Wanted to Feel sniper recoil in game


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    Just wanted to feel sniper recoil in game.
    Tutorial and code ▶ teenenggr.com/2021/04/15/want...

    Outro music: mera dhol kuve me latke se

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    1. YouTube AMRIT

      Je kya bai 😭😭😭

    2. Doruk Arda Korkmaz

      what are the specs of ur pc?


      0:33 😏😏😏

    4. Sarthak Kapoor

      Which game is that ??

    5. sachin gaming

      Op editing bro 😂😂


      Ha Ha Ha

    7. Ken

      Every one feel recoil But no one wants to feel pain of bullet shot

    8. Learn English with RAJ

      bhaii 😆😆😆pgl hai yar tuu😊 Creativity+pagalpan+paisa= U

    9. Vedang Mishra

      U are crazy man😂😂😂


      Mera doll kue m latke se...🤣🤣🤣

    11. EX ALPHA


    12. Exequiel Nieto


    13. cruz gamer


    14. Badla Gamerz YT

      What is name of this game

      1. Rohit


    15. AD

      Jabri moj karavi bhai. Laya baki

    16. Zavon

      When game updates patch up the recoil issue in new update to make game more fun

    17. oayzer

      game name?

    18. Infinite God FF

      Sniping with mp40

    19. Alok Kushwaha

      1 want to feel atomic bomb

    20. Ramsha Khan

      While engineer becomes gamer 😎

    21. Urban CODM

      The oultro song 🔥

    22. শু ভ্র

      Die heart gamer 🤣🥴💥

    23. TOP...S

      Haviy gamer

    24. NicTopian

      This is tutorial how to break your mouse instantly

    25. Yousaf Goher


    26. Driplexity 屮

      I wanted to feel the Nuke in game

    27. Light Yagami

      Ayee Ganjaa Ganjaa😂

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    29. P E S - IRFAN ⚽️ 🎮 TAMIL


    30. Peanut_ Tree

      After 3 times gameplay his arm get amputated

    31. Viral Short News

      These type of guys end up building a real tank for playing tank game. 🤪

    32. Altar Fatah

      What the game?

      1. Rohit

        Good game

    33. JimiCraft

      Dad- you finished engineering now get a job Son-

    34. Gallsion YT

      Rip pc

    35. Social Science with Suman Rani

      The ending sound is so prefect and nostalgia

    36. BRAVO SIX

      This thing can be use as a automatic weapon. Spike trap,etc etc

    37. MATRIX》 PRO

      Bhai op outro 😂

    38. R S P pammar

      Next .... I want real boom blast

    39. TOXIC ZEUS

      Bhai rajasthan se ho ap ???❤️👍

    40. Rocket Gamer

      Which game is it

    41. Bầu Kiên Tv

      : ))

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      Can we get this video 5 million views? seprom.info/clone/video/s8aPppucoGCjzYU.html

    45. Gambler 786

      I can Never Believe that U r Indian 😂😂😂 . If You are than Hatsoff to you for such a creative Mind

    46. R3K

      Which game is this

    47. Drunken Gaming Zone

      R u kidding 😝... I mean WTH is goin on

    48. Su Bin

      Why I'm even here

    49. Chandru S


    50. PLAYER 02


    51. Dubazze Zahin

      Engineers when they are bored at home be like

    52. eDits d

      join army

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      Use TNT not better😂

    54. Duy Mai

      legit video

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    56. ARVINDER Singh

      But what to do with AK47 😂😂



    58. Alok Mishra

      Place this switch in your doorbell

    59. Alum Jingru


    60. Hipa?

      if theres a problem theres a solution -Some guy in the internet

    61. Ruatmawia Chawngthu

      This is too much

    62. Arsalan

      You are going to rule man

    63. BIRJUplays

      This guy is insane giving tutorial link in the end

    64. Dr. Rahul

      last song

    65. linkinmore

      Wanted to feel flashbang

    66. Tuf Gaming


    67. truly indian

      O bhaiiiiii.....😆😆😆😆😆

    68. ʀɪs

      After 1 week you should buy a new mouse😂

    69. SACHSOR

      He: wanting to feel recoil of sniper Mouse wire: my time has come

    70. Jue Voile Grace

      How did i end up here? LOL

    71. Dr. Uday

      What's the name of game ??

    72. Muaaz Khan

      Best science ever 😂😂

    73. Akarsh Kum2701-10B

      I am your big fan Sometimes I think that you are crazy 😂😂😂 anyway you are doing a unique job/ work..

    74. HGC Gamerz

      More real than ps5 controller lol

    75. SKY gaming

      "next time minigun"

    76. little SEVOU

      Wanted to feel granade

    77. Tekken World


    78. Sandhya Bhalerao

      Use an real AWM and shoot your monitor

    79. Rahul Mankar

      Ye kuch jada nhi hogya🔥

    80. M. Iqbal Fadhiil Fajr 1730511048

      I never bored to watch this 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    81. Abhijith B



      Toooooooooo over buddy...

    83. ANKIT 2908

      Yarr Haryana te

    84. RHZINN 愛


    85. Manoj Mitra

      Next video : wanted to feel sniper headshot in game

    86. saurabh muneshwar

      Never thought your Indian

    87. محمد ریحان


    88. Md adil Illtaf

      kya bey ye kya kar diya

    89. Md adil Illtaf

      bruh ur pc Xd

    90. Md adil Illtaf


    91. NotJoEx

      R.I.P hand

    92. KontatsuTV

      "How did you break your arm" "It happened during a sniper misson" The sniper mission:

    93. Parvez Ahmed

      Should I laugh or cry

    94. Nikhil Choudhary

      Are u indian because only we can do these next level thinkings. Like if u r indian

    95. Rajas Patil

      RIP mouse

    96. Wi Vi

      mark rober 2.0

    97. RazerGamer

      how to break your mouse in 1 tap

    98. gab teb

      This guy always comes up with some new idea every time

    99. Ankh dikhata Hai madarjaat

      Still not enough bro 😂