‘The Queen has put her foot down’

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    Royal Commentator Annabelle Sanderson says the Queen has “put her foot down” regarding the funeral of Prince Philip.
    There are reports Prince William and Harry will be physically separated at the funeral.
    “I think the Queen has put her foot down really hasn’t she, with regards to the uniforms - Prince Andrew wanted to go dressed as an Admiral,” Ms Sanderson told Sky News host James Morrow.
    “Something I can only really describe as a costume because he’s not an Admiral.
    “And now the two brothers won’t be walking next to each other; they’ll have their cousin in between them.
    “I imagine the Queen put her foot down and said ‘no, this is about my husband, this is about the Duke of Edinburgh’.”

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    1. Patricia Coetzer

      Hi there, I'm in South Africa.

    2. Orpheus Head

      Will is jealous of Harry's hair.

    3. Char Mc

      Harry chose to 'be the odd one out' He chose to betray the trust of his family members with that Orpah interview. I have no sympathy for him,, he has behaved appallingly since his engagement & there just isn't any excuse.

    4. David Westhoff

      I agree, in fact Harry & Megan shouldn’t even be there, it’s too much of a distraction, it shouldn’t be about either of them

    5. Sarah Staggs

      Great News! They need to arrest the Markle Treasonous Pair!

    6. Heighho M

      Hi fox news.

    7. taurusghia

      what a load of bullshite any friends of Jimmy Saville should be no friends of ours!!!!

    8. Thomas 'Grizzly' Kossivas

      Hopefully she'll join him in hell soon so England may live free again with the police force doing more than just arresting people for talking about her on Twitter

    9. Lyanne To

      6 I think



    11. The Human Comedy

      Guess they cut him off of the adrenochrome

    12. WarSeeker

      Fucking hell I hate them

    13. Nick Juradi

      Yeap... she is one step closer to the grave

    14. opzz xsin

      of guy IMO. PS I am surprised with over 2 million views on this post only 24k likes - come on guys, make and effort if you liked it, say so.

    15. Dani Thomas

      Let's not forget Andrew being besties with Epstein.

    16. Leigh N

      Sure she did....

    17. ben hume

      What nonsense. What lies. The media is invested in taking the Sussex name into the gutter. It's the most mean spirited evil media in the entire world. Murdock lies cheats steals ruins reputations and shows how demonic he really is. News of the World went bankrupt over charges of lying and stealing phone messages from royal family answering machines. Thank God for digital privacy with phones somewhat.

      1. opzz xsin

        It says there is only one true God in the Bible. 1 Timothy 2:5-6 For there is one God and one mediator between God and mankind, the man Christ Jesus, who gave himself as

    18. Mudbug Movies

      I am not sure but has Biden sent anything himself to them for condolences ? No not the media tripe but a heartfelt note ?

    19. Troy Eberhard

      The Queen has put her foot down, and broke it in 3 places as a result

    20. Zz Zz

      Grandfather of the nation lol , nobody gives a shit . People die everyday , he lived long enough.

    21. bofooit gojo

      As an American, I've loved the 2 of them since childhood. You could always see their love. I hope Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth can have peace tomorrow

    22. Kim Cornelissen

      do these stupid TV commentators not know that Prince Philip has more grand sons than just William and Harry. stop trying to make drama where their is none. I bet you didn't go on like this when Diana died and the brothers didn't walk next to each other.

    23. Joan Aggas

      Meghan Markle is saying she's going to run for President of the United States. That's a horrible idea. How arrogant this woman is. We don't want her for President.

    24. Jack

      Get the cat excited

      1. bofooit gojo

        God save the Queen. She has been through much with her family. Godspeed Prince Philip. You have performed honorable and steadfast service for over 70 years. RIP

    25. Ryan Smith

      Queenys dead too wake up. Know what a deep fake is?

    26. zijuiy wttuy

      As an American, I've loved the 2 of them since childhood. You could always see their love. I hope Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth can have peace tomorrow

    27. Richie M

      Look ijust want to say that australia is wa hat us brits feel,And letme tell you if China want it they will get it!!! They WILL Not Win!!

    28. Nathan Johnson


    29. Charming nowhere to hide

      “Prince Andrew and some of HIS issues” lmao 😂

      1. zijuiy wttuy

        long friend, companion and love.

    30. David Chase

      This is all just a PR stunt to make "The Queen" look good and as if she is some authority on customs and morality. Stop paying for this extravagant waste.

    31. bodoti qwiu

      a very rare joy for many years.

    32. Christopher Marshall

      This is yet just the usual low grade BS we've come to expect of SkyNews.

    33. Niamh Dempsey

      It says there is only one true God in the Bible. 1 Timothy 2:5-6 For there is one God and one mediator between God and mankind, the man Christ Jesus, who gave himself as a ransom for all people. This has now been witnessed to at the proper time. Isaiah 43:11 I, I am the Lord, and besides me there is no savior. biblereasons.com/hell/ Jesus alone and being born again only way to heaven. #john316 #matthew2424 #Jesussaves

      1. Charming nowhere to hide

        Pompeo :"We cheat, we lie, we stole"........"we" must include Australia!

    34. Gordon Rahmes

      The pandemic takes precedence over all else, as it should be. Tons of literature on when it didn't and what happened...

    35. Cassie

      When the Queen was sitting alone, it symbolized how lonely she feels without her husband whom she had been married with for 73 years. She misses him dearly.

    36. Ladycarpenter

      Who cares about all the side drama. I'm glad the queen put her foot down! Andrew an "Admiral!" In your dreams Andrew.

    37. LinkLing

      June will be an interesting month...

    38. Camilla M

      “Prince Andrew wanted to be dressed as an admiral, but he’s not an admiral, so it’d just be a costume” omg 😂🤣😂🤣. She’s hilarious.

      1. Beverley Evans

        @GAT-X102 Duel Assault Shroud I think that is a misrepresentation of what was happening . To me it was quite obvious how important occasion this was and how affected all members of the family were. It may be a royal family but it is a family who just lost a grandfather. And even in the circumstances the media could not resist finding things which they could blow up out of all proportion. The Queen made the right decision, they looked better in the suits anyway.

      2. Beverley Evans

        Actually he is an vice Admiral as is The husband of the Princess Royal , he was due to be promoted last year on his 60th birthday , however, he has deferred the promotion for the time being . I think it quite probable that younger people do not realise that he served as a naval helicopter pilot in the Falklands War and on HNS Invincible. As a pilot he acted as decoy for Argentinian missiles in order to protect naval vessels. Both he and his nephew Prince Harry thrived in the Armed Forces and would probably have been better off remaining as full-time members of the services. It’s also very easy to forget how many extremely valuable and worthwhile enterprises were run out of Prince Andrew’s household, such as Punt at Palace Which provided allsorts of grants for businesses.

      3. osyrys official

        @GAT-X102 Duel Assault Shroud Prince Andrew is the biggest idiot of them all

      4. Kevin M

        Lol! Sad though, too.

    39. hen ko

      God save the Queen. She has been through much with her family. Godspeed Prince Philip. You have performed honorable and steadfast service for over 70 years. RIP

    40. Roderick Rutledge

      What a bunch of egotistical bullshit!

    41. It's4Toyah

      Well her husband stated he wanted to die and return a deadly virus... wakeup I abhor this couple she upholds her friends views wish others well they wish death.

    42. M S CO


    43. Adam Three toes thomp

      That old bag is a clown...if you don't know that term you are under a rock . She bought the farm a while back lmao

    44. Mary Duff

      WoW ... has Harry always been a drama Queen or did that start thanks to his wife? It’s your grandfather’s funeral boys be respectful of your grandmother and the loss of her life long friend, companion and love.

    45. AB J

      She is dying! 👍👍🤘👍🤘👍🤘👍🤘👍🤘👍🤘🤘👍🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      1. LinkLing

        June will be an interesting month...

    46. TheTedFella


    47. Sammy

      Pompeo :"We cheat, we lie, we stole"........"we" must include Australia!

    48. cat637d

      Smelly old battle ax🦼

    49. 007nadineL


    50. The Red Scout

      Are we gonna acknowledge that Elizabeth is prince.Phillips cousin

    51. LeeseMedia

      Does it really matter? I wonder why I even clicked on this.. The Royal Family has zero relevance. Let history be history.

    52. jenny taylor

      Lizzy is the only sensible one left in that family.

    53. Mpls Maven

      If the United States had a Queen, I would want Queen Elizabeth ll as my Queen!!! She is the best!

    54. Linda Cianchetti

      Hell is too good for this reptile and the remaining

    55. Anna Beaulne

      Foot down on What/..... How many more Babies she gets to EAT now that philip is DEAD?

    56. bach5861

      Well, who needs this old mymra?

    57. Roy Public

      I hope he comes back as the virus he spoke about so he can take the whole royal pain with him.

    58. eeeemmteeee

      seriously tho... fuck meghan....

    59. Candace Griswold


    60. Ronald Cypers-Garmendia


    61. Common Sense

      Who the fu*k cares,aside from sheeple lacking a life ?!

    62. Outlaw Wilderness

      Lol, England runs nothing anymore. This old hag can kick rocks.

    63. bilisha coli

      days after. September 9, 2001. Right before 9/11. Seeing her sitting there alone was heartbreaking. Beautiful lady.

    64. Rachel Seago

      This is all press BS. Harry and Will have been seen in other events with other members between them. The press really stir it up and over analyse. SO WHAT!

    65. Walter Shumate

      How could Britain be expected not to offer tribute to a man who'd been married seventy years to their Queen? I'm sorry your majesty, but we can't say goodbye without honoring this great man for who he was! Please... shine down your Regal mercy, and forgive us this tresspass as the world shares the heartache of your loss. The Duke will long be remembered for Caring for you in the most gentlemanly of ways, and sharing his life with you, and by proximation, the whole of England. Bless you, your wonderful Royal majesty... You have THE WORLD'S Condolences.

    66. yaliso gioouy

      As an American, I've loved the 2 of them since childhood. You could always see their love. I hope Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth can have peace tomorrow

    67. Jade Bailey

      Prince Harry is a disgrace to the crown.

    68. A Dude

      "Medals he bravely earned"... LOL! Most likely zey had a nanny with zey.

    69. Mary Jane Favel

      So, the royal highness is racist towards her grandson's wife . So what the queen is not married to Merkle . Hey!! Royalty your still living in the dark ages

    70. Gary K. Nedrow

      We know that Prince Philips planned many of the details of his own funeral. We also know that the Queen has, throughout her reign, upheld tradition, propriety, and decorum. The funeral correctly reflected those virtues, by order of the Queen. Though the Prince will no longer be a living advisor to the Queen, she will be guided by the same values they shared for all those decades. A media circus is the last thing either of them ever wanted. Therefore, she was wise to separate William and Harry to control the media speculation and preserve the dignity of a solemn occasion.

    71. Roland Rodriguez

      Long live king william ,god save the king ,

    72. Suze

      Pure gossip and speculation

    73. mijuo roui

      Acting badly has consequences, that’s what people need to learn, accountability matters.

    74. Kathy D

      Good on her! This is not a day for reconciling two brothers, it is for honouring a marvelous, faithful and loving companion for a wife and any who find him a great man. If she is needing to use her full monarch authority and clout to ensure that happens, then the childish members of her family will just have to suck it up. Not sorry to any who think I am hurting feelings, the Queen has more than earned her privilege to say what, when, jump, no and because I said so. My heart breaks at her loss, that is a long, long marriage and her heart needs to mourn with those who truly give a damn for her loss. Blessings from Canada, 💜

    75. Laura Marcacci

      This is ALL BS. The ‘Royal’ family is disgusting. Illuminati Freemason Jesuit evil satanic dark cult creatures. TRUTH.

      1. kyle govender

        You are batshit bonkers man But i share you sentiments all the same

    76. Catherine Frye

      The focus should be definitely on her husband!

    77. Im Kuelll Gremlin

      apart from the racism within the royal family, he was a good man

    78. Sharyn Doyle

      William would have been happy to be away from Harry. Harry was the one who was disloyal to the family and Royalty. William will not suffer fools, like his Grandfather and his Aunt Princess Anne would not.

    79. Karen Vecchio

      To much pressure for the Queen. This family needs to get it together for the Queens health & the lose of her husband. God Bless her.

    80. Calm Incense

      Did her foot detach when she was executed?

    81. Sabrina Hewick

      My heart breaks for Her Majesty! so sad!

    82. Barbara Primavera

      My heartfelt condolences, The Queen. It's never the same when loss of a loved one, friend, and confidant is now gone. Bless you.

    83. Wendy Austin

      So when the queen kicks the bucket, can England finally get rid of the monarchy?

    84. Gena Schuette

      Queen, Phillip, Charles and the Pope were executed a l o n g time ago! Wake up sheeple.

    85. Lucy N


    86. Cecile Joubert

      The poor Queen - I feel so sorry for her of all the nonsense her own children put her through. Prince Charles had an affair with ugly Camilla while he was married to princess Diana - Andrew is a child abuser and now Harry married a trashy divorced low life woman - Princess Anne and her husband divorced many years ago, as well.

    87. john iradi16

      What foot?!?

    88. James ThompsoN

      Care less about the royal family sorry

    89. Bolia Fops

      A total class act the Queen knows the best way to handle it.

    90. Elisa Finch

      Reptilian go home...not more tax for USa...

    91. elaine searle

      What absolute rubbish and a perfect distraction for the masses. Good way to get a message out though.

    92. Barbara Underwood

      My mom died at 83, 3 kids, 10 grandchildren, 1 deceased grand baby girl, 6 great grandchildren. Died on my youngest sons 1st Father’s Day. My husband died 2 months & 8 days after. September 9, 2001. Right before 9/11. Seeing her sitting there alone was heartbreaking. Beautiful lady.

      1. Unique


      2. Ayla Purchase

        Aww im so sorry for your loss 😢❤🥀

    93. Gavin

      The queen has been under arrest for mnths you fool

    94. Pamela Burton

      No one cares about any of this. Outdated. Distraction to what is really going on.

    95. Nigger Bear

      The queen is a hag.

    96. Richard Surridge

      Hey, let's not let 'reality' get into the William/Harry scene. Protocol has widow(er), children; then ELDEST grandchild in the middle place in the next row - with most senior on his right, next senior on his left. Peter Philips is eldest, William next, then Harry.

    97. Enrietta Lee

      That is a Clone of the queen. Dont lie to people. The castle is empty. That family has been removed from there.

    98. Clair Pahlavi

      Yes, Queen Elizabeth is a classic. Regal, dedicated to her people and realm. Her kids?

    99. Clair Pahlavi

      This is why Americans don't want any "Royal Families", trillionare Central Bankers, and the people who laughed at Hillary's "unencouragables and irredeemables" descriptions of non-elite regular people who don't even know the global 4th Reich has destroyed The Constitution of the United States of America and erected a provisional government after their DeepState InsuranceCoup orchestrated by the Obama SpyRing and our own law enforcement and intelligence agencies. Otherwise, hundreds to thousands of Islamo-Nazi-Democraps would be "hanging all together" as Hillary Rodham Clinton rightly feared. Bill was pretty edgy until the installation of Benedict Biden, one of the Obama SpyRing conspirators in the cover-up of the Benghazi Massacre. REMEMBER BENGHAZI Hillary says, "Treason must be punished appropriately by the Death-Penalty without mercy. No mercy. None." How much more so for premeditated Murderous Treason??? REMEMBER BENGHAZI Hang 'em all High in Public For the Kids {Code of the West}