The Most Perfect Wood Recycling Idea Ever // A Table Is Sure You Have Never Seen

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    The Most Perfect Wood Recycling Idea Ever // A Table Is Sure You Have Never Seen

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    1. Ra Ma


      soooo nice bro 😘

    3. Debu Ghosh

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    5. jack setigi channel

      Yes 👍👍👍

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    7. Harouna Issaka


    8. Vu Anh Le Ha

      Vietnam 🇻🇳 kkk

    9. kai kororo

      nice one

    10. HELEN Santos



      PARABÉNS !!!

    12. Madhukar Bomble

      Very nice bro

    13. علي الاشعري


      1. علي الاشعري


    14. Golu Sarma

    15. welcome to my channel

      how much cost bro that trees cutting machine

    16. Romana Merlene

      I did it myself thanks to Woodprix.

    17. Meli Livailagi

      You just have to use your talent ...very simple ..very nice ...

    18. Marceneura (Gabriel Lezcano)

      ficou demais.

    19. metal micky

      Great job...but stable?

    20. 維尼皇帝

      The dog is a natural vacuum cleaner

    21. Riseagainst Theleft


    22. Star Karan

      Find out how to do it yourself with all the details. Just look for Stodoys :)

    23. محمد حسين

      ها شني نايم كاعد

    24. Николай Юдович

      Хунта голимая

    25. Мурад Муртазалиев


    26. حمزة العراقي

      اللهم صل على محمد وال محمد وعجل فرجهم الشريف استغفر الله ربي واتوب اليه

    27. nrcoelho Coelho

      Parabéns, Excelente trabalho. Melhor ficaria se o tampo houvesse permanecido no formato octogonal. Circular, se tornou comum a muitos outros. Gostei muito pela confecção/montagem do tampo, de fora para o centro. Trabalho que exige atenção e cuidado no medir e cortar, com exatidão, todas as peças para o encaixe perfeito. Embora não apareça no vídeo, acredito que foi empregado um gabarito na marcação dos pontos de corte. Gostei também do emprego do nível, pra definir o ponto exato ao corte na base dos pés, e no topo para o apoio do tampo. Deus ti abençoe e proteja, obrigado pela exemplo e dedicação.

    28. Salomon Inestroza

      Woowwwww exelente.... Bendiciones 🙏 broo..

    29. Sue Waring

      I cant believe he cot it into a circle. I liked it better with the points / octagon shape.

    30. Col5Arg0

      Aunque es una mesa inestable, pero entretenido el video y muy buen trabajo 👍

    31. Varone Antonio

      what s the name of the machine in 6:28 please?

    32. Soft E-MEDIA

    33. Survival Skills

      This is great. I was thinking of something similar 👏👏👏😏😉😊

    34. yathang Y


    35. Andersom Silva


    36. Sahar Ghanem

      Great job. So talented

    37. José PioPio filho


    38. dokkuihaev

      Ни чего интересного... Скорее дешёвый никчёмный китайский инструмент рекламирует ...

    39. Dirk Dykstra

      Only thing that bothers me is how far off to one side the center of gravity is compared to the legs

    40. Maru Chetan

      Great job bhai

    41. Richard Parisi

      Very good table I hope I can do the same , very good work.

    42. Maria Helena Ribeiro Gomes

      👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 belíssimo PROFISSIONALISMO 👏👏👏👏👏👏

    43. Palavra do Senhor

    44. Manas Gandhe

      Devmanus is

    45. Joe Jamata

      I purchased some excellent plans from the Woodglut website.

      1. Andi Saunders

        It's a scam, google it

    46. Quem procura acha

      Ficou muito boa eu amei

    47. Antonio Manteca

      I preferres the poliedric shape

    48. Reyes Cruz

      Exagonal mucho mejor✌️

    49. Nicolas Detore

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      1. lazare03

        @nithyanandam D uù&

      2. nithyanandam D


    50. Alan Berry

      Absolutely superb. A real craftsman. A table to be enjoyed by the next few generations!

    51. Antonio Mário Rocha Da Silva

      Sensacional, um show gostei muito.

    52. Alberto Zuñiga

      K bonita quedó cuánto miden los primeros trocitos de madera

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      1. Celestino Valerio


    54. Debanshu Pati

      Foget everything ,I want that pen😅

    55. W. OTTO W.

      Wonderfull,,, Congratulations

    56. Ryan Augusto

      Ryan Augusto

    57. MejaDonat Art

      very useful... so I can learn by watching this video.. thanks bro

    58. emily m

      Good you can sell the table u just made and go get ur dogs some damn flea meds! Sheesh!

    59. Aaron

      Pushing that chisel toward your hand is baaaAd news

    60. Husnil Mubarok

      Ini baru berkreatif tanpa harus merusak alam melainkan berkreatif dari hasil alam goood👍

    61. Игорь Жарков


    62. Thushara Ranasinghe

      Skilful and correctly use of equipment tirelessly. Great job

    63. Myllena Rodrigues

    64. Yashirin Kamera


    65. Yashirin Kamera


    66. moe sat


    67. Fatima Zerafi

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      1. stan8895 Stan

        What is the sentence means,dont understand

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    69. Abid Thaqif

      perfect 👍🏻


      Me iso perder 20 minutos para la basura que creo

    71. Antonia🤌

      Wow top✌

    72. Andries Basson

      Love the video, what disc attachment are you using at 6:37 on the angle grinder?

    73. fredy galleguitos

      Felicidades amigo por tu chamba esta buena

    74. 히루밤

      loved watching this thanks

    75. Rafael Divina

      Que sabedoria que Deus abençoe

    76. LaVette

      Amazing work! Loved how it turned out.

    77. Mbarak 65


    78. Fernando Toledo

      Good job

    79. Md Babor


    80. Pieter Holwerda

      Excellent workmanship and a lovely step by step demonstration. Thank you. (Your dogs have fleas!)

    81. Anikó Nagy

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    82. Fanny Morales Leal

      Cómo van a grabar un vídeo así?! Sin hablar, explicar que usaron, goma, madera, ese polvo nada explico

    83. YILDIRIM Bayram

      Your dogs very sweet 😍

    84. Moretram

      I enjoyed looking around your video. 😆

    85. Jason Myers

      What totally awesome rad dogs you have!

    86. PILAR Leonardo

      Muy muy bonito trabajo bello un saludo

    87. Felipe Lopes


    88. Felipe Lopes


    89. Tukang Kayu Virtual

    90. Bros La


    91. handri aditia

      Mantap ....terima kasih ....terinpirasi ...👍👍👍

    92. Tomeg b Majingililo

      Good but if I needthat's tools how many costing are there

    93. Astitva Soni

      The thumbnail was legit satisfying..

    94. irma enoughsaid

      Nice work!

    95. SofyLady 4U


    96. Calvin Grace

      A table is sure you have never seen

    97. nurseman123

      Nice and creative.

    98. well adjusted troglodyte

      Amazing project, truly a gifted craftsman!