Watch SpaceX Launch 58 Starlink Satellites PLUS 3 others SkySat satellites!

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    SpaceX’s Starlink 8 mission will launch 58 Starlink satellites on its Falcon 9 rocket. Along with the primary Starlink payload, SpaceX will be launching three of Planet Lab’s Sky Sat Earth-observation satellites. It’s launching at 09:21 UTC on June 13, from Space Launch Complex-40 (SLC-40) at the Cape Canaveral Space Force Station (CCSFS), Florida. Starlink 8 is the eighth operational launch of SpaceX’s Starlink communication satellite constellation.

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    1. Lewis Massie

      33:27 Liftoff 36:05 MECO & Stage Separation & SES-1 36:46 Fairing Deploy 40:18 Entry Burn 41:58 Landing burn & SECO 46:19 Skysat 1 deploy 46:47 Skysat 2 deploy 47:18 Skysat 3 deploy 59:44 Starlink deploy (not seen on webcast) 57:10 For gorgeous launch photography

      1. FaZe dream Clan

        Samir Joshi no bruh

      2. L

        Anastacious X Thank you!

      3. Anastacious X

        @L IMO, since starlink satellites are powered by ion thrusters there will not be enough thrust to move the satellite quickly enough to intercept ICBM...Space is vast, although the satellites may appear close to one another, the distances between them are still vast

      4. L

        Can starlink satellites be used to intercept ICBMs physically? There will be >10k satellites in the low earth orbit. Some of them close enough can be deorbited to intercept an ICBM in a very short time?

      5. Anastacious X

        This would boost your credibility

    2. Cryian Sky

      why no one stoping him? Hes poluted the erath with his tesla, now he is will polute the sky! FFS would someone just do samthing? Put him under the bars! Hitler the second! P.S. the guy in picture with mic - turn your mic on? No one hears you what you rumble there lol!

    3. NFSHeld

      It never ceases to amaze me how SpaceX can catch a multi-story building dropping from the upper atmosphere.

    4. LegoSonicFan17

      This was actually streamed on my birthday!

    5. Luiz Antonio Mendes de Resende

      Ja falei faz tempo que o lixo espacial trara uma economia e vai retirar os riscos de acidentes com os mesmos . Abraços.

    6. W&K Bowser

      I often wish I could like your vids multiple times. Thanks for great coverage.

    7. NinjatC

      Where's Tim? It's been 2 weeks and I miss his videos

    8. Waxsoda61774308


    9. Dak X

      Must be on vacation eith his new girlfriend...

    10. John Richards

      Where are you, Spacex are launching a rocket.

      1. John Richards

        @Harry Ferrett Why would you say something like that.

    11. Ry Ryland cripps

      Can you do a video on rotating detnating engine? Allot of groups working on them right now.

    12. Frank Albe

      It's A Joke: Rockets convert chemical energy into thrust. Puppies have lots of energy. So the way to convert energy goes like this: Puppy chews nasty socks and tastey women's underwear and lip balm and chidern's toys. They are quite able to chew the most expensive small electronics. Why Don't They Just: (part1) Put a rudel of spacesuited puppies into orbit to collect waste. Enthusiasm backed by the promise of dog yummies. The detractors might point out inefficient this might be. Maybe so, but can you imagine a wide-eyed doxin singing memes while adaptlilively grabbing a piece of mirror or something else in their little front paws. As far as converting their overall energies to thrust? Need a little input on this. They have energy and high tech put together.

    13. Alexander Ash

      Are you streaming a live feed of today's launch ?

    14. Lilla Draken gaming

      Video idea how will starship land is is going to use landinglegs

    15. Epic memester lol

      I have seen every space X launch since 2014

    16. Atlas

      Second Stage Areospike engines might make the second stage reusable.

    17. Folkert Cornelis

      Jai hind!

    18. Barrett

      How does the ISS crew retrieve cargo that is stored inside the trunk of the Dragon V2

    19. Jon Breeze

      Hi Tim Did you read about the proposal of a magnetic dipole shield at the Mars L1 Lagrange Point? If so I wondered if a similar electromagnet could be deployed from Starship for its journey to mars to protect the crew from radiation?

      1. Odysseus Rex

        @Jon Breeze Undoubtedly.

      2. Jon Breeze

        @Odysseus Rex Hey - thanks for the reply. Very interesting. I'm sure spaceX has it covered!

      3. Odysseus Rex

        @Jon Breeze Yes, it is. We have very good information about the radiation environment in interplanetary space. There are different ideas about the "best" way to shield over an extended period, but it's just an engineering problem and not insoluble.

      4. Jon Breeze

        @Odysseus Rex Hi. It's just that a lot of videos about the difficulties of getting to mars mention problems of radiation. I'm just a casual reader - is current radiation shielding fine then?

      5. Odysseus Rex

        What's wrong with just plain old radiation shielding?

    20. Physiker

      hey tim, can you make a video of the evolution of the Rocket? Thanks

    21. mads lidar

      Can you please make a new SLS vs Starship

    22. king castle

      Twerk Nation sent me here

    23. stargot1


    24. Джон фон Лудд

      When new video?

    25. stanglvr6781

      Yo Tim, Shout out from Valley Springs, CA! I seen your Kepler picture, You should get the Kepler 186f poster. Its said to be 97% Earthlike. Im sure you know about it but had to throw that out there lol. Thanks for all the SpaceX updates! I watch you and ol Kev (@SpaceXcentric) for all my SpaceX needs haha! Keep up the good work Bro!

    26. Juan Paramio

      35:42 Blasting the rocket maneuver: Using only center Merlin engine?. Increase speed and altitude. Can a few more seconds of blasting send the first stage to another continent?. Beautiful record of the maneuver.

    27. Space Facts Wax

      Thanks so much for uploading. I had the chance to see a rocket launch in 2018. Incredible experience. I uploaded a pretty awesome video of the experience on my page.

    28. 33blackbull

      Tim can you help. I know the difference between starliner and Crew dragon but is there much difference between them and Orion? Is it bigger etc?

    29. L

      Can starlink satellites be used to intercept ICBMs physically? There will be >10k satellites in the low earth orbit. Some of them close enough can be deorbited to intercept an ICBM in a very short time?

      1. Odysseus Rex

        No. ICBMs don't go near that high, and Starlink satellites only have ion thrusters. they can't move fast. And a half dozen other reasons.

    30. Jaidev Jhaj

      I fell in love with this channel because of moon dance - everyday astronaut.... honestly you did too. Loving the content mate!!!

    31. Naveenchandra Karna

      could the dragon be used for commercial uses to?

      1. Odysseus Rex

        It is intended for that. Spacex has already contracted with a middle man company to provide tourist flights starting next year.

    32. Ethan Higley

      @everydayastronaut do you think it would be possible to produce a rocket engine that produces close to or no pollution? 🧐 also big fan 🙂

      1. Odysseus Rex

        Hydrolox engines exhaust product is water. Methalox produces water and carbon dioxide. If you make your own methane out of the air, using solar power, as Elon intends to do, then it is carbon neutral.

    33. Google Google

      Question: if sending a rocket to space is so "energy demanding" especially for heavy loads, why do not launch from an higher altitude instead that from sea level? Let's suppose that can be relatively cheap and easy to move all the rocket and the fuel and the equipment to that location... Why not launch from a mountain? What other variables I am not considering?

      1. Google Google

        @A-DrewG interesting observations! Thank you again

      2. A-DrewG

        ​@Google Google Due to the vacuum of space and the distance of any celestial body from Earth the only outside force that can affect Earth is gravity. Though it is good to note that gravity is an insanely weak force all things considered. So really the moon actually have more influence on the Earth and its spin then the sun does. For example currently the Earth and Moon are tidally locked meaning that the Earth and the Moon always have the same side facing one another (hence why there is a "dark side" of the moon which we can't see from Earth). Really though while the Earths spin does change due to these effects it is incredibly minuscule in the short term schemes of things. For example a day on Earth was 21 hours at 600 Myr ago and currently we see a trend of days increasing at a rate of 2.3 milliseconds per century since the 8th century BCE. Truthfully the biggest effects on the Earths rotation comes from the Earth itself. For example we have seen earthquakes which have slowed Earth down causing a day to increase by micro seconds. There is also the change in distribution of mass due to man-made structures or post-glacial rebounds.

      3. Google Google

        @A-DrewG definitely not such a big difference. How the proximity of the sun affect speed? What kind of mathematical observation we can approach? (I understand it should be related to the gravity right or to the slightly increased speed of the earth in specific points of its elliptic around the sun?)

      4. A-DrewG

        ​@Google Google Though do take into consideration that these calculations are very simplified and only account for speed at sea level, and don't take into consideration the tilt of the Earth, proximity of the sun, the change in rotational speed of the Earth, or even height. Though the speed you gain from even the tallest mountain on Earth is negligible. For example at the Equator the speed of rotation is roughly ~1670 km/hr. To find how fast you would be moving instead at the summit of Mount Everest if it was on the equator we first need to find the new circumference created by the increase in height. So the Earth has a radius of the Earth is 6,371 km. Mountain Everest at its tallest point is 8.8 km. This gives us our new radius of 6,379.8 km, which when plugged in gives us a circumference of 40085.5 km compared to the circumference at sea level of 40030.2 km. Divide that by 24 and you get 40085.5/ 24 = 1670.2 km/hr compared to the original 40030.2 / 24 = 1667.9 km/hr

      5. Google Google

        @A-DrewG thank you again! Very informative and clear explanation.

    34. Colten Oechsner

      Have you ever looked into NASA’s Nerva Project?

    35. Vladimir Putin

      Why doesn't Rocket Lab, use .. well simply a big inflatable cushion and drop the rocket on that to catch it.

    36. whatil!?

      Just wanted to say i really like your music, thanks!

    37. PP

      Are there any videos from the new astronauts with some statements about the flight with the dragon? Would like to hear what they think about this and how the flight compares to the russian rocket.

      1. Odysseus Rex

        They offered comparisons with the Space Shuttle, (Falcon is a smoother ride) but it would obviously be impolitic to compare with Soyuz.

    38. Peter James

      Do you respect our time?

      1. Odysseus Rex

        What do you mean?

    39. jack james

      Starship Name Ideas: Starship Experience- The first starship to travel into space and orbit the moon. This will be the one to fly billionaire Yusaku Maezawa. Starship Enterprise- The first starship to bring humans to Mars. “Boldly going where no man has gone before.” Starship Explorer- A tribute to the final concept art for the Space Shuttle, which was named Explorer. Starship Voyager- Named after the Voyager 1 probe that was sent on a mission into space, never to return. Starship Angelus- Latin for angel. This commemorates the men and women who lost their lives in the name of space exploration. Apollo 1, Challenger, and Columbia. Starship Constitution- Named after the U.S.S. Constitution, a war ship known for its sturdy construction. Fought in the First Barbary War and the War of 1812. This ship is still afloat today after 213 years.

    40. Cooper The god

      We need more good music

    41. alexzander foxx

      Thx for this amazing stream, I never regret watching your live streams and never think twice about rewatching the streams thank you. Now im back because I just heard about SpaceX announced building a launch pad for starship but on water? Hoping you could elaborate on how that is possible. Thanks again.

    42. Intet Mane

      Can you make an Ariane 6 video?

    43. Problem

      I have a question. If humans go to space with the starliner wouldnt that technicly be the first time in 58 years someone went to space on an atlas rocket?

    44. I’m already Sans Undertale

      Well then

    45. Pipersall

      Hi Tim! What do you think about sea rise and the future of Starship at Boca Chica? Probably by the time it is an issue, Elon will be well established on Mars!

      1. Odysseus Rex

        I live on the Texas coast. Sea level is not rising.

    46. Ian Warner

      I know you probably won't see this but out of all the space and x fans your details, info and everyday explanations puts you number 1! Respect I thought you would like to be recognised for your hard work! Love from uk

      1. Everyday Astronaut

        🙏🙏🙏 thanks Ian! That means a lot!


      Hey, just wondering where you got your flight suit you take pictures in. I want to go to the website but I have no idea what it’s called.

    48. Tyler sullivan

      Explain the mouse at 40:38 the second or two before the angle changes on the right hand side of the screen

      1. Odysseus Rex

        It has no head, no tail, no legs, and is silver in color. It is a puff of frozen oxygen.

      2. Tyler sullivan

        At 42:35 you can see it fly off. Definitely looks like a mouse. Tail and everything

    49. Luto Pastialis

      Hey Tim, I've just recently stumbled over your channel and watched some of your awesome videos. However I realized I've been missing most of the important events of the space industry of the past decade and I'd really like to get an overview of what happened before diving into more content specific on a particular topic. I'll certainly keep browsing through your channel, but if you have any sort of roll-up / summary video, I'd very much appreciate it.

    50. Sam Miller

      ffs just as it lifted off someone said "yeet"

    51. Steve Murray

      I'm a fan of Space X but not a real fan of starlink 🔭

    52. Christopher Grove

      Just more visual pollution.

    53. ölkjuiop

      Hey @Everyday Astronaut I recently saw a video from the gateway foundation, about their voyager space station and immediately thought of you and wondered what your opinion is about this whole project. Ps: I love and really enjoy your Videos and they spark great joi for people like us (your community).

    54. elck3

      Hey Tim, where is the full video from the drone ship of the recent crew dragon landing? The one that seemed to lose signal right at the landing?

    55. Douglas Mark

      Call your future book "Pointy End Up, Flaming End Down". Actually do 2 books, one for kids and another for kids at heart.

    56. Pierre Frinault

      Where is the first stage landing - in the pacific?

      1. Odysseus Rex

        Atlantic, just a few hundred miles downrange.

    57. Mario Ramirez

      46:24 Cool

    58. KrKyoutube

      @Everyday Astronaut In only a decade warp lightspeed energy requirements went down from from the energy from entire universe top galaxy to a solarsystem and the energy requirements still and will continue to fall. Warp drive for now is the only future way to travel that we can proove that works, others still too theoretical.

    59. City Lock a polytechnikey llc company

      Will there be a supercharger station up there ?

    60. hkmp5kpdw

      Didn’t see the third skysat launch...

    61. Trif 55

      Where are the ground stations? there's the cape first the Bermuda, then they said they'll lose it until they get it at Diego Garcia? or is there a gap after the coast of Africa? Maybe they could use starlink for this kind of communication?

    62. TomTheDutchy

      I was wondering, all the expansion of the gas happens inside the nozzles, therefore it must mean that the nozzles can at least carry the weight of the rocket and more since its accelerating, the nozzles dont look strong enough to carry the weight of the whole rocket. Am i missing something?

      1. TomTheDutchy

        @Odysseus Rex true true, its very interesting. Would be great to see Tim make a video about it .Im very interested to learn how the nozzles are connected to the structural frame of the rocket, all i see on pictures is the plumbing. Can they still do thrust vectoring with the latest nozzles? The mechanics on them must be insane. Super interesting stuff!

      2. Odysseus Rex

        @TomTheDutchy I think it is important to realize that it's not like the rocket is sitting on the ground on the rims of the nozzles. A great deal of the force pushing the rocket up is inside the combustion chamber, most of it in fact. The force acting on the nozzles is spread evenly over their entire surface area.

      3. TomTheDutchy

        @Odysseus Rex can you tell more about it, how thick are those nozzles?

      4. Odysseus Rex

        Yes, the fact that the nozzles are that strong, regardless of what they look like to you.

    63. Cynthia Clavey

      Curious descending tone heard after +1 minute. Audio compression artifact? Microphone placement on the pad next to other systems? Engine sound I never knew about?

    64. Tam Nguyen

      Flat earthers: What is this ?

    65. Richard Simpkins

      Now I want to know your coffee routine.

    66. Peter Hagen

      Tim; You can wear a space suite any time you want! Maybe you can now get a cool white & black one from some guy named Elon. Gotta respect the SPACE suit!

    67. German Shepherd Daphne Channel

      IMO it's a bunch of trash they are putting in space. Probably to spy on us here in earth

      1. Odysseus Rex

        @M22 Gang Thank you.

      2. M22 Gang

        @Odysseus Rex Perfectly said.

      3. Odysseus Rex

        Yes, you have your internet, Let the rest of the world get theirs.

    68. Highbornleek367

      Does anybody know if He'll be covering the Vega vv16 Launch on June 19th?

    69. Odysseus Rex

      Tim, congratulations on providing live coverage of two launches in one night. That is serious commitment to journalism. What are you going to do when Elon comes to you and says, "We'd like you to be the first journalist in space?"

    70. Nick Roosevelt

      Were you on twitter when they released starlink?

    71. Light on the Inside

      Jokes on you Flat Earthers dismiss all evidence that defies their flawed logic/theory.

    72. Nick Roosevelt

      It would be great if we could see a real-time map/diagram of where the first stage after separation all the way to landing, representing position and altitude. Is that available anywhere?

    73. Baz

      i got up at 2am in Australia (a big island) to watch Apollo 11 launch in 699 Unfortunately, only in black & white:-(

      1. Odysseus Rex

        Yeah, those 7th century launches were really something.

    74. Jac Nolph


    75. Joe Blow

      Can you do a video on how the Stage 1 booster is returned. Do they strap that thing down on the boat or just hope for smooth sailing?

      1. Odysseus Rex

        @Joe Blow Well, some people are intolerant, others are not. It's actually always been that way. No, the government is not tracking everyone.

      2. Joe Blow

        Odysseus Rex Information readily at your fingertips, yes. Intolerance for a diversity of ideas / cancel culture, No. & the Gubermint is tracking everyone. Pardon Snowden. We have a lot of work, but SPACEX is on point.

      3. Odysseus Rex

        @Joe Blow Don't you just love the 21st century?

      4. Joe Blow

        Odysseus Rex thanks just googled it.

      5. Odysseus Rex

        There is a small, heavily weighted robot called the octograbber that comes out and grabs on to the base of the rocket to hold it in place. There is already a video called something like How SpaceX Lands its Boosters, something like that. Search for it.

    76. Bálint Markó

      I find it amazing how only the second stage was brand new

      1. weekiely 123

        Well...and the satellites.

    77. Ross Roberts

      were is the third sat

    78. JJ Spleen

      Thanks. Slept though the alarm.

    79. Forrest William

      Musk is an American inspiration!

    80. P1ural

      It's so exciting to have so many b-2-b launches.

      1. Tom Morland

        Still 2 more to go this month, been a crazy month.

    81. YHK

      Can’t believe e I pulled an all-nighter to see the launches but I slept through this launch even tho it was the one I was the most expected about

    82. 姫石果25大好きBoakye Duan

      Me learned from ur video: "they're gonna lose signal during landing" Still me watching ur video: "u'd better have another video explains this"(just kidding XD

    83. Josfur Gaming

      oh boy the flat Earther`s will be fuming with this one 😘 here is a joke to FLATTEN their mood 😁 Police: Sir this parking spot is for the handicapped only Citizen: the Earth is flat Police: Oh poor you 😂😂🤣🤣😂😂 Incoming Flat Turds

    84. DireW0lf0

      kopi luwak, AKA civet coffee. Hi Tim, this is poop coffee - the beans have passed through a civet (cat related animal) and then made into coffee! Very expensive!

    85. The Graceful Savage

      Stage 1 landing was so awesome on this mission

    86. David S.

      I'm very happy for you that your channel has been successful enough to make it your career. It is well deserved. Your contribution to this exciting moment in space history cannot be understated. Getting all the information we are looking for in one place and having it presented in an intelligent manner, and with humility, is in my opinion why you will continue to make an impact on this important time in our (human) history. Thank You.

    87. Wojciech Karon

      Where can we check if they successfully catched the fairings? I couldn't find this information regarding both Starlink 7 and 8.

      1. Odysseus Rex

        I heard felix say that they missed both. they were able to recover one from the water, but lost the other one. Whether that means it sank or was damaged I don't know.

    88. OnTheLake

      Hello, I'm a new sub so forgive the question if already answered ... I was wondering if there was spacex link to mission control audio instead listening to this new "sportcaster style " which I do Not prefer. Thanks !

      1. OnTheLake

        @Everyday Astronaut Yes , sorry I meant new to me ...I just tunes in from shuttle days so .... Yes I understand your channel would want to use hosted feed but is there somewhere I can link technical audio from ? Watch you ,listen to them kinda thing , just during launch , I do like the hosted part while waiting for the launch though . Thanks for you responding so fast !

      2. Everyday Astronaut

        The hosted streams are not new, they’ve been the standard for years and years. They do however have a technical stream and I’ve done polls on what people would rather me stream to the majority wants me to stream with the hosted ones so we can learn new tid bits

    89. TraditionalAnglican

      Tim, you could always see if Boeing or SpaceX will lend you one of their spacesuits (with cooling system) for “publicity purposes”...

    90. George Phillips


    91. YUL Aviation

      Please do more kerbal live-streams!

    92. tempe1d

      @ everydayastronaut Seriously. Where does Tim teach at? He has to be a college professor. Too much detail for HS science teacher. Do you have any of your lectures/classes available online? Does Elon ever pop up during class?

      1. TraditionalAnglican

        tempe1d - Tim learned this by reading (a lot) & listening to those who design, develop & test rockets in the last 5 years. I agree - What he’s managed to learn in that time is impressive.

      2. tempe1d

        @TraditionalAnglican he's really informed and enthusiastic about this. He really should have a master class or something. Seriously.

      3. TraditionalAnglican

        tempe1d - Sorry, Tim doesn’t teach except on SEprom...

    93. Jonathan MacIntyre

      What is Tim going to do when launches happen more often?

      1. Jonathan MacIntyre

        @Odysseus Rex I'd hate for him to burn out just for us. I enjoy his content, but it's not worth him suffering for.

      2. Odysseus Rex

        He will do his duty to we his viewers! He will stay at his microphone, 36, 48, 72 hours at a stretch, whatever is necessary to bring us all the news and most erudite commentary.

    94. Prashan Hiranga

      74 Flatearthers

    95. Natalia saravia verdun

      how does the como back rocket camaras clean?, they get some water, they show another image and then they appear clear

      1. TraditionalAnglican

        Natalia saravia verdun - Those are images from inside the fuel & oxidizer tanks.

    96. I have a name

      500 satellites launched from the US this year. Crazy.

    97. Gourmet Food Review

      How is there wind in space??

      1. Odysseus Rex

        There isn't. What do you mean?

    98. Lemon Lady

      It's like no one has noticed the night sky problem of Starlink. How easily we are dazzled by Elon. Often rightly so, but not this this time. It's just bad engineering not to have solved this issue before the 1st launch.

      1. Odysseus Rex

        @Lemon Lady Go study geometry.

      2. Lemon Lady

        @Odysseus Rex Go read the study.

      3. Odysseus Rex

        It's not really a problem.

    99. POVHFR Videos

      Those are one of the best scenic space views I've seen from Space X!!! 40:00 40:41 Rocket Landing Basically Uninteruppted - 42:10

    100. Tubluer

      I miss Kate Tice