The True Story Of Zack Snyder's Justice League And Breaking Down The Joker Jesus Image

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    The True Story Of Zack Snyder's Justice League And Breaking Down The Joker Jesus Image. In this video we discuss the Zack and Deborah Snyder Vanity Fayre interview that goes through the ins and outs of their time working on Justice League as well as some of the drama behind the scenes.
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    Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show I'm your host Paul aka the guy who is something of a society himself and we have a whole host of new Justice League Snyder cut updates to talk about.
    Zack has just dropped a big interview with Vanity Fayre discussing the true story behind his cut of Justice League and the issues we never knew about until now.
    We're gonna be breaking it all down in this video as well as some of the new images of the film including a Jesus Christ Joker that some are saying is GOD AWFUL but I actually think might be the greatest cinematic troll of all time.
    If you enjoy the video then please drop a thumbs up and make sure you subscribe to the channel for videos like this each and every day. With that out the way, thanks for clicking this, now let's get into the video.
    Ok so the article goes into a lot of information on both the production of Justice League, the death of his daughter and the general feeling towards this release.
    Justice League is a strange story that's difficult to really fully comprehend in it's entirety due to the sheer amount of back and forth that there was behind the scenes and the constant production changes that ultimately led to the mess that we got and the potential vindication that is coming round the corner.
    Now though Snyder's name is in the credits of the theatrical release, it has been widely said that Snyder himself has never actually seen it and Vanity Fayre's article started off by saying that it was his wife Deborah who advised him not to.
    Deborah is a high ranking prodcuer in Warner Bros and even though she has a lot of power within the company the article states that it didn't really allow for her to intervene in what was clearly a mess.
    It turns out that the film was actually shown to Deborah and a number of high ranking Warner Brothers associates including Christopher Nolan. Deborah stated “It was just…it’s a weird experience. I don’t know how many people have that experience. You’ve worked on something for a long time, and then you leave, and then you see what happened to it.” Together they made a pact that they would make sure Zack never saw it and to this day he still hasn't.
    Now we of course know what the result of the film was and it becomes clear when reading the work that Warner Bros were a team of executives who were much like the league themselves, constantly in doubt over their actions. Batman V Superman had underperformed both critically and commercially and DC believed that the reason Marvel outperformed them was because of the studios vibrant and colourful characters.
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    1. Heavy Spoilers

      Let us know your thoughts on the interview and Joker image. If you enjoyed this video then please subscribe to the channel *Check out our BEST new videos below* *Wandavision Episode 7 Breakdown* - *Willy's Wonderland Ending Explained* - *Zack Snyders Justice League Trailer Breakdown* - *TENET Side Characters Explained* - *The Stand Ending Explained* -

      1. marlon Covington

        @Noah David I have no idea what problems you've had in life, but if it took "Jesus" to get you straight, more power to you.

      2. Noah David

        @marlon Covington I’ve dealt with you before, you know where I stand. You heard my sins and life problems and you heard how my life has changed. Take what you want out of it, it doesn’t change the fact that someone else will see it for what it is.

      3. marlon Covington

        @Noah David you sound like a hypocrite, only you so called "god" believes in morality?

      4. Noah David

        @Gabriel Byrne the truth is I’m a liar, I’m a thief, I’ve committed adultery, I watched pornography, I’ve been selfish, I’ve mocked and scoffed, I’ve done drugs, etc. I’m sure you’ve been apart of atleast one of those things as well. I knew deep down that it wasn’t good even when I didn’t believe in God and eventually I came to a point where I needed forgiveness and grace. It’s reality my friend. We’re immoral people and I feel that I am above all immoral at some times. Allah or Buddha or Horus or Jupiter or Mary or any other God doesn’t care about your morality. It’s Jesus Christ

      5. Pablo Valdez

        @Gabriel Byrne exactly, what do you guys think the Bible is? If only you took the time to search up things you’ll be smarter.

    2. Super Human

      What the fuck is wrong with Warner bRoS

    3. James k Harding

      Restore the Snyder verse, I want more, give it all to me all hail the Snyder

    4. frfrmpukn

      Great video man. LOVED the Snyder cut!

    5. Arlov Angelo

      The cut was a pure masterpiece!

    6. wzero07

      For one I like Jared Leto as the joker. The script was crap in suicide squad. But I’m liking what Zack is doing with him after this movie

    7. Eric Peeper

      Snyder seems like such a nice guy, I wish I liked his movies more. I have nothing but sympathy for what he and his wife went through.... On the other hand, I've never been a fan of Whedon. The first Avengers is a fun film, but far from the 2nd Coming its fans pleasure themselves to. When his career is done, he'll leave a legacy far far smaller than his ego.

    8. Gary James

      now while I enjoyed the snyder cut, Zack and his vision concerning BVS and MOS left a lot to be desired. Both were not good in my opinion. watchable but not good.

    9. Gary James

      this sounds eerily familiar to the OG superman the movie project. take out the simultaneous shooting of a two part movie but the vibes are still there. Thankfully, Zack and his cast were to finish the project, unlike Richard Donner. WB and their bullshit as usual. same shit different decade.

    10. Paradox G

      After watching the film... Yup... God AWFUL..!

    11. T E.

      All of this could have been avoided if WB simply acted like decent people and said "Hey, Snyder. We'll postpone release for you to take the time you need."

    12. 4stronaut

      Never seen so much hype about a terrible re-release of a terrible movie.

    13. Madness Markk

      this wasn't even in the movie

    14. Pablo Valdez

      Let’s think about something let’s use are heads, if we joke about LGBTQ would we be treated as homophobic and maybe to the point to lose our jobs, now I don’t have anything against them but I really want you guys to think, why the jokes and mockes on Jesus when supposedly he doesn’t exist, 🤷🏻‍♂️ just sayjng

    15. Sheepdog 1A4

      Cannot imagine anybody else playing these characters. Great casting! Especially Gadot. She's AMAZING!!!

    16. Dustin

      About to watch it.. again

    17. Thomas Jones

      Its amazing the first justice league needs to get thrown into the nearest bin available zacks version smashed it 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿

    18. Emerald W

      There’s comic book precedence for Bruce and Lois getting married

    19. Passive Agressive

      Joss Wheddon’s reputation as a director is no longer salvable. Her eradicated every person of color in JL and that is unforgivable

    20. Passive Agressive

      Thank you for this thoughtful video essay❤️

    21. luca sanfilippo

      This is no the sh!t we Need, this is the sh!t we deserve..

    22. Garrett Bennicas

      He refers to her as what???

    23. Veri Gute

      THEY SHOULD DO A GO-FUND-ME FOR RELEASETHESNYDERCUT2&3!!! RAY PORTER READING THE SECOND SCRIPT ON GO-FUND-ME CAN DEF- RAISE OVER 100M EASY! Marvel is cheap dudes - they don't like quicksilver bc it's expensive to film...Joe is in the film - Producers paired with other companies but, if ZSJL makes money, and IT WILL MAKE A LOT, this rouse guys - this rouse by Abrams won't matter. Abrams entire bluff is he's filming Earth 23. Why? Because he's trying to psych out fans from watching it. Because he's desperate to get fans to give up and not view it. ZSJL Trilogy will happen. Abrams is trying to demote the viewership. This will create a backlash. Interestingly Grace Randolph lied - said there were only 400k fans to watch the movie -buuuut HBO has 14 million subs & that's not including Int'l fans Mann and Emerich suck ****. We, US, are the market value Abrams knows this - it's why he's playing his Trump card

    24. LEL0UP

      Jared leto looking more like Marilyn Manson than the joker.

      1. lift_Fit_Live

        Worse fucking joker ever, I've seen better fan made movies with better joker actors and makeup than his trash interpretation

    25. Illeagle80

      Joss Whedon is terribly over rated. Speed and The Cabin in the Woods are his best work IMO. Everything else he touches comes off childish to me and not in a fun way but in a whiny brat kind of way. JL is my least favorite comic book movie of all time and I’m including all of the comic movies I’ve seen in the last 40 years of my life. Like I still can’t believe they put that movie in theaters. I loved Man of Steel and I really hope this JL does well even if just to be a win for Snyder.

    26. bahamutzet0

      Gimmy movie price

    27. XyloTears

      rip autum man

    28. Douglas Arthur

      With the DC universe WB have always been ‘one step forward, three steps back’. Let’s hope the Snyder Cut can be a paradigm-shifting moment in terms of putting the audience first and doing justice to these fabulous characters.

    29. Bjorn Carlgren

      Reminds me of the emperors new clothes. Cant wait for this movie! Hbo max has a chance to really bring dcu and there characters back to life and thw next level

    30. Tyler Regelman

      Hope it lives up to the hype

    31. Caleb Winstead

      Ok to

    32. Txawjhlub Lao

      Least we got Nolan's Batman Trilogy. Honestly, the original film was so bad, not much you can do to improve it. Additional scenes if not placed and cut correctly would make the film even worse. I hope I am wrong and it turns out awesome, but I'm 90% sure it will be a letdown

    33. mrgemini82235

      I really hope this movie works out. DC movies can't survive if this big gun fails

    34. Mohamad Nashruddin

      I love to watch DC success just like marvel💥

    35. cultusfetus

      his daughter is my age....shīt

    36. Justin Perez

      The fine protest fifthly stretch because joke unexpectedly welcome under a absorbed eagle. cowardly, redundant answer

    37. Charles Wagner

      From one father to another, my heart just goes out to Zack, Autumn, and family. I’m excited to see Zack’s vision for the JL film.

    38. Chewe Shula

      Interesting take on events

    39. Nick Nice21

      i want a jesus joker shirt

    40. captloki13

      The SnyderCut movement is just a huge ploy to make Jared Leto's Joker to say 'we live in a society'

    41. Samuel Lloyd-Kelly

      Great vid. I thought I knew the full story.

    42. Craig Wythe

      100% will not watch this film. It is the same reason why I would never buy a lada riva. They make the same crap year after year and it never gets better.

    43. Wyatt Christian Pinili

      honestly would be cool zack sndyer and chris nolan will lead dceu judt like kevin feigie

    44. hey yo

      It was all just too soon. Too soon for the "ultimate team up" movie. it's like they wanted the Avengers level payoff with no build-up. I dunno. I like MoS and BvS for what they are, but the DCEU would have greatly benefitted from several smaller films and more years before the full JL movie. I don't think the Snyder cut will be perfect, but it'll probably be more in line with the previous films. At least the whole endeavor will have a proper end cap. It's just frustrating how these studios work, they don't want to properly utilize the talent they have, instead they want to copy what has worked for someone else. The MCU works because they forged their own formula. That MCU formula does not work in the world of Batman and Superman. Say what you want about Snyder, but he was forging his own formula. As far as DC moving forward, I have always and still believe that they shouldn't even attempt a shared universe. Separate movies with sequels, given to very different talented directors each time. Let someone new leave their mark on the mythos from time to time, just as Donner, Burton, Nolan and Snyder have done. Don't need to "fix" the DCEU. Just leave it be and move on. Make more great movies as they have always done and seem to still be doing. Can't wait to see what The Batman brings to the mythos.

    45. P.T.

      If I was Zack I wouldn't even went to that selfish child's funeral.....ppl are so weak nowadays. I hav Zero tolerance for weakness, like Darkseid.

    46. A of E

      This is an amazing story, so far. I just hope that the Snyder Cut is equally amazing!

    47. ferg

      Captain marvel and Wanda vision were trash. Not sure about marvels long term plans now

      1. Igbo time Hopper • 20 years ago •or

        To me wondavision was ok but your right marvle is finished spiderman and stark are gone. The MCU is over

    48. Palmer Eldritch

      I... Can't... Wait... For this movie to finally be released!!!!!

    49. ferg

      Its gonna be so long there's bound to be something good in it

    50. Rujal Sthapit

      WOW!!. Now we want a video of Why Sucide squad sucked? Also whats up with the worst CGI of WW1984 and the whole movie?

    51. Konin

      The AT&T -WB merger was a really big part of why it happened as well , I’m so stoked we get to see it

    52. Bhavya Savani

      Man coming from MCU fan, If you cant feel for this guy then i dont know what to say, i was disappointed in BvS but god he has vision and hope he can nail his vision in JSJL

    53. Dan Ross

      Love the channel man. And your comparisons and puns are awesome lol for real though. I lol at least 3 times a video. And your analogies are 🔥! Good shit bud. Keep it up, my fellow nerd! On that note I can't wait to see the new joker in Zack Snyder's version, even if it's just a couple minutes or lines in the nightmare scene, I don't even care. So pumped!

    54. bann_the_fodder

      I have played it back several times and slowed it down...what word does he say at 2:55? The only _________of his children.

      1. Abundo, Juan Carlo

        I think she was the only daughter and all the other children were boys?

    55. Mark Antigua

      Great overall review.

    56. Steven Ilczynski

      good overview of upcoming release

    57. Mike Sexton

      Joss Whedon purposely made Justice League a horrible movie so it couldn't compete with the Marvel Universe....change my mind.

      1. F G2000

        It's so strange. The dceu may be fucked up, but DC's Joker movie, the dark knight trilogy and Man of steel are all way better and stronger movies than anything Marvel has ever made in my opinion. Most people probably would not add MOS to this list, but i think it was a movie way ahead of it's time!

      2. Evan thornton

        Facts and Disney is literally paying off the movie critics to overly praise anything they release and down talk dc movies

    58. eiderglast

      They should have the animated DC group like Bruce Timm, and the rest of the group who did Justice League animated, Batman Beyond and Justice League : Gods and Monsters.

    59. Natty Burmeister

      Hello, it’s me interacting!! Hope to interact with you soon. Thanks for the interaction

    60. Will _Powers

      WB is full of morons. Wayne and Lane always had a close relationship. JL wouldn't have been the first time these two fell in love. Batman/Superman World's Finest animated film, Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #89, and a short arc in New 52 to name a few. What's the problem? She'll always come back to Clark.

    61. 2way bklyn

      I for one loved the movie i think it was great

    62. Adrian Mendonca

      Is this comment a Winner?

    63. Goodboy

      Omg. I just heard the part where Batman falls in love with Lois and I almost threw up. Dude... Snyder is a maniac. When he trashed a movie with my 2 favorite characters of all time i was pissed but whatever. If he would have the Brois love triangle bs in that movie I would literally be looking to fight.

    64. Warjack Prime

      If you like ads watch this video. What is that, 3 in the first 4:30 minutes?

    65. The Kris

      I was thinking about the drastically different cuts with Superman 2 Well I heard that 75% of it was different...🤨🤔

    66. Christopher Gugliuzza

      This movie is just bad to the core man.... Bad Actor Picks, like normal for DC, and bad CGI... It's just bad... Like just look at the Flash they decided to use... Holy shit, how is DC still alive?

    67. Cain Cotterill


    68. hovan2yourjunk

      I really can’t wait for this movie!!

    69. Green Rabbit

      Why would you hire someone that marvel just paid to do their film. They'd be loyal to marvel not DC. Of course the movie would be sabotaged

    70. Steef Pip

      I've been saying from the beginning, even before the Snyder Cut was announced, that you can polish a turd but it's still going to be a turd. No amount of recuts can fix the fact that the DCEU was rushed. They wanted to catch up and it is the primary reason for the failure of the cinematic universe. The MCU is by no means perfect, it has produced plenty of turds of it's own, but overall Infinity War and Endgame worked because of the decade of groundwork they laid beforehand. Justice League got a few movies, two were good (despite fanboy crying about one) two were awful, before it came out and it just wasn't enough.

      1. Summer Tyme

        I will never forget how hysterically the DCU fans defended JL. Now they claim that it was trash but this will fix everything. *There is a credibility problem here.*

    71. Knightlife Entertainment

      Warner Brothers doesn't deserve any of the money from the Snyder cut when it comes out.

    72. Paul Nolan


    73. Paul Nolan

      I liked Affleck's Bat.

    74. Ian Rotten

      Batman still doesn't kill people. I'm sorry for Zach and his family, but I don't care what he says, Batman doesn't kill people.

      1. Lance 25th Night

        Kevin Conroy Incarnation: I will not kill. Christian Bale Incarnation: I won't kill you, but i don't have to save you ( proceeds to inditectly kill ra's al ghul - "real humanitarian" ) Look there are many different incarnations/versions of the character. Just say your favorite version/incarnation of Batman then ok, we good, your opinion and go off with your day.

    75. Robin Kitchings

      Dude idk how but the beginning of the video mixed with my ad and was looped thaught it was the video

    76. Michael Espinosa

      So sad that his daughter took her own life I have two daughters I couldn't even imagine the pain RIP

    77. GodZpeed X7

      Dude no. Batman V Superman didn’t underperform commercially and critically. It grossed more than $800 million in the box office. That is a commercial success.

    78. sir loin

      Isn't wedone a creeper sexpest or somthin lik that,just to replace the Jesus freak: fcuk the w b...

    79. Ricky Tran

      Was WB or even the people rolling their eyes realize Bruce and Lois actually had a thing before she finally fell for Clark?

    80. danny sanchez kc

      there apology to to Zach is crap. they still don't want this they only did it to boost HBO Max subscriptions

      1. sunsetman22

        they dropped the ball pretty hard. no one gets a chance to bounce back like this and promptly throws it away. I seriously hope they go bankrupt for being such a spiteful, creatively void bunch.

    81. Sherald Hill

      Really hope Ray Fischer never has to work a real job. How does the “make it darker, edgier” crew of DC fans feel about a grown man being “abused” on a movie set? Very strange juxtaposition but as with most sycophantic fan bases and cultists they will write it off as someone else’s fault.

    82. comicbookprodigy995

      We'll see on the 18th, but I think Joss did everything he could. I don't have faith for this director's cut.

    83. Sherald Hill

      Snyderpolagists have sooooo much riding on this movie. And if it sucks.. where do they go? Since there is probably overlap between QAnon and Snyderpolagists I would think they could set up a 10-12 step program to cope.

    84. furqan bashir

      Zack Snyder's work is not for everyone. He is an artist in his truest form and I am glad that we will finally get to see the Justice league the way it was always intended.

    85. michael murillo

      It is bitter sweet that we wont get to see the full snyder verse.

    86. Matthew Mentzer

      They tried to copy Marvel with trying to be too lighthearted, but DC has always been a darker universe so forced humor looks transparent to us the fans as pandering.

    87. Kerry Fink

      Joker Jesus

    88. Rafael Franco

      Joker Jesus? You serious right now?

    89. IrishCat04

      its funny how studios enable the dickery of certain directors and then when its too much of a hot potato the same studios dump said directors but never reorganise their ranks by firing the enablers

    90. Avijit Karmaker

      It is undeniable that Justice Leauge was an awful movie. People are going crazy for Zack Snyder's Justice League cut. I am quite skeptical about that cut as well. Snyder Directed Batman vs Superman which was quite a bad movie itself. It is a good thing that Snyder's cut is coming out. But it is quite surprising to see why people are so appreciative of this particular cut.

    91. Jenny clark

      The robber on the rooftop scene? What was so bad about that? I loved that. It made Batman look really good.

    92. Vipul Doshi

      oh yeah the russian family at the end of justice league. why?

    93. Yeayea

      A lot of people don’t realize that Gal Gadot’s career was struggling until she got cast. People forget but she was even in a captains Morgan commercial. That’s how low it got for her.

      1. Philip Whitcomb

        Apparently this had also been the case for Jason Momoa too.

    94. Yeayea

      Ok I’m two minutes into this but the original movie wasn’t that bad. It didn’t have the box office numbers because they didn’t build a culture like marvel did leading into avengers. They just tried skipping the origin stories and jumping right to the DC-avengers.

    95. George Juarez

      I honestly couldn't be more excited to see this cut. I've never felt more soul or passion into a project. It's just that you know all of the motivation for this is coming from Zack solely. The movie is about so much more than money to him, and you can almost physically feel it. Can't wait.

    96. Purple Rain

      do the same for "game of thrones "

    97. Comic Show

      in early 2018, i use to fight for the snyder cut telling people it exists, i started making fan theories, then zack came in an interview and revealed himself then ray was revealed as Darkseid, people still didn't believe me, and now they r the same people who r damn fucking excited for it

    98. TheSMK2

      It might be good, it might suck, but at the end of the day it will be his, so for that, I'm game!

    99. Chris Schott

      Studio execs .... Go away now