The Bird Tier List


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    Pigeon Fights Off Crow:

    Sandhill Crane VS Black Bear:
    Tawny Owl Caught in Rainstorm:
    Great Horned Owl Defends Nest from Raccoon:
    Swan Attacks Seagull:
    Falcon Chases Homing Pigeon:
    Falcon VS Goose:
    Swans Bullying Random People In Park:

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    1. TierZoo

      Sorry for such a long delay between uploads! Hopefully this video being about triple the length of my average videos makes up for it!

      1. Emanuel Silvera

        Tierzoo you forgot that chickens can live without their heads meaning they have two lives.

      2. hdezn26

        @Alterina Bot promoter....

      3. hdezn26

        @AGGREY ESENDI OGADA Stuff it spammer.

      4. Ben Galas

        Just never stop (until you care to do so)

      5. NoorAly Ahmadi

        What is the game call?


      I just notice thet background music is from zelda

    3. JackJack

      If u move lightning speed with fast wing flap*cough hummingbird* and ur getting drop kicked by a big u deserve to be f tier

    4. El Flam1ng0

      7:36 Ah yes... *LITERALLY ME*

    5. друг

      What do you think of builds unlocked through human skills for other classes like africanized honeybees

    6. Takezo Miyamoto

      i knew crows would be up there... but for the same reason, i thought seaguls would be too... Were would you place seaguls?

    7. Tra Blunt

      Hummingbirds migrate huge distances over open ocean.. they only need near constant food when its breeding season.. and they can in fact kill butterflies lol

    8. Anger Manager

      Stork Souls III

    9. The Dark Fire

      I would love to see you play ark or primal carnage

    10. goverat

      How are cassowaries F teir? They have literally killed people... Steve Irwin was afraid of them

    11. Amauri Neto

      make a video saying if corvids are op

    12. CarolinaBaby _

      Damn is it too late to switch my character?

    13. Trash Bird

      No seagulls ? No like

    14. David Pena

      Would you rather have your videos watched on youtube or nebula? I'm trying to watch in a way that creates money for you. Should we (my family) do both? For example, my kids can watch you on youtube, and I can watch you on nebula.

    15. ChaoticDipshit “theskinchanger” DOA

      damn im starting to regret my anarchist build now

    16. Ks

      can you do a vid about the ouister cather

    17. Yari

      Alright but why won't Becky lemme smash ?

    18. キャト

      Someone should really make a game about this

    19. e e

      Where is the cassowary?

    20. Gustavo Cardenas

      14:09 I was like "hey that's not a falcon ... oh I see"

    21. ali rich exposing spy ninja secrets

      U use mario sunhine music

    22. White Star Broken

      22:20 I am really curious about those two birds that where cut from A and D...

    23. Remy1738

      outro song? i've been looking for that song since was a kid

    24. Ms. Being hold hostage by a giant monkey

      At this point, it's only the matter of time before someone make a game with the information from Tierzoo

    25. CSE 13 07 abdul alim khan

      Geese: you came into the wrong neighbourhood fool. Swans: you wanna go homie?

    26. Safal Parajuli

      Wtf is this

      1. just some fish with internet access

        The best channel ever


      Every time i want to cringe at a nerd virgin, i just watch your videos, thanks tierzoo

    28. ThatGuyFromCanada

      Bit late for this suggestion, but when you show the stats page, could you show the weight class of the animal so we can get context for their stats? Something like; Micro (Bacteria-flea size) - Tiny (bug size)- Small (Mouse-cat size)- Medium (dogs-human size) - Large (lion-bear size)- Gigantic (elephant-giraffe size)- Colossal (dinosaur-whale size)

    29. Valv Dog

      i think you should make a video on the ornero or Furnarius rufus or put it in a tier list is my favourite bird

    30. Karter Dowd

      Who would win Grizzly vs Gorilla

      1. just some fish with internet access

        Not even a challenge, grizzly fucking owns the gorilla

    31. dcoog anml

      Fire Emblem music to the heron segment is what I call a very cultured, high-brow director's choice. Well done.

    32. Mighty Pigeon

      D tier? I take offence to that

    33. Ikeee Principe

      I'm wondering where Andean the condor build is (I guess not enough players know the condors since most of them don't play the South America map)

      1. dcoog anml

        I’m surprised you didn’t put the Turkey in

    34. Valencio Martín Huaman Perez

      Why i'm seeing this and i'm subscribing lol

    35. J Denis

      whats the music for the corvids section

    36. Hematite76

      How would you rank a bird like kookaburra? I think it in my personal opinion might be a middle b teir since their eyes are behind their beak which keeps small prey from counterattacking and the fact that they can go for aquatic terrestrial and aerial game for food means they are versatile feeders and have tons of options for food but the thing holding them back is their intelligence which is one flaw that keeps them out of the higher tiers

    37. Luxios

      Off topic question have you found any leaks for any future updates?

    38. melancholic

      so no ones gonna talk about the 2 birds dancing together at 3:13 lmao

    39. 60orizon

      so how do all these people beat ToER

    40. Jean Duro

      the humans had a huge nerf reducing the population but they recovered and are still the top of the meta and the next patch will probably have more balances but a few nerfs

    41. Blockasaurus Gaming

      I’ve actually been considering changing to a leopard build since the human COVID-19 update that nerfed my current build human but I’m considering changing to a bird I’ll have to test out some of the bird builds before I change for good

    42. Blake Gibbons

      Wtf even is this format lol

    43. Jean Duro

      if i made an amphibian build would basically be a frog but a halo sharp tongue and it would be venomous it would also have a small sail to capture heat would also be venomous and poisonous and the sail would help swim the 2nd best frog build and it would stay motionless most of the time

    44. Mr. Orange Sky

      You forgot cassowaries, which should go to A/S

    45. OzenVR

      Just imagine an MMORPG game realistically based on earth life

    46. Bad.At.VideoGames.

      Unpopular opinion, but all flightless birds are just users who miss the time when dinosaurs were the meta, so they try to replicate it

      1. just some fish with internet access

        The cassowary is the closest bird to dinosaurs

    47. Bad.At.VideoGames.

      Omg I hate bird griefers, like im trying to farm my levels and an eagle comes and grabs me and then drops me off in its nest where i get teamed by a bunch of noobies. Grabbing should be nerfed

    48. Gabriel •Mercado

      I’m surprised you didn’t put the Turkey in

    49. Red 7134

      9:54 Wow, way to reach into my childhood and hit me in the face with nostalgia. Well, off to Kamino to get some relaxing headshots.

    50. Inter Galactic Godzilla

      i want a mammal tier list plzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

      1. The Wisthers Games

        Another video where the humans mains demostrate why we are broken

    51. Taylor Jimmy

      What game are you talking about

    52. Leevi Halonen

      6:45 teases about gulls appearing in higher tiers, yet no gulls were ever shown :(. My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined (not really, I really enjoyed the video)

    53. Joswar Bellido Rosas

      I would like know in which position is the Condor (the biggest bird ever)

    54. Güvercin.

      pigeons are harmless they are not carnivores they only attack you when you try to touch their young and eggs (even pecking when you say attack doesn't hurt) that's why I love pigeons

    55. anti bust Thomson


    56. icebeam23860

      LOL @ Devs dropping a balance patch! Okay you've got my subscription XD XD.

    57. Keppler 22

      "Kiwis only exist on an Island so they're F tier" Komodo dragon: haha S tier go brrrrr

      1. Ahmad Rafa

        Komodos has gigantism,can cause bleeding debuff with the basic bite move amazing tail whip power and live in groups while kiwis just has hard a time laying an egg because they think it's a good idea making a gian egg size to such a tiny bird

    58. 2 old 2 kare

      There were several scenes where you showed ducks and yet no ducks

    59. AmongstTheUnicode

      The way you put these in order for educational purposes and still manage to make it fun to watch and not get bored for a while is insanely surprising to me, this is one of the best channels for sure.

    60. Avezearth 9

      Me, an eagle master race believer at the start of the video: ''hEhE it's gonna be an easy win, go get 'em! :@'' Me seeing my beloved eagles getting outplayed by; speaking colourful bois, black vindictive nut-crackers and slim taekwondo birds that can't fly properly: '' You've dissapointed me boys :l''

    61. Gator Croc

      Cranes deserve their own video

    62. Balthus

      S+ tier=Seagull.

    63. Cameron Cullen

      The man grabbing the swan by the neck is fearless

    64. andyjay729

      What class would you put seagulls and ducks in? And going off-topic, one of the penguins' main predators is actually an offshoot of the polar bears' build.

    65. andyjay729

      How could you forget to mention that corvids are part of the songbird build?

    66. Sebastian Reyes

      I think the Cassowary would also be a top tier.

    67. Harsh Shirodkar

      please do sea eagle i like them alot

    68. Schmaul

      I think you are missing one of the most brutal birds: the shoebill! Can you make a video about him in the future? Love your vids! :)

    69. andyjay729

      Interesting fact: penguins and albatrosses (the build that spends the most time in the air of any bird) are actually offshoots of the same build.

    70. andyjay729

      Which tier would you put Big Bird from Sesame Street in? He's like the ratites in his size (and the fact that he nests on the ground), but he also has human-tier intelligence.

    71. Alec Davis


    72. Blue sporottt

      Can you do a video showcasing the mods?

    73. David Jarrah

      The draconian command differently call because eggnog family kill above a purple captain. talented, gamy salary

    74. fastrally

      You should make a parasite tier list! Although as a human main I absolutely despise mosquitoes, I have to admit their dominant place in the mamallian meta.

    75. We No Brain

      12:16 Canadian gooses be like: T-36 TACTICAL DOO-DOO INCOMING

    76. Kylie Dyer

      5:41 that poor bee lol

    77. Jaktado

      When the bo2 music kicked in it became intense

    78. Lev Just lev

      The african mammals tier list

    79. SepticSilver Wolf

      what about a seagull


      you should make a real game about this that we can play

    81. FUNADOR funado

      too good but also too long, i'd just continue watching tomorrow. good work👊🏻

    82. licha danisha

      The amuck dibble sadly pine because arm histochemically need down a sick riverbed. needy, plain spain

    83. Mason Gaiqui

      kakapos smoke straight s tier prove me wrong

    84. angelib bh

      Where would u place shoebills?

    85. MathR

      When are you doing the unicellular tier list? They can do serious damage to high tier builds! And if you play only in macroscopic mode, I recommend the Physarum polycephalum (but every player call it blob). It is pretty easy to play, almost invincible and have high intelligence. Its only weaknesses are snails and light, but it should be easy to avoid them since there's a lot of hideouts in the Forest ground biome.

    86. Vomer Conch

      Is there any way to contact the devs? i have a few questions about the game, and i haven’t found any socials or anything.

    87. Raviolifuchs

      Ravens: exists. TierZoo: "cOrVidS"

    88. pucia mateu

      The kaput idea incidentally flap because cover chronically scare from a next morocco. stingy, private shoulder

    89. Aleksandra Zych

      I think the crocodile tier list would be a good video

    90. SuperSpider Studios

      Emu/Ostrich/Cassowary should be higher, Emus literally won a war against humans Edit: probably A or B tier

    91. hhh kkk

      Damn this game called Life sure has fun parts

    92. Ness The Best

      I like playing Herons.

    93. Foxx Senpai

      I strongly disagree with the goose being anywhere other than above SSS tier.

    94. bocoy noiu

      Literally just got the name because they are black and white.

    95. Luca Sanders

      The waggish prison rhetorically prepare because oil july excite until a aboard biplane. instinctive, wet ravioli

    96. MadeByJ

      Yo! That falcon messed up that duck😂😂. Also welcome back to SEprom

      1. bocoy noiu

        can you do a savanna tier list for the africa server?

    97. Simpie


    98. Joyless Cypress

      @tierzoo Please make a video on virus tier lists

    99. Shane Carlson

      You should fo a video dedicated to sea birds

    100. Bloovyy

      I was that peacock /: kinda embarrassing, I thought it would actually be better…