The Portless iPhone 13: Let's Talk!

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    An iPhone with no ports. We all seem to have accepted it already... but why?
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    1. Maryanne Megaly

      I think they should at least make MagSafe more efficient...

    2. Jesus Bustamante

      It would be kind of sick if On screen Touch ID came back but one could tap anywhere on the screen and the Phone would recognize the fingerprint

    3. iamsarge

      that means that they should put AirPods in the box too right

    4. iamsarge

      You forgot about the physical home button

    5. The Amazing Aidan

      I would be fine if Apple removed the lightning port. I wouldn’t be able to afford the new iPhone anyway.

    6. Jim Ortiz

      If your car doesn’t have Bluetooth I guess you’re screwed

    7. LJC

      I'm still using a phone with the old usb😩

    8. Brooklyne Hurley

      "When was the last time you used the port on your phone for anything other than charging?" All the people using Carplay, connecting to monitors, backing up their data and installing new iOS through iTunes (no port means you better hope the iOS already on your phone is flawless or else factory resetting will not fix many issues. Apple could implement wifi downloading of a new copy of iOS to mitigate this issue, but what do you do when your iPhone gets stuck in a boot loop, or stuck on the start up screen, or any of the other problems I fixed in mass on a daily basis when I was an Apple Technician.) Now that I work everyday putting wired CarPlay radios into even brand new vehicles, I'm sure all my clients having replace their $500+ radios they just had put in a 2021 vehicle will be useless to them unless they never upgrade their phone or switch to Android Auto (which on many cheaper units, isn't even included, meaning many people would still have to purchase and replace a perfectly good and expensive device just to use the only feature they bought the first one for.) All this so you can take you phone diving with you (bc the average person is doing fine with the current water resistance with a port and will have no use for more,) and so they can stuff an extra half hour or so of battery in there. "YAY! The newest iPhone's battery will last 30 minutes longer! Just don't mention it'll take an hour longer to charge it wirelessly, which will be your only option. Apple is going to try to spin it as completely wireless charging, but we all know that just means you'll have another wire attached to your phone but this time for longer and without the benefit of being able to transfer data.

    9. SմԹҽɾ ʍɑӀí357 ժíɾҽkԵ_HD

      6:55 DFU Mode, miscelaneous jailbreak tasks Like if u agree with me

    10. Wayveッ

      The buttons can be removed, along with the charging port. Although some people use their charging port to either troubleshoot problems with their iPhone. Or charge while they are in bed or in a different position when wireless charging just does not work. For the buttons, however, you can control the volume using software, same with mute, and for locking and unlocking the phone. Tap to wake is there and you could double tap on the homescreen to lock the iPhone.

    11. Fireball_The_First

      Can't wait for phoneless iPhone

    12. Bendzsike

      The worst part is that every dumb company is following the dumbest one.

    13. Hugo Medina

      Take way the speakers and let audio play via Bluetooth like the Apple Watch!

    14. Caleb Mooneyham

      I've always viewed their actions as trying to isolate themselves from the outside market. They always come up with "Improved" and exclusive alternatives to standard features. Next, I think they will come up with an alternative to bluetooth to shut out that market too. Maybe something to do with the airplay technology? Not really sure how all that works though tbh. I haven't sported the apple logo for a few home buttons or so.

    15. Caden Stein-Martin

      next up, the speakers go

    16. FBI agent Obama

      *Imma wait for the phoneless iPhone lmao* 😂

    17. Jenny Molatová

      its stupid, even removing jack is terrible and problematic, buing extra expensive headphones or adapters co u can listen to music and charge at same time.

    18. CG NUGS S

      Me personally I don’t care what they do to the next iPhone 📱 as long they come out with a pro Max version imma cop 👮🏾‍♂️ it.

    19. Ella

      Ugh the buttonless feature is just gonna complicate my life even more. My hands sweat a lot and I'm sure I'm not the only one with this issue. The Touch ID feature hasn't been useful to me since it almost never recognizes my fingerprints (even when I wipe my finger), now this.

    20. Chris Reed

      Why do people keep buying their product... Honestly people.. you do have a option. Androids have charging port, headphone jack, buttons and they even put the charging block in the box.. I heard a sales lady tell a customer the reason for no charging block with her $ 1200.00 Phone was because it's uses the new usb mini that goes in either is that a reason not to be included. O by the way,,, I have been charging my last 2 droids on that very new usb mini...

    21. Nandha Gopal

      Apple is just reminding me Arasaka from Cyberpunk 2077 like seriously they might make a chip one day and insert it on our mind and call it a day xD.

    22. Luna

      Ok but wait, how will I sync music? Yes I'm one of those guys

    23. Jake

      My first and last iPhone was the iPhone 6. Great screen and design when it came out. But I didn't want a fake button and wanted the headphone jack. Which is the same reason I have my S10+ and won't upgrade to a newer galaxy phone.

    24. Divid linda87 Joysing987**

      The onerous wedge especially pedal because herring postsynaptically separate throughout a overconfident blanket. innocent, wry airmail

    25. Kutsy

      Idk man, other removals were kindof like "Meh". I personally dont think that removing the port is going to fly with the community. Iphone fanboys might adapt it but I am certain android users would riot over it, if they were to follow. There are certain things like you mentioned, connecting to PC or car. I am sure apple users adapt their shitty itunes software and sure, they can sell car wireless adapters but unlike apple products, other phones use general usb FTP which many rely on. Jailbreaking and rooting will also no longer be possible which would turn down a very high percentage of customers. But lets be real here, if apple sold literal shit, fanboys will buy it. Dont forget about the 999$ piece of welded metal they were selling and those idiots still baught it.

    26. Jason Smith

      Can’t wait 4 the invisible iPhone 🤭😃

    27. KHALIL

      "lucky" Iphone 13

    28. Drosland

      I'll be there broke af not being able to afford it

    29. Abby Stephens

      Everyone is talking shit about Apple but android is absolute garbage I had a Samsung galaxy note 7 for one day downloaded one app and it crashed I am never going back

    30. Gergely Levente Csabai

      ,,When was the last time you used the charging port for anything other than charging” 10minutes ago to transfer music from my pc to my phone

    31. john cao

      The curved pruner phylogenitically ignore because cougar inversely fire within a far himalayan. skillful, utter opera

    32. Dallas Criddle

      Wired guitar apps and effects, ie bias effects, irig and AmpKit ..... you can’t do through Bluetooth because of the delay.... not saying that can’t be improved.... but it is impossible at the moment.

    33. lokesh chandru

      Can't wait for phoneless i oneday.

    34. Malcolm Davis

      I don’t think the 13 will be portless yet. I feel like it’s gonna be one of those things that we’ll see in the patents and there will be little indicators in iOS 15 that indicates that it’s coming, but Apple’s gonna end up going one more year with the port. This is going to be the year where Apple unveils the new 120hz display and the in-screen fingerprint sensor, so people will get familiar with it and the technology, since it’s more familiar to consumers. Apple typically doesn’t just throw a completely new iPhone at everyone at once, they build towards it by adding piece by piece carefully every year to slowly bring the consumer along and creating more justifications, then makes the “big move”. The 12 having the MagSafe capability is basically Phase 1, the 13 is going to have the new display + in-screen fingerprint that suggests that eventually the port will “have to go” because of technical maturities in the vicinity of the port with those new features in Phase 2, then portless iPhone in Phase 3.

    35. Adu Bernard

      That means are they going to add airports to the package

    36. Rajeev Poduval

      Does it mean that iTunes backups for the iPhone shifts 100% onto iCloud when the charging port vanishes? Unsure if iCloud backups are the same as iTunes! 🤔

    37. Tips with Kay

      Apple in 2010: Let’s make it bigger 🤩 Us :😱🆘OMG NO WAY 😆😆 Apple in 2022: Let’s take away the phone🤯😃 Us: I knew it was coming 😎

    38. seanmcelroy47

      No port, no headphone jack, no dual sim tray, no microSD... check out Samsung A71, its 350 bucks and has all of the above and 6.7" screen. These new phones get better screens and cameras but ditch the rest of the stuff that has real utility. Sad.

    39. Karlis Melnsvarks

      I plug and play projector, does not support iOS screen mirroring...

    40. Aadesh Senthilkumar

      Happy with my Samsung phone that came with a charger, sd card slot and a headphone jack

    41. Jack Stephens

      Love these videos

    42. Azawa Kakeru

      Marques: what is the last time you plugged your phone? Me: plug in my iPhone for charging every day

    43. Grey Hunter

      Portless iPhone could be an anti-FBI intrusion solution.

    44. Aterhallsam

      You could have photoshopped that better. You dont think they would put more speakers where the port used to be?

    45. Reece Johnson

      I think it will be good as MagSafe is easier

    46. jaylenrt

      How am I supposed to lay in bed and charge my phone while using it now 😢

      1. Ramen Lover

        how am i supposed to call someone without it falling off maybe

      2. Ramen Lover

        i know right how am i supposed to charge my phone while waking without it falling off or something

    47. Arif Muhammed

      If Apple removing their port. We can charge through the magsafe But a person who buy a Apple iPhone for gaming purpose he can't use a wireless headphone to play games . He definitely need port to the wired headphone or earphone to play games. And what the solution for it. :- if using a solution just like a magnetic connector on the side of the port to the end of the cable of the wired headphone every in a landscape mode we will switching our phone to a landscape mode for play when there is a magnetic the hand will shake when we and it will disconnect Make a video about portless in iPhone

    48. G Fire Productions

      I will not buy a portliness phone.

    49. G Fire Productions

      What happens when the DJs and sound guys want to use the phone for front go house music in to a mixer. What about musicians who currently use their iPhone with the I rig device to play music into the program on the girl. Without ports we would not be able to use our phones to get audio in and out of the phone into a mixer effectively. What is the salve for that or the justification for that?

    50. blake

      it's a no from me. i should be looking for a new phone probably in a year and a half, but if the "used in mint condition" options from apple for around $500 (shoutout to swappa) are portless at that point, it's goodbye iphone for me

    51. Jared T

      i like the face ID but i think its not great that there can only be one face unlike touch id that you can have multiple people

    52. Free California

      I plug in my iPhone 12 everyday using CarPlay ... plugging it in has the added advantage of charging it so it’s always topped off. Also, I fly drones and, you guessed it, plug in my iPhone 12 to the drone controller. I can’t imagine a wireless fix for that that doesn’t compromise the signal or quality. I’m not opposed to losing the charging port but I hope if they do this, they have all this stuff thought out because if they don’t, I for one won’t be upgrading next time.

    53. Travel With Me

      I think you should have more honest here. Solve+Justif = Make more money (rob their own customers). In fact there is no solve here. Where 200 bucks phone makers are making in display finger print sensor with large battery and thinner than iPhone, so are they more innovative than Apple???. Ultimately trust is: Make more money.

    54. Derick Rademacher

      Port less, maybe. Button less, obsoletely not.

    55. Unknown Syllable

      So the headphone jack and the charging port have to go but the silent mode button stays? I can literally already do it in the control setting but go off

    56. Clue crosby

      Rip aux cord

    57. swag rebex gamer

      No more speakers on a phone you probably have a speaker already

    58. Jens Björkqvist

      the port suck's after a couple of year... so its better for long term... i magfail would work xD

    59. Mohammed Khan

      I'm all for wireless charging and all that but my problem is, what if I need to hard reset my phone using DFU? As far as we know, you still need iTunes for that. Unless they can figure out how to wireless transmit that data over magsafe, I think Apple is trying to kill jailbreaking using portless phones.

    60. Uncommon

      Apple: don't worry. If you really want the port just purchase this $40 dongle. Clear that issue right up.

    61. Abhi

      broooooooo i love the quality of marques videossssssssssssssssssssss


      This is actually pretty stupid if Apple does this they've come full circle and we'll have to include a charger in the Box again

    63. El_ Martinez

      People always gonna hate on Apple but still end up buying their products🤣

    64. C:Nolox

      These are risky moves but they know people will get used to it. Also makes sense that we should start seeing weird unimaginable things in tech, its 2021.

    65. Selected Samurai

      Galaxy a51 on screen finger print headphone jack and charging port face unlock

    66. Tony D

      Oh this is Dora the Explorer now? Get rid of the NOTCH!

    67. Selected Samurai

      Sound dumb No one has money to buy wireless chargers, airpods

    68. Selected Samurai

      Imagine having a Notch

    69. Eric Hernandez

      Welp, looks like I'm stuck with this iPhone for the rest of my life

    70. Kevin Halvorsen

      Dont need it😂😂😂

    71. ImagineSpazzin

      Watch it not come with te wireless charger and u have to buy it seperately

    72. Patrick Star

      Android has fingerprint scanner. And yes, they have a charging port too

    73. Deme Kagamine

      IPhone 18, No headphone jack, home button, charging port, camera, antenna, screen battery or anything else. Just a box of air.

    74. Freak80MC

      Couldn't you completely remove the buttons by making the side of the phone on the buttons side slightly flexible so when you press in it hits physical buttons on the inside? Gets around that whole issue of "Oh no what happens when the phone freezes".

    75. Brandon Hambright

      That does it. I am ready for a rotary dial flip phone. Getting to crazy here. Maybe the old crank phone and party lines. We thought everyone knew everything about you then.. NO< > they actually know everything about what your doing and where your going and what you shop for today in a more widespread area then the old days with party lines. Why? majority of people if the heard someone on the other line talking they just put their receiver back on the hook and waited. If it was a emergency they just got on and said so. Privacy? I will take the old days. This day and time just blows.

    76. Mr Fuzzy Face

      I’m interested to see how they would solve battery pack connection without the port

    77. fhumulani makungo

      if apple gets rid of the port, I'll use the last model with the port and switch to Android when it's outdated

    78. Colton Kiefer

      As much as I hate the cost of their adapters I feel like they view CarPlay as niche enough where they won’t even sell first party adapters for it that go from USB-A to MagSafe. If they don’t then they’ll have to wait for me to purchase a new vehicle (which I just did). See you in a long long time Apple! 😂

    79. Jack Bboy

      hey then everything will be wireless

    80. MrGhastlyboot

      The only good thing about this is it makes the phones easy to water proof

    81. Ü

      0:01 I want a pad like that

    82. xamz

      in the future we’ll have to build our phone and we’ll have to buy each part separately

    83. Josh Caligaris

      Yeah the port means nothing to me. I’m all for forcing the progression of wireless technology.

    84. Jacob Policediez

      If they will remove the charging ports, how are they going to solve the problem of transferring files to itunes for desktop, and using third party apps to be transferred to iphones?

    85. Ilovegames K

      iphone 14: parts in the box and you have to put them together to build the phone

    86. Spicy Chicken

      iPhone 13 will get a magnetic charging cable

    87. Khurram Hayat

      Iphon 3g: Wow i have 3g a home button and a camera! iPhone 5: Wow I have fingerprint! iPhone 22 wow I don't even have a screen.

    88. Kevlar W


    89. Kevlar W

      Did Apple actually says that or the Rumours

    90. floop k

      i still havent recovered they got rid of headphone jack

    91. Josh Burnett

      I’m sick of Apple constantly removing things

    92. Rearabetswe Masule

      Screen in your contacts lenses

    93. Andre Brake

      Cant wait till they release all the phone parts separately 🤩

    94. Andre Brake

      Cant wait till they dont include the phone in the box 🤩🤩🤩🤩

    95. Parth Mevada

      Bunn'ns! Bunn'ns? Bunn'ns.

    96. legend01

      ima just buy iphone 12😂

    97. Nalou 4334

      Hmm the supposed trade offs aren’t worth it in my opinion. I also find it absurd that they stopped including the charger with the phones.

    98. Bruce Dallas

      Maybe its justified when you just have a massive battery so you dont need to charge it as much and offcourse magcharge should be included

    99. Basant Hangal

      "Create a problem, sell a solution" The quote with which Apple got billions of dollars

      1. Ash


    100. Aaron Edler

      I just think we have to face facts every little small detail on the outside of the iphone will eventually be gone