Watching Every Layer of a Jawbreaker Melt is Oddly Satisfying

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    In today's video, we are trying to melt a giant jawbreaker with both a solar scorcher and a pressure washer. Will the jawbreaker be too big??
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    This video is dedicated to our friend and founder Grant Thompson- the one and only King of Random.
    THANK YOU!! ✌️👑

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    1. The King of Random

      Get the best discount of the year on Raycons! Now through the end of November, go to to get 20% off your order!

      1. Mega_ Banhammer


      2. Tanner Cain

        Try to microwave one

      3. Mallory Corrigan

        I’m using AirPods

      4. ELLIE Veruka

        Are u guys married or together in like girlfriend and boyfriend

      5. recordingerror

        Yeah i'll buy all bass no mids lol! of course not.

    2. walz6801

      Baseball bat

    3. Tomas Roberts

      Ed, Edd ‘n’ Eddy would not be too happy about this.

    4. Joseph Gibson

      How about a plasma cutter and/or a water jet cutter?

    5. Morgan Shimmy

      After this experiment water bill go brrrrrrr 😫

    6. TheOOFman

      *wireless raycon* *Me with free smart and advanced hearing aids which can mute everything and watch youtube with sounds and can connect to ipad with bluetooth*

    7. Sarah Carlyon

      try melting a strech arm strong

    8. Paul Rist

      How high do you need to drop a jawbreaker from for it to smash?

    9. Lexi Williams

      I’ve never seen jaw brakers

    10. Antheaxe U

      bear trap. acid. forge. ant´s liquid nitrogen. welding. electricity, drill, boil hige presser air

    11. ABF2009 2nd Channel!

      Ed Edd and Eddy needs these.

    12. Fire Guitar

      What happens if you put a/a few jawbreakers in a microwave, oven, and dishwasher

    13. The_Beaver

      I miss the diy projects

    14. Djjameslove

      Plot twist the "cotton candy" is actually a cobweb

    15. kidwithamask

      For some reason I can hear: *Hello everyone, this is YOUR daily dose of internet, some people used these lasers to melt a jawbreaker*

    16. Darren Noyer

      4:53 sun melt 6:37 water melt 7:39 pressure washer

    17. 2-3-7'ers Does

      Crush them up to powder and try to make them into cotten candy

    18. Obito Uchiha

      7:35 pressure washer

    19. Maki8

      Liquid nitrogen then smash it with a hammer

    20. Joe Gonsior

      jaw breaker cannon

    21. Aaron Althaus

      Suspend in a tube of moving water with as close to a laminar flow as possible to provide something like equal pressure on the pressure facing face.

    22. PAPARAPZZY Channel

      Jaw breaker in a cotton candy maker.

    23. Junya Paul Jacob


    24. Kaotic Kiwi

      Pour molten metal on a jawbreaker

    25. Lena Evergarden

      make a cannon that fires jawbreakers, and see what happens to them at the high speed!

    26. Flareberry

      I am watching this vid with raycons they are amazing!!!!! 😀😀😀

    27. BAD ASS BOSS

      Frees the jawbracer

    28. virg2840 virg2840

      Run it over, burn it, cut it, wash it, lick it, laser cut it.

    29. Emberheart

      Here's an idea: "Can a jawbreaker really break a jaw."

    30. Matthew Salvatar

      Jaw breaker cannon ball.

    31. AmiriFN

      Snipe it with a heavy sniper

    32. Vera Sundler

      Why haven’t you made a giant jawbreaker one? Like as big as a head or a basketball big?

    33. Alex Menell

      Maybe you can make a high pressure dome and put a July rancher

    34. Ct 555

      Me watching this with my AirPods Pro be like

    35. Amilcar Mokhtar

      do the sun method but with a black jawbreaker

    36. Jolein D

      Freeze dry a jawbreaker in your next vid

    37. Cliff Cardi

      Ed, Edd, & Eddy want to know your location

    38. Tyler Divine


    39. Mr. Kamenskirc

      Put it in a salad bowl and put a lot of heat and swe if it turns in to coton candy

    40. Deborah Snavely

      Did you have a lot of ants after that??

    41. Udaia Jones

      You should boil a jaw breaker

    42. Lydia Beachy

      I think you should get 1,000 jawbreakers and drop them from a crane

    43. rudy alvidrez

      Keep doing the great work

    44. rudy alvidrez

      Can you please help me

    45. DJ DA BOSS

      100 foot drop

    46. honey bee

      U get likes for saying some thing ranbom Eet

    47. Konicks- Rae

      someone noticed his dirty fingernails? 😆

    48. Cheese on Toast

      lemme guess, florida?

    49. scout on juce

      i have to d my work

    50. YellowSquids

      Who else had an urge to lick the jawbreaker as it melted

    51. YellowSquids

      Who else had an urge to lick the jawbreaker as it melted

    52. Corey DeCola

      How about a jawbreaker in Muriatic Acid? 🤯

    53. Cat Cat

      Here are some snacks as u bathe in the comments 🥗🥗🥗🍚🌯🌯🍜🍜🍜🌮🍟🍟🍟🥘🍣🍣🍬🍬🍦🍰🍰🎂🍮🍮🍭🍪🍪🍩🍿🍫🍫🍪🍪🍭🍭🥐🥐

    54. Master Chief

      use a pressure washer to drill a hole through candis 'murica

    55. muddy chile

      Melt it with extreme heat and freeze it then smash it

    56. Navid Pey

      Start at 3:40

    57. Mallory Corrigan

      Haha sponsored by raycon I’m using airpods

    58. Emma fisher

      Put a jaw breaker in the blender


      Make jaw breaker cotton candy pls i beg you big fan ❤❤❤❤

    60. Karina Mangel


    61. Outcast Puddle

      Do jaw breakers float in gallium/other liquid metals?

    62. supercellonova

      Microwave a jawbreaker to trigger an explosion.

    63. Robert Smith

      What about a jaw breaker in a deep fryer?

    64. Wolf Thorn

      It's like melting away the layers of deceit wrapped around a lefties brain.

    65. Shannon Boyle

      hit it with a hammer

    66. kipras god

      but bro iv got new earbuds from santa but i wanted to get raycon >:C

    67. Bailee Bigby

      I ben whatcha g u for a while now and forgot to I just did lol😂

    68. Just do it

      Explode a jawbreaker

    69. 420god streamer

      I wanna see u make a machine that circulates water and put the jawbreaker in there and put a whole thing of table salt and see what happens to it

    70. EmilyA0926

      The audio was weird on this vid

    71. Brooke stump

      Can you guys use English 😂😂🤣

    72. Tim Borland

      Put it in a blender

    73. Pony Rescue

      I wonder if your sun panel method will lead to some sort of invention to make jaw breaker cotton candy from jaw brrakers

    74. diartaha

      the beginning sounded so close to the legend himself i almost cried

    75. Temeculous

      Dang Ed, Edd n Eddy would have done basically anything for those jawbreakers.

    76. Waffles go yoop yoop

      Jaw-breakers actually broke jaws, I lost a tooth, it was only a baby though so be careful


      Me when I finish this vid: “man I want a jawbreaker”

    78. BrOcCoLi SaLaD

      Revenge, finally.

    79. Recxless_bossYT

      drop one from a building

    80. Valerie Lopez

      R u guys married????????

    81. Mr.Hamster123


    82. Azlan Hussain

      I feel like their only sponsor is raycon and kiwi co. Also dashlane and raid shadow Legends.

    83. Lalavlog

      5:35 the boys have seen that before!

    84. John Vash Dylan Rebong

      i think you should put it in a container where it can melt and drip just make a little hole but the container must be able to hold its temperature and thats all thankyou.

    85. Jack Minnick

      Try freeze drying the jaw breaker pls I subscribed and liked and turned on notifications

    86. TheLogan

      Would probably look cool to cast the half melted through jawbreaker in clear resin!

    87. Samantha Heidemann

      run it over with a car

    88. Logan Pittman

      can you ship me raycon ear buds i live i milford hilto

    89. Ozyun _

      I just missed him😢😢

    90. Andrea Meneghello

      find a way to shot one against a concrete wall, see what shatters first maybe with different methods (potato shooter, slingshot, by hand)

    91. Taly Cali TalYah

      I love the designs of the t-shirts, for they are my style, and my type of everyday wear favorite t-shirts 🔥

    92. Evan Perkins

      Pour molten lava over a jaw breaker

    93. Jonathan Mchenney

      Albany Chocolate Factory you can get jawbreaker that size of a basketball

    94. Mathius959

      Overall online reviews of raycon are negative.

    95. Mathius959

      Ordered the ear buds Sunday 12/19/2020 express shipping. Order should have arrived by today 12/23/2020 by 8PM. They haven't even shipped yet. Do NOT order from this company. They have no way to contact them by phone and do NOT ship as promised. UNTRUSTWORTHY FedEX reported shipping label created Monday 12/21/2020 but raycon has not given the package to FedEX yet. I can NOT trust companies that do this.

    96. hammockstand dangal

      U sure it ain’t a spider web 5:48

    97. Micheal Crytzer

      Do this with the 60k psi guys

    98. Preston Sanchez

      Is it just me or that girl got fat

    99. Tafari Herndon

      Wow Just wow

    100. 122BOSS GG

      Skip to 4:30 first to skip bs