The Future Of Reasoning


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    This video was created in partnership with Bill Gates and was inspired by his new book “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster.” Find out more here:
    my twitter: tweetsauce
    my instagram: electricpants
    The extended mind thesis:
    MinuteEarth video on how greenhouse gasses work:
    Molecule animations from
    "The Enigma of Reason" by Hugo Mercier and Dan Sperber:
    "Do You Know Yourself?" Mind Field S1E8
    Jonathan Haidt's famous "emotional dog" paper about moral reasoning:
    Cognitive Niche:,cause%2Dand%2Deffect%20reasoning%20and
    Visual system diagram by RATZNIUM
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    1. Latham Green

      Err is TOTH senese I thought but I sort of don’t speak Greek

    2. fumomo fumosarum

      " The Wisdom of the Crowds " ? Mass Psychosis enters the chat: " Am I a joke to you? "

      1. stik a

        the intelligence of the average person enters the chat: yay, i smart now

    3. Pushpin06

      This is some damn good script writing.

    4. Livvy Skelton-Price

      This is really fascinating, what I’m interested in is whether these experiments have only been done in the US or if they have tried these experiments in lots of different cultures

    5. STiP0

      6.5k people were just like "nope, i don't agree"

    6. Denis Einzbern

      I feel like this video was made just cause Michael couldn't convince his friend to had lunch with him.

    7. Edgar Arrhenius

      nO My OpInIoN iS rIgHt!!

    8. Mikołaj Kuziuk

      11:34 Or am I?

    9. Peter Moriarty

      There is only one real solution which unifies both rational and irrational needs of humans and therefore all species. Humanity must adopt a form of "Biotheism", or the reverence for the integrity, longevity, and health of the Biosphere and the human genome. This means placing ecological stewardship, and protecting the viability of our naturally evolved condition as not only sacred, but the most sacred of all values. Whether we know it or not, all our most profound values must be founded upon this foundation, or they are in fact aberrant, and unhealthy. This includes not only a need to reframe our theological perspectives around such values, but perhaps even more critical, to reframe our mechanistic, reductionist, materialist views which seek to enthrone not biology and the biosphere as the highest value, but our human wants and biases. Such an aberrant view leads down the myopic, short-sighted and hubris driven practices such as geoengineering, genetic engineering, transhumanism, top-down management of the biosphere as a subcategory of human necessity, which is a fundamental inversion of the actual needs of our species, which is to recognize ourselves as a sub-category of the biosphere.

      1. Peter Moriarty

        Based on that premise, it is exactly people like Bill Gates who we must guard against, not trust with out collective future. He is hubris driven and puts humanity (importantly, one of the most virulent segments of humanity: technocrats) above the biosphere. He believes our limited human minds, "augmented" by AI, can act as the new God of our world and our human existence. When you speak of "confirmation bias", Gates is its godfather.

    10. Gonçalo

      You never cease to amaze Michael, you always learn, teach and fascinate my small human brain.

    11. Drakhor T

      Who else disliked the video the moment he mentioned collaborating with Bill Gates?

    12. Donelle Reed

      We are a hive mind: Whether or not the hive thrives or self-destructs is predicated on our ability to: Empathize with ourselves, understand ourselves, and control ourselves.

    13. Ian Decker

      love that yall are talking about this

    14. PsionicMonk

      When it took a week to start this video because the last one gave me a mindgasm so hard my spinal cord hurt for a week

    15. John Dough

      14:14 :every psychopath ever

    16. Matthew P.

      This is a very long way of saying, "majority opinion good, minority opinion bad."

    17. Matthew P.

      'The future of reason is having all decisions be made by a jury of random people averaging out their conclusions.' Newsflash: this idea is not as smart as Michael makes it sound. Michael says reasoning is actually just for socializing. Why, then, would we use collective reasoning to get truer conclusions? The point of collective reasoning isn't truth, it's socializing. It might work fine for counting jellybeans, but not for reasoning the best solution to the climate crisis. I'll take the sole reasoning of a climate scientist over the collective reasoning of a million idiots any day. Using "the past of reasoning" as the future of reasoning isn't smart.

    18. vitefait

      3:24 Global warming is scary, but we should be careful to get priorities right! Check this great video by Jordan Peterson and Bjorn Lomborg: By makin poor people richer we can slow down global warming!

    19. Alexander Holvoet

      14:13 my autistic ass 👀👀👀

    20. SynapticTransmission

      Sellout. Unsubbed.

      1. Declan H

        @KnivesOnly whats wrong with bill gates? Isn’t he the guy who makes computers?

      2. KnivesOnly

        @Declan H partnered with bill gates

      3. Declan H

        How is Michael a sellout?

    21. mc lil Zen the poet

      theres a subreddit about Lottocracy called r/Lottocracy

    22. XENON

      Thank you Vsauce

    23. John Dough

      1:27 escalator scene is from Hong Kong Festival Walk? I lived there for 10 years look 100% like it.

    24. Stephan Brun

      Logic is a part of intelligence, though (as acknowledged by W.A.I.S.,) and trainable. It follows therefore that people without that training qualify as stupid, but it also implies stupid is fixable. Depending on the level of stupidity, give (or take) a bulls and cows game or Mastermind, a simple sudoku, or a more complex sudoku a day for two months. Hey, presto: no more stupidity! Hopefully.. It also means rational brain pathways can be lost if not maintained. So use appropriate spaced repetition, and freshen up those pathways if you haven't done it for a while. I think I'm going to have to do this myself soon. Also, your enthusiasm for Athenian democracy may be somewhat misplaced. Keep in mind courts was also decided by popular votes, something which killed Socrates, the first murder of justice I know about. Clearly the wisdom of the crowd has flaws.

    25. Krusher 99

      Awesome. See you in 6 months, everyone!

    26. XENON

      Who made the *** subtitle?

    27. Ivo

      Metal Gear Solid 2.

    28. Sir Shiitake

      The background music at the beginning brings me back to being a kid, mining vespene gas.

    29. Sir Shiitake

      VSAUCE, WTF have you been?

    30. Dan Smith

      I disagree with the supposition that there are either married or unmarried people. That information should be actually stated or there is uncertainty introduced. Or the idea that there is infered information the logician has to have to solve.

    31. Tobilike bacon

      9:54 ourggjhugfjhffiu

    32. Niti Shahini

      Hey Vsause, I always wanted to know why humans seem to have the ability to detect music that is off-beat or when a piano is played on the wrong notes and so on. Is it someone we’re born with? Is it an further indication that the world we perceive and create is mathematical, meaning math is not a social construct? Is God the creator of the construct we live in? Does that also mean that the reality we live in is the unknown? And is God the word or manifestation we use to depict the reality we don’t understand? It would be cool if you could answer.

    33. gouf_respecter

      Everything Michael suggests here is the wet dream of the people who already control our world. When a group of people is capable of silencing, influencing, and controlling the population they could and already do influence "reasoning". I hope the bill gates money was worth it you sellout

    34. Hris Ivanov

      Vsauce before: "Where are your fingers?" Vsauce now: "Where is your mind?" *He's evolving*

    35. Sean McHenry

      Empathy...... I still have it. I will resonate positive.... And find the good in people. ✌️

    36. Noureldin ehab


    37. James Cotter

      12:32 Zaius : You are right, I have always known about man. From the evidence, I believe his wisdom must walk hand and hand with his idiocy. His emotions must rule his brain. He must be a warlike creature who gives battle to everything around him, even himself.

    38. William Holtrop

      Damn. Pretty insightful. I connected so many of those points to my own experiences.

    39. Mihnea

      Just amazing.

    40. Stephen Appleton

      Global reset, let’s goooo

    41. ShinigamiOni

      *watches in intelligence agencies*

    42. Andreas Larsen

      i think cartman in Southpark had a awesome-o-meter

    43. Birk Oven

      Not that it is dangerous to practisise the idea of you, but its very dangerous to establish it

    44. judged by time

      What I wrote a couple months ago: "I think some latent flaws in humans are awakened by advancing technology."

    45. Hugo

      “In partnership with Bill Gates.” Miss me with that shit.

    46. stultus es

      Why do people continually crap on about emissions, climate change etc etc etc and refuse to tackle the topic of population growth?! If you truely believed emissions is so important then why not tackle the topic of root cause, the number of people Fertility rates are failing off a cliff as is marriage rates, so the population S curve will be reached faster than anticipated

      1. Declan H

        What do you wanna do? Pull a thanos? Limiting the number of people will only just delay climate change. Limiting the number of people means we’ll keep polluting, just not as much, so the earth will warm slower and all the bad stuff will still happen, just over a longer period of time. The amount of people isn’t really the issue here, it’s all the greenhouse gasses, and switching to renewable resources will actually fix that instead of just pushing the issue back for later generations to deal with. Also, how do you play on limiting the number of people? Killing people isn’t an option and not allowing people to have kids is super authoritarian and most people won’t be ok with that.

    47. Leston Yearwood

      I feel like this video is actively trying to make me stupid by undermining concepts like logic and reasoning. No wonder this was sponsored by Bill Gates.

    48. Robert Seviour

      Random, annoying background music makes this otherwise interesting video unpleasant to watch. Why do producers think it's necessary? Thumb down.

    49. AI Totem

      SOOOooo Jury duty but for the government?

    50. yijuan li

      why did people unlike there is no Reason to unlike the video

    51. Tam Lerner

      If you are really concerned about future residents of Earth, then let Earth be what it is, and stop adding so much crap that changes it.

    52. Echo Alan

      Vsauce always leaves a massive smile on my face. Michael is the best

    53. Stefan Johansson

      You actualy blow my mind. Wonderfull. Thanks.

    54. ilarious

      Hey viisaus 👋

    55. abcdefg

      I often found my opinions to be irrational and biased on different social issues, and of course it is. It's easy to just stay inside of an bubble, where all I encounter is people with the same view as I. And it's difficult to talk to people outside of the bubble, to acknowledge the fact that I might be wrong. That why I found the idea of "reasoning is a group activity" fascinating. It showed me a path to become a better problem solver, and a better reasoner. So I am considering ditching some social media and have more discussion in the real life instead. Thanks for this awesome video Michael :)

    56. AI Totem

      ALSO We are the longest running animals.... Completely missed on what we do best.

      1. Declan H

        Umm what about sharks? And what about all the other animals that have been around WAAAAY longer than us. Also nobody cares if you haven’t learned anything in the first 15 minutes?

    57. AI Totem

      15 minutes in and haven't learned anything I haven't already thought about on my own...

      1. AI Totem

        Finally learned something at 20 minutes

    58. Kallisti Babylon

      the issue ii think are power structures in general, the state governing people insted of people governing themselves on basis of good reasoning which mus be based on universal human rights; the problem is still capitalism standing in the way of that. in and out groups etc.

    59. AI Totem

      Sounds like 50% of us are idiots that need reprogramming. Thanks for proving supremacy theories.

    60. AI Totem

      What if Mary is engaged or a widow? HUH?

    61. AI Totem

      What is a "HyperObect?" Idiots

    62. AI Totem

      HOW ABOUT YOU GIVE US TIME TO PAUSE THE VIDEO? I hate having a question answered for me just because I'm thinking. Waste of my time. For fucks sake

      1. Declan H

        I don’t know what you’re all mad about. There’s plenty of time to pause. Pausing is super quick and there’s definitely time to do it.

    63. vid84zee

      It’s taken me ten years to realise. Michaels catchphrase is “.........or is it?”

      1. Declan H

        or is it?

    64. MegaJugjugjug

      Just wanted to say - yes all elephants ARE awesome

    65. sunterry

      This channel is so next level. It’s amazing that I get to enjoy this content for free.

    66. Zach Shea

      True independence is a lie

    67. Holly

      21:31 would be really nice if that were true. we must face the reality that democracy is not intact. the idea of a lottocracy is interesting, but it also has weaknesses and I don't quite see the point. imagine a climate change denier being picked to make a momentous decision on it. and when you said "learn from experts" you made the whole idea moot because we are right back at the original issue of a small group making decisions. after all, it's not possible for experts to communicate their knowledge without bias, so ultimately, those chosen "experts" would have all the influence. no, instead of a lottocracy, I'd say a direct form of democracy void of political representation makes much more sense. and perhaps the most important part is that it has to become the dominant model not just for governments, but for companies, too.

    68. Dallas

      He's just testing a recipe for boiled brains

    69. Earthling 6.455.463.728

      The wisdom of crowds is cool and all but example respect to the Salem Witch Trials or with respect to slavery it's clearly not 100%

    70. djmlcz

      vsauce working with bill gates? ... Why? What have you done Michael?

    71. Taffer's Tower

      Of course Bill Gates has a book about "climate disaster/change". Don't fall for this crap. Also ask yourself what does he have to do with this?

    72. Mr Mashhead

      Hey Vsauce! Propaganda here.

    73. FeroxX

      2:50 Half-Life 3 confirmed!

    74. James Iyer

      Damn, this channel is timeless

    75. BiffaSlick

      POV youre Vsauce's wife when she asks why you're upset

    76. Nicholas Auwaerts

      Thank you!!!

    77. Nick Montimurro

      How can we make this happen though?

    78. 9123219

      I think that the problem with lottocracy would be that where is the line between the politicians and the people? How do we choose what decisions will be made by politicians and which will be made by people? If we will let politicians make the big decisions then there will be a lot of people who will riot. They will think that there is some conspiracy behind that. We are living in the golden age of false news, false statements and stuff like that. Our society is way too underdeveloped for lottocracy. But it’s said that our society is still a “teenager”. If you think about all of the confusions, riots, rebellions then it seems pretty logical. Maybe our grandkids will be testing this thing called lottocracy.

    79. Alex B.

      if study computer science you love this video

    80. hsncr

      @1:30 he means that the community

    81. Steve Stolarczyk

      The experiment at 13:00 makes no sense. They show pictures of random people and ask the subject to make nearly random judgements between them, then argue that the inability to remember which were chosen and which were rejected proves that we’re not rational? Have I misunderstood the experiment somehow?

    82. postpwned3

      Someone else had to pay for us to have this video.....😒

    83. Jonathan The Zombie

      Whatever reasons they need to give to shift everyone into their will, they will give. Whatever it takes to control all energy production, they will do.

      1. Jonathan The Zombie

        @Farco Bill Gates. The United States government. The Chinese government. They all want to control energy production and consumption. Climate change is a convenient excuse, and they all use it.

      2. Farco

        Who? You imagine there's some big "they" out there seeking to control everything. That's not true. Whatever way we figure this stuff out it'll have to be a collaboration of all kinds of people with different interests.

    84. Callum

      11:34 "I am not an elephant" :o

    85. psycho-styx

      Natural selection has a filter, the veil is lifted through spiritual ascension. That is what the ancients were trying to tell the damned. What people don't realize is that ascenson is a physical biological process moving energy through the spinal column to activate the pineal gland. This creates an empathic communication not only to people, but the physical world around you as well. There is no great God in the sky that will make you feel high. It is entirely up to you. And while you are pointing fingers, someone else is judging you. Judgement stops when we stop judgment, or let's call it reason. Let light be you guide.

    86. memeo meme

      Eh... Partnering with Bill Gates? Sorry Vsauce I love you guys but Gates is one dodgy person.

    87. Graham Southern

      Disappointed to see you're on the Global warming bandwagon.

    88. Tyler Davis

      Bruh bill gates buys beach front property while telling us the worlds going to end in 7 years. Hes not a man of reasoning

    89. MrZixad

      Idea of lottocracy is great! or is it? You see in the world of lottocracy the minorities would lose their voice complitly you could say it's the middleground of middlegrounds but still people disabled would have to hope that at least half of people that will be chosen or will represent them... which seems unrealistic.

    90. alla nur sharif

      Can you do a video on the fallibility of evolution, please? pretty please?

    91. Aunard Rabe

      Lottocracy, like any form of govt, will have its good and bad side to it. As always, good points discussed, Michael.

    92. Clayton Harting

      I think he just proved his own point. Multiple perspectives are needed on everything. Just look at the comments and see what his perspective gave to us on most of our modern problems. Only Vsauce could have a perspective like that

    93. Mountain Drew

      Goddammit I fucking love this channel.

    94. Lv Queens

      Damn I missed Vsauce when I heard the old Vsauce score I got chills

    95. Tieshaunn Tanner

      Lottocracy - some might ridicule it, but taking a look at the kind of people we elect into office, a random selection would likely raise the average IQ of the government.

    96. Peter Anthony Martins

      Where can I find the bibliographic reference saying that for the next 4 decades the world will build the equivalent of a New York City every month?

    97. Never All

      Yea! Another shill for Bill Gates!

    98. Nick T13

      What if the meaning of reasoning wasn’t to reason but to tell

    99. e1123581321345589144

      plot twist: out modern world is actually a computation engine, constantly bombarded with random crises so our creators can fin out how to solve them IRL

    100. DIllion McIntosh