WANDAVISION Episode 9 Breakdown & Ending Explained Spoiler Review | Post Credits Scene & Easter Eggs

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    WANDAVISION Episode 9 Breakdown & Ending Explained Spoiler Review | Post Credits Scene & Easter Eggs. We review, recap and explain the ninth episode of Wandavision on Disney Plus. This contains easter eggs, theories, spoilers and a breakdown of the events and behind the scenes leaks on the Marvel property. We also discuss the post-credits scene and where things could be going in Spider-man No Way Home, Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness, Ms Marvel and Captain Marvel 2.
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    0:00 Wandavision Episode 9 Intro
    0:53 Episode 8 Recap
    1:08 History Repeating Itself
    1:54 Hayward And Wanda Similarities
    2:30 Agatha
    2:58 Wanda’s Future
    3:15 Episode 9 Breakdown And Easter Eggs
    20:37 Wandavision Series Review
    22:47 MCU Upcoming Timeline And Releases
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    Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show, I'm your host Paul and here's some superheroes dressed in red that lost their vision.
    Today I learned that something isn't beautiful because it lasts and sadly Wandavision has come to an end.
    That doesn't mean the Kevin Spoilers show is over though and Episode 9 has a lot to unpack from it. Throughout this video we're gonna be breaking down the plot, easter eggs, things you missed as well as the timeline and where things could be going in the future for the MCU.
    There will be Heavy Spoilers here so if you're living in a dream world where you haven't had a chance to check out the end then I highly recommend that you check out now. If you've enjoyed our coverage since the show started then please click the thumbs up button and I'll love you 3000.
    With that out the way, thank you for clicking this, now let's get into the breakdown.
    Ok so Episode 8 ended with Agatha revealing to Wanda that she's a witch. Outside the Hex we learned that Hayward had activated Project Cataract, called that because Cataracts turn your eyes white and he had White Vision.
    They should call this guy The Punisher.
    What's interesting though is that this episode really cements how history is in some way repeating itself and there are actually several parallels in the story to Wanda's childhood.
    As a kid she lived in this bubble of sitcoms with her family which we saw firsthand was attacked by military forces that swarmed it from the outside. This has very much been mirrored in the hex itself which is a literal bubble of sitcoms that she and her family live in.
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    1. Heavy Spoilers

      Check out our full post credits scene breakdown here - seprom.info/clone/video/x5CvhsBoYaOas2g.html

      1. John Avila

        there is a branch in the timeline with no content (yet), thanos from 2016 traveled to the future and died, so there is a timeline with no infinity saga, whats up with that?

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      3. Julian DeJesus

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        Re watch before it get blocked

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    2. Ethan Tann

      This is one of the worst shows to ever be produced

    3. Blake Dobson

      this is so clickbait

    4. Poppy George

      Heavy spoilers is an idiot sandwich

    5. yarran van westerlaak

      so vision is back?

    6. Ayan Das

      Love you man thanks for the breakdowns

    7. Adrian Mills

      Love your videos dude - I enjoy them almost as much as the movies you discuss. Keep it up. :)


      THEORY TIME!! So Wanda forged Billy and Tommy into reality, right? She forged this Vision into reality. She heard Billy and Tommy screaming from another multiverse. That means that when Billy and Tommy disintegrated, they didn't actually die; they'rere still alive, just not in this multiverse. Does this mean that this Vision that she created from nothing, actually became a real being and is just stuck in a different multiverse???? Because I mean Wanda made Billy and Tommy and they became real. Maybe when Wanda made Vision he actually became real???

    9. Albert Michalec

      Loved it. Excited for Phase 4. Like you, I now care about Wanda and Vision which were both kind of meh before. Hopefully the same happens for Falcon and Bucky as I don't really care about them either. But, making us care is what Marvel excels at.

    10. Lee_Juaso_Martial_And_Visual_Arts

      I didn't miss Dr. STRANGE and think the dropped the ball with quicksilver

    11. Blooey Gamer

      Ralph Bohner is a doppelganger, am I the only one who has pointed this out?

    12. Lil Cory

      Is there going to be a 2nd season?

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      I want to know where vision went like badly.

    14. Yvette Vera

      Wanda’s storyline was awesome, I can’t wait to see more

    15. ACobra289

      Surprised you didn't mention anything about "Tannhauser gate" being on the movie marquee.

    16. deadpoolnerd

      So Ralph obviously isn't fox quicksilver gee thanks mcu, but is Ralph now just a dude with superspeed? Or was it just in the necklace? Cause if it's the first maybe he asks Wanda if it's ok if he could be a new quicksilver?

    17. Liam's Animation world

      In the post credits scene with Wanda the Twins are still alive because she hear their voices in the post credits scene and also I think the twins are going to be in DOCTOR STRANGE 2 and will reunite with their mom Wanda and also Billy and Tommy Maximoff (aka Wiccan and SPEED) are my favorite Avengers/Marvel Superheroes along with Rocket Raccoon, Star Lord, Spider Man, baby/Teenager Groot, War Machine, Doctor Strange, Capitan Marvel, Ms Marvel, and The Wolverine

    18. skreenname229

      Characters in red that lost their "vision" ... dare devil 😭🤣

    19. AL Can

      I would've loved to see the guy from Outlander end up in the Hex after he traveled through time.

    20. AL Can

      Notice how much the military hides from the public? And how a lie about someone spreads so quickly around the world? I'm glad this isn't real life;)

    21. AL Can

      A ship's name is whatever you say it is. Experience on a certain ship depends on which ship you stepped off of.

    22. AL Can

      Things we do just to tell a good "d" joke

    23. AL Can

      "Presto" is a likely name for a superhero.....

    24. AL Can

      Introducing us to a WHITE vision was brave af;)

    25. Kryssy Howard

      Thank you Paul for these breakdowns. They truly helpet me understand what was going on in the episodes. I am an MCU fan, however, I have not seen the majority of the movies. I do believe Disney plus does have some winners on their hands though and I'm interested to see what's coming and to enjoy the marvel movies going forward as well as your breakdowns. As always I will be tuned in. Do you watch sharronda from pay or wait, she always says I love you 3,000, and I've just recently heard you say that. I'm just wondering. It would be great to win one of the four boxed marvel sets so I hope you see my comment and I hope I'm a winner. I could use a little joy in my life. PS your puns are not as bad as you think they are. Well if I am to be honest some of them are but not all of them some of them truly have me cracking up. I hope you have a great rest of your year and I look forward to more content from you.

    26. ash bookhater

      The whole cataract thing made wanda lose her vision, so kids, take care of your eyes

    27. Jordan Grandbois

      This video sucks. He just forces everything to be call back and reference or a nod. Pointless stupid video

    28. Jaydin Webb-Cato

      Wanda's new suit has a mind Stone shaped hole at the top, so Vision in a way is always with her.

    29. TwistedSoundsProd

      Didn’t the cop say west view wasn’t a real place? So how was it already there???

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      I can't wait I can't wait to watch all the movies that will follow after WandaVision

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      Thanks for the breakdown

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      good explanation on the timeline

    33. Sudarshan Gondane

      Imagine if It was Reed Richards (Mr.Fantastic) who walked into the theatre and asked Monica if she is alright...and asked about Wanda "Is the kid alright? because she seems a little upset! also our friend need to talk to u....up there ^

    34. Alex James

      Overal a really good season/series. Especially for the first MCU TV show. (We all know AoS, didn't really matter) I feel bad for the people that believed these theories. The only one I was disappointed in was the, aerospace engineer Monica knew. I didn't expect Reed Richards but definitely expected bigger than just boring ol military people, that had a truck.... that didn't work. I mean they hinted at it 2 episodes in a row.

    35. Qui-Gon Jinn

      I don't know I just did not get sad because none of it was real I was more excited to see the character grow

    36. Joseph Mayhew

      That opening is awesome. Well done, sir.

    37. Jonathan Velasquez

      aye thanks for taking us on the wild ride that will be known as WandaVision. Appreciate the great videos you were doing... now onto Falcon & The Winter Soldier!

    38. Michael Mc Laughlin

      it's not a dick joke, "Richard 'Boner' Stabone" character from "Growing Pains". Nothing but love to the Koenig family.

    39. Ask Chris

      being a marvel maniac is expensive...can someone buy me a vpn.

    40. Cameron

      This episode was such a wild ride, just like the series itself. Absolutely amazing, and I've thoroughly enjoyed coming to this channel after each episode to watch your breakdowns. Looking forward to FATWS!

    41. American Gamer

      I can't stop laughing at the "the buck stops at his terrible vision pun, and after this I tell ya what mate, I hate ya" to Hayward for the vision pun..

    42. Shantia77

      It was all worth it just to see Vision in a black turtleneck. 🥴

    43. Jorge Carbajal

      Agatha Harkness: The Wicked Witch of Westview

    44. JasonH6978

      20:44 HE SAYS "I can't remember a show that had me coming back week after week"...um did you not see The Watchmen series or Game of...I digress

    45. Richard Page

      The line where Agatha says I can be good in episode 8 is something that always sticks out to me and I think will prove true in the future.

    46. Alharron Bersamina

      that mephisto theory came from you man! lol!

    47. Roronoa Zoro

      What! No mention of the Bladerunner nod? Criminal!

    48. Mihos Krijgsman

      good video but, just because wanda throws a car on agathar and also 'happened to have thrown a car on someone before' doesnt mean its a 'call back' to it or something. Not every gesture in this show has to be an easter egg

    49. Cordeliya Baron

      The strong angora fittingly sprout because hourglass corroboratively continue following a fancy gateway. shy, brown okra

    50. BoriquaAteo

      Heavy spoilers or heavy inaccuracies?

    51. Watch Guru

      You notice that the black guy is a totally different actor than he was inside the hex? He's the only one who is a completely different person.

    52. Anthony Hernandez

      Fans who are "disappointed in the finale/show" are the same people who get mad at their work boss for thrir own mistakes 🙄 . just cuz your theories werent right doesnt mean the show sucked wth. get over yourself. It was a Great show about coping and grief, take it for what it was.

    53. Boldkid

      Wanda is actually a powerful superhero gosh

    54. Crunchy Nutter

      What I don’t get is how bleached-Vision could shoot a blue head beam that can rival Hex-Vision’s mind stone powered yellow head beam?!

    55. Pete KJ

      I think that potentially Marvel was making a way for there to be a season 2 because now the White Vision is out there with all of the memories of the old Vision.

    56. Malcolm Harrison

      Based on the parallel part of this video As a child it was a Stark weapon that caused her demise and was used to destroy her family. Vision is a product of Tony Stark. Yes white vision was made by Sword but the concept and creation was made by Tony. So basically a Stark weapon (although Vision isn’t one) was used again. Just this time unsuccessfully

    57. SaugaSneaks

      show was a plain disappointment

    58. Whatinthe Fudge

      Show sucked

    59. Carol L

      Season 2 comes out next year

    60. William Astout

      We all need to SHINE ON to see how far we've come on the journey.

    61. Dark Vader

      can’t wait for Spider-Man

    62. Andy Wears Makeup

      You've gotta give some credit to the costume designers, Scarlet Witch's comic book gettup had to have been a nightmare to translate into real clothes. I think they did a pretty amazing job they've • Modernised it, • Made it easier to move in, • Made it less revealing at Elizabeth Olsen's request and • Its immediately recognisable as Scarlet Witch's costume I'd call that a successful job well done.

    63. 9Lando945

      Thorough recap, thanks, and thanks for confirming some conclusions we had on our end.

    64. Hades

      To me, the three best Marvel pieces are Winter Soldier Thor Ragnarok Guardians 1 and Wandavision. The best way to introduce this new phase and gives me hope for the coming series whereas agents of shield really made me pessimistic at first as well as all other 'hero shows but Marvel did us right

    65. Ms. T

      How was white vision able to enter the hex?? How was Angness about to snap the towns ppl out of their fake reality, if only the witch who cast the spell can change???

    66. Doc Vader

      Nice wrap up. I agree on so many points. This series made me much more invested in W&V that I had been. I actually was disliking this after 2-3 episodes, but my son was a couple episodes ahead and convinced me to keep going. As much as I disliked the first few, hindsight made me appreciate them all the more. This was ambitious AF, a very out of the box premise that could have easily fallen apart into a complete mess. It speaks volumes of the talented writers and creative people involved to pull this off. I have to beleive this is one of most difficult ideas to pull off, so I feel very optimistic about the MCU shows coming up. Job well done.

    67. Universal All rounder

      This was not a breakdown but a recap of the episode

    68. Ryanald Johnson

      Great video and summation Paul. Thanks for keeping it real and lots of fun!

    69. Jarod Bolek

      So, Agness just juiced Fietro? If he IS a mutant, then he must be in the witness prot. If he isn't, he was just a gimmick to make us spin in circles...?

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      Why did Monica develop power?

    72. MyNamesCamila

      I've been having a lot of fun watching all of these theories and learning all the comic book information since I only have MCU knowledge. I was always secretly hoping that y'all were wrong about Doctor Strange showing up, though. We finally have something that focuses on a female hero, and I would have been SO disappointed if Strange had to come to save the day or guide her in a certain way. I really wanted HER to resolve this within her own show. And I mean, ... there's so much content still to come, so who's to say all these theories aren't actually right and just haven't yet come to fruition 🤷🏻‍♀️

    73. razzo086

      I was enjoying your review until I heard you say ms. Marvel and captain marvel 2

    74. Craig Goetsch

      The Even Peters casting seems like Marvel's way of saying, "No...we are not casting any of the Fox actors as the same characters."

    75. Craig Goetsch

      THANK YOU!!! You're the first person I have heard apologize for their bad theories. (I'm looking at you Eric Voss!)

    76. Craig Goetsch

      The delivery guy was delivering PIZZA when Wanda got to town. He is NOT Jimmy's witness.

    77. jameson stalanthas yu

      I think Agnes kept trying to get the last word in at the end,so she could be still peaking out her struggle to get out.

    78. Jude Benjamin

      Had no issues with the payoffs, or lack thereof. In general the finale worked well. But two major issues. 1. Why does Wanda not ask or try to find out where the Vision which tried to kill her went and more importantly, when she opened the Hex, why did 'Not Dotty' and any other parents run off, leaving their kids in their rooms?! And then, when the whole hex has disappeared, they're stood in the street giving Wanda the stink eye, instead of finding their children!

    79. Kathy Levers


    80. Amanda d'Adesky

      I sobbed like a child many times during the finale, ngl.

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      I really liked WandaVision, I also want to see how they bring Vision back into the MCU and the Avengers.

    86. Collector's Corner

      The skylight in the library white Vision flies through, is not a hexagon. Its an octagon.

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      saw a theory that “Ralph” is the one in witness protection. i doubt it cause marvel hates fun n doesnt want evan peters back i guess

    88. Bree Wilson

      I was not disappointed. I knew from the beginning that she was gonna do everything due to her sadness and not being able to accept her loved ones death. A thing I understand all too well. So I bawled many times while watching WandaVision.

    89. Patrick Coffey

      Come on High bruv! If we do n't have fun speculating with theories, we'll never get our minds percolating about and ultimately, one day, coming up with a spot on theory! Love the channel and reviews/theories/breakdowns and everything in between. Don't ever stop throwing out your ideas (big and small) into the ether! I am sure I am the only that totally dig them!

    90. Nathanael Wiens

      Honestly I just love how Marvel is playing with fans theorists now

    91. Keely Atlover

      Is anyone else uncomfortable with them keeping up with the location of CHILD actors to determine the plot. Like, boundaries. Don’t let your chaotic love for a movie franchise risk the safety of children. Don’t report where children are. That’s not cool.

    92. Alan Taylor

      Quicksilver, or rather the alias that is discovered in the movie is who is under witness protection. Has nothing to do with the Mail man.

    93. Jan Rasmussen

      As I was watching one of your superb WandaVision videos, my husband looked up from his book and says "That guy who never takes a breath."

    94. Dan Shepard

      Awesome stuff thank you!

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      15:10 NOW THIS SHIT

    96. ThekiDDs

      11:25 haha, my man, thanks for this, it was a long time since i saw it 😆😆😆

    97. Dirty Soul Monkey

      It wasn't special and no it doesn't deserve to be applauded.

    98. Helen Waldeck

      Wandavision is a spectacular show and it's been fascinating to watch but why isn't the Evan Quicksilver the MCU Quicksilver 😒

    99. Sharvansh shukla

      I’m gonna be honest, I’m not gonna lose hope for Evan peters just yet, they can’t have just hired him to simply make a dick joke, I think he’s the witness protection guy, and I just *hope* that there’s more to him

    100. Eric Cano

      I dont get the contrarians blaming the fans for overhyping themselves. That literally was not the case. The trailers and promotional material made it seem like something bigger was coming. Also the consistent mention of the devil, witches, Agatha, Wanda's children, and the darkhold? Come on they set the fans up for disappointment. You cant look at all that and not think that Mephisto was coming thats literally how hes established in the comics. I feel like the nay sayers are saving face because youre lying if you didnt think someone else was making an appearance. Overall the series was great but the finale really was a bit underwhelming. Even without the theories coming true it was really predictable. Hayward turns out the be just another dumb military character like Ross and gets resolved, Agatha gets resolved wayyyy to easily resolved, and so does white vision (though I liked the discussion both visions had). Also the finale did not have more CGI than Endgame as Bettany promised which is another reason its not the fans fault for being hyped. I hope multiverse and spider man answer a lot of what was left over from this show