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    The iPhone 12’s MagSafe is nice quality-of-life improvement, but it’s not as perfect as Apple wants us to believe it is.
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    The iPhone 12 released to much fanfare with a new form factor in the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max. Along with a new squared-edge design, one of the headlining features was the return of Apple’s famous MagSafe brand; however, rather than being the MacBook-friendly charge port that would prevent your computer from falling off of a countertop, this new iPhone MagSafe design permits the usage of handy magnetic accessories like the iPhone MagSafe charger and MagSafe cases, MagSafe car mounts, and other MagSafe accessories. But there’s a problem with MagSafe. It’s just... well... it’s limited by physics. How has Apple tried to combat some of these hurdles and how has their selection in magnet chemistry, placement, surface area, and depth affected how strong these magnets attach? Let’s find out today as we learn about magnets, shear force, pull force, plating, and what that means for the best iPhone MagSafe accessories!

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    1. Snazzy Labs

      Hi everyone, it’s Quinn! I got married this past week and am enjoying a honeymoon with my beautiful new bride. Please enjoy this video about MagSafe and get ready for the best M1 Mac coverage you could dream of coming in the next few days upon my return. Stay snazzy!

      1. NojustNo

        Congratulations! Really enjoy your videos. Just really like you don‘t scream and keep things tempered. Keep up the great work.

      2. Couchpotatochip


      3. Mysiph


      4. tutacat

        YOU CANT CARE that wireless charging is fast, because a wire is about 100% efficient while qi is only 75-80% Barrel plug, by its nature, is always reversible, actually 360° If iphone waited 1 year, it would be usb c

      5. TruckerRich Berry


    2. Sorouko

      I still don’t have anything that can wirelessly charge....

    3. Make Money Now

      This video is worth watching! More of this, please!

    4. simon wang

      The abandoned revolve ontogenetically supply because seashore strikingly x-ray till a elderly slime. third, stale pastry

    5. Carter Palasti

      Don't the magnets inside the phone take up more space than just the charger port?

    6. Logan Williams

      I really have to say, I’ve been using the MagSafe wallet since Christmas and it has slipped off a couple times but other than those very rare instances, I haven’t had a problem with it

    7. ToCA Racer

      the biggest problem with wireless charging is that the wire is right there.

    8. Vinícius Porto

      Thank you!

    9. The internet

      Love the video, but come on apple get better

    10. Kangen Water Specialist

      Congratulations on Your wedding Does magsafe fast charging damage batt faster like normal fast charging compare to normal qi wireless charging?

    11. avenuePad

      The amount of mental gymnastics and pretzel-brained thinking to come up with reasons to like MagSafe charging is truly awesome.

    12. William Ashrafzadeh

      didnt mous cases do this like 4 years ago

      1. Caleb

        yep i’ve got one on my 6S

    13. Leonidas

      Did he use a Samsung Z-Flip to represent an iPhone, a phone made by a competitor. Not making fun of him, just sharing something I noticed.

    14. Pinkfluffyant

      Did anyone else notice the scene where he tosses around the phone he was throwing a z-flip?

    15. Da Michl

      you can say what you want but mac safe is such a shit immature product - the shit is as slow as the disgusting 5w charger (when you charge from 0 - 100 percent)

    16. E L

      Non-iPhone user here, so maybe some stupid questions, but... Does the constant sliding of the charging dock across the back of the phone scratch the phone? Does the constant tugging on the cord to remove the dock make the cord break fast? What happens if you get the charging dock magnet next to your credit cards... does it de-magnetize them and does it stick to everything that metal? Also, I use my charging port on my Android to connect to the computer all the time for file transfers. Its the most reliable method.

    17. Angus Greensmith

      When they remove the lightning port for a headphone jack

    18. Silver Elgrand Low

      There's also an issue with magsafe wallets, as the magnets will screw up your credit card chips that they want you to put in their mag"safe" wallets. A friend of mine has her credit card screwed up due to the magnets at the back of the phone

    19. Martin Carlson

      The mag safe on the laptop got really hot and gave me a 3rd degree burn

    20. David Ahn

      I love MagSafe with the Belkin Boost Charge Pro 3-in-1 MagSafe + Apple Watch + AirPod charger. It feels like the future just snapping my wallet off and clicking the phone on the charger, not fumbling with a Lightning cable (or USB-C cable) in the dark, turning the lights back on just to find the charge port. (I still have to turn the lights on to position the AirPods Pro though. Arrrrrrgh.) But I TOTALLY agree Apple needs to rubberize every MagSafe surface. Their clear MagSafe case is SUPER slick. I mean, almost Teflon slick. It still works with the wallet, but WHY NOT make it work better? OTOH another SEpromr was able to shake the wallet off, but I could not. Definitely not skinny jeans compatible though.

    21. Dayne Close

      Wireless chargers still suck. Seen how bad the efficiency is on those things? Give me a nice flexible cable any day.

    22. Comanche Viper

      basically what I have done is give us a hockey puck charger with magnets to hook to the back to her phone to do exactly what the lightning cable can do. The lightning cable also doesn’t get hot and throttle the charge speed on my phone. The next safe hockey puck does. That thing gets extremely warm and my iPhone slows way down when it comes to charging. For me that is a dealbreaker. I’m selling my MagSafe hockey puck. I will stick with the lightning cord charger for as long as they have them on these phones. It is faster. you say in this video that there’s only three water difference between the MagSafe and a lightning charger. But those three whites make a huge difference when it comes to charge times. And like I said the heating of the massive charger and my phone is a big problem for me. Everyone knows that extreme heat is death to a battery overtime. I’m spending almost $1500 for a phone. I am not going to hook some new charger up to it and ruin it. Maybe down the road it will be better. Maybe They will get the heat issue dealt with in the speed. But until that day lightning cord is how I will charge.

    23. CoolEgg

      anyone notice the phone snapes in half at 2:25

    24. rmadarzman

      oh wow so Iphone is making a foldable phone 2:28

    25. Stalin

      Wireless charging when compared with wired is dramatically less efficient. Switching all US phones from wired to wireless could cause an additional 600 million pounds of carbon dioxide to be emitted, and consume an additional 650 giga watt hours of electricity. (Assumed numbers: US electrical grid produces 0.92 pounds of co2 per kwh, each actively used phone has a battery capacity of 12wh and is charged once completely each day. Basically, I low balled it.) These numbers are just for America.

    26. Bijan Izadi

      5:06 when the story starts clicking in my head I’m like aaaaahhhhhhhhh whoaaaa

    27. Random Fun stuff

      Why i dont buy apple? It is complicated.

    28. deedas

      Dude, this is most definitely to kill jailbreaking. Though that seems like Apple shooting themselves in the foot since 80% of iOS feature development is just ripping off tweaks.

    29. Redemptionx666

      holy shit iphones are horrible devices, enjoy your 15w wireless charging while i 65w charge my oneplus 8t in minutes.

    30. Aaron Harris

      15w wireless charging sounds pretty painful. currently using 65w wired charging to top off my oneplus, and it's a feature it would suck to lose.

    31. Trepalium

      I’ll be real fuckin salty if they get rid of cables. That means more expensive cases, or less durable cases, more expensive charging solutions and less portability most cases

    32. Butters

      I'd support it if it was the same size but it was a actual wireless power bank that is atleast 10,000 mah

    33. Uriah Newtton

      If I can’t walk in a room and my phone just starts charging, then I don’t want wireless charging.

    34. myoriginalname

      If they do go portless it’s gonna suck for people with audio interfaces like the iRig. As if going from lighting to usb c wasn’t too much of a pain already. Every time Apple comes up with a new charging solution it renders a whole generation of accessories that use the charging port useless.

    35. Gabriel Greene

      15 watt is nothing. my oneplus 6t charges four times as fast as that. With a bigger battery. And more storage. Apple is such a shit company

    36. masterpig5 S

      I’m at 3:11 and thinking that the phone might just skip type c or in a few years with having a portless phone, an SE will come round with type c. 8:55am 6/1/21 January

      1. masterpig5 S

        I’m at 11:09 and thinking velcro. Except that could mess with clothing, even if the phone, the item more often in a pocket than a charger though probably not by much, had the soft side of Velcro. 9:06am 6/1/21 January

    37. Siddhant Desai

      I mean you assumed people dont use lightning port, well guess what the "average" consumer might still do it. infact, i transitioned from android to iphone and had to use the port to transfer photos, and also magsafe is too expensive at $40, apple should comply with Qi and "unlock" Qi fast charging

    38. Hyper John

      6:52 Yeah I diched my iPhone 4 for android years ago.

    39. Alexander Rozzell

      Mag safe is amazing

    40. McMackAttack

      Am I the only one that still backs up my phone on my comp?

    41. IdunDied

      "reversable alternative to a barrell plug" which as we all know, definitely has directionality and can't be put in every degree of the 360[2pi] available.

    42. Anankin12

      I have noticed abismal speeds with my phone port and I was wondering if they did something to slow it down, but now I can start to wonder if OnePlus hasn't pulled an Apple and put a slow data port on it.

    43. Anthony P

      Nobody talks about CarPlay no longer working on a ton of cars when you go portless. Can’t see them doing it.

    44. Bethany Douglass

      6:54 Quinn: “I bet you haven’t even plugged in your iPhone to your computer in years, or maybe ever!” Me, watching this video while my iPhone is plugged into my computer: 😬

    45. wowo3127

      The phone is more likely to be okay than a laptop My MacBook was run over by a minivan and it still is fine

    46. Hjonkamgouse

      I used 61 W MacBook Pro power adapter but I’m planning to get the 96 W power adapter for my iPhone SE 2020 edition

    47. M33DO _

      12:06 did I just hear goku

    48. Kasper Lykke

      Just buy mous it’s a good case and the wallet cant really Fall off

    49. James Mifsud

      And you’re basically limited to apple cases, or cases that look like apples.. Also making the device go from lightning to mag safe.. you’re increasing the chargers size dramatically... I don’t want to carry that disk in my pocket

    50. François Piednoël

      You forgot that the Magnets are not very friendly to the credit cards mag strip in the wallet of death ;-)

    51. Golden Systems

      Me charging phones with 65w: "15w? That's cute..."

      1. Draconis

        @Joseph Dematas False, you can use as many watts as you want provided the voltage is 5V or whichever voltage the battery or device is rated for. The device will only pull as many amps as it’s designed for.

      2. Joseph Dematas

        You will fry your battery

    52. Aurora The Otter

      7:00 I plug mine in to backup cause I dont use icloud

    53. Aurora The Otter

      6:43 and apple car play

    54. Bisbis

      Great video!! You missed something very important on the “portless iPhone”... wired CarPlay for those of us who have a newish car but before the wireless charging on cars became a thing. I guess this will be difficult to workaround as the Qi just transfers power and the usb in the car needs the data bus for CarPlay to work.

    55. Gregory Ross

      Don't care what anyone says, MagSafe and "wireless" charging are dumb

      1. Nico Santin

        Forced wireless charging* if it wasn't for wireless charging as a whole i would be fucked cause the charging port is gone on my phone & i prefer wireless charging in my car while im using my phone as gps. Apple just invented a problem

    56. Eno Beano

      Another Apple money making scam. Appleheads will buy anything they make and all the cables and gadgets.

    57. timotmon

      I hate all this shit. my phone is my wallet with a proper wallet case and the one Apple offers is trash. Also, I have no idea but are we going to lose carplay for those of us who don't have wireless? Ugh..

    58. Nong_Ing

      I use the plug to charge, transfer lots of files from my computer to my phone, and powers the GPS in my car. Remove the port and Apple needs to make a new car. Don’t get rid of it. I need a way to plug in my headphones for synced audio when playing games

    59. tenrten19

      Be advised the MagSafe ring in the back of the iPhone 12 cause problems in my opinion my phone had a thermal event while charging in my Audi a six wireless charging dock if left unattended this I am sure would have caused the fire I notified Apple They confirmed the thermal event I will keep an eye on this phone Apple stated that they had no real complaints regarding this issue at this time if it does it again I’m going to throw it away...

    60. Renee Lynn

      Use a normal wireless charges its just a cash grab. The original magsafe was awesome.

    61. Ehsan Siam

      Magsafe wallet: Lose you're credit card and cash fast as lightning.

    62. Levi D

      If Apple built in magsafe to their cases, what's stopping anyone from making magsafe in cases for any iPhone? Like the 11? Why can't the 11 have magsafe from a case?

    63. anony mous

      it only takes 1.5 hrs max to charge the 12 with a cable. it takes 4 hrs to charge the 12 with magsafe.. nobody is saying nice, my phone has magsafe

    64. The Poof Prince

      what happened to that z fold being thrown around?

    65. Niriv Singh

      The dumbest features of technology 😂 you still need Two hands to get it off your damn phone. Freaking morons. The concept is practical as car charger though.

    66. Georgiy Perelygin

      People don't connect their iPhones to their PCs because of the iTunes bullshit they have to do just to move their data from one device to the other. Android users are still using their connectors for fast 4k video transfers.

    67. Pope Francis

      My issue with wireless charging is, I’m not buying a new car that features wireless charging when I can just buy a USB charger

    68. Fxshlein

      Maybe this is also them shifting the headphone port? They removed it, so without an Adapter you could not Plug in headphones and Charge at the same time, but now the Charging moves, so the old Charging port is now primarily for Headphones

      1. Fxshlein

        or other wired Accessoires of course

    69. Cecil Hosein

      The only way mag safe is better is that you can charge your phone While using wired headphones (via lightning port of course)

    70. DoomOfConviction

      Now you need to keep your mechanical watches even further away from your phone....

    71. Pistachio

      I do think it's cool though and maybe it's easier to use if you don't have a cable coming out of your charging port and you can't bend and damage it.

    72. Pistachio

      I don't get how magsafe works, it just feels like a magnet would demagnetize and damage the phone.

    73. Said Kural

      this is the far more best iPhone 12 related video ever shooted

    74. Baphomet Azrael

      False I plugged my 12 mini into my 2010 to a few WAV audio files on cause I could lol. Plus my one friend who I carpool with, his aux input Is broke so you gotta blue tooth meaning I can’t use any of my iPods at all so I gotta use this shitty sound phone. At least having WAV helps a bit vs having MP3 or AAC files

    75. Wayne Palmar

      That magsafe wire looks flimsy

    76. John Sterling

      Excellent video. Well balanced viewpoints.

    77. ashton kelly

      Don’t you feel funny making totally great videos like this knowing full well Apple executives are stalking your hesitations.😂😂😂

    78. S1QuanA

      He kinda hot

    79. Sam

      The price

    80. dull days

      This man is just Doug demuro for tech

    81. Chris S

      How about Apple finally cut the cord with computer based iTunes? I have the latest iPhone, but to do certain things, I have to plug it into a Mac or PC like it was still an iPod! I have a 3rd part wireless charger and love it. It has just enough magnet to lock the phone in place to charge, but doesn't stick to the back of the phone when you pick it up.

    82. Colton Cycotte

      Why the heck did you say your iphone and show a galaxy flip?

    83. f0gl3t

      We all got Mac books in high school and without mag safe most of them would be destroyed

    84. Rodrigo J. Da Silva

      Nobody mentioned that the most important aspect of an iphone having a port is so that you can connect it to a computer and have it restored if ever there is a problem

    85. Business Guide

      Awesome stuff! New subscriber here!

    86. Ramen

      The MagSafe cable on my old 2013 MacBook Pro did the opposite of protect it. It detached without me noticing and I shut the lid with the metal connector in between and destroyed the screen lmao

    87. WhiteRice RSX

      Ive seen steve jobs roll over in his grave the few times ive tripped on my charger and dropped my $3000 touchbar macbook pro on the floor. Flashbacks to the Apple commercials showing just this problem and having a solution 15 years ago

    88. Ls in Ls

      Ur Netherlands?

    89. Michael Sutter

      Dang I think he’s spot on with the portless iPhone . There’s no reason to charge with the magnet vs a wire . You gotta stay connected to a wire, it’s stuck on pretty good ... it’s functionally the same

    90. tomtebre

      When you’re using units of mass when describing force instead of guns per gallon 🇺🇸🇺🇸

    91. Christoph Mayer

      So you are saying a lightning (or usb-c) port takes up more space than all those magnets, coils, caps and ic's used to make wireless charging happen?! For some reason I can't really believe that. And all this because apple doesn't want to lose their 4$ per "official" iPhone accessory... Damn apple, just use some weird proprietary standard for fast charging and collect your royalties with usb-c nonetheless. As long as "wireless" charging still requires a cable to a puck that's directly attached to the phone, it's not "wireless" it's just "inefficient and stupid".

    92. TeamZomb

      2:23 just quietly showing off some tekkers XD

    93. Tyler Durden

      MagSafe staying connected to the phone when you pick it up is a feature. You can use your phone while charging unlike with non-magnetic wireless charging pads.

      1. Tyler Durden

        @Marvin Xox Yes, of course you can, but this video is about MagSafe.

      2. Marvin Xox

        You could also just use a normal charging cable Also stays connected to your phone, allows for the phone to be used and it even works with all cases you can buy on the market instead of requiring you to take the case off to charge

    94. NatureGirl567

      Wireless charging is way less effective than wired charging and can take at least twice as long. If Apple really wanted to help the environment, they should just go usb-c so less plastic would be made making a whole different type of cable or a more costly wireless pad.

    95. Laundry Sauce 2

      11:19 i mean makes sense, increasing the amount of friction between two materials rubbing past each other makes it harder to move. Hell some spray glue and a high grit sandpaper would do handy, just don’t slide it too often

    96. CASA NEGRA

      Mous figured it out with their wallet

    97. Francisco Aguayo

      I feel like magsafe sucks and isnt as fast as charging than using my laptop charger

    98. prod. by soundwhore

      Oi, anyone who bought the charger, is it actually good?

    99. Rob Erickson

      Love my 12 mini but so far I don't see any real world use for these accesories.