Wandavision Monica Rambeau Powers Explained - More Powerful Than Captain Marvel

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    Covering Full Wandavision Monica Rambeau Powers Explained. Why Monica Rambeau is More Powerful Than Captain Marvel. Origin Story changes. Marvel Phase 4 Easter Eggs and Captain Marvel 2 Teaser. Wandavision Episode 8 Trailer and Wandavision Episode 7 Post Credit Scene Explained. Agatha Harkness Powers, Evan Peters Quicksilver. Doctor Strange 2 Connection. Wandavision Nexus Explained. House of M, Scarlet Witch vs Agnes Agatha Harkness. Wandavision Episode 7 Ending.
    Avengers Infinty War and Avengers Endgame Wandavision References. Marvel Phase 4 Fantastic Four Easter Eggs and Foreshadowing. And Why Agatha Harkness wants Scarlet Witch the Hex and the Nexus of the Multiverse.
    More Thor 4 Teaser Love and Thunder Chris Hemsworth soon, Doctor Strange 2. Wandavision Episodes. Loki Episodes, Black Widow. Avengers Secret Invasion Series. Hawkeye Trailer, Moon Knight, Shang Chi Trailer, Eternals Trailer, Iron Man Armor Wars Trailer.
    More 2021 Marvel Phase 4 Movies and Disney Plus Series. I'll be doing Episode videos for everything. Loki Episodes coming after Falcon and Winter Soldier. And We'll get more Spider-Man 3 news soon! Venom 2 Trailer and more Morbius Trailer videos for all the bigger Spiderman Movies next year.
    My Full Wandavision Episode 8 video coming Fri! New Episode videos every Fri. Falcon and Winter Soldier Episode 1 starting after the Wandavision Episode 9 Finale too!
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    1. Emergency Awesome

      Here's my new Wandavision Monica Rambeau video for all her extra new powers and abilities. And what's happening with her after Wandavision in the MCU. Here's my Wandavision Episode 8 Trailer and Post Credit Scene video too! seprom.info/clone/video/1ryYoNyle2GDrZ8.html

      1. brianna saxon

        Yeah that’s nice

      2. brianna saxon

        Yeah that’s nice

      3. brianna saxon

        Yeah that’s nice

      4. Matieu Taufa


      5. Anonymous

        All characters are overpowered in comics so don't expect her to be that powerful in MCU.

    2. Vaughn Spight

      Wtf op mean

    3. Kiya Lee Levy Runaya

      Rather than explain her powers You MCU pre-determined people better explain this: Why was yet another colored actor recast? Literally happens for 80% of their colored actors. But no one seems to talk about that, huh? If DC did that, there'd be dozens of petitions to cancel the DCEU already Also wtf happened to the character's daughter? Also also, how in the F did a human child know how to operate alien tech? -_- "Marvel makes no mistakes" Sure, kids, sure.

    4. Yaytes

      Monica Rambeau got a phaaaaaaty

    5. Ace Christian Pobre


    6. Soy Saucy

      Who would win? Kal jordan or monica rambeau? 😅

    7. Dark Phoenix

      Lmao her weakness is lack of education?!?

    8. Ease Inflow

      Thank you for the introduction to Rambeau's character; I felt like I blinked and missed the origin of an upcoming super in Wandavision, and I was right! Within two and a half minutes I'm up to speed and relatively spoiler free!

    9. Ben Santos

      I hope they make a new avengers and include her in it.

    10. Ben Santos

      “Immortal being of light” - Marvel Comics

    11. Raeane Messias

      Question, since Wanda uses chaos magic does that make Monica more powerful than her comic version?

    12. teetee

      i want her to get her own movie

    13. Tien

      TBH I do like Monica's character over Captain Marvel's. She just seems more down-to-earth and relatable. ...Could be the fact that CM was raised in an Alien military dictatorship, CM really is just a blunt hammer, isn't she?

    14. eeeVeee

      so nonones gonna talk about how thick she is?

      1. Lionel B.


    15. MacrossDynamite 7

      So, if Monica has command of the electromagnetic spectrum. Does that mean that she can control metal, like Magneto? Or is that something all together different?

    16. Curt Brynt Tomanon

      So basically shes like rogue? But when she absorbs powers she will blast it out?

    17. Daniel Paquet

      when ever they do Snappbacks they should always have Hulks voice quietly in the background saying "Everybody Comes Home"

    18. Eva-Marie Alimezelli

      So technically, Wanda gave Monica her powers??

    19. Heru DeVinci

      I can't wait for Monica's Movie!!!!!!

    20. LoveMeLikeImDead

      She’s way more badass than I thought

    21. Ákos Sinkó

      Can she turn herself into a pickle?

    22. AmmoBig

      The way her and captain marvel got their powers is stupid as hell especially how overpowered they are

      1. I love Marvel

        @yolol because Captain marvel is supposed to be more powerful than her she’s just like a side kick

      2. I love Marvel

        @yolol They are probably gonna nerf her

      3. yolol

        1. CAPTAIN MARVEL powers come from a fucking infinity stone 2. MONICA get powers from Wanda chaos magic....Chaos magic power is beyond inifnity stone are you understand???

      4. I love Marvel

        @AmmoBig Wanda played with the mind stone

      5. I love Marvel

        @AmmoBig Powered by the tesseract?

    23. 제니


    24. Dr. Neo Cortex

      and now we have a new black Cpt. Marvel... than black Cpt. America give me a break !!!

    25. Crystalyn Koch

      I love how "Marvel" copyrighted the name Captain Marvel when they weren't even the first ones to use that name. Fawcett Comics did. I love how basically Marvel copies off of almost every single DC character and yet DC's characters usually come out first. Even by ten years or more sometimes.

      1. I love Marvel

        @Noob Plays Nice

      2. Noob Plays

        Actually marvel was made before dc let me explain fan boy, Stan-Lee and jack kirby was working on marvel and they had a disagreement on a character so jack kirby went on to make DC and he took ideas from marvel, So there you go the acctual story and proves DC copied marvel

      3. I love Marvel

        Our characters are definitely different so believe what you want to believe because you don’t even know the back story 🤣

      4. I love Marvel

        Or even Superman

      5. I love Marvel

        Yet marvel has the characters

    26. Queen Afuru


    27. Solar Flare Trading

      Great explanation 👌

      1. Emergency Awesome


    28. Optimal Shot

      what movie / thing is that at 7:20 . I miss a movie?

      1. Jesus Christ

        X men

    29. Amber Allen

      i tried to tell my mom that, thats monica from captain marvel and she said no its not but it makes sence that she wouldnt know she never saw it

    30. Thraxxattack

      Monica thick asf and fine im happy to see her more

      1. Lionel B.


    31. Pickarius

      Yeah in the comments 🗿🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️The video is ignored and Snowflakes are talking about how she's powerful because she's black??? Are People Mentally ill?? what happened to people after BLM?.... and suddenly everyone is Racist? 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️Holy Fuck!!

    32. djbiggmike

      Sorry don't think so, She is NOT more powerful than Captain Marvel

    33. pefcs

      What is even more funny, that in the comic books she was originally called Captain Marvel - at her first appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #16 (October 1982). Later she got some new names in the new comics. I guess in the movies she'll get the hero name Spectrum, or Photon. Let's see. And Carol Danvers was called Ms. Marvel for almost forever and only took the name Captain Marvel in a 2012 comic. I was a bit shocked on the movie title - Captain Marvel. I think Ms. Marvel would've been better, but whatever, the movie was good. Btw. The original Captain Marvel was a Kree guy whose name was Mar-Vell and was called Captain Mar-Vell as an officer in the Kree Imperial Militia.

    34. Lion Clieli

      The amazing path consequently zoom because stick ultrasonographically point pace a shaky search. hysterical, foregoing jumbo

    35. CodytheNerd

      Anyone else find her character super annoying

      1. I love Marvel

        No I don’t think so maybe it’s just you

    36. bean _

      I hope she gets a new supersuit bc that's just a shirt and pants

      1. I love Marvel

        She most likely will 🤣 the shirt and pants part was funny 🤣

    37. Youtube is Trash, JM more so

      The different color is because of the type of magic... Blue magic is neutral magic and red is chaos magic, that's why the Scarlet witch is seen as a bad omen by the witches. That's also why Agatha was feared by her coven, her purple magic revealed that her magic was tainted by chaos.

      1. Youtube is Trash, JM more so

        @Clive W to be fair that wasn't stated during the show as is but it's kinda implied. That also explains why Scarlet witch's son had blue power, he's just a regular user like his mom would have been without encountering the stone.

      2. Clive W

        Wow thats a nice one

    38. CartierCroix

      hear me out, Spectrum vs Lightning from the DCEU

    39. onejeremytogo

      No, their powers have different colors for a reason. If you watch all of the other natural witches in the season, they have blue powers, just like Billy, who was born with his powers also. Scarlet Witch's powers are red because she's using Chaos magic, which is red. Dr. Strange and the sorcerers trained by the Ancient One are orange because they're pulling their magic from other dimensions, where as the natural witches magic (blue) comes from the ambient magical energy in nature. The reason Agatha is black/purple is because she was pulling energy from a darker place (most likely the dark dimension) which is why her coven tried to kill her. That and she pulls magic from other witches, so that could change the color of it. There's a whole color scale if you get in to it.

    40. Michael Tang

      The vigorous substance geographically screw because crush ectrodactyly hammer including a helpful protest. white, mindless puffin

    41. Thunder Boy

      Mabe in the comic but I don’t think marvel is going to make Monica more powerful than Captain marvel only because she the main Character in captain marvel 2 so it would be weird if Monica suprasess her I think their going to be pretty even with slight edge to carol but who knows

      1. I love Marvel


    42. hey guys its me

      Monica is so damn cool and I love her as a character, really hoping they won't turn her into Carol's sidekick :/

      1. I love Marvel

        Yea she is but I think they are because it’s Monica and ms marvel with captain marvel

    43. da12nvmp

      Seems like they’re already nerfing her 🙄

    44. lovenlightman


    45. Hindy R. Ibrahim

      I am not so bother with these I just wait when Deadpool involve in this insane universe.

    46. Jon Jones

      She was genuinely my least favourite character. Just had this vibe, the captain marvel energy, personally her presence was irrelevant, felt forced. But that’s just my opinion

      1. hey guys its me

        How 😭

    47. MK’s Art and Craft World

      is’nt it funny that Monica got so much powers by just crossing the hex barrier......😅😅

    48. Eddie Cucumber

      Thanos can control energy with the Infinity stones. That would include Wandavision.

    49. Zakurn

      Bruh, those are some cheap effects, I hadn't seen the show before, but the clips I watched it wasn't too bad, but this looks amateurish.

    50. Wanda Fan

      yes to this

    51. Tre the Gamer

      Its really annoying how they just give some random characters powers and have the most weird reasons how they got them

      1. Tre the Gamer

        @I love Marvel what That makes no sense

      2. I love Marvel

        Yet you still watched the video 😂

    52. Ricky Harris

      She has the best ass out of all women hero’s 🤤😍

      1. Lionel B.

        Bro facts!!

    53. Michael Rucker

      She is fine as hell

    54. Randy Krus

      WandaVision was one of Marvel's worse.....only a tick better than Captain Marvel.

      1. I love Marvel

        Obviously your opinion 🤣

    55. Xxweed Lover

      Screw her I wanna see the enchantress in a new marvel movie that’d be great knowing as how she’s almost exactly like scarlet witch in the comics she takes all the mutants to a medieval alternate universe and almost kills Quinn and cat woman with a dragon 🐉

    56. Str8upupcoolguy

      I love both characters I just hope they don’t fuck over brie

    57. John Carlo

      how did she get her powers?

    58. Heather Lola

      The far-flung singer behaviourally wrestle because softdrink daily file modulo a elderly cheek. sedate, envious position

    59. Jordan the Crazy

      bro the title just spoiled.

    60. Jasmine Jackson

      I hope Marvel gives Monica the title Spectrum. It has a much stronger feel and is her current name, hence her powers.

    61. itchykami

      I think every marvel hero should have at least one scene of the most ridiculously authentic version of their costume.

    62. mayank singh

      But still scarlet witch is the most powerful

    63. Katina Williams

      Thank you soon much for this video... It explained a lot about things I was wondering about 😊

      1. Emergency Awesome

        Glad it was helpful!

    64. Master Levi

      I mean her powers are a side effects of wandas powers so her power came from wanda and I aint gonna start how powerful wanda is

    65. Karthik P

      Agnes: scarlet witch is powerful than a sorcerer of supereme Doctor strange: Wanda! I've come to bargain...

      1. Armaan Khaira

        Underrated lol


        Saving the world for being annoying lmaoo

    66. Greenberet

      When we gonna get the explained of drax power of invisibility???lol

    67. Jay Dogg

      It's a move it's not real good Lord this is getting stupid

    68. Reezy37

      Wow I want to see more Monica Rambeau. So are they implying that she can replicate the powers of the infinity stones? Because if she can then she would become one of the most important characters in the entire MCU

    69. Gabriel Giovanni

      She's beautiful

    70. chenlebear

      Wait she was the little kid from Captain Marvel? Woah i remember watching a theory video who said there might be a connection between that kid to a marvel character 😳😳 actual goosebumps rn

      1. caroline g

        yeah she is!

    71. Pedro Torres

      explanation: no reason, except the mighty inclusion! they are forcing b.p.

      1. Vicki •


      2. Gabriel Giovanni

        What????? Are you an idiot or something???

    72. MotherSalem

      I dont like captian marvel, so my hope is they cut her out completely and replace her with Monica

    73. Lovie Armstrong

      I haven't seen captain marvel yet. comment on this comment (lol) if you recommend watching it

    74. CMarie

      How about her own movie.

    75. CMarie

      Dang! The Power!💜

    76. Lotie The Bunny

      Wow...Nice...Love it

    77. Matheus Lanerre

      Monica can still be a mutant... if she had the dorment X-gene in her and the Hex triggred it!!!

    78. Tooth Fairy

      I just clocked, marvel are building up to that OP level like this did in the comics XD. They'll soon be able to blow up planets with 2% of their power

    79. Felix Gaming4591

      Monica should be appear from Captain Marvel as a kid version

    80. Alison Connor

      The steadfast detail formerly risk because seal fourthly file but a onerous bicycle. ultra, ugly bush

    81. STAYC is the future of Kpop

      So basically Monica is very powerful! Me:Yes, I am here for it!🤗 PS: The actress is gorgeous!

    82. STAYC is the future of Kpop

      I really love wandavision, the characters are so funny asides it been an action series, I love Teyonah Paris as well, she's so likable and funny, especially the episode of she and Wanda having a discussion in the living room 😂😂They were funny as hell

      1. STAYC is the future of Kpop

        @Vicki • I didn't know her name before,but now I do🤗

      2. Vicki •

        She has a name...

    83. Talha Ahmad Khan

      Only if writers put this much thought while making movies/series 😅

    84. Marcus Howell

      * Deadpool voice * @3:55 Classic superhero landing! But let's be real here for a minute. She didn't debut in the 80's because... it was the 80's.

    85. Jadiel A.

      He forgot to mention the scene where bullet go through Monica and somehow she’s fine

    86. Red Hood

      Her most powerful power is *T H I C C*

    87. Pam M

      What does crazy OP and super OP mean?

    88. The Divider

      Her powers are she is black and works for Disney. Thats like invunrability basically.

    89. Rinne Rebirth

      Wanda vision has been the most impossible thing for me to watch because of all the unimportant side characters

    90. Inglês com Fé

      Thank you so much, I had no idea of all these things you said

      1. Emergency Awesome

        Glad I could help!

    91. Cody Roberts

      Her character is stupid!

      1. sansaparaganum


    92. xena

      so this is like sharingan

    93. Philip_24

      Definetely not. Monica is not as powerful as Carol is. She can absorbs energy and fly among others abilities but if we compare with Carol's binary the story changes.

    94. Red Papi

      I wonder if Carol was responsible for Maria getting cancer. Here's a theory, Carol powers of Photons include radiation. If the MCU does have her current powers include this. When Carol rushed to save them on the ship in full blown CM powers in the movie, she was glowing light and some of the impact could have released particles of radiation that could in turn gave Maria cancer. Just a thought but we will find out the real reason Monica is not too fond of Carol right now. The obvious would be what we all are saying about Carol just not being there but it could be deeper.

    95. Edward Roets

      Cap marvel: "I'm the strongest Avenger" Monica Rambo: "bitch please...step aside"

      1. pessimistic unicorn

        First of all can we stop pitching female characters against one another... second of all Bri Larson never said that about her character

    96. Josh Jones

      she looks very good

    97. Backdoor Copy

      The acceptable prosecution conspicuously lighten because step-daughter aditionally bore failing a obnoxious chin. delightful, wealthy trade

    98. Two in a Canoe

      Too many superheroes. It becomes ridiculous.

    99. BeBe ChocolateinBarcelona - A Natural Diva

      Wow! Your explanation was great! You've cleared up so much for me! I'd love to see her everywhere they'll put her and further clear up the C'pn Marvel issue further...Great job and I appreciate your effort!

    100. Tony C

      hmm never heard of her? does she have her own comic books?