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    viisaus #shorts

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    1. LeeviK

      juuh torille'

    2. Just some guy fighting for his freedom

      Vsauce Viisaus Vsus 😳 *AMOGUS*

    3. ItsFinnishDaniel

      hey finns ok bye

    4. Aito Teräsvuori

      so finally you figured out huh?

    5. Jarred Parel

      filipino and finnish people are the same they are both human and raids the entire comment section whenever they are called in a video

    6. Noora

      As a Finnish person I never noticed this because vsauce is written so differently from viisaus, even though they sound the same

    7. JeepiiFin GT

      Hahha Hauska video. Ps onks muute suomalaisii

    8. FevShin-

      It’s because you’re full of it

    9. 1xbearlol


    10. DragonsGD

      Sounds like pewdiepie saying vsauce.

    11. Umair Usman

      So randomnamegenerator just produces Finnish words?

    12. Richard Antrum

      the german for “birth control pill” is “antibaby pille”

    13. Mighty Erebus


    14. Sameer Dhanani

      As an Indian person Wait NOOOOOOOOOOO

    15. Edvard


    16. ElectricSpaghetti

      Finnish truly is a magical language like that 😌

    17. You will suffer


    18. Colten Smith

      OK!!!! I speak Finnish and I have ALWAYS wondered if that was why he chose that name! I was just too shy/lazy to ask if that is why he chose that name. This is crazy that this is a coincidence! Fits him though. Way to go Micheal!

    19. Anchialem Abebe

      The man has wisdom

    20. Kalepa2400


    21. Russo-Finland

      Hello Wisdom Here

    22. ZZZONEVR

      Hmm looks like vsause has changed for the worse. Thanks for all the amazing videos. Goodbye

      1. ZZZONEVR

        From interesting informative stuff too whatever this is.

    23. Nobody

      Now thats V SUS

    24. Paavan Sejpal

      Hey wisdom, Michael here.

    25. John Braddock


    26. Rev T

      Nobody cares nerd

    27. Morella Továr


    28. Pike

      Wait am i seeing things or was Finland mensioned :0

    29. GatitoKitten

      His name should be wisdom

    30. nuuskapeke11

      oumai gaad in native finnish and never realised this

    31. ً

      Sattumaako? Empä usko.

    32. Finn

      Suomi mainittu,

    33. Misu

      I was summoned mid sauna session to come and fulfill my only true purpose, I too am a finnish person.

    34. shadyparadox

      Meanwhile, "kamala" in Finnish means "horrible".

    35. Frank The Roastigator

      But... Vsauce is wisdom IN HUMAN FORM

    36. suburbans nation

      Fella, wake up, you live in 21st century, you are overpriced with silly toys.... Idiot. Wants more, more, more more money.. MORE, MORE.... Asshole personality.

    37. OneHourLeft

      the comeback

    38. Häyhä

      Vsauce has the word Finnish in the title Every Finnish person (including me): I have been summoned

    39. rosemary fuller

      No words...viisaus.

    40. Forrestisbest

      Do a episode on why humans flinch.

    41. I keep changing my username


    42. vilju 2006

      It didnt even translate is correctly, i know cause i live in finland

    43. epic

      wait if the moon gets away from earth 2 cm every year. how did the moon look like 10 million years ago?

    44. MTigerRej1 #


    45. ZETH_27

      As a Swedish Person, I'm not Finnish.

    46. Crusader The Insane

      My language

    47. Maciek Łohyn

      That is something?

    48. Raihan Ansari

      im not finnish

    49. Anurag Chowdhury

      All this is fine but Finland doesn't Exist.

    50. bowen voowy

      This made all Finns to go party to the market place and now we have a massive frigging COVID epidemic

    51. aris michailoglou

      What does a mermaid taste like?

    52. Trope aDope

      Nice flex Micheal

    53. Jinx Mono

      I'm not finnish, i'm russian. But, i guess, cuz Russia and Finland are neighbours, i got summoned as well.

    54. KonstantinGeist

      vīsōs in Latin means "the visions/the looks" visos in Latvian means "in all/in everything" visos in Spanish means "looks/appearances" Mind blown yet?

    55. Elina Auvinen

      Welcome half of finland to your comment section

    56. xanman the big

      I checed it its true

    57. Fluorisoiva a

      Hei siis tota tietäisköhän kukaan että saako täältä jostain niitä ämpäreitä? Mihinkä pitäis pitäis mennä jonottamaan?

    58. Noah

      Hey wisdom! Micael here.

    59. Rednodge

      Viisaus? More like...

    60. Elia2324

      Vsauce is wisdom? Already knew that

    61. Vilis M8

      hey viisaus micheal here

    62. NOICE


    63. MINI MR. E

      Veeeee souce

    64. Lornext

      Viisaus Maikhel hier

    65. Pyro

      this *finnished* me

    66. Hectic

      I’m Finnish

    67. Emru Yordanov

      What is bad about of finland🇫🇮 that is normally word in finnish but it sounds different than english🇺🇸

    68. Jünther Gauch

      ehm... Räikkönen Häkkinen sauna?

    69. Henri Core

      I'm Finnish and I approve of this message

    70. Usama Riaz

      "Vsauce" sounds like "Viisaus" or does it? Not exactly. Double vowels are pronounced longer than single vowels and consonants in Finnish. So "ii" in "Viisaus" are pronounced longer. "Sauce" is pronounced as Saws in English, whereas "U" in "Viisaus" is pronounced as "U" in "Sugar".

    71. Shayan YD


    72. Directed by Robert B. Weide.

      Apparently vsauce is just wsdom

    73. Ian Peer

      I have been waiting years for an upload..

    74. safiye

      I live in finland

    75. madara uchiha

      shouldn't we be infinite size because the universe is infinite and a fraction of infinite is still infinite and we are just a fraction of our universe which is infinite Vsauce could you please answer this I have been thinking about this for months

    76. MitjaShi

      Been waiting for this to happen Finnish guy


      say whaaatttttt ????? .. viisause wkkw

    78. Satyam Singh

      Today I learnt Finnish 🙂

    79. The Rizu

      lmao i love finnish, even if I speak similar language to it

    80. Thawters

      As a finnish person from now on i will always hear michael say ”viisaus” instead of ”vsauce” at his videos😂

    81. small flip

      Why did he left those 3 channels of his , in59seconds,quirkology,

    82. Hamoud Habibi

      Kinda sus

    83. Cooperrrlolll

      I am part finnish and this is cool so I can say, Hei viisautta, tee yhteistyötä täällä. Tänään puhumme ihmisten syömisestä

    84. Thme

      Suomi mainittu torilla tavataan hahah

    85. Wiz_the_Buck


    86. Xendoy


    87. Buna

      im not sure if that "say whaaaat" is a reference to this is us or i'm just dumb

    88. CabermanTM

      Give this man chocolate right now

    89. Sharpy

      make a video about what is past the know universe please

    90. dramaticpirate

      Fake. Google Translate is a paid actor

    91. Edgar Pastor

      Remember when "Hey Vsauce, Michael here" was a meme? Same, it felt like yesterday

    92. Alan Yu

      say whaaaat

    93. Meemi Mies

      Whenever an International youtuber says literally anything related to Finland we get very exited lmao.

    94. 靄 MOYA HORROR

      Finns assemble. Torille ja sillee.

    95. Sunny the Great

      I never realized Vsauce had so many Finnish subscribers

    96. Laattanen


    97. Chubbyinnit

      Would you rather: See new 1 minute shorts from Michael everyday Or See in-depth 10 minute vids every month

    98. EmingeN

      that pronounciation on the "saus" tho'

    99. Dirty Monty

      Finland is real?

    100. Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim

      I made it that way........i thought it would be funny.