The Duke of Edinburgh Dies: A look back at Prince Philip's life

Sky News

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    Sky's Royal Correspondent Rhiannon Mills looks back at the life of His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip.
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    1. Andrea Berryman

      Truly amazing, admirable, honorable man. Will be missed terribly.

    2. Alexandra

      Anyone know the song at the very end?

    3. Jessica Smith

      When I found out that he died, I was heartbroken💔 he was dearly loved by his family and friends and he deserves it all 💔💕❤️💗

    4. Greene Man

      A sex toy retailer Lovehoney has won a pres­tigious business award - from Queen Elizabeth 2021 - maybe that's what killed him?

    5. antonio dragomirescu

      all brits all people of uk please have mercy dont let India die..u send a lot oxigen there, but if u can please send more...they are people just like us .all of us... u are only hope of them .ty for u ve done.

    6. George Mendoza


      1. Trisaart

        Moral of the story: NURSE... is a MAN! with a 'HOOK'

    7. Janet Fletcher

      Such a life, such a character, so many memories. I've loved the royals since I was a girl when the Queen had only been the Queen for less than a decade

    8. Freedom isn’t Free

      Life goes on

      1. Saad Sheikh

        We're going to mourn, shut up fad

    9. Michael Camacho

      Looking at Prince Philip, I see a leader who leads by example during his younger years. Respect and my hats off to him

    10. Saban Sabanovic

      When we die we are all going to same place..6 feet under...Same way we come to this life...So we should be all the same,and Prince Philip was just like that..No metter title..RIP Great man!

    11. Artur Eestlane

      Chadest chad to ever walk this planet. What a character!

    12. Avalon Airport Spotter

      Rest in peace good man

    13. kala shrestha

      King Phillip look real king. I mean British royal people has such a good looks.

    14. LeBloody

      Er hätte ein bessere Beerdigung verdient mit vielen Leuten ihm gedenken... Ich bin zwar kein Engländer und hab groß Bezug zu ihnen aber sowas find ich traurig vor allem tut mir die Queen leid... in dem alter ist es gewiss sehr schwer jemanden zu verlieren, nach so einer langen zeit. RIP

    15. sunflowersnfroggys


    16. Shuvajit Garai

      Finally, Philip is relieved of playing the puppet !

    17. Sophia David

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      1. Trisaart

        Moral of the story: NURSE... is a MAN! with a 'CO*K'

    18. Riordan

      Damn. He's gone now. I feel sad. Gone but won't be forgotten

    19. John cena


    20. Golden Serenity

      Awful that he had to endure the criminal acts of his son during his last years

    21. Jack Holiday

      I don’t have an issue with the British monarchy existing. They have not had more power than parliament and the prime minster for centuries.

    22. dama

      Ding dong the racists gone

      1. Trisaart

        Moral of the story: NURSE... is a MAN! with a 'HOOK'

    23. Kaiimei

      That little smile on the Queen's face when Philip said about tolerance is just...perfect. I can't imagine losing someone after so many decades of being together. It must be losing a limb. Waking up expecting them to be there, but the other side of the bed is empty.

    24. Rita Argenziano

      888 98kmjò

    25. Live Life

      he was pro-hunting. he enjoyed killing animals. horrible man.

      1. Trisaart

        Moral of the story: NURSE... is a MAN! with a 'HOOK'

    26. Cam 111

      1:36 Money was tight... Has a photo taken in 1800, went to boarding school oh right 🤣🤣.

    27. Eduard Tech40

      R.I.P To the late Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Condolence to the Queen and Family.

    28. Wainaina Ngugi

      @12:45 the press asked a silly question, at times say Hello Sir... But he had a polite answer...

    29. Njeru Njagi


      1. Trisaart

        Moral of the story: NURSE... is a MAN! with a 'HOOK'

    30. KingOfGlory

      Mannnn came here to see people bully him now it's just a bunch of british sad ppl he was dead for like 10 years before this

    31. Muhammad Afiq Musa

      Im proud to receive the Duke of Edinburgh's Award a few years ago. My god help the Queen for her Majesty has to face this sorrow alone.

    32. Ha Richard

      And just like that the greatest generation is gone I don't think it will be long before the royal family goes and then Britain luckily he won't have to see that.

    33. Mariusz Bielecki

      The Fifth Avenue the 666 Tower was bought by Ivanka Trump will be Antychryst woman because Vatican know-how that devil is a woman

    34. RundellMinecraft

      Rip prince philip is a great guy and died in honnor

    35. Todd Hårig

      Poor Royals, must be tough to have a life of luxury handed to on a silver platter, to die so young at the ripe age of 99, breaks my heart.

    36. mike hoare

      Fiddler´s Green, mate !

    37. Nimajneb

      R.I.P to a true hero

    38. Bright T

      Dam he was so good . He even sweared on video . What a great man 😂🤣🤣🤣✍️😂🤭

    39. sToLeN CINNAMON

      but but... where are the dark jokes

    40. ISI Pakistan

      The US government has been very cruel to its people and its young armyAnd no protests yet. That is why our young soldier was fought in such a futile warWhy Afghanistan, Iraq were falsely accused and later attacked. There is no proof of that.Why the American people have fallen asleep and not protested

      1. Trisaart

        Moral of the story: NURSE... is a MAN! with a 'HOOK'

    41. Daniel Orapeleng

      aye queen was a cutie though

    42. kiran marin

      Prince family should come to an end instead London should be a democratic country

    43. srinivas s

      Must have been a really Gentleman.

    44. Pratishtha Rajput

      Can I please call him the 'Best husband in the World'...

    45. yolanda sandesu

      I cried tho...

    46. Fuu Namikaze

      On the other side...The Prince is now with his loving family, his father,mother, and siblings. Its not that bad, its just painful for the ones he left behind

    47. C Joe

      What an achievement as a man, a true prince.

    48. Moosa Moidu

      Prince Philip was very humble person, REST IN PEACE

    49. Just Nothing Vlog

      The type of husband that we all been dreaming of...Prince Philip.

    50. BluSper

      Quite sorry for the Queens loss. My heart goes out to all the Royals.Prince Philip will be dearly missed. Respect from an American English family who always follows Royal History. Relatives from the Midlands in England had the Queen and family in their hearts today. RIP Prince Philip,Long live Her Majesty the Queen

    51. wade Smith

      whole family is Drama!!!

    52. Bevan Borges

      Did they mention his father died in 1944, in Monaco and he did not see him from 1939 onwards?

    53. Jen Jen


    54. lila mansilla

      wheres the they were related

    55. Binod corner

      U better give me visa

    56. Thomas Zürcher

      Hi together 🙏 HOTEST SEXY GRINGOS 😎

    57. Jonny Thunder

      What a true gentleman...RIP Philip.

    58. Samoa Todd


    59. Romario dickson

      911 dislikes

      1. Mr C


    60. abcd abc

      He lived an incredible life, it was a piece of history, rip

      1. MAD_VIRGINS_THEOREM redacted

        One word for yu. Racism for too many years

    61. Jamison C H

      Great man

    62. Waheed Walizada

      Mt ro

    63. Hawkern

      RIP 👑🌹

    64. Kyle 106

      I'm not really that much of a royals guy but respect to the man may he rest in peace condolences to the family 😥

    65. uhtuhgdhgud

      Ayo queen Elizabeth single now?

    66. hey there

      ang pogi talaga nya datiii

    67. suz Amistad Vlog

      Sorry to the lost of queen .Prince William is really kind ithink eventhough I am living here in Philippines but I always watch them tru tv

    68. Nik Hafifi

      He die at 99 we die at 33 44 55



    70. ZameDoesWtever

      Hah, what an amusing joke

    71. I am bittu

      We indians are very happy to hear that this murderer has finally gone to hell

      1. Atoom Toast

        Wtf what did he do? Your country exist because of the UK

    72. D Neuman

      99 years that a good life. Was walking and talking til the end. Rip

    73. Wil Bback

      draco reptillian

    74. Maria Samlal

      I love the fact that Dispite making a decision to live the rest of his life in the Queen's shadow...he still made a part for himself n made himself known for his own achievements.

      1. Mr C

        What achievements were they? Unveiling plaques?

    75. Timmy Tim

      Prince Philip childhood was tragic. Living in exile, loss family family members and seeking refuge in the UK. Queen Elizabeth has certainly saved him. Giving him love, a home, a sense of belonging and a loving family. And in return, Prince Philip has given the Majesty love, encouragement and strength to carry the duty of the Crown. If this is not a fairytale, I dont know what is.

    76. Maria Samlal

      Random man: sorry to hear ur standing down ... Prince philip: 🤨🤷‍♀️ I could hardly stand up much 😂

    77. Ptao Tom

      RIP Prince Phillip🌹

    78. Tjong liesin


    79. Qaroon J Thapar

      Such a lovely look into the life of a lovely person who’s whole life although dressed with royalty and fame was actually all about sacrifice

    80. Semanur Ertas

      This was so sad to watch

    81. ITZ JibJabz

      Well, one less mouth to feed..

    82. tri karunia aji


    83. Kxtsune Bxba

      He will be missed. The queen must be so sad. Maybe he rest in peace 🙏

    84. BadBoyHalo


    85. Aryan Yama

      He received all those metals on his chest for being the husband of a UK princess.

    86. Anna Gergely

      liar world. He did nothing in his life just got luxury from tax payers

    87. janel güzel

      1960 da bir kaplanı avlayıp bir de poz vermiş yazık..artık yaratıcıya gitti.

    88. Sean Rooney

      Britain must be overwhelmed with grief. This was a man who has held one title and role for almost a century, I cannot even imagine accomplishing that. I think when the time comes for the Queen's passing, Charles should inherit the throne for say a year then pass it down to his son. This way he makes the history books but it also gives Britain the opportunity to experience a new monarch who is young again before William gets middle aged himself. If Charles rules for 20 years or so, that puts William at the age of what, 60?. It seems pointless to me. It's been pretty much proven in Britain's history that there has been much more of a national morale boost when a new ascending monarch is young and healthy. Warm hugs from the USA

      1. Mr C

        Not all of us.

    89. moon light

      He’s a definition of ‘Prince Charming’. Rest in Peace

      1. bofooit gojo

        Back in the day he was a very handsome young man.

    90. Hamprotech Engineering

      What has he done for world that it is so important. Nothing. To dirt every body goes.

    91. Hamdu Nurli

      So glad the demon is gone from this earth please GOD take that other demon his wife, they shed so much blood on this earth

    92. hard yakka

      Not even one negative comment how amazing is that. What a man. Rummenigge all night long

    93. MA

      He fell in love at 18 when Elizabeth was how old?

    94. Parker

      Their marriage is actual relationship goals 💜

    95. Astro Harper


    96. Leum Liz

      My condolences to the royal family from the philippines.

    97. Kevin Blankenburg

      Pretty cheap of the British to still hide that he was more or less 100% German and that he spent a lot of time in German schools. BTW his name Philip von Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg. They have Kings and Queens in their family of Denmark, Norway and Greece.

      1. Atoom Toast

        He wasn't 100% German

    98. Peter Parker

      They were married when India got Independence. It was like an enternal relationship.

    99. Peter Parker

      He lived enough.

    100. Dynise Mc

      What an incredible man. R.I.P.