The Napoleonic Wars - OverSimplified (Part 1)

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    Audionautix - Temptation March

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      17:44 narrator: come on ladies maybe let men have a slice of the pie for once, mmkay? Women: Oh come on they already have the whole pie!

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      "When he comes to us, we.. run.. away.." Soldiers during the emus war: "I'm going to shove that up your a-"

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      So was Napoleon staging a coup?

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      *Not so fun fact : Napoleon hated "La Marseillesse" (the current national anthem of France) because Josephine cheated on him with the guy who composed this anthem.

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        lmao weird this is, King George V of England was also 5'6, Tsar Nicholas II was also 5'6 and kaiser wilhelm II was 5'5.

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      So french essentially invented blitzkreig

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      well he did stop the revolution and defeated france enemies but the people wanted a republic right and he became a monarchy something that the french people wanted to removed for years atleast he was fair to his citizens also can i put simeons in the trash, i don't like him

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        @Xerius just break it up, and make them client states, don't incorporate them. like what allies did to austo-huganian empire or ottomans.

      2. Xerius

        that's not how it actually works, rebels are also a thing and the whole area would go unstable if france just captured it as in integrated it in itself

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