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    Jon Jafari - Director/Editor/Writer
    Sergio Torres - Director of Photography/Line Producer/Creative
    Andrew Reynoso - Key Grip/Creative
    Lewis Bown - Editor/Writer

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    1. Turnin' On The Screw

      This guy is an inside joke with me & my family

    2. King Qwil Winters

      Raid is absolute horse shit dont be a schill John

    3. BerdyevCreations

      Believe it or not but back in 2016 I've taken care of this guy at the Memory Care facility, in Bellingham, Washington. He was a great funny guy but he had a pretty bad Alzheimer's and Dementia. I was beyond the belief that this guy was a millionaire stuck at such shit facility (it wasn't bad but it wasn't best considering his income). Long story short, his wife was always on vacations and visiting him here and there. She basically inherited all of his $ and partied while he suffered at a shit "retirement home". Like literally, from all places they chose a memory care retirement home, while he could've had his personal caregivers 24/7 at home. Anyways, after I quit working that place, I guess his wife ended up taking him to some other facility and tried blaming all the staff for the lack of care, which in no doubt, is true. But at the end of the day, it's her fucking fault for not taking proper care of her husband and letting him rot at a retirement home. TL;DR: I used to be a caregiver for this guy at a memory care facility. He's had Alzheimer's and Dementia and essentially why passed away shortly after.

    4. NexusRider161

      0:54 to skip the RAID shill

    5. Izuku Midoriya

      Is it just me or his eyes are getting bigger ;-;

    6. Shpere

      I was sure THE FATHER OF JUICING was kali muscle....

    7. Capn. Clooch

      Just reading the title I thought this was about Jose canseco

    8. Langealot

      My grand father was 88 and pulling boats and lobsters traps like a boss... he didnt juice. He was the juice

    9. JStella -

      your videos give me life

    10. kcaj ffoc

      i mean... u can just eat the apple

    11. felipe Olivares

      What is that neon green set of books jontron has in the background?

    12. Monkey Spin

      listen to jontron old people are cringe remember that

    13. john john shekels

      The jittery child proximately nod because october universally squeak anenst a mammoth pen. wiry, parsimonious format

    14. Rosemary Kaye

      He probabely had something potentially lethal or painful. But not cancer. Maybe anemia. Or scurvy. Or gout.

    15. Baby stabber 6

      Can we all agree that babies and old people get stabbed?

    16. Jake Voss

      I’ve watched this like 7 times now, it’s my new favorite of Jon’s videos 😂

    17. Diminutive Shrew formerly Toasty Toast

      What is the ending music?

    18. Josh H

      I quote a Simpsons episode from the golden era..."IT'S WHISPER QUIET!!"

    19. Peanut Rabbit

      Jay has the same energy as Chuck McGill.

    20. Arboza liyan

      When are you gonna do games? No one cares about this stuff.

    21. manzano computer

      1vid per month yey

    22. robox vid

      Why is he so funny for looking at video I love it

    23. JusticeSoulTuna

      Lmao I wasn't ready for that ending. Actually got me!

    24. Rafael Gašpar

      Why did Joe Biden start making juice?

    25. Motivique Studio

      Still. Several notches up from Goop.

    26. ConDor


    27. metalHeadCoder

      Oh my god, this is brilliant

    28. Selena Bonilla

      LIFE FORCE!!!!

    29. WooHooLad

      We lost a real one today. 😔 When will the juicing end...

    30. Tyler Durden

      yep, that's worth a subscribe 👍

    31. HK Gaming

      11:31 12:59

    32. 세바리오스래라

      Omg Jon your alive, see you next year

    33. Syncro7

      Kordichian. Giant missed opportunity.

    34. Fat Tiger

      How is it that there were 2 elderly juice gurus? This guy and Jack Lalane?

    35. leaf heart

      As someone who regularly does this you can totally eat 7-8 carrots in one sitting.

    36. Hugh Janus

      Juicing JonTron at it again. Same soul, different tactics, same pajama parties in brown

    37. Asher Sedwick

      Damn I missed u Jon tron

    38. Tayter Zalad

      Haven't laughed this hard in years! Thank you!!!

    39. Sir Nickwick

      Damn, two videos in one year?

      1. •LaggyLizzy Edits•


    40. Imperfect_star _

      It feels like every book is a New York Times best seller so it’s entirely possible

    41. Mandy Hattox

      Wy do you think they call him the juice baby!!!!

    42. Dr. moxley (The Wyrm Warchaser)

      Aids shadow legends

    43. Particia Finn

      The pushy tortoise monthly soak because level problematically box qua a fallacious cup. nifty, nice eyelash

    44. StaticBolt

      "The Life-force" -Yoda

    45. DerRotSpassvogel

      9:50 look at all that juice coming out from there. My mom had a Juicer and it took at least 10 carrots to get that much juice. Either they had some bullshit TV magic or mom had a crappy Juicer. As much as she spent on it, I'm thinking the former.

    46. TERMINAl velocity

      Lol, this guy literally seems like the leader of a juice cult.

    47. Sebastian 3255


    48. Comrade Alek

      juicy man, he is

    49. enriched macaroni product

      anyone gonna mention the juicer segment has a pulp fiction poster in the background?

    50. Omni Shadow

      This is what I have been waiting for. Thank you for coming back Jontron, ya had me at juice torture hhahahahh

    51. Juan Rivera

      J u i c e

    52. Zero

      Notice how orange he is, that’s from consuming too many carrots

      1. Rosemary Kaye

        He is! I thought he was tan. But he's got dyed by the carrots.

    53. Turtle Gamer

      jontron upload pog

    54. Harry James Coulson

      And locked in there, are my prisoners

    55. JunkyVirus

      wtf, no one pushed Raid anymore. You are way out of the loop buddy.

    56. Gambit771

      'world famous' is a bit of a stretch.

    57. TheAsianTomboy

      I heard about JonTron but I never watched any of his video until now. I missed alot I see.

    58. Lukus Cannon

      Could have done Jack Lalanne and his POWER JUICER

    59. Therealguymins

      raid SHaDOW leGENDS!!!!11

    60. Laura Smith (NothingToSeeHere)

      *Looks like Jon had too much carrot juice.*

    61. Anti-Spiral

      13:26 put me into hysterical laughter bro. Suicide isn't funny at all but just the context and Jon's drone-like tone cracked me the fuck up xD

    62. trihard 8


    63. Nick Zheleznyak

      i love carrot juice good that this old man reminded me of drinking fresh juice at summer

    64. sjael

      Jay 2: The Power of Yes

    65. Dustin Burns

      No cap, this convinced me to go buy a juicer 😂

    66. Baak Gwai

      If we were going by bodybuilding lingo, this man would be way different...

    67. swag mart :D

      ok guys ill go make pop corn for the next episode the next year brb

    68. Quagigitymire

      i feel dumber after watching this and the juice guy Jay is only partly responsible for this...

    69. Daniel Zak

      this dude is the George RR Martin of youtube

    70. Admiral Cheese Prog

      He had to go with the father of juice because daddy juicer was already taken

    71. tomeetcho


    72. krojr

      rip jhone never thought it would end with him jumping off the brig after drinking some juice and I never thought he would become a doll form it either

    73. Kevin Hegeman

      1:18 is after the Raid ad!

    74. MrCommonOddity

      As someone with gout: that is accurate. I dealt with all sorts of pain in my life but this set the bar to a whole new level.

    75. Lazy Boi


    76. TCS Productions

      Can't wait to see what memes come from this.

    77. TP Sports

      I just saw a commercial for “Flex Seal Max” and just thought it be only right if you knew about it

    78. Mulder's Mayhem

      I mean, it could work. A lot of deficiencies contribute to disease and if you give your body the tools it needs to fight back on a consistent schedule, it is possible a lot of problems can be fought off if done early. Your body actually has the ability to fight off quite a lot, but not all of the tools it needs to use are readily available in your body or of a high enough quantity. This is where consumption of enough of these tools comes in. The average person either indulges in foods they like or eat just enough to satisfy the fact that they're hungry, so it's no wonder that problems that require targeting can take over from time to time.

    79. Max Bradley Strange

      The Twin Peaks outro had me crying. Just watched it all this year thanks for the deep cuts

    80. Youtube Emperor of Mankind

      4:20 someone reverse that so it looks like JonTron comes out of the water

    81. Prim Starling

      2 uploads in less than 2 months?? Are you feeling ok john

    82. Mr Halal Pork

      17:22 at least we know drinking the juice makes you slimmer while you die

    83. Bourg Productions

      RIP Jay Kordich (1923-2017)

    84. TickleMeWesker

      13:29 is how I feel when I haven’t seen Jon upload in 6 months

    85. p1553d0f

      Still simping for RAID?

    86. Frying Raijin

      John, please, you didn’t drop a “King of the Juice”

    87. Kaiser Rat

      See you boys in like... 6 months

    88. Pic Blick

      I always like those origin stories in infomercials. When does he want to be pirate king?

    89. Zoe Kyles

      Dude actually said "Everything you buy in a bottle is sterile" dude it is required by law to ensure that none of the products doesn't carry any diseases, parasites and other things that can cause bodily harm. FDA Ensures that.

    90. Kyles Isler


    91. Amal Joe Sojan

      Jay used to drink veggie juices. But he passed away. So the Queen is much healthier than that juice-drinking grandpa?

    92. Jakub Lulek

      Jay's eyebrows disturb me.

    93. Dorakos

      Did you wash the carrots Jon?

    94. Smulan Fisk

      Since Jontron believe climate change doesn't exist you never know which parts of his videos he actually believes in himself. Does he believe that cancer exists? Does he believe that it can be cured by carrot juice? Who knows?

    95. Joanna

      This dude is basically the Equate version of Jack Lalanne. He ripped off Jack's persona to sell juicers. Then Jack did the same thing back to him. Lol

    96. Sunny Kay

      I learned from Jay Kordich that Cabbage juice heals stomach ulcers. He changed my life

    97. JamesGamesALot

      Wow first we lost Jay and now Jon! Rest in Paradise, King! See kids stay off the juice. Unless it’s CapriSun because that stuff is the bomb.

    98. Hank bouffiou

      He kinda looks like mr clean

      1. Joanna

        personal health. He respond: "Wha-uh. Are you supposed to see. That many??" He responds this repeatedly. It haunts my dreams. He stills says it. Dire Dire Docks. ZING!

    99. Dark DeathLord

      Finally, I've found it, Queen Elizabeth's secret to eternal life, Jay must've been her former apprentice

    100. Peanut