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    WandaVision Episode 8 post-credit scene reveals [SPOILER], Hayward's secret weapon! What is it, exactly, and what is its history from the Marvel comics? Visit Audible.com/wandavision or text wandavision to 500-500 for a free trial.
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    WandaVision Episode 8 reveals WHITE VISION, the actual corpse of Vision reanimated in a colorless form, apparently with no soul, setting up a battle between Vision and White Vision in the WandaVision final episode next week. Erik Voss and Jessica Clemons explain why White Vision is so important to the Marvel comics WandaVision is based on, and what it tells us about Agatha Harkness, Billy and Tommy, House of M, and the Multiverse. What is the deeper meaning behind Agatha's origin as a witch overpowering her coven in Salem?
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    Cody Anderson
    Dan Woodson
    Karen Wang
    O. Grometto
    Pony Stark
    Rick Denmon
    Producer: Erik Voss eavoss
    Producer: Zach Huddleston
    Written by: Erik Voss
    Executive Creative Director: Filup Molina filupmolina
    Post Production Supervisor: John Costa
    Staff Editor: Joshua Steven Hurd
    Editors: Joshua Steven Hurd, John Costa

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    1. Samuel Aves

      It’s funny watching this after seeing the whole series because they think that the visions will fight each other and the red vision just gave some philosophy

    2. Matt Zielinski

      The wooden eel symptomatically nest because lier realistically battle times a tremendous anger. six, sulky death

    3. Smalls

      Rabbits actually have been observed eating other animals in the wild xD

    4. Paul Reyes

      Wanda Vision rocks! Time to navigate.

    5. Chris Dodges

      0:19 😂😂😂😂😂 There's your cameo

    6. Cliff Hawks

      Wanda isn't a mutant. Was revealed years ago. Keep up.

    7. Andrew Smart

      50:18 That quote was similar to South Park S07E14 by Butters about “A Beautiful Sadness”

    8. Lex

      1:05 "Wanada"? 😄

    9. Tyler Aviles

      Not gonna lie voss I blame you for the overhyping of this episode .

    10. Ten Sixteen Seventeen Designs.

      i dont get how the kids aren't real if they came out of Wanda.

    11. Wesley Colvin

      I'm only frustrated that you've held on to this because there is absolutely no context to bring him in that will resonate with anyone other than the oldschool fans. Suddenly bringing him in as one final twist is completely meaningless and is extremely bad storytelling. If he'd shown up around the same time as the (not so surprising, yet really awesome) Agatha reveal, then audiences would have reasons to take him seriously. I love your enthusiasm!

    12. Lord Vika

      welp they race swapped Kang, so expect a race swapped Sue Storm or Reed Richards or both. Kang is the son of Reed and Sue from the future and in the comics they were always both white people, so in order for them to have a non white child in the MCU guess what either Sue or Reed is not gonna be white. and before someone says im being racist.....i have always felt that a part should always go to the person who gave the best performance during the audition. But the fact remains that if a person who is white takes a role that usually is held by a non white character, everyone goes wild and hates on that actor and is in an uproar, but the second a non white actor or actress gets a role that is always seen a as white character no one says jack shit about it and praises the company for being diverse. That is a double standard that needs to be changed, if its okay for one group of people it should be okay for all groups of people, other wise you are a hypocrite and your opinion doesn't matter

    13. Robert Clayton

      Folks, that right there is one beautiful women (Jessica). Too bad she’s paired up with a troll. Just kidding brother. :)

    14. R Take

      Al Pacino as Malfestio

    15. Robert Clayton

      Tomorrow is the finale. This is awesome. So by close of business tomorrow I can cancel my Disney membership. Can you believe that these chicken humpers had the balls to raise rates on everyone especially after pissing off everyone and losing so many members? LOL.

    16. Conor

      I think the hex will be expanded to cover everywhere on earth to create/awaken mutants. Possibly Hugh Jackman as wolverine as the cameo?

    17. Efrain Munoz

      Do you guys not understand what the word 'scarlet' means?

    18. Alasfour Oday

      The gray greasy great lan eventually saw because dish basically love like a hoc china. addicted, berserk virgo

    19. Spedu Mon

      I can't believe they STILL haven't noticed that the rabbit purrs...

    20. Alice Vångström

      Well for the sake of historical accuracy I should mention that no witches were burned at Salem. They used English common law and such the death penalty for most crimes, including witchcraft was hanging. 🤔

    21. ReeceHasBeard Live

      What if the big cameo is ryan reynolds...

    22. Derek Householder

      So I just wanna say that witches aren't inherently evil and devil worshipers, so Agatha being evil would be the minority in that coven

    23. Aysis Kyle

      Monica is Captain Marvel i rèmember the comics 😏. Agatha fears Wanda bad. 😆

    24. SmokinAces

      I think Hayward is just a scared human who has saw what has happened post snap, the destruction and madness that has happened, and has thought to resurrect a form of Vision to be that suit of armor around the world that Tony originally wanted

    25. YouTube Sucks

      Its been bettany all along!

    26. Daemon

      Paul Bettany as White Vision.

    27. Adrian Conyers

      Jessica is so beautiful!😍

    28. Michael Williams

      Doesn’t Mordo want to rid earth of magic?

    29. Jay fulton

      Hayward is just the Biden of the mcu lol

    30. David Thomas

      No no no..., they've gone so far off tha comic line... wanna and vision are going to be together! They have us a foreshadowing when Darcy said, "you two are meant to be together". That's what fans want, so that's what they're gonna give em. I'll send a "told you so" later. ✌🏼

    31. Uwiebae 101

      Jessica: He's gonna be a robot robot now. Me: *beep boops intensify*

    32. Debargha Mondal

      Paul Bettany all along !!!

    33. Sean Kinney

      Can we turn off the on screen comments???!? Cant concentrate on the video. This isn't sportscenter

    34. Michael Lancina

      Rabbits are actually omnivores - they will take an easy meat (road kill) meal from time to time (actually saw this happen once - was totally freaked-out).

    35. Bryan Johnson

      The Vision created by yellow energy is the 'soul'... the white vision is the body... which is where it might merge.

    36. S J

      How does Hayward know the extent of Wanda’s powers? He said, "your ability to resurrect Vision or bring him back online". She’s never done it before so how does he know?

    37. Eko Jar

      I can't wait!, I am loving the journey so far.

    38. Brian Bird

      @26:44 lmfao that Ashley quote, "Down in my plums, bright hues, fresh for morning market" lol

    39. Dawn Basham

      Something underlying and relatable to what is going on when Disney plus has us going directly to Age of Ultron has yet to be connected.. 🤔🤷🏼‍♀️

    40. Vinny Chase

      How did Hayward know that Wanda can bring Vision back?

    41. Vinny Chase

      What happened to the aerospace engineer?

    42. Ruth B

      Stay strong Voss ... I love your theories and enthusiasm!

    43. ellobo1314

      Why does it have to end? 😞

    44. Themba Makoni

      What about the crazy Theory that Hayward is a reincarnation of Ultron

    45. Aki Bei

      I'm telling you guys, Loki is the cameo 😝

    46. Des Grealis

      how come nobody has spotted the best little bit of foreshadowing in the entire series. Darcy's second line in episode 4. "Looks like we have a full "clown car"" mind blown

    47. Vanessa Garcia

      And how did Agatha imitate his powers🤔

    48. Imani M

      I feel like they can use the hex for the avengers mansion....

    49. HR Oaktree

      3:19. Same. I was harder to pitch to through because I was tiny so I drew a lsot of walks.

    50. CharronBlue

      White Vision is truly a toaster now.

    51. BionelaVlogs

      senor scratchy has star potential as is lucifer the morningstar?

    52. Tony Kruy

      The bouncy memory similarly wish because base unprecedentedly announce below a crowded arm. sparkling, wandering wall

    53. stockypanda761

      Me:Why vision is white My mom : he might have used rin soap

    54. StarSaber666

      Do you think Tyler Hayward is Kang in disguise which is how he knows about Wanda's powers?

    55. midgetmann1984

      Do you think its possible they are setting things up for Hayward to become the Red Hulk in the future?

    56. Ragman

      Maybe White Vision is Hex Vision's way of getting out of the hex and existing in the real world

    57. Halloffameproductions

      Two words, Mister Sinister

    58. Tracey Ama

      26:19 I’ve never laughed to hard love that joke 😂

    59. Lovelyagnes

      i cannot be the only one who notices how many times Erik says Jessica 😂😂😂😂

    60. rachel porter

      Will you be doing Pods for the upcoming shows as well? Im so glad I discovered this! Been fun to listen to your theories after each episode.

    61. Justin Belcher

      Wanda isn't the most powerful Avenger. That would be Thor.

    62. Isaac Martinez

      Dang. Homegirl lookin like a snack in this video.

    63. White Wolf

      Ok who else just thinks The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina when ever he says Nicolas Scratch

    64. Ryan Cox

      Ultron more like

    65. kbcorp


    66. Selectah Shots

      Even though Mysterio Made up that story about the multi verse, it doesn’t mean that the multiverse event didn’t happen. What if everyone in the room were so convinced by mysterio’s plan because a multiverse event did happen and wandavision is this multiverse event taking place?

    67. Julia Agostinelli

      Agatha doesn't just want to know...Agatha WANTS WANTS WANTS it all, all the power available to learn and take.

    68. Stinkfly3

      What if Hayward is set up to be the main villain in Armor Wars?

    69. tunzlunz

      Mephisterhood! Assemble!

    70. MasterBrawler 129

      Please come back for Falcon and Winter Soldier Jessica! I love and live for the Voss and Clemons duo Lol

    71. shel i

      Think MCU witches are 'good' but misunderstood.

    72. Mannie Fresh

      How did hayward know that wanda could bring vision back to life? None of it makes sense

    73. Alexander Smith

      Purple is a neutral colour is neither blue nor read it's both. Blues consider to be good magic , and read magic is considered to be chaos magic. I'm just saying

    74. Fred Davis

      Are sorcerers and witches in the MCU related? If so, would this account for Agatha having a book that may have been in the library of the sorcerers?

    75. Michael Edmonds

      If the stone awakened Wanda in the Hydra lab, does that mean Pietro also had some latent ability the stone awakened? Or did the stone mutate him in some manner.

    76. DrStranger

      When friday is near my heart goes crazy cause of

    77. Ricardo Ayala

      😬 The Olsen triplet is going to be in Doctor Strange... as in Vision wasn’t invited so maybe J’s right... and Vision & Vision Blache both die

    78. Abby Bauserman

      Could the rabbit be the missing person?

    79. multi-lover

      Clint was like an old brother for Wanda. He NEEDS to come, even if its the post credit scene in the last episode of season 1.

    80. SnaketheJake27

      If they waste Evan Peters as a normal person just to troll fans in an episode and a half that's the biggest waste of a good actor ever.

    81. Mark Graves

      Best Inside Marvel yet ☺️

    82. Lou S

      I wonder if White Vision will act a little bit like Ultron OR...the mystery cameo could be Ghost Rider Johnny Blaze or Kang, maybe Kang is the cameo

    83. Chad Blankinship

      I don’t think this writes off connections to FOX, but it could mean that Agatha saw into the multiverse and crafted him after that image.

    84. John Doe

      Wouldn't be surprised if sword wasn't hydra all along

    85. Thomas Bunting

      Call back to previous episode when Hayward asked for Wandas alias, almost waiting for “Scarlet Witch”. I believe he knew whoever is the scarlet witch has the power to revive vision or maybe more

    86. EccoGirl

      Could Wanda have been the Witness that Agent Woo had lost track of?

    87. Valerie Ortiz

      The chubby current unfortunately crack because milkshake interestingly connect through a wide-eyed mouth. mountainous, fluttering handsaw

    88. D. Nightone

      The (Hell)rabbit did not eat the bird. the bird transformed back in to the bug before it was eaten. ... still totally creeps me out... remembers me of the rabbits in "Lone Ranger" when nature is off balance...

    89. Janet Graham-Russell

      Episode 8 was a heavy therapy session.

    90. civic2323

      who put the deed in the car

    91. Hispanic Titanic

      didnt Erick originally mention the whole Satan vs China thing first? I don't get why he starts nerd raging at ppl for believing his own theories?

    92. luke holden

      Thor was the only one to basically beat thanos when he had the infinity gauntlet

    93. david hunter

      There are shades of morality in witch law

    94. Johnny Tsunami

      Why is no one talking about Hayward being apart of AIM!?!

    95. Shubham

      White vision- there are no strings on me😈

    96. Sandra Gill

      What was the item they were pumping the red stuff from into White vison was that the stark rocket

    97. Mark Christopher Yates

      Not even gunna mention the possibility of Wanda fusing the two Visions?

    98. Memeriety

      I thought that vision looked like silver surfer a little bit.

    99. Phillip Browning

      LOVE YOU 3000!!!

    100. Tyrone Smith Jr

      What if white vision and the other vision combine to become an evolved version of himself?