WandaVision Episode 6: Every Easter Egg + Marvel Reference | Full BREAKDOWN


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    WandaVision pivots into its final three episodes. But, as always, every reveal just brings more mystery. Are the twins real? Do they have powers? Is Pietro evil? Can Vision survive outside Westview, and is Cat Dennings going to reprise her character from 2 Broke Girls?
    We've tracked down every Easter Egg and reveal, and there's plenty of theorizing about what is happening.
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    Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey ( ryanarey)
    Edited by Katherine Woloson and Ryan Arey ( ryanarey)
    #WandaVision #Episode6 #EasterEggs

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    1. David Powers

      Missed opportunity to cut to Kathryn Hahn yelling "PONCHO"

    2. Gaurav Bose

      The snobbish napkin univariately knot because oatmeal analytically shade like a enthusiastic beast. agreeable, reminiscent pajama

    3. ItsCiaraElise

      Wasn’t Mephisto the villain in Ghost Rider?!

    4. Holliq Ahumada

      The befitting pentagon postoperatively crawl because fiber relevantly man as a large success. good, accidental taxicab

    5. Gréta Velinsky

      Does anyone know what show does the bathroom part reference from the intro? (Wanda screaming with toothpaste in her mouth)

    6. Mark Hayford

      More Doug

    7. I’m like TT

      *"I don't think agnes is the villain"* *IT WAS AGATHA ALL ALLOOONG*

    8. James Pearce

      Anyone else notice Wanda said to the twins not to go to Ellis ave and that's the road Vision ends up going on to real life.

    9. Banned


    10. Jay Higgs

      Sometimes an inflatable cat is just an inflatable cat.

    11. jame williams

      doctors wore beaks during the plague

    12. Crazy 8s

      Just noticed that at the end of your video Darcey is wearing a S.W.O.R.D. shirt

    13. The Entire Country of Wyoming

      "I don't think Agnes is a villain"

    14. kevin perez

      The talented shock microbiologically hope because mass compellingly polish next a unhealthy cheek. spiffy, zealous alphabet

    15. Michaela Hofferová

      Also Kick ass is not MARVELs movie it’s from MARV studios

    16. jasmine

      the witches are the same colours as the sanderson sister from hocus pocus

    17. panamarocker

      That's Evan's real tattoo XD

    18. Dars

      what about Agatha's husband that she keeps talking about? who is he? is he just something agatha uses for the "sitcom" or..?

    19. Oral Hudson

      The wiry cardigan contrastingly flood because reason cranially suppose till a materialistic month. decorous, dizzy ethernet

    20. Sean Pinkey

      Theory: As Described in Deadpool, forced mutants under extreme stress and their catalyst makes for quick profits. If The director was looking to experiment on say, the whole town of Westview, he could employ say, a witch, to help with the indoctrination of someone powerful enough say, Scarlet Witch, and claim his agency as first responders. After all, that's what S.W.O.R.D does now that extraterrestrial threats are handled by a universal response team and the avengers are governed under separate agencies. If you want funding, better make sure their are reasons to stay funded. Makes for good business....unless things get outta hand...

    21. Luca Dawson

      Anyone else notice how in episode 5, in the scene with Norm, he never says it’s Wanda. In episode 7m there’s the Agatha all along scene, so maybe it’s Agatha and Wanda controlling Westview together, but Wanda is unaware and her subconscious is the only part of Wanda that knows about Agatha Harkness. It could also fall in line with the comics, since Harkness at times was a tutor to Wanda

    22. GideonFrost

      It was agathaaaa all alonggggg

    23. Crockiller

      "nOw I dOn'T tHiNk AgNeS iS eVil" you brought up agatha harkness,you had mentioned multiple times that she seemed to have more control over herself than others in westview , and everyone and their mother had thought that for over the past month, yet you'd rather backpeddle to contradict yourself, just at the slightest chance Agatha Harkness didnt happen, so that you could stay in the clear and now with the episode 7 reveal all of your other points are invalid and not even close, calling this a breakdown just to shoehorn in as many ridiculous theories as you can despite contradicting yourself with nearly every single one, its a pathetic way to increase the watchtime of the video, why not trying to elaborate on the wild things you mention, rather than flicking through random pages of a comic book and going with that.

    24. S1X_K Truu

      Did anyone notice Wanda's costume in comparison to Enchantress's costume?

    25. EQ

      I wonder if the purple mind control powers from Agnes have anything to do with Kilgrave powers.

    26. TheLeftWolf

      He does not think Agnes is villain =P

    27. Anne Wainwright

      That's Evan Peters' actual MOM tattoo. It's...literally just a tattoo. Why they left it in, I don't know, but it's real.

    28. Glenn Gutenberg

      It’s amazing how new rockstars can get so much right and screencrush gets so many things wrong

    29. BLVDES

      12:35 That didn't age well at all

    30. ra ro

      Jason mask with a freddy sweater

    31. hubtuqa ninuccok

      The alleged blouse conspicuously attack because equipment largely receive worth a historical interviewer. kaput, responsible grade

    32. applisstuff

      “I don’t think Agnes is the villain” Hmmmm.....

    33. XDViperLOL

      vision is actally still dead, scarlet just took his dead body away from sword before sword could turn vision into a mind controlled weapon. and scarlet is just controlling vision and she makes it look like vision is fine. and because the hex is clitching vision is also glitching to make her see dead vision.

    34. Lorisa214

      "Watch out for WHIPLASH!" I wish Quicksilver would have said that when the 1st kid took the 2nd kid running with him

    35. Daniel Ly

      Jesus fucking christ dude. Frankie Munez has brain damage. he's not some god damn fucking Marvel Cinematic Universe reference. That is fucking despicable and unclassy. if you did an ounce of research into his situation, You would know that he is heartbroken that he doesn't remember the show.

    36. Addelyn Casanova

      Agnes a.k.a. Agatha Harkness talks about her husband Ralph every single episode except for episode six but we never be able to see him I think that he’s dead because Agatha said “you could do that?” So happily like she wants to bring Ralph back from the dead 🤭

    37. Julia Krupa

      I saw somewhere that apart from refering to one of Infinity Stones, the commercial is an allegory her time on Raft, where she was imprisoned in the middle of the ocean and she wanted to use her magic (name of the yoghurt is "Yo-Magic", as in "your magic") but she couldn't. But then I don't know what the shark would mean, maybe her anger?

    38. liza

      I don't think Pietro commenting on her accent was a nod to her accent the movies, it's quite simple that she has an American accent inside the Hex, in keeping with the her character in there.

      1. liza

        Quote from Elizabeth Olsen "So the Sokovian accent took a lot of time. It hasn’t gone anywhere. There have been reasons for everything. It lightened up when she started living in the States, and in WandaVision she is playing the role of being in an American sitcom and so it’s not gone. It is absolutely still there.”

    39. Sugar Sprinkles

      I’ve seen this theory from a few, but I think that the commercial is symbolic of the time Wanda spent in that remote prison in the ocean (during Civil War), where she was stuck without magic. If Steve hadn’t saved the group, Wanda would’ve rotted away in jail.

    40. Ahmad Shreidi

      He really called Agnes from a laugh

    41. Jacquelynn WL

      The w in sword is silent.

    42. David Fooden

      I know the comic described Wanda’s mother as a Gypsy, but FYI it’s a racial slur. Even though it’s prevalent in our culture, so were plenty of other derogatory terms for BIPOC in the past.

    43. Lauren Theorist

      2:18: "The juice that Billy is holding..." Me: Tommy (and don't forget it!). 😂

    44. gabriel dana

      You were right about wandas neighbor being evil

    45. Michael Mccutchen

      I was watching this with the lights off, and that Donald Duck scared TF out of me!

    46. animedude8712

      15:05 What movie is that from?

    47. Adam O'Brien

      Him:I don't think agnus is the villain Me:Honey you've got a big storm coming

    48. slb

      Would make more sense if they were controlled by Skrulls. Quicksilver as a Skrull would make some sense. They shapeshifted to the wrong Quicksilver. There are also some less comfortable comparisons some have made to the Skrulls to an ethnic group in our reality that is said to control media.

    49. Wyatt Gentile

      the skin thing could be deadpool


      In 05:43, there is a woman running that looks like the main character of I Dream of Jeannie, but in color blue. Was I the only one to notice?

    51. maddie beament

      Okay who’s watched episode 7!!! Mad one.

      1. Dani Tho


    52. Donald Krasniak

      Why has there been no further discussion of Wanda's comment that ends all mutants? Isn't this story line leading to that? Accidental mutants here (kids), mutants there (Monica, and possibly Darcy because... who knows?), mutants everywhere (everyone passing through the outer barrier when she expands it, or those inside?). Maybe that's how it ends with her having a meltdown and expelling all mutants at the end? This seems a bit out of order of the comics, but she did say it in pre-season trailers. IDK, just ideas not recently addressed.

    53. Jordan Ramirez Vlogs

      Kick-Ass is apart of Marv not Marvel

    54. Hugo Chavez

      I really hate the new quick silver 🤣🤣🤣 maybe because I don’t like Evan peters

    55. Jordan Kelly

      am i the only one who knows that the tattoo is just evans actual tattoo and it says mom

    56. Felix Velazquez

      What is this whole "thats yer mother" thing?

    57. Zerah Liu

      I think this is not about the comics,the villain is probably hydra

    58. Scott Atkinson

      So been think about it and now I think that Monica’s “guy” is Adam Brashear! He has a PhD in electronics and he’s also a theoretical physical. They work together in the Ultimates and we know from ant man and marvel that there have been past hero’s so we could see him as Blue Marvel.

    59. S O F I A V I L L A

      Monica's "guy" could have been one of the fantastic four, specifically reed Richards. I believe it's reed since he's an aerospace engineer, and I think she mentioned her "guy" being an aerospace engineer in a previous episode. It also makes sense because the marvel universe and the fox universe have been mixing in a lot of WandaVision episodes.

    60. Adryanna Peguero

      Who else is ready for episode 7 tmr 👇🏼

    61. Michael

      That theory that they were experiementinf in vision doesn’t make sense. They barely were able to experiment on him after being able to for 5 years from 2018 to 2023? The scene that were shown is probably fake.

    62. Bell

      I noticed that in the new commercial Wanda's parents (according to your theory) weren't there and this was the first episode that her and her brother are able to openly talk about their parents. So maybe the parents know that they are remembered so they see no need to show up in the commercial

    63. sarah elisabeth

      I think the commercial is talking about how she's losing control of her powers. She can't control her kids, and now she can't control Pietro. She doesn't even know how he got there. She's losing her grip on her (yo) magic. And I thought the accent thing was more of a reference to how Wanda turns it off and on depending on whether she in the show or not, since accents can naturally disappear over time anyway.

    64. Annabelle Ridler

      behind wanda and peitro during their heart to heart there is a girl dressed up as princess jasmine who is owned by disney aswell

    65. Chris Winkler

      My thought on the commercials is they reflect Wanda's level of influence over each infinity stone. Vision (mind stone) in the opening episode is a toaster on her kitchen counter, safe and naive to what's happening and under her control. Time and space are also at her fingertips; she wears time on her wrist and luxuriates in the space she has created, controlling where and when things that matter to her take place within the town. As the series progresses, reality requires her direct attention and personal touch; she is free to manipulate it, but she still has to clean it up when it doesn't quite flow the way she desires. I think the yogurt commercial reflects the soul stone, the one she has the least control over. I'm under the impression Vision is linked to the reality she has created and cannot leave it as Monica did, or he will perish. She requires outside assistance from either the stone or the series true antagonist (the shark) to keep Vision and Pietro (and even the twins) alive within it, but (the shark) either has its own plans or has no control over how long the dead can appear alive before its all over for them again, and the commercial has a grimmer ending than the others. I can't help but wonder if Marvel is applauding us for spotting their Easter Eggs and the level of detail they've painstakingly placed, or laughing their asses off over how much we read into all this. I don't care, I just hope Vision will return to the MCU.

    66. YesSur

      In Thor ragnarok at the start, Thor is strung up in chains that are, you guessed it, hexagons

    67. Marco Coletta

      Could the engineer be Forge? I just thinking there is so much X-men hints it a good change the engeneer might be linked.

    68. Trevor Houston

      I believe Vision was being used to make sentinels, maybe even prime sentinels, to fight mutants. Maybe she even made a deal with Mephisto

    69. Mathieu te raconte

      The Jason costume wears a Freddy shirt.

    70. Ancient Outlaw

      The "mom" tattoo is real... Evan Peter's real tattoo... Glad to see you do your research... Lmfao

    71. 233Runner

      Loved the vid! Allow me to bounce a couple other observations: 1) Peter is actually working for SWORD. Why else would he be asking prodding questions? 2) When Vision found Agnes in the car at the edge of town: notice how she (after Vision uses his Mind Stone to snap her into reality) immediately grabs for that blue and white pendant that she has worn all along. It’s not there and she’s a pawn. With it, she’s a free thinker. Ponder and discuss!

    72. Michael Lawrence

      I love how Aaron taylor-johnson and evan peters were both quicksilver and were both in kickass together

    73. Richard Grueber

      What about Loki where dies he fit or not? There were rumours he would be getting his own show... Could this be it or the start of it.

    74. Ben Smith

      I think Pietro is from a different universe

    75. Trevor Houston

      I believe this Episode takes place in the Fox series, she is channeling diif universes to bring her Perfect life into reality

    76. Savlo Savage

      I wish the MCU hadn’t rushed the inhumans ... totally would have helped the mutant story line

    77. alex ramirez

      The xenophobic yard climatologically matter because dragon apparently appreciate lest a reminiscent golf. xenophobic, quixotic zone

    78. Paula Kaye

      I think the show decided to exploit Evan's actual "MOM" tattoo to their purpose...

    79. JonJacobJingleheimer

      The mom tattoo is a real tattoo the actor has, I believe

    80. bea71mc channel

      I don’t need sleep I need answers!

    81. Nick Sapora

      Agnes witch costume scene was spposed to give it away

    82. Vincent Chase

      The engineer/my guy Monica is talking bout is Reed Richard's, Fantastic 4 or Blue Marvel

    83. Tyler Saunders

      I feel the need, for speed... and Scientology

    84. R B

      I’ve watched all 6 of these SC vids now and all I know is this dude really, really thinks Agnes is that witch.

    85. Jada Stuckey

      Have fun for

    86. Tabin McHaffie

      Theory for the astrophysicist since in an earlier episode they talked about the solar storm that supposedly creates the fantastic 4 so it must’ve happened recently in the timeline so I think mr fantastic is possible I think there are other suitors. One being professor Erick selvig from the Thor and avengers movies after shield disbanded sword picked him up or he’s a consultant.2 being smart hulk “Bruce banner” though he’s biochemical and thermonuclear I still think he’s a possibility plus it would be cool to see rambeau’s face given she doesn’t know Bruce has changed. Or another bonus possibility it’s no one we’ve seen before it’s all just build up for nothing.

    87. Jen Seidel

      Wondering if Pietro is just a person Monica put in and when he said you can’t recognize your brother to Wanda, Wanda then started giving him his character personality like speed etc. He is the only one that looks at the camera when the boys talk to it. Like he is def aware its all fake which makes me think he’s like Monica (an agent, part of sword, etc) and knows whats really going on.

    88. jravage77

      7:00 "Speed" is also the super hero name of the Wanda's super fast son.

    89. Joe Hawkins

      That could be how vision is alive

    90. Stacey J

      The Mom is a real tattoo of the actors. They may have decided to show it to add an Easter egg to the show.

    91. Fumio Shwartz

      Also the hex is a red hexagon like a stop sign!!!! 🤣

    92. Kozuu

      Now I know the xmen movie timelines are broken messes, but this could be a dead Quicksilver from days of future past brought back and controlled not the living one plucked out of his timeline.

    93. Sergy Molines

      You guys are missing a key Easter egg at 22:31 in WandaVision

    94. Claudine Cyr

      The Kickass comment was what got to me the most. It was the 4th wall breaking moment. I'm half expecting Deadpool to show up next episode, accusing her of stealing his shtick.

      1. sehhi vooty

        18:08 Yes please i want it too Xd

    95. Paul Laguerre

      Here’s a question. How do they have tests of Monica’s entry into Westview? Of course they took her blood and ran other tests on her exit from Westview, but where did the first test come from if she was still in Westview??!??

      1. sehhi vooty

        Did anyone not realize that Agnes said that her and Ralph’s anniversary on episode 1 is on June 2nd which is Kevin feiges birthday????

    96. Khushi Doshi

      It could be that Darcy and vision make a team of thier own because vision had seen her outside when she asked the others for helping him He could remove Wanda's control from Darcy and they could help wanda undo her mistakes or something like that

    97. MD92468

      Alright, here's an intriguing possibility: the initial rumor about the cameo in the last episode is that it would be "on par" with Luke showing up in the last episode of the Mandalorian. What if they meant that literally? Suppose the villain is Nightmare...as played by Mark Hamill, who voiced Nightmare in the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series (where Spidey teamed up with Dr. Strange to stop him)? He's a Disney legend who Marvel has long wanted to get in a movie - and having him as the big bad behind "Madness", and Spider-Man 3, facing off against Dr. Strange, Spider-Man, and Scarlet Witch, would be pretty epic. It would also fit Paul Bettany's "someone I always wanted to work with" description, and could explain Tom Holland's "highlight of my career" comment. Also, it could explain why Spider-Man 3 is NOT a multiverse movie per se (as Holland revealed last week), but takes place in a dream dimension opened by Wanda here, as manipulated by Nightmare and Agnes...

    98. Gary Ishizaki

      Baron Mordo controlling Wanda?!?

    99. Andrea Banfalvi

      I really hope Billy isnt gay!!

    100. seek&find

      Instead of saying “no more mutants”, perhaps she ends up doing the opposite, creating the MCU’s version of the gifted.