Trisha Paytas & The Matzo Ball Meet-Cute | TigerBelly 292


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    1. Jade Alyx

      Trish looks so confused this whole podcast lmaooo

    2. t

      why have disgusting Trisha on your show? pretty damn desperate bobby!!!

    3. Jaime Berger-Cohen

      This was awesome and Kalila is stunning

    4. ParryHotter

      I'm starting to see the tension between Bobby and Khalyla, especially in the one with Bobby's ex

    5. D-Day Fitness

      She’s got bigger arms than Bobby!

    6. mohd fuzir

      43:59 Pergi kedai membeli cincau

    7. Qais Ra

      bobby lee doesnt wanna be there XD 24:36

    8. dani

      trisha! bobby and khalyla are fantastic humans but never be afraid to voice your pronouns!

    9. Nicole

      I'd love to see Marc Rebillet on here

    10. Marissa Noelle

      24:05 Trisha has a thing for Hila??

    11. Maria Taylor

      As someone who suffers with my Borderline Personality Disorder diagnosis, I really loved the quick discussion. Thanks for the representation, I hope you all can find peace.

    12. Michael Jimenez

      1:18:07 Trisha and her threesome/ “ Throuple “ I CANT 😂 this was a great podcast, so happy for everything Trisha has overcame!

    13. Brandon Carmony

      Maybe she was a limo driver I don’t know...haha😂

    14. Morgan Reece

      My favorite episode ever yall! ❤

    15. Oliver

      Why don’t they show what they are looking at?

    16. Wilfred Dale

      Armie hammer, his kid’s mouth, his toe. Red flag 🚩

    17. Kristopher Rochester Peters

      This is Great ✔️✔️

    18. DespizedICON

      Big girls don't cry, or exercise.

    19. CSeeS

      knew right from the get-go this was going to be interesting

    20. Amber C

      I’m dying over him calling himself an incel cuz I remember him from back in the day around Hollywood I’m pretty sure he was in love with my friend, we used to party together and she totally friend zoned him 😅 glad you found a good girl, Bobby

    21. crocopscarfie

      who are they talking about around the 6:00-7:00 time period?

    22. Sherri Mollett

      Great interview! Very entertaining👌

    23. Astha Patel

      love Trisha!!!

    24. JoeJames

      This was one of the best podcasts I have ever seen. Genuinely. I can imagine people not treating Trisha the way she deserves because of her openness. Embracing it and being cool made the podcast incredible.

    25. Sunshine by Elizabeth Romero

      Trisha just awkwardly smiling until 4:02 has me weak 🤣

    26. Andy

      the fact that this interview went this well is magical we love Trisha!!!!!

    27. Alexia Marcott

      “No that’s just a loser” 😂😂😂

    28. F. Schwarz

      Their outfits are so nicely color coordinated 👌

    29. Porter

      Trisha is my new favourite woman

    30. The DripDrop

      Why does everyone talk to this girl. She's awful.

    31. Ânyà Štár ✨

      It's my first time here. Is Kalayla a Native American decent? She's so pretty. Reminds me of Pocahontas and her name is unique

    32. Drew Fitzgerald

      involuntarily celebate

    33. PoYo LoKo

      This girl Trisha looks like the pumpkin head kid from Trick R Treat

    34. Mac Rase

      the song at the top is a genuine banger

    35. Briana Eiland


    36. Pablo Onzaga

      It is exactly like Salem witch trials, back then it was targeted towards women and now is targeted towards men

    37. Daniel Rocha

      Trishas on fire 🔥 she needs to be on Whitneys podcast!!!!!

    38. Saint Blades

      Trisha is so pretty.

    39. Blacksnyder

      I was a piece of shit disliking this woman for all of these years without even knowing her story. Salute to this woman, what a life.

    40. Amy Rowley

      I loved this so much. Laughed the whole time, amazing!!

    41. END TIMES PraiseJesus


    42. Nova Kid

      PLEASE, do another one with Trisha. I beg you

    43. Leonardo Kurokuro

      More of this please

    44. Snarky Charlie's

      Couple swap! Trisha/Bobby and Khalyla/Theo. This is the way. Lol.

    45. Your training matrix

      the taekwondo part got me

    46. Crystal R

      It kinda hurts that Trish still says "my friend Shane Dawson".

    47. Savannah McKenna

      Can Trisha and Khalyla PLEASE be friends. I think she needs these types of supportive friends.

      1. Savannah McKenna

        @Dani Masterson yeah, I started watching bloodbath after this and you’re right. But I do think khalylas support for Trisha is still awesome I love when girls love girls

      2. Dani Masterson

        Never gonna happen, she’s only on this podcast for Bobby. Khalyla and Trisha’s humor don’t mix

    48. Isaura A

      A new podcast to watch 💖🤣🤣

    49. vale michelle

      this is exactly what I needed my two world meeting each other 😂

    50. Evian

      Okaaay this podcast wasGOOD ASF

    51. Jake Van Dam

      She really said she started youtube doing mukbangs??

    52. Kruze Darling

      Bobby Lee’s intro song went so fucking hard Jesus Christ make that a full track and I will listen to it on my drive to work every day.

    53. Lenart Holy

      Broo trisha bullshits sooo much

    54. omgurheadsgone

      13:40 - Bob Sagot is the comedian suing Trisha lmao, you could still manage to clearly lip read it through the blur and bleep.

      1. Jade Alyx

        @Samantha Dunn he IS gross lol

      2. Samantha Dunn

        @SoulFly well yeah she just thinks he’s gross

      3. SoulFly

        shes also got issues with chris deliah

      4. Ruben Johnson

        I thought the same good to know it’s confirmed

      5. Samantha Dunn

        Anyone know why?

    55. Isabel Harrington


    56. Rachel Odin

      I love Trisha ❤ Happy Bday gurl

    57. Darcy KC

      finally getting around to watching this and this gives me life. new fan of the show

    58. Cheyenne Rae

      Anyone want to tell me who they are talking about in the beginning of the podcast ?

    59. Pat M.

      watch bobo's dr drew episode to see the full crista flannigan story

    60. Some Trespassing

      they have such good chemistry

    61. appleblossom345

      Never thought of Bobby Lee as an incel.... 🤔

    62. Danny Sanchez

      Someone needs to clock this girls words per minute. It must be insane

      1. • Bambi

        She use to be known for talking fast actually lol. She did a video in 2010 for the World fastest talker attempt, you should look it up.

    63. Troy

      Trisha talks like the playback speed is set to 1.5x

    64. Troy

      13:10 You can't use words like "Exodus" around Trisha. That's what tripped her up

    65. Troy

      The whole intro Trisha is about to burst at the seams cause she can't talk before Bobby mentions her name. She literally seems disappointed at times that she's not mentioned yet

    66. seth willard

      Make the fucking albulm, i heard that intro

    67. ashley duckworth

      This was THE BEST

    68. ashley duckworth

      The comic she's talking about @ 13:41 suing her is Bryan Callen (99% sure)... and the guy she is saying had an inappropriate thing with her sister is Chris D'elia.

    69. mjmcg73

      I really didn't want to watch this, really thought it would be bad, and it is awesome!! My bad

    70. Becky

      Khalyla is so fucking funny.

    71. denise marie

      I really dislike how fast she talks. It makes her sound like a crazy 13 year old. Slowwww dowwwwwn girl. Seriously.

    72. Lily Iglehart

      I fucking love Trisha!!!!

    73. plyingod

      Freedom is powerful.

    74. Seneca Clark

      3rd time listening to this episode

    75. MU 1773

    76. w

      Isn't Whitney Cummings dating a rock climber?!

      1. Dani Masterson

        Whitney Cummings dates any man that moves so yeah probably

    77. Cesar Ortiz

      So i was a lil hyped already but when boby went off in the beginning i was shimming

    78. hice

      she said grimes didnt she

    79. ala z

      Love trishhhh never knew I needed this collab

    80. Rlewis5221

      She got drugged "so many times?" How? I mean sheesh learn a lesson.

      1. Dani Masterson

        You don’t know how many times she dodged getting drugged. Maybe she’s gone through that situation hundreds of times but only fell victim a couple of times

    81. Cecilie Jacobsen

      Eminem - We Made You is why im here

    82. BillionDollarBiscuit

      A person that cancel somebody for what they’ve done in the past - saying that they used to do that in the past - is hypocritical phony and lost

    83. 6ick er


    84. Neighbourhood5555555

      YESS please go on blood bath Trisha!

    85. Jordan Lincon

      Yo, I LOVE the Color Palette of this video! It's so pleasing to the eyes :)

    86. Abc D

      Bobby is sweating cuz the story hits home. Do i cut off some of my friends or should i not 🤔🤔

    87. Agent N

      I want the unedited version pf this episode lol

    88. Missing In Action

      Her facial expressions, hahah I love her omg

    89. DurrtyBurd

      This podcast is the only thing in my life that makes me laugh and keeps a grin on my face. I'm also glad you had Trish on, I love her. She's so honest and spunky. I don't know how anyone could dislike her.

    90. Kat H

      So cute!

    91. Jess

      How did I have NO idea Bobby has a podcast until Trisha lead me here? I looooved him Apatow's LOVE.

    92. SeksDobryWszystkim

      With a lot of dopamine and adrenaline boost one can get in a depressed mood afterwards. Perhaps you are sensitive to high levels of dopamines.

    93. Alexa Macclain

      i’ve never seen this channel until this interview with trisha and i love them omg i’ve been laughing this whole video😂

    94. Phish Phuck

      Bobby says HH not H3 hahah

    95. Aina Jankunas


    96. bobbykatie0123

      So when will Trisha be back Vvvv

    97. Meesha M

      The editing here is so weird. You have Bobby saying he is envious of Trisha being so unfiltered and it immediately cuts to Trisha firmly saying THERE ARE REALLY GOOD PEOPLE.. wtf? This happened throughout too. Editor had a little too much moonshine before editing this podcast

      1. Dani Masterson

        @Meesha M Bobby Lee is still very interconnected with Hollywood, he has to be careful not to offend the wrong people.

      2. Meesha M

        @L I don't know why they edited anything. Trisha prefers not to cut stuff to avoid these wtf moments throughout the podcast. It ruins it, and here it just made no sense how they edited it. You could tell she was annoyed by how much they wanted to cut even while filming because she kept saying, are we going to cut that too? And it'll be cut, etc. She gets the same way with Ethan. And people will also make up convos that aren't accurate and the guest has no way of proving they did or didn't say something, like Gabbie Hanna is doing to her. But she also leaves all editing up to the creator so not to be a problem.

      3. L

        100%. So fuckin’ annoying and confusing when you’re really vibing with the conversation one moment and the next, you feel like you’re showing up late to a dinner party lmao

    98. Leslie Vazquez

      I didn’t know Eminem had a son 😵

      1. Kuralay V

        Unless it’s quite quite on the side I don’t think he has a son.

    99. squishy

      She needs to be a reoccurance id love that so much they have such a good flow of conversation

    100. bobbykatie0123

      Bill saget !!!!