Tion Wayne x Russ Millions - Body 2 ft Arrdee, 3x3E1 & ZT, Bugzy Malone, Fivio Foreign, Darkoo, Buni

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    1. Brendon Kashangura


    2. Urban Psmpu

      Them man had 2 order Aitch from aliexpress and that’s why we had to wait so long for the remix 😁

    3. hellel nuttesong

      my testosterone just increased by 300% listening to this

    4. Arr Tee

      Can't stop watching this💀

    5. Lewis Walsh

      Aarrrdddeee ALL THE WAY!!!!£

    6. Dušan Kragulj

      Dude it's like Morgz

    7. Jo Co


    8. Roma Derito

      0:43 😳 🔥🔥 🥶

    9. mo Lester


    10. يانا

      0:41 This man's voice is just... 🤰

    11. Rayyan Rizwan

      yall sleeping on bugzy's verse

      1. Slash937

        fr arrdee overrated

    12. AidoPlays

      Me : Plays it.. Dad: Stop it please!😶📉 Also dad : Bring the bigger speaker🤯🔥📈

    13. Khumo Markham

      Arrdee can get it anyyyydayyyy

    14. Tkc_trio

      Aitch from wish

    15. Jynx

      use me as a not from tiktok button ☺️

    16. evie.


    17. Manlyke Alz


    18. Nehir 2008

      ardee's voice sounds like morgz in this clip

    19. Jake Ellis

      Jheeeze this is maaaaad

    20. mari 2 spazzy

      0:26 is probably what your here for

    21. Soapxx y


    22. Crantuber

      That’s mad fam 🥶🥶

    23. Tik Tok


    24. Justin Cormier

      is it on soundcloud

    25. Psalm West

      Lmao Fivio poppin out of no where 😂

    26. Brian Wang

      I've watched this ten times

    27. KING DARRY

      Who’s the old donny at the start

    28. Queen Iruka

      ik i can’t be the only one hearing this with an afro beat behind it

    29. Psalm West

      Original one harder stylll

    30. Tanaaa


    31. Goldn

      how many features does one person need

    32. laya

      this def my fav song

    33. Tiyana Fasan

      Craden mwaa

    34. zeenat

      when your name is adeola 😀

    35. Sugmadek


    36. african herbsman

      African man here loving this one.

    37. thereal_shaqdineroTV


    38. Ubaidah Hart

      Why is this better than the actual song😂

    39. TUFF J MUSIC

      This track is crack it's lit🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    40. Yesi Designer

      I feel like they just got the first white kid in as a diss to Aitch

    41. liyuu kim

      go white boy go go mayo packet go

    42. liyuu kim

      on chinese tiktok this sound is trending for transitions haha

    43. snowflake

      ticktok: your mine now ;o)

    44. Ayuwuuu

      arrdee went wild there

    45. It’s Lady Dee

      Arrdee, Darkoo and fivio had the best verses

    46. Besa Kanika

      Arrdee bodied this!

    47. leonardo benetton

      hello lgbtq+ comunity

      1. liyuu kim


      2. Adam Tror jeg


    48. Deegan Horsley

      British got the 🔥 music and visual

    49. Grayse

      We all know that Arrdees verse is the best he seems like that type of guy that’s really short 😂😂😂

    50. Rizzy R

      Respect to the person who wrote this song

    51. Amy Picton

      🔥 🔥

    52. aine hoey

      all the americans finding tis

    53. EFX Nytro

      For mee is arrdee on firee i swear🤺

    54. Metro Bradsey

      Worst song of the year?

      1. Ijas Ahmad

        biggest cap of the year?

      2. Fhfh Xghhjkk


    55. Wednesday Mallett

      My mom’s obsessed with this song because her name is Fiona

    56. — celumbral —

      man this colonizer music not that bad

    57. Alexis Monica

      everyone at school singing this rn 😂

    58. Komplex Playzyt

      It has become apparent that aitch and arrdee are not fans of the letter H

    59. zoeqlavvv

      Video doesn't have the same energy as the other video

    60. Raül Toelsie R. *Team Success*

      During online classes Teacher: "What is the answer of question A?" My brain: "English girl name Fiona."

    61. Raül Toelsie R. *Team Success*

      The fact that Fivio Foreign is in a UK drill song should inspire people to stop being racist

    62. Coolin Moon

      who’s the white boy

      1. vanessa ツ


    63. Hubert Malek

      Bro this song is insane 🥶

    64. Sebastian Merino

      WHAT THE FUCK ARE THEY SAYING I hate the British accent Btw this song is ass

    65. Vuitton Troi

      I came for the drill verses

    66. Andy Xd


    67. Taepsu

      the song is a mess but i love it

    68. Goop Tv

      This is better than the first one

    69. e KING

      Nahh the N9 shots has me hollering 😭😭😭

    70. pony jar

      as an American i came here to laugh and surprisingly didnt 💀

    71. sabah xo


    72. bakari Sagna

      The best song ever 🥶🥶🥶

    73. badr alsaud

      Me: where are the old comments SEprom: gone reduced to atoms

    74. raul r

      0:40 hardest verse

    75. Maari ??

      Who else thinks morgz is singing in here

    76. JY 66

      Who’s cola and why is everyone talking about her body odi

    77. itss renaye

      *why do i even live in the united states at this point*

    78. Harel zin


    79. Maxiepoo4

      My sis knows the dude that says have you seen the state of her body if I beat I ain’t wearing a johnny

    80. Yancarlos Nieves

      Fivio up in this bitch😭

    81. PAPA NOEL

      This is flames.

    82. Themba The king

      This ain't your first time here welcome back 💸🔥

    83. ELIL

      Why u infront of my house?

    84. Phoebè Beckford

      DARKOO’s verse 😍😍😍 “time being money so a bitch can’t pay me!”

    85. James Clarke

      Good song but that noise at the start💀

    86. Gold Salt

      This camera work is insane!

    87. Lorenzo Lara

      No idea what they saying but ts go hard

    88. Riley Green

      Proud to be British 🇬🇧

    89. maxkhe

      why do i hear morgz tho

    90. Danny


    91. Veda Vlogs

      POV: u came from TikTok 😂👍

    92. Leonnn

      Too good

    93. Spongebob Niggapants

      uk drill flow and ny drill flow

    94. Spongebob Niggapants

      lmao America gonna blow this up


        Shut the fuck up please

    95. Jase

      Secondhand embarrassment listening to this cringefest

      1. M U

        @Jase Ur just looking for attention Ur comment was more irrelevant

      2. Jase

        @M U I mean you felt the need to reach out and respond with your irrelevant comment so you obviously do?

      3. M U

        No one cares

    96. Celine Stjernfelt


    97. Nialls cod videos

      The Bugzy malone part is so underrated

    98. Wengele Garrod

      This song makes me wanna change my name to Fiona

    99. mununuzi helsa


    100. segni w

      Slowly falling in love with UK rap.from 🇺🇸