guy is off the rails. No one, no one, in Bel Air would let him turn that house into a commercial event space.. it's not happening. The banks are knocking and he's broke. That house might fetch between 100 and 200 million at action and he's going to loose his shirt

    75. Dixit Jain

      I don't think he knows shit about businesses. I wonder how the bank manager gave him a loan after the speech he would have made to him. Bigger than twitter? Twitter is worth over 100B$. Also, the venue owner doesn't make a lot of money from events, its business 101, they only only paid for the venue they provide lmao. If a fighf brings 600million$, the venue owner would only get a fraction, lets say 10 million$. The costs lets say are 8million$, thats still just a 2 million$ profit. Nowhere near the 3-5B$ hes talking about.

    76. joaoaoj100

      This guy talking about his events and i'm here waiting for him to say "FROM NOW ON, CALL ME ROSE"

    77. Akash Shaji

      What is this ! 🙄This guy how is going to change the world help the world how? he is shit and he build this house to have party' thats all

    78. Calendargirl007

      Have you all seen the Versailles documentary, the wealthy couple had to abandon their luxury vision, this reminds me of it a little .

    79. Calendargirl007

      Waiting for that remix of "we are the world " 🥴 oh & I want to ride on the God plane!

    80. Beavis

      How did Michael put up a straight face the whole interview

    81. Beavis

      Btw,do u guys know that the idea of events on the grass he's talking about...he got it from Michael's cameraman when they were shooting the house tour😂.....

    82. Beavis

      is this guy on crack

    83. marek swoboda


      1. marek swoboda

        virtual shark tanks


      This house can earn him millions if he can turn it into a guest house.

    85. Gor Mkrtchyan

      Please put me in quarantine in this house for 2 months!!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼Like if you want it too 😂😂😂

    86. Niiell

      The level of narcissism to believe your hour will change the world is impressive.

    87. Dedication Matters

      Help him "Save his problems?!?!" Really? How many homeless shelters did he ever build? Or Buy a homeless family a house as he was spending millions building that house. Save the world? By paying your bills. This was a major let down.

    88. Rue Dadi

      All this man needed was a cheese burger 😔

    89. alpheratz Leo

      omg. I think by this incredible but alas real stuff, 2 things there have already been displayed to improve the world.. 2 hard but VERY useful lessons to learn: 1) to the real estate market, -that such humongous crazy bomb shouldn't ever been built all on its builders exclusive PERSONAL taste as a "home" to live in for other ppl to buy it paying a skyrocket cash & pretend they'll be happy, -cuz even the most of billionaires are only humans, with at the end only 1 human body, 1-2 bed needed to sleep, a kitchen accessible easy and comfy, & dont want to gather every day 900 who knows what strangers in their very close habitat, keeping wasting their even billions for only maintenance/staff costs for the empty parts of their property. not mentioning that extreme bllsht of videocameras in toilets..bleeh. -dude, if ya like your females/or tow new ones by them watching your 'precious attribute' while u pee,...simply ask it to them 4 it, and then u're totally free to do it in private, BUT this doesnt mean that your other 900 guests, be it men or women, do like this amazement as well 4 them. This world is crazy yes, but luckily not at this point. 2) & other alas crap lesson, its he's done to HIMSELF, with how now being in bankrupt, finding out that things in practice didnt work out how his "visional extraterrestrial mind" was expecting.. .. Man, this is Earth, not other planets..sorry. Not the same. You can try to build here that kinda concoction of personal vanity to live&mantain it then all by yourself when you can afford it, & if you believe you're a kind of "god"- experience that practically on your skin on your own expense, try if it works,- but a hope to impose such huuuuge only YOUR only personal ideal life to others also hoping they pay you 500mil .... its true fkd insanity but also sign of your deep loneliness.(sorry 4 that..) Yet. nobody is a "god" here down. We all are humans and very many, and everyone with its personal taste and vision, not only you. Understand, finally.? Thus I actually confess I'm sorry 4him. sad story, & with lots of waste of cash and energy. ___________ So what will be the next lessons to learn on this planet?🤔 What will happen to this extraterrestrial vision mansion, how it will be used here.? Maybe someone can get it and use for REALISTIC purposes needed in LA, & not only some mere desperate halo fantasies of a lonely hovering "god". I'm really curious. Let's see & learn, everyone. &good luck Niel to get out'a this situation ah. Sincerely. (but: keep ur pee "attribute' private😆😆, nobody's video interested, many others the same like you out here alive, u're not the only 'macho')

    90. Donovan Catuncan

      So delusional 😅 what is this delusional cocaine rant 🤣

    91. dafab01

      Cocaines a hell of a drug!!

    92. Lars


    93. Akhil chandrashekar

      Bro this is some prince of Nigeria fyre festival type shit

    94. A S

      This guy is “credible”?!? Micheal common man /: Why you do your fans like dis?!? This guy is wearing a beanie in 95F weather.

    95. allen bae

      If he’s actually being serious he needs to go see a psychiatric

    96. A.Celli12

      You wouldn’t think that you would need to explain to a person like Neil that his friend DOES NOT have “more money then he knows what to do with”. His billionaire friend knows exactly what to do with his money considering he’s wealthy, and neil is broke with a 100,000sqft house

    97. delivrex

      by world he means him lol

    98. Dancing Pilot

      dude is stressed due to an overpriced house that will not sell, impending bankruptcy, divorce and loss of his billionaire friends. Observation: Anyone that can afford a $500m house will design and build a custom built special to their own taste…just saying

    99. GoldStal2

      That guy did the interview for “free”.