Understanding Laminar and Turbulent Flow

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    There are two main types of fluid flow - laminar flow, in which the fluid flows smoothly in layers, and turbulent flow, which is characterised by chaotic motion and large amounts of mixing. In this video we explore the differences between these two flow regimes. We'll cover how Reynolds number can be used to predict which flow regime will occur for a specific set of flow conditions. And we will look at laminar and turbulent flows in pipes, and how the flow regime affects the pressure drop in a pipe. We'll also investigate why it is so difficult to simulate turbulent flow, and we'll look at some of the different Computational Fluid Dynamics methods which can be used to simulate it.
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      Inertia force = ρAv² Viscous Force = μAv/L hence reynolds number = Inertia force/ Viscous force = ρvL/v

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    19. Modelis Team

      I think your suggestion, that in the case of fluid flow thru the tube in formula Re=ρVL/μ (L) means tube diameter makes no sense. This would mean, that increasing the tube diameter would increase turbulence. In turn this would mean that blood vessel should be supper tiny to have laminar blood flow in it?

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      Loved it... So is there a whole subfield of fluid dynamics trying to find the optimal roughness for building materials in pipe construction? cuz I'm wondering if it's cheaper just to do that instead of trying to make something perfectly flat if a laminar surface is what you're going for...

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        Thanks Otavio - I use Blender for the animations.

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    42. 노영진

      So if there is a laminar flow at the edge of the pipe, there must be a sheer pressure because of the velocity difference at the center of the pipe and the edge of the pipe. Then, I think it could possibly generate an eddy. Then, should we see it as a Turbulent or Laminar??


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        Thank you! You can support the channel here - www.patreon.com/efficientengineer

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