Try Not To Laugh (Inappropriate Edition)

JJ Olatunji

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    1. Sophia Winter


    2. Rachael Byrne

      well done you won boxing Logan Paul

    3. Jeff Dion Victorino

      it's the towching for me

    4. SentinelYT

      Come to Russia it’s safe from the guns and tonks and Slav

    5. Łosoś


    6. Jamie Big Man


    7. Zoe Walker

      I love that we all can't tell he moved, 😭✊

    8. Kalish Jone

      Were do i send video so jj can see it

    9. Marcus Smith

      Rip for mo and bre

    10. The lit Channel

      Who’s screen is black

    11. Aman Berhe

      Funny JJ kid helped me smile from all the stress and depression I'm accompanied at school. I need help :)

    12. Omen

      look at the captions 0:00

    13. moin servus


    14. Kadin Clark

      Sup ksi

    15. Julio Andarage

      House tour???

    16. Sasha Weston

      This guys laugh kills me

    17. Zêrø_. Twø._ER40R

      He moved but actually he moved by 2 inches

    18. Gitgoodgaming Jeev

      what desk did u get

    19. Just A Random Dude

      WAIT WHY YOU HAVE THE SAME DESK AS ME YOU THEIF. or at least very, VERY similar, same color, design, the shelf thing everything

    20. Gavin Ware

      2:00 jj has a wife????!???!

    21. Miguel Giganto

      hey anyone noticed the kid sticked his index finger not his middle?

    22. Disturbed Joker

      Thick lives matter

    23. Proxy uwu


    24. Deepak Kumar

      all man milk killed me , dirty boy that man !

    25. Oliur Rahman

      Old memes but still gold

    26. AJ Foster

      I wasn’t even driving 🥲

    27. Taha Lagha

      4:33 couldnt stop laughing

    28. Toasta Beats

      All he had to say was cushion for the pushin

    29. Josef Karaduman

      Ksi you r my g

    30. Edi

      RIP boy GG Games Over 🤣🤣

    31. Shwifty Ace

      ksi:starts video by laughing also ksi:we are trying no to laugh ( laughs again )

    32. Darksnowle


    33. Vibing Wit the bois

      LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL level bre

    34. Nedread

      12:38 "Oh my god, FUCK OFF MAN!" - Me, whenever I hear the etoro man and their adverts

    35. im a noub

      the way he said ''DEAL WITH IT NIGGHA''

    36. Abduljalil Adamu

      9:13 Dirty boy that man

    37. Kathleen Birrell

      The “imma watch it again tho” 😂😂😂 his face 4:17 😂😂

    38. SNOOZuLOOZ

      9:14 As a Jamaican, I find this very hilarious and sterotypical

    39. Mohammed Adil

      12:15 thats meee

    40. Amelia Breau

      5:25 yo go some experience 😅

    41. Carlos Chirinos

      That boy possessed

    42. MångøBøbå

      It's the big forehead profile for me

    43. Dusan Stanojevic

      02:42 look at the pain in his eyes 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    44. Rui Toro


    45. o_0


    46. Nathan Mondragon

      Yo the guy who ruined that girls day is named rickey, look him up on youtube. hilarious af😂

    47. GOAT

      im not convinced that he actually moved!!!

    48. Ayush Solanki

      2:36 that KSI 😂 laugh 😂😂😂

    49. yash kulkarni

      can we just appreciate JJ for a moment that he does not ask us to like or subscribe......He is just doing this out of pure joy

    50. e x e


    51. Eland Guerrero

      black ew

      1. Computer Programmer

        Orange ew

      2. Computer Programmer

        Purple yes

      3. Computer Programmer

        Blue yes

      4. Computer Programmer

        Yellow ew

      5. Computer Programmer

        White ew

    52. Jacob Hendren

      Wtf did he just say in the intro, fuckin spider tounge

    53. Jedi Master Abek's Sabers

      "Satisfy the fungi"

    54. TheWeirdChannel Weirdos


    55. cameron holmes

      The new house lookin kinda sus do

    56. manase nau

      All- man- milk lol

    57. Brodie Fraser

      His laugh made me laugh 😂

    58. Isaac At-amour

      Why you lie You don’t have a die

    59. Liam Gray

      As soon as he said bacon I could smell bacon

    60. Fisayo Komolafe

      Pls remember it a try not to laff vid

    61. ConfidentX

      you look bright man in pink

    62. skybluepainter

      Arab scared of camel = cowboy scared of horses

    63. caustic

      bruh 1:51 uhuhuh NO

    64. Ronaldo Perez

      Sir sir I want that creature😂😂

    65. 『Mͦ7ͦMͦÐͦ Aͦ. HͦMͦEͦłͦÐͦ』TM

      11:23 didnt understand what happened why he said ( thats bre, oh ok thank bye) and jj laughed

    66. Wigadama

      I hope even if it’s just 1 single person that sees this, that they have an amazing day and an even better future!

      1. Mihlali Van Der Merwe

        Frick u man

    67. Malkuth X

      Called that man a piece of bacon

    68. Phillip Land

      I mess up my words

    69. Phillip Land


    70. Phillip Land

      Laugh at the part whe that kid hurt himself with the waits

    71. Ancila sibi

      As a member of ..we can decline

    72. The Catalyst

      JJ is the best!

    73. Sebastian Michaelis

      .... what has the modern era come to :T

    74. RC Apillanes

      jj : why don't the camels have masks. 8:32

    75. Wampaton

      Jamaican one had me dead

    76. Mathew Hernandez

      Tf mans out here dressed up in Dora clothes 😂😂😂😂

    77. Bryan Ortaleza

      props to the editor!!

    78. Aj Orr

      JJ,” Ima try not to laugh” Laughs the whole video 😶

    79. B M O

      4:00 - I laughed sooo much of jj's laughter here!

    80. Do This

      This was sussy

    81. roge bad

      11:16 oshhhhit

    82. Fusster

      Yeah I love satisfying the fun guy

    83. Mr Potatoes

      2:22 lmfao

    84. Nyla johns

      The boy wasn't even driving lol damn

    85. Crispin Stewart


    86. Hector S


    87. Kris Kream

      Bru turn on subtitles and restart

    88. Antwone Allen

      Jamaicans do be tripping

    89. qlonee

      He bought it on “Amezen?”

    90. najz ussr

      why does jj videos got so many views like every single of his video gets like 5-6 million view or something

    91. Batmann8950

      Dude I'm dying

    92. aleisha greatbatch

      the oreo one be like : when u got no gag reflex so u down the whole thing in one

    93. Ermin Duratovic

      4:47 How adults teach kids emotions

    94. XZjust1n

      Lol amizon

    95. Noriel Porlage

      Pls watch ez mils rap panalo song

    96. Orlando Rameriz

      My parents smashed when my tv was all the way up and I was like WTF XD.

    97. Nancy Rose

      Love this

    98. simon boss


    99. Senpai

      That kid heard everything

      1. Senpai


    100. Kdn Cult

      9:55 and the brits are the ones with the weird accent, we actually say the d cus we didnt alr swallow it for a raise at work =)