TikTok's Toxic Diet Culture Needs to be Stopped

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    I've been asked to take a look through the diet + weight loss content on TikTok so many times recently. Social media is full of scams and hearsay and I hope this video's a little reminder to show love to anyone online who might be struggling and point them towards qualified voices: Registered Dietitians and Medical Doctors.
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    My video on the science of why restrictive diets fail: seprom.info/clone/video/urelnLerYJGm2qs.html
    A few of my favourite papers assessing the impact of undernutrition on health and the effectiveness of a highly restrictive diet on long term weight loss (there are lots more but I am hitting SEprom’s word limit! ☹️)
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    If you’re interested in the interviews with RDs and MDs about lemon water, ACV, cayenne pepper etc below are some examples (I haven’t found any rigorously conducted and peer reviewed scientific literature into this, which says something already!)
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    1. Natacha Océane

      In case it helps, Britain’s NHS shares that 2,223 calories is the average estimated energy requirement for a 13 year old girl. This only increases through adolescence (it’s nearly 2,500 calories for 17 y/o girls) and bear in mind that this is assuming an average level of activity which realistically isn’t going to be that much. Growth and development have significant energy requirements and we shouldn’t just take them as assumed ♥️ I hope it helps, love ya 💛 www.nhs.uk/common-health-questions/childrens-health/how-many-calories-do-teenagers-need/

      1. MxLp_Craft

        @Natacha Océane Hey i m a 13 year old boy trying to loose weight i am overweight and im on a diet of 1200 is this okay for only a few months and if not how many calories should i eat

      2. frogtears

        yes! i'm trying to lose weight so my net calories are closer to 1200-1500, but that's just the calorific deficit i need to reach my goal weight. i've struggled with an ED (BED/Bulimia) for the past year and doing lots of research into the number of calories that you actually need and the kinds of food you should eat to achieve it has helped me so much, especially in regards to not feeling guilty about binges - so thank you for this comment, as i hope it's helped someone else :)

      3. Chris Roostan

        It's a lot more than we think! The average 19-25 yr old active male needs 3000 calories per day to maintain a healthy weight!

      4. isu MR

        wow I had no idea. i eat around 1800 - 2000 ish and eveyone tells me to cut it down to lose fat but I don't want to lose the muscle I've gained from lifting. im 19 5'7", afab, and probably around 145lbs. even the macro calculator that you reccomended said to eat 1500 but i doubt i could do that and workout, ive tried and its so draining

      5. Little Wolf Taima

        @Holly Pearson Yeah that's what they told me and I ended up fat for 6 years. I even had the doctor ask me if I want a referral to help me lose some weight after I specifically told them NOT to discuss my weight with me (I was only going weighed to get my BC pills) because of my history of eating disorders and I and a BMI of 27. I can and did lose 34lbs restricting

    2. POTATO

      What is this dieat thing all about???!!!! Eat different varied. Make sure you dont eat evrything of all.And find out witch foods has what minerals, vitamins, and other noutishmnets. If you eat varied, you have a good diet. Please stop this dietpandemic

    3. skawnk

      I only just realised how bad I was undereating, your video ACTUALLY helped me and opened my eyes. Nothing else has influenced me this effectively!!!Thank you so much, I think I needed a reality check.

    4. Sonnenwind

      I am underweight and I have a little belly and I can’t believe people believe that everyone has a perfect body. Even these tiktok skinny girls have cellulite and might have a belly when they don’t try to “show off” muscles.

    5. Juliana Guerrero

      every victoria's secret model ever starting their day with lemon water to 'boost their metabolism'

    6. Kat Thomas

      I'm gaining weight right now on purpose and its soo so hard when confronted with flat bellies. I know that my body isn't MEANT to be that skinny. throughout my teens I was never fat but I was curvy, but after a bout of depression I lost almost 20kgs (44 lbs) and I became so skinny. My ribs stick out, my collarbones stick out. And I lost all that weight without doing ANY exercise. I literally just deprivated my body. I personally think I look like shit now Im skinny. So Im trying to get to 54 kgs. It's scary though.

    7. Zlatan Vitale

      Food is not an enemy it’s an ally !!!

    8. Nuomin Lu

      To all people reading this: wanting to lose weight is not a bad thing but do it with lots of precautions. I was overweight and I decided to change my lifestyle, I lost a good amount of weight but never actually weighted myself because I'm scared of becoming obsessed with numbers like I used to in the past. Now my goal is to work out to get STRONGER not necessarily thinner et to eat BETTER not less. In terms of food I didn't change anything, I just made sure I stopped eating when I was not hungry anymore. I'm not a specialist, and I didn't consult anyone, so I decided to lose weight very simply: eating a bit better but keeping the things that I love even if they are high calories and exercising. Yes the results are slow (multiple month) but they are steady. Please be safe 🙏

    9. RosePlays YT

      can someone explain what ed is i forgot and it would be very well apprectiated

      1. RosePlays YT

        @I edited my username !!! Thanks!

      2. I edited my username !!!

        eaaating disorder

    10. blue Bottle

      I eat really healthy during the day and then start snacking at night, the problem isn’t the late night snacks but the amounts. When I start eating something that’s seen as unhealthy I automatically say “oh well I ate bad so I might as well eat more”. I then eat so much unhealthy food at night that I feel sick when I go to sleep. Can someone give me advice..

    11. Sophie Ellis

      Hey, when will there be new Unite merch? 😊

    12. Christina Harmon

      I can’t wait until TikTok is lost with getting new phones

    13. madeline

      see, some days i just don’t feel hungry or i can’t figure out what to make so i’ll just skip lunch or skip dinner. it’s hard to make yourself eat when you’re genuinely not hungry 🤷🏽‍♀️

    14. Jennifer Hart

      This feels so eating disordered what these people do on tiktok... I recognize it from when I still had an eating disorder. I really hope they understand what they are doing to their bodies, and adress what is behind their eating behaviour..

    15. Maia Feldt

      You are an angel, i am wrighting a paper on this and all your links and sources are saving me rn, thank you

    16. Alexis Stevens

      People are against Arbonne because its an MLM/ Pyramid Scheme...

    17. Claudia PAD

      The thumbnails recommendations are already terrifying. 💀

    18. Beth Dorny

      Question: a lot of people start getting into working out by minimizing calorie intake and than over a couple weeks it is best to build up that calorie intake so you are getting enough fuel right? Is it possible to start at your desired calorie intake without minimizing in the beginning?

    19. MxLp_Craft

      Im a boy on a diet im 13 and eat 1200 im only doing it for a few months is that okay please respond

    20. monte rayy

      thank you for making this video, helps a lot

    21. Victoria Gregoire

      I honestly can’t remember the last time I had a great meal outside the holidays because of the genuine discomfort. I feel uncomfortable today after nursing clinical that I had three meals a day instead of two ( breakfast at 5 am, lunch at late 11 and salad dinner at 7:47). I just feel trapped that you’ll gain fat even though I lift weights. It’s just hard getting right with food. I’m tired of being afraid of bread even baked good at times. I guess as a person I never really step out my comfort zone because I’m afraid to be being back to that girl on the scale weighing more than I should

    22. Lulu Raheem

      This is why I avoided TikTok like the plague. Still have never downloaded it or watched anything from it once.

    23. Harper Dron

      Natacha out here giving me constant positive vibes and motivation to be my best, happiest self 😊😊❤️❤️🌱🌱☀️☀️

    24. Tanner Paterson

      yo i dont think guys will loose their periods we just built different

    25. Omayra Palma

      Very clever when pointing about what social media shows us is what we want to see (Machine learning Engineering + Psychology research). Is so sad that there are so many naive people that don't know how social media really work and how they play with our hormones :/

    26. M i l a -

      But what about fasting like is it sill under eating if you’re fasting. Because i skip breakfast and Lunch and for dinner i eat like 200-500 kcal.

    27. Queenie Dinsdale

      Your skin is ✨glowing ✨ Tell me your secret I won’t tell 🤫

    28. Scarlett Says

      hi, medical student here a bit late to say: STOP TAKING LAXATIVES EVERY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "detox teas" are often just laxatives. you CANNOT take laxatives every day and think you're gonna be okay long term, or even in the short term. daily use of laxative products is considered abuse, and a serious addiction that needs to be treated asap. addiction to laxatives causes chronic constipation, damage to the muscles and tissues in the colon, permanent digestive biome damage, permanent kidney damage, severe dehydration leading to fainting and heart palpitations, and often causes hemorrhoids as well, which are blood vessels that pop out of your b-hole and burst open, because you're having such bad daily diarrhea and/or constipation from the laxatives that you literally start sh*tting your internal blood vessels out. you are causing serious damage to your body, and those hemorrhoids are not cute, so please get help if you need it. here are some resources that might help you if you are addicted to laxatives, or might help if you need more information: go to "find treatment options" at the bottom of the page for help: www.nationaleatingdisorders.org/learn/general-information/laxative-abuse more information: www.healthline.com/health/laxatives-side-effects www.eatingdisorderhope.com/blog/laxative-abuse-long-term-risks

    29. Jen

      I've been eating 1200kcals since April of 2020 because of a video I saw where they talked about bmr and stuff. It said: to lose weight I need to take away 500kcals to lose weight and it was around 1200kcals a day because my bmr is around 1700. Have I been eating too little?

    30. Diet_Angel

      I just hate how some people glamorize eds thru tiktok and also the comments on skinny girls dancing like "didn´t want to eat anyways" or " ill never eat again" and its really triggering. also im worried about the younger people there who may not know about how harmful it is and they start undereating

    31. Life support Spams

      Tiktok is so toxic

    32. h g

      IT'S NOT GONNA FIT ✨yes it is✨

    33. Tanita M.

      Thank God you decided to make videos at some point and feed us with all this information. My 13 year old me would have loved to have access to that 16 years ago. I hope a lot of young people will find you, learn and will try to accept their body and its needs more and become more healthy mentally and physically. I'm still struggling with both. Thank you, Natacha.

    34. Anna Hong

      One of my favorite easy smoothies of all time: -frozen strawberries -frozen bananas -nesquik strawberry syrup -little bit of milk

    35. hajar bahtiyar

      I dont feel guilty when eating fries but i do feel regret after 🤧 tbh losing weight is hard especially when have low metabolism 🙁

    36. rain sarcasm

      I love your style! The gold necklaces matching the cute bra strap with the gold hook looks so cute!

    37. Lauren Costelloe

      Biggest round of applause 👏👏👏 THANK YOU for this ridiculously well researched and well presented video! ❤

    38. Katerina


    39. Linnea Lindgren

      i really think everyone needs to see this video

    40. Linnea Lindgren

      we should really learn from the start of our lives how important health is and to live healthier not just starving urslef when u wanna loose weight and stuff. Health in any way, physical or mental health is barley talked about which is so sad and very bad.

    41. Walt Locke

      No wonder the only English speaking youtubers not talking BS about food science are a British and an Australian. I should have known. Great content!

    42. Cora Josie

      thank you, this kind of scared me and opened my eyes to unhealthily I’ve been eating. I’ve been eating around 900-1000 calories and working out to burn 300 calories everyday and I wanna change that.

    43. Amelia Miller

      There are also a ton of accounts that teach sustainable weight loss and intuitional eating. It's not all bad.

    44. Brenna Hutton

      As an eating disorder nurse, this is SO. MUCH. YES!! Social media is literally the FUEL for eating disorder culture.

    45. Juliette Pabst

      Yeah, "Doctor" basically means you had to write a thesis at some point :). I'm a Doctor of Pharmacy too and I'm a bit offended that the girl you showed is promoting stupid stuff like that. I'm curious to know, which Sports Science Journals are you subscribed to? Xxx

    46. cafe academia

      i was sick about a week ago and couldn’t eat and it still can’t eat because every time i try to make something or get something i pass out. i pass out because i can’t eat and i can’t eat because i pass out and annoyingly caffeine has no affect on my so i guess i’ll starve. does anyone know what to do

    47. imbored

      Even when I use a losing weight app, it says I should eat 1300 calories, is that right???

    48. Ally L

      stopped this video to go get something to eat 🥺

    49. Bruna

      Going through the papers like a crazy lady trying to find even more information. Food is our friend not a way to punish ourselves. Too sad it took me 23yrs of life to find out the true.

    50. Sophie Louise

      The thing is I don’t know how much is enough. I’ve lost over 4 stone and I don’t want to gain anything back but idk how much food I need. I really be out here living on 1,400 a day maximum and don’t feel myself feeling hungry for much more.

    51. Ellen De Witte

      I think this video is great for people to realise food has to be a pleasure! I ate 1500 kcal / day and i workout and every day, and now i eat about 2400 kcal and i feel a lot better😁

    52. yaash smirks

      I just love how she talks and most importantly how much effort she puts in every video with all those reports and info

    53. Rebecca Villarinho

      The second girl was also sneakily promoting an MLM. That brand from the shake and tea is a pyramid scheme

    54. K10

      I have a healthy, but low body fat percentage and I eat easily over 2k cals a day. 300 carbs. What is important is it comes from a balance of fats, carbs, protein from NUTRIENT DENSE, WHOLE FOODS. For example, if you only had vegetables all throughout the day, you’re body is missing fats so you need to add nuts or avocado. You’re also missing complex carbs, so you need quinoa, brown rice, legumes. The balance of your macros throughout the day is KEY.

    55. Elena Zlotea

      This tiktok is a bullshit, a waste of your time and most of that makes you laugh or it puts you in any emotional state but afterwards you close the app and ask yourself ‘What useful I get from here?’ The aswer is NOTHING. And regard the food intake I completely agree with Natacha as your body need quality and enough macronutrients for a proper funtion not the super tricks that you think you can lie to your body not to eat or give less fuel than actually requires. Guy, don’t listen to any saying listen to your body, what it really need for prosperity and have always a BALANCE!

    56. Because whynot

      I became so obsessed with my weight I went raw vegan and even though I stopped I feel so guilty eating more than 1,000 calories 😔

    57. Valeria Mameli

      Thank you🎯

    58. Laurie Bedore

      Thank you for putting a video like this on the internet. You’ve helped me so much throughout my health and fitness journey and the diet culture on tik tok is so discouraging. I hope this video reaches all the people who are struggling!

    59. Emma Scherer

      Thank you soooo much for making this video!! all you hear nowa days, is losing weight is good, but i have anorexia and need the opposite kind of advise! hearing to lose weight isn't going to keep me alive! XD love you girl!

    60. Salvador Allende

      what about Intermittenst Fasting or even several day Fasting? I heard great stuff about it. Like boosting your immune system and activating the autophagy process

    61. Millie Guise

      I just wanna lose my double chin 😭

    62. Natalia Iturra

      Omg! Loved this video sooooo much! I think the most problematic thing is that we actually don’t know what are we eating, I believe it’s beyond calories, it’s about the quality of the food we are taking. People believe eating light products and restricting foods they will lose weight, but they don’t realize they are killing their gut, the central point of their health.... such a big topic...

    63. gabriella morali

      i'm so happy your channel exists

    64. gabriella morali

      i'm so happy i stay on funny/art/scenery/travel/kpop tiktok

    65. gabriella morali

      damn i hate our generation BASHDBAJDHAKJFHDSKF

    66. Majadito lover [Cjc]

      Tiktok is really messed up... As a 16 yr old If I’d have watched this videos when I was dieting really hard a year ago by eating less than 800 - 600 calories on a “keto” - one meal per day diet I’d totally think that all those videos are showing a normal diet... I’m 108 pounds now but my metabolism is really slow and I have more of a “skinny fat” look. It’s not worth it, if I could go back I’d would follow a healthy balanced diet as I’m doing now but in a déficit. Your vids and Coach Greg’s have really improved my life overall, thank you for using your influence for really helping people 💖

    67. Jellian Jamin

      Great Video! I am also a scientist and i am shocked how people spread some sort of theories on the internet and they gain a lot of followers without showing any evidence. The only thing to lose weight in a healthy way is to change your diet with "real" and less processed food and increase your amount of muscle on your body through excercise.

    68. fantafit

      Thank you, this motivate me to make a big pot pasta without guilt :)

    69. Corinne Dudli

      Haha the irony. The youtube ad in the video was on how to loose weight.

    70. Charly Lake

      I saw citations from scientific papers and immediately subscribed. As a scientist, I love seeing claims being back up by data.

    71. Carolina Cepeda

      I really love your reserch videos!! This is the kind of content that fitness industry needs. You're work as an influencer is wonderfull, you're teaching people how to be healthy through the science. Thank you so much for this 💛 Love from Spain

    72. j

      my ed just LOVED this video

    73. FitBeach

      Thank you for making this video. You don't know how much it helped. Lately I have been feeling so self-conscious seeing all the too skinny people and what they eat, and it can really distort your mindset about yourself, making me think that what I am doing is all wrong and that I am not good enough acording to the beauty standards. Thank you for giving me perspective 💜

    74. Eduardo Viajero

      if stop making videos about Tiktok, it would be less significance. 99% of people who saw stuff from tictok saw it on SEprom.

    75. Samyangmyeon

      went back to this and heard ‘bullshit-based’ 🤣 thank you so much Natacha, you are an angel sent to many young generations ❤️

    76. Georgina Rios

      I tried to find on this channel if she’s a RD, CPT or student in healthcare. Does anyone know? Because she didn’t state, I’m just going to assume no.

    77. Lucy

      Some of these girls on tiktok know exactly what they're doing. They post videos of them basically just stood there in a crop top to flex their body and it's sooooo triggering. I'm trying to recover from my ED so I've been staying away from tiktok, but it just annoys me that these girls do it on purpose to get views/likes.

    78. Sarah OG

      lol dr Mike who told us to not go out to parties and was caught maskless on a party ...

    79. Emma Haranis

      Hi Natasha! Are you able to do a science based video on Hair Loss/Hair growth - it’s such a confusing area! Would love to know your thoughts around supplements/diet and potential causes etc😊

    80. Sierra Anne

      On the flip side, sometimes what I eat in a day videos are helpful. I feel really weird eating more than three times or having seconds for dinner etc., but watching what I eat in a day videos where they eat multiple times with big servings makes me realize I'm stressing for no reason.

    81. vhkl _

      100% agree with you

    82. Emilia Langman

      Ok this is SO INSPIRING - I have been researching nutrition for a long time and am now studying to be a Level 3 Personal Trainer. I have been on the fence about whether I would like to make educational health and workout videos once I am qualified but this has given me that push to do it! We definitely need more content creators who can inspire the generations to be the happiest version of themselves and look after their health, be it physical or mental, based on scientific research & literature. THANK YOU Natacha x

    83. Andrea Montes

      I needed to hear this. Thank You Natacha❤️

    84. Anxiety X

      My what I eat in a day would be mostly water with salt mixed in because I have low blood pressure. If I under eat I get dizzy and head pain and my vision gets blurry.

    85. Cata Arismendi

      I just can't love this woman more

    86. soriginal 1425

      This needs more views

    87. Karin Anderson

      This is an amazing video that everyone needs to watch. Thank you for sharing all of your amazing knowledge & leading with the science, Natacha 💕 You are doing incredible work.

    88. Caitlin Cahoon

      @natacha Oceane- so then what is sustainable fat loss? what method should we approach?

    89. vyvienn

      I find it interesting how pretty much all of those quick-fix "weightloss"solutions are exactly the same crap people were hyping 20+ years ago. I have seen every single one of those around, and some used to be sold quite aggressively at GNC (probably still are). It's kind of depressing to realize that exactly nothing seems to have changed when it comes to educating the general populus in terms of health and nutrition.

    90. Zofia

      You changed my mind so quickly. Thank you

    91. Estelle Koehler

      Lool the burrito story and wink :DDDDDDDDDD Hilarious

    92. Ingrid Everts

      "a salt bae of....." is my new favorite unit of measure

    93. Shiela’s Healthy Lifestyle

      I would never starve myself or else I would get grumpy😂😂I eat healthy and exercise 3-4x a week.I also have weekends for cheat days😂😂😂

    94. Ann Ambler

      I wish Dr. Mike had better influence and research from dieticians on his channel.

    95. Manon Harris

      Honestly, I look at these videos as a reminder that its okay to eat, because I've never met a girl who eats more than ~300 ish calories a day (maybe 4-5 bites of food during lunch and a snack around dinner time is the most I've seen). I've always had immense guilt around the quantity of food I eat (~1500 cals/day) because I thought this was the norm, and that women just weren't supposed to feel very much hunger at all. Anyway, thanks for the video. This has made me feel a lot better.

    96. phyliciajoykloes

      Yes Natacha! I appreciate you sharing your knowledge and talking about the toxic things that are happening online. I'm happy I didn't step into the Tik Tok band weagon.

    97. Girl Not Local

      i think also youtube video of what i eat in a day are lies. im pretty sure off camera they eat more than they show. like i see some where alll there meals are like one egg, half a banana, lunch is like a tiny plate of salad and tea, and dinner its like a tiny portion of veg, small piece of meat and they there like good night. and im like breakfast, 3 egged omalette, with mushrooms ham and cheese and coffee and still want food. lunch big salad, still hungry. dinner a whole broccoli, full chicken bread and half avocado,feeling good but you know im gonne eat again. 8pm apple with peanut butter or a yogurt, and im done. and my husband says i under eat 😂

    98. Anna Romina

      I once obsessed over having a calorie deficit and would sneak a “500-cal workout” when I go over at 10pm just to hit the deficit target. I started having irregular periods and I decided and it wasn’t the way to go. It’s so easy to get pressured and trapped into unhealthy diets and I’m grateful for influencers like you shedding more light into the issue.

    99. Megan

      Cough Anna Archer COUGH

    100. Janiyah Sims

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