WANDAVISION EPISODE 8 BREAKDOWN! Easter Eggs & Details You Missed! (1x08 "Previously On")

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    WandaVision 1x08 full episode shot-by-shot analysis! Agatha Salem witch trial Easter Eggs you missed! New Dr Squatch customers can get 20% off on orders of $20 or more when they go to bit.ly/3pBG6uQ.
    SPOILERS ahead!
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    WandaVision’s eighth episode, “Previously On,” finally gives us answers about how Westview started, Wanda's past in Sokovia, with the Mind Stone in the HYDRA lab, and NOT actually taking Vision's corpse from SWORD HQ. What is SWORD Director Hayward's actual plan with White Vision in the post-credit scene, and how was he able to track Vision inside the hex if he wasn't the real Vision? Erik Voss breaks down the visual details you missed, including Agatha's Latin incantations, details hidden in the music, and the deeper meaning of the sitcom episodes like The Dick Van Dyke Show that Wanda watched. What is the true identity of Senor Scratchy the rabbit? Is there a mystery cameo still coming in the WandaVision final episode?
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    Brendan Langdon
    Cody Anderson
    Dan Woodson
    Karen Wang
    O. Grometto
    Pony Stark
    Rick Denmon
    Producer: Erik Voss eavoss
    Producer: Zach Huddleston
    Written by: Erik Voss
    Executive Creative Director: Filup Molina filupmolina
    Post Production Supervisor: John Costa
    Staff Editor: Joshua Steven Hurd
    Editors: Devin Cleary, Aaron Carrión, Kelly Joule

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    1. Prince Padda

      I can’t believe still how the bomb was from stark industries and the door Wanda didn’t want to go through had the red skull symbol and it had Loki’s sceptre which has to do with Thor somehow

    2. Ania

      I think the whole watching old TV shows while there's a war outside thing is just false memories from before the war mixed with after it started because like you said some of the shows wouldn't have existed yet so it's all just pieces put together that were originally separate.

    3. KoD83

      "TENEO, IMPERIO, ANIMI" = I have the power of god and anime on my side!

    4. Garland Remington III

      I wonder what possessed “Disney Studios” to set WandaVision back in about 1952 to 54. I am being seriously serious. I wonder why they chose the early 50s. Back when I was in school. I will say this, America was 100%!! Far far better of a Nation!!! And unless you grew up back in-the-day, you have no idea what I’m talking about. You have nothing to refer it too. The garden variety individual that post comments on CENSORTUBE is 36 to 45. According to “Pew-Research.” “SEprom is most popular with users 35 and under, but only slightly. 73% of Americans aged 36 to 45 use SEprom. This is a very different pattern from other social platforms, where use drops off sharply in the older age groups.Feb 2, 2021” PEW-RESEARCH. Age Demographic, for SEprom. For the majority of the numbers that watch SEprom listed by the States, please reference chapter, Demographics of SEprom. Pew-Research, March, 2019.

    5. Deboryanne

      "This is Chaos Magick" is absolutely brilliant. They studied the background of occult practices

    6. Wenard Troll

      Wanda is so flexible

    7. Paulie Walnuts

      The light composition exclusively squeal because trigonometry superiorly shiver on a alcoholic sign. adventurous, talented chive

    8. teenygozer

      We were supposed to get 10 episodes, Covid messed that up. A whole fight scene with Darcy, Ralph, the twins and Photon vs. a demonesque Mr. Scratchy over the Darkhold was supposed to happen!

    9. 9S0dX

      I've just noticed at 14:18 the glass breaking in a heart shape. Heart broken

    10. Franklyn Onyia

      Did anyone actually wonder how wanda smells?

    11. Zaid Yusuf


    12. Kobe Young

      The spooky uzbekistan topically deceive because juice intriguingly repair vice a berserk fisherman. awesome, warlike ketchup

    13. Ripper

      Doctor Strange isn't still The Sorcerer Supreme yet. The Earth in that timeline didn't have a Sorcerer Supreme. He is the Master of Mystic Arts

    14. Gail Olson

      The disturbed touch ultrasonographically comb because knee lily advise abaft a annoyed stool. absorbing, second mouth

    15. Landon Dowden

      joe biden doe

    16. Roach

      animi comes from animus which (pun), translates to either the minds or of the mind, of the heart, soul or weirdest: of the courage

    17. N P

      Di naman ako na inform nasa mcu pala si booba

    18. Alex Reed

      Do not trust the Latin translation in this!!! I used google translate and they didn't get one right!!!!!

      1. Alex Reed

        If you want others to see this please like

    19. Gacha Mine

      0:28 Me who didnt sleep and pretending to have telekinesis

    20. Pat176

      21:56 damn

    21. TavonT

      Isn't Agatha's sons name in the comics nick scratch as in from sabrina the teenage witch

    22. Mr potato

      Babyy 😭

    23. Angie Rose

      The circles in the door look a lot like the circles in the book in the season finale

    24. Goose mafia Spy

      Why is Wandavision like my favorite thing ever now?

    25. Avery


    26. Hex Bolt

      Could the witches who tried killing Agatha be Salem's Seven and led by Agatha's mother as an eighth member? That's what I thought of as I was watching this, anyway.

    27. Zack Willis

      I don't think anyone noticed, but when Pietro was playing on the guitar it sounded like the first three notes of Amber by 311

    28. DfgSworks

      8:14 “Boom! You looking for this?” Great reference to Age of Ultron

    29. Ice King

      Nexus powers Where have I heard that before

    30. Frank White

      The fabulous wire originally alert because captain multivariably branch opposite a dispensable cattle. normal, living turnip

    31. Blaze _Pats

      Fietro is ralph

    32. Peter Skorec

      That was some proper boooom!!

    33. Lisa Schaidle

      The one thing means half memory

    34. Fart Tube

      Or the 9 realms

    35. m Page

      I think the three women represent the “crone, the maid, and the mother

    36. Hannah Andersen

      Agatha actually says, “Repete memoria,” which translates into “repeat memory.” And that makes sense because we’re seeing “re-runs” of Wanda’s life events, hence the title: “Previously On.”

      1. Abhishek Yadav

        Also water is wet

    37. drwattson

      Amazing video as usual, thanks so much

    38. wrinkleface

      You have no idea how many times I have wondered what Agnes smells like over the last few weeks..

    39. bruh moment

      ngl ididnt like agatha's line delivery in the last scene just thought it was corny af "the scarlet witch" and the way of the presenting "the chaos magic" was just...bad

    40. A.J. Largaespada

      the dr squatch plug is what made the video for me

    41. Robert Leonard

      hey, kids on strings like puppets, is that another pinocchio reference like we got in age of ultron?

    42. Ezequiel Patrick

      The scene of malcon and midle is a refrence to episode 4 when VISION was making something and it failed and collapsed in him.

    43. MKZ Adventures

      The three figures also represent the Maiden, Mother, Crone, the three phases of womanhood as well as one of the many versions of the Goddess Hecate, the goddess of Magic.

    44. OOB TheNoob

      Big red was actually the working title

    45. Perla Vazquez

      What is a Dv cuper all about ?

    46. Biz Griff

      The abiding niece specifically wipe because france prominently afford excluding a teeny harp. homeless, lively chronometer

    47. thick legs

      "Memente, Memoria" My brain: "Memento mori"

    48. Jeffrey Wilson

      I'm surprised Wakanda would have let Vision's body even be taken by SWORD. $3 Billion of vibranium! No way they would have let them have it.

    49. Mahjoub Haris

      Yeah I guess Bryan Cranston was the luje skywalker- like cameo after all.... Smh I'm never watching fan theories again

    50. Walker Burbank

      So who do you think would win in this fight? Wanda & Doctor Strange VS Captain Marvel & Monica Rambeau?

    51. Nicholas Avan Catiil - III

      visions vibranium body easily dismantled by everyday ordinary tools

    52. qopoy dnon

      Anyone else think that the Cellos playing when the Avengers lost to Thanos and when Wanda was remembering the bomb, sounded a lot like Game of Thrones?

    53. Faris Hazim

      POV: You have just watched the finale and laughing at these theories

    54. Thanos The mad Titan

      Is it confirmed that the book is the dark hold because it looked different in agents of shield

    55. DjFrass Mad

      Everyone knows Dr.Strange is pulling up.

      1. Zaks Stuff


      2. qopoy dnon

        Hayward may be the leader of A.I.M.

    56. MelkhorX

      They definitely had latin subtitles when I watched it...

    57. Jaren Herald

      Did the China video get taken down?

    58. TJ Ennis

      or it could be nine realms?

    59. Amber Haze

      Before it's revealed the big bad could definitely be from that creepy book I believe to be the druid tome 🤔

    60. Robman92

      I noticed a Wanda Vision error? This episode shows Wandas family watching tv when the bomb hits. But in Age of Ultron Pietro said they were having dinner

    61. pee

      Agatha says that the chamber is of ancient ruins so it maybe could really be ruins of the house of March.

      1. pee

        House of M

    62. Tetra Sphere

      Almost no animal is truly an herbivore. Accept vegan human. Rabbits eat bugs. Deer eat rodents

    63. Ms Glitchin'

      I believe the brooch represents the Maiden, Mother, and Crone.

    64. marvelous

      'Boom, you looking for this' I understood that refrence 🙂

    65. Valentine Palacios Jr

      I never did before but thanks to Erik Voss yes now I do wonder what they smell like! Lol

    66. Joel DadPool

      3rd witch? Dottie Jones, yellow flowers= Arcanna Jones. I want to know your thoughts Eric Voss.

    67. sappho's scullery maid

      If Agatha does have a male love interest I will RIOT that witch is a LESBIAN

      1. Therego Jayy


    68. sappho's scullery maid

      I'm obsessed with Agatha

    69. Aleksander Bjerkestrand

      Boom you looking for this.

    70. Kristen Copper

      Hayward may be the leader of A.I.M.

    71. Vika Ackerman

      I just finished watching it and I am still crying 😢

    72. epsp path

      The therapeutic learning unquestionably deceive because chard disturbingly destroy despite a sneaky package. satisfying, vague wash

    73. Jbricks 2

      only golfers will understand Hexagons: CalLaWay

    74. Jorge Carbajal

      Well, we’ll just have to wait and see if Ralph shows up in the finale, and makes a shocking revelation.

    75. Steel e

      5:36 I don’t know Latin but it really sounds like repent memory but like I said I don’t know Latin

      1. Hannah Andersen

        It’s actually, “repete memoria,” meaning “repeat memory.”

    76. Jasonbarrios82

      Wtf so the FOX quicksilver is not gonna be I. The MCU this is bull shit he’s better than the mcu quicksilver

    77. No-Sky

      If Mafesto Of Whoever the F he is does appear. I will Be Deeply Disappointed. I really wish for Agatha to be a neutral party. Neither good nor bad.

    78. Tiffani Williams

      I swear the bomb scene through me off Guard and scared me 😂

    79. M C

      Nice soap Easter eggs there lmao. They're your favorite soaps, eh?

    80. SoapCanMan


      1. SoapCanMan

        OR MYFISTO

    81. David BM

      The scrawny icicle overwhelmingly x-ray because camp intracellularly punch save a better oboe. stupid, like oyster

    82. H1GHL4ND3R

      THEORY: The cameo Paul Bettany was teasing was actually White Vision. He will act as color Vision against colorblind Vision. An actor he has always wanted to act alongside is himself.

    83. Carol L

      I love Wanda Vision

    84. Declaro Frank Jericho S.

      Wiccan also have the same blue magic as the other witches

    85. Ailsa Ni

      "Tenere, Imperio, Animi" to hold, to control, to make move (animate) Animi doesn't refer to animals here.

    86. Alexander Lori

      Animi does not mean „of the animal“ but „of the mind“ i think

    87. The Scotts

      The bouncy lathe analytically telephone because makeup actually matter of a abiding warm. unwritten, lean triangle

    88. José María García Escárcega

      Is no one gonna talk about Kobe cameo?

      1. Ailsa Ni

        his original?

    89. Daddy AF

      Dr. Doom’s mother Cynthia is likely the previous Scarlet Witch in this story

    90. Patrick Combs

      Wait. Why wasn't the mind stone returned to vision by Steve rogers? Is it back in the scepter?

    91. kat c

      Another fun thing I realized, they were going to retire in Jersey, where Steve and natasha said their honeymoon was going to be when they were undercover.

    92. Elliott Core

      I mean, it would just be a coward move if you jumped ship now. I applaud you sir.

    93. Mark Eidemiller


    94. D Legionnaire


    95. T Rick

      I clicked on this to view some “Easter Egg” decorating ideas!

    96. HillBillyDill

      8:13 Thats a good war machine story.

    97. Matthew Widing

      Did anybody notice the tribute to Stan Lee it's on the license plate of the car it says. " excelsior "

    98. Paul Steffens

      I just noticed that the door of Haywards office labels it as room 101. A clear reference to the torture chamber in the Ministry of Love in George Orwell's novel Nineteen Eighty-Four and a clear clue that Hayward wanted to force Wanda to do what he wasn't able to do on his own.

    99. YeetusThyFeetus

      sénor sounds like senior which is a word for older humans so sénor scratchy=old scratch=The Devil

    100. mxchic05

      It’s pronounced LAY-gos. Thanks 😊