The Cost of Concordia

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    Ship-a go sink.
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    Dido - White Flag Cover provided courtesy of Fall of Envy and Octave Match Records.
    (Down with this ship scene)
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    SOXX - Trouble with Love
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    Exec Producer Mitch Duffy missed the credits list so he's down here.

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    1. Internet Historian

      New Second Channel Video: Fashion.

      1. Rodrigo Alonso

        Please do Titanic 🙏🙏

      2. Alexander Roberts

        Where is season 2 of he will not devide us lol

      3. Mario is MLG

        I came from poods new video

      4. Kevin

        Yeah, but where the hell is the Q&A?

      5. PlayStation 5

        Congrats on 3 million subs 👍🏾

    2. GameCrafter117

      Loved that halo music in there haha

    3. Zealious

      12:20 what is the music used here?

    4. Zealious

      7:24 what is the sound effect/ music used here? .

    5. BambooOnFire's FreeSheetsProject

      You know you may legit want to do a story of sewol ferry.........

    6. Ozma Richardson

      Wang sucks lol

    7. Justin Kennedy

      thank god for people like gregor de falco

    8. ProfTheWood

      I guess if you were British, you could go with ' Limey Ship Tips ' ! Thanks for posting as always.

    9. Unpopular Opinions

      Oh my God what the fuck is wrong with these two.

    10. Kyle

      How was he at a party if he was supposed be in jail?

    11. chairmanofrussia

      Why the fuck didn’t they design the ship to have a second, smaller engine that can provide the ship with basic functions in an emergency?

      1. Boldizsár Fekete

        1: It's cheaper 2: ships this size sinking is a rare occurrence (as far as I know) 3: if the people piloting a ship aren't complete fuckwads, there's no need for emergency generators

    12. You Don’t Know Jack

      Hey did he never think of calling the Thunderbirds?

    13. Blair S01

      You should definitely do one on Fouseytubes July 15th event.

    14. デーモンPurple

      the empty, destroyed remains of the ship look so pretty like i would love to just be there alone, with a phone and earphones to listen to music, and just run/wander around the whole ship

    15. Sombra da Árvore gif do Crackdown

      30:40 Cocaine is a hell of a drug!

    16. bampes

      haha linus ship tips made me almost cry :D great content as always, i like your style of journalism

    17. Hokori Kera

      Moral of the story, don't employ someone with a language barrier and no translator accompanying them. Edit: Everyone was a moron and the captain wasn't much better

      1. Hokori Kera

        @Keyser94 Honestly not surprised

      2. Keyser94

        Sadly that is the feature not the exception, Cruise Lines employ people from poor countries so they can pay them lower wages.

    18. Wouter

      L lie to prevent panic I Interfere with rescue V vindicate self E evecute first Gets me every time,😂😂😂

    19. renegade637

      The irony is this cruise ship company connects to the Titanic: Costa made the Concordia and was purchased by Carnival, which purchased Cunard, which purchased the White Star Line, the company that made the Titanic.

    20. Wren

      every time I'm shocked at the amount of views then I'm two minutes in and I remember why

    21. Pipsqueack

      That was the best nord vpn sponsorship I've seen yet and I've seen a lot

    22. Dhruv Datta

      What the hell, i need 4 yrs experience for my entry lvl programming job, but to be a helmsman for a 550 billion dollar ship, you need to be a painter then a cleaner, and not even know the language of the captain.

      1. Random Person

        Yeah cuz they are cheaper. I have a friend from the U.S. who has training in sailing/crewing large ships from a school in California dedicated to teaching people how to properly handle large ships, but he is having trouble finding jobs in the cruise industry because he is passed in favor of people from countries with a lower minimum wage/cost of living

      2. Boldizsár Fekete

        I have heard something about cruise companies employing people from third world countries, because what counts as a small wage to an American, is a pretty good wage to them. But those people aren't employed to drive the ship Although I remember very little about where I've heard it and the exact details

      3. Wouter

        Yes, it's really simpel. You're from a country with a higher minimum wage. He is from the Philippines were the minimum wage €0,57 is. And a cruise company's only wants more money

    23. jonnyboy162

      You even threw Shenmue in there, dank.

    24. Vexozap

      Did we ever get that Costa Concordia Q&A on the second channel, or was it taken down? 🤔 I swear I've never seen it if it was uploaded.

    25. Itsy


    26. Uzi Content

      Do CYBERPUNK PLS!?!!

    27. kruth 666

      The attorney looks like Mark Hoffman from the Saw movies

    28. Alperen

      That'd be a great comedy movie apart from casualties

    29. BelieveInMatter

      I love the use of the Halo music, weirdly fits so well.

    30. K M

      43:50 fuck you I have an LTT video paused in another tab and I thought it randomly started playing

    31. Shuuki

      you should look into the tictok cult

    32. Hydon

      It was an expensive mistake You can't say you're sorry and it's over

    33. OverRide

      *HOLD ON, I'M REVERSING IT* - Beep Beep, BeepBeeb. I fucking died. :D

    34. Thomas Watt

      Have you heard about what's going on at the Italian Coast? I hear it "Rocks"....

    35. Indifferent One


    36. John Lincoln

      The surname Schettino sounds like the word "scumbag" (скотина) in Russian.

    37. Galhofa Da Silva

      The Tanker Theme from MGS2 killed me

    38. Pebkio Nomare

      Ultimately it *was* the company‘s fault for hiring some generalist who didn’t even speak the languages of the crew, as helmsman, just to save some money. Secondly by the complacency of the third officer by not verifying the direction after the course change. Finally by the captain for not *instantly* relieving the helmsman as soon as he noticed they were pointed at the shore.

      1. Alexander Villagomez

        @Pebkio Nomare agreed

      2. Pebkio Nomare

        Everything after the crash is entirely the captain’s fault.

    39. T Man

      Thank you captain

    40. Lincoln Desjarlais

      q&a when?

      1. Lincoln Desjarlais

        @chaoticbliss91 which other channel? cause its not in incognito

      2. chaoticbliss91

        It's on his other channel

    41. MellowMink

      I did not expect this video to be so incredibly intense to watch all the way through. Lots of research done too.

    42. Tomato

      holy crap I can't imagine how much work went into making this. epic

    43. lokis Mischief

      I've watched this about 4 or 5 times now. It's re-watch value is impeccable and it's masterfully hilarious. I'm pretty sure this and its affiliates, are my favorite of youtube channels. Thank you for making this and I look forward to the next ones. :) Cheers bell thief ;)

    44. crazed fangirl

      "It's been eight years..." Since you last posted, I know

    45. Its Your Boi

      No more 45 minute videos on the main channel? No sir those the best ones.

    46. Jordan Hill

      that bell was probably made from an immense amount of copper. If it truly was stolen someone is sitting pretty lol

    47. Jordan Hill

      I always thought this was a tragedy. It was a crime.

    48. Kirkland DeLaune

      All of your videos have so much rewatch value it’s insane.

    49. Utube

      FYI to all viewers in the EU, NordVPN will NOT let you switch Netflix catalogues easily. I just signed up using Internet Historian's promo code and found that out. Statement from NordVPN as to why: "Unfortunately, you will not be able to do so. Last year, Netflix has changed its policies - they will not change their content instantly if the user moves to a different country or uses a VPN server. Now there is a timeframe when Netflix decides whether you have really changed your location or not. Netflix will not tell us how long does it take. As far as we know, this only affects users in the EU. "

    50. iliketrains0pwned

      I can't wait to see your video on the Ever Given someday

    51. maff1917

      Wasnt there a QA comming?

    52. Benjamin mole

      5:30 Soundtrack had me thinking this started as a heist 25:30 confirms this

    53. enzirin

      It didn't sink in to me that "The Cost of Concordia" is a play on the pronunciation of "The Costa Concordia" until a few days later.

    54. Mr.Pat

      Everyone’s commenting about the recent Suez Canal incident now, but the Yellow Fleet would make a much more interesting video.

    55. DoomOtter

      How much you wanna bet that the company threatened to stop cruises in Italy if they had to go through a trial?

    56. Jamey

      35:42 ☠️

    57. Alyssa Hartzell

      this was entirely caused by idiocy

    58. Houdunnity

      Maybe it's just me, but I think you can hear him smiling as he narrates. Truly taking joy in talking about massive failures

    59. Jamey

      2:06 I had the memory of this scene from speed 2 as being real and my reaction was “What! He did that too?!”

    60. TheMiniRobot

      Schettino: Starboard 344=(x-17)^2 Jacob Rusli Bin: Starboard 19 Schettino: No no no, exponents first idiot! Jacob: Oh shit, starboard 35.54723699099141

    61. Levi Ballou Ramage

      Can Somebody help me out with what show theme that is at 40:23? Thanks

      1. Utube

        Goosebumps: watch?v=rsEeiIrJy4E&ab_channel=KarmicWheel

    62. Johnny Hernandez

      I’m just waiting on the Evergreen video...

    63. indoor vaping

      Costa Concordia, not to be confused with costochondritis, which is when you chest cartilage hurts.

    64. Michael Haggart

      I will not behave myself

    65. LIMB Clinic PC

      Press here 17:38 for BING BUH BUH BING BING BING BING BUNG

    66. Armored Soul

      Tanker Incident complete genius choice

    67. Derpalord6000

      Freeze frame at 31:47 That bitch is either downplaying or flat-out denying coronavirus being a threat (the picture with graphs) And the next fucking frame she publicly shared who she voted for, which i'm questioning the legality of in moldova

    68. David Armando


    69. TheCurlyful

      I looked up the coordinates at 5:35. Just for fun. I thought maybe it's an easteregg. Those coordinates belong to a small island in the dominican republic called Little Saint James. That island was owned by Jeffrey Epstein.

    70. Maciej Moroz - Trener Flirtu i Relacji

      Makes you want to meet this so-called captain and bitch slap his face.

    71. Unamtours

      Was he also on the Costa Concordia?

    72. Rem

      46:29 *Cough*bullshit*Cough*

    73. Morgan Stiefvater

      Is it not possible that there were drugs on the ship, but the looters got them before officials could search for them?

    74. grablicH


    75. Crekder

      30:43 for me in bad times

    76. Nomaid Wander

      16 years for 34 manslaughters. He got off easy.

    77. Kilian Bernardeau

      36:06 You really thought you could slip me some Splinter Cell OST without me noticing, didn't you boiii ?

    78. DIYdunder

      Cool, now I'm never going on a cruise again lol.

    79. satsgridnev


    80. Pixel Wizard

      I’m showing this to my mother and she likes your work.

    81. guardian of the toasters

      11:21 does anyone knows where that movie comes from?

    82. RvB Fr.

      22:50 *Halo music play* me : *like* edit : 24:14 AGAIN !!!

    83. Mike Vincent Ramos

      Just curious, has anyone knows what editting app he uses

    84. Game Vault Guides

      I think you appreciate these videos SO much more if you're a video editor. A 2-second shot that you'll see on these videos can take hours to make, and the vids are usually at the least 20-25 minutes long. You deserve every sub you get Internet Historian!

    85. Isaac Saad

      The wanting trout invariably deceive because zipper empirically empty for a harmonious leg. icy, secretive church

    86. steve64464

      Think i would of made the captain stay on whats left of the bridge as it was being toed to the shipping yard for scrap.

    87. Floopperz

      that linus intro tho

    88. Liam Kurt Yhñigo V David

      Remember kids big boats never work And yes im talking about the yamato

    89. sour chuck

      The material softdrink problematically fry because digestion consecutively ski despite a rustic coast. stiff, sturdy quiet

    90. Ben Munson

      I cant find anything about that person who died during the salvage project. Was it like the ship was insecure? Still excited for the Q&A and your next video

    91. GarchaFPV

      Awesome vid!

    92. Psypher Wolf

      I never thought I'd care so much about something I knew nothing about.

    93. sour chuck

      The spiky loss phylogenitically fade because sun empirically touch with a flagrant yam. outrageous, blushing nerve

    94. Mike Paskus

      You are my favorite v-tuber!

    95. Connor Kent!

      Please do a video on _The Fappening._

    96. Light Sage

      Holy shit how can somebody fit so many memes into one video this man truly is the meme god

    97. rotaryskratch

      Cruise ships just need to be banned. Permanently. Everywhere.

    98. Holly Gidge

      Man using sims for this was genius

    99. Tyler Marsh

      Oh god not again

    100. Claire Bee

      Is the mistress a cat? She's died twice, so she's got 7 lives left.