We added so many mods to Among Us that it BROKE


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    We added so many mods to Among Us that we broke the game
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    1. _Megatron1021

      2:47 me when i’m trying to get ready for work

    2. Kaden Martin


    3. kae marie

      aww did jack not stream this??? I looked on his twitch and don’t see this playthrough

    4. Roling Chung

      1:08 *”this is the thing u need.” 𝐮𝐬𝐦𝐨𝐝.𝐛𝐮𝐳𝐳 ”Am I right?” 垃圾。Lord*

    5. Knuckle Sandwich


    6. Finesoxx

      R.I.P whiteboard

    7. Ban that Vegan teacher21

      Hey where did you get that room cause I’ve only played the three

    8. just voices

      Revisit deer simulator

    9. James Rettig

      You could have killed him in the vent

    10. Joe Lilly

      Oh no he kermitted suicide 🐸🐸😂😂🤣🤣

    11. Tstormer

      Why do people like this game it's so dry and full of lies I'd be so pissed playing this it's worse than mario party

    12. Nehdjd Jdjdjd

      Yo is it just me or does gigantic sykkuno Looks kind a good though

    13. Liam Cushing

      What an amazing video!

    14. F Vanlook

      The last episode of jacks old house

    15. Austin Square pants

      Jack is slowly turning into a reaction channel

    16. not_arthur

      just me or does sycono sound like sigh from naruto

    17. hai

      the trans flag top hat in the first round-

    18. Vinzlinz2222

      sykkuno is such an agent of chaos i love it

    19. Harrison Pearce

      Nice character duck character jack

    20. Dio Brando

      Every time that scroll back thing happens all I can hear in my head is: KILLER QUEEN BITES ZA DUSTO

    21. XxDuckyxX

      Sykkuno and Jack not playing among us: Best friends Sykkuno and Jack playing among us: I MUST MUNIPULATE HIM MUAHAHA 😂

    22. Tcggamer Channel

      What is this mod. This mod is so cool

      1. Tcggamer Channel

        And best Kermit impression

    23. Seth pal

      Jacksepticeye play hello puppet's

    24. Zoe Thomson

      I would've loved to see them rip into each other

    25. Tony Blank


    26. Foxy- 101

      Did jack split in two when tome reminded and he vented at the same time causing the copy to kill fusile PhD.

    27. JOY Ibrahim

      i watched this as soon as it came out and im commenting now because im curious lol. Whats the role of the lover???

    28. 2005_124 Vlogs

      did any1 notice he was drinkin Malibu:) what a boss

    29. bunny boo

      Play fragile please!

    30. Aesthet¿cally Gl¡tched

      His Kermit impression is so amazing

    31. Nightfur y

      Plunging a toilet.... never seen someone so fast before.... weird cam footage..... kinda sus if you ask me

    32. blurrymin9

      i like when they don't play with poki

    33. TheGamingThief

      These mods make the game 10x better

    34. nekogranma

      shhh, don't point out the media offline error

    35. nadean coufal

      How come he did not die when he was lovers?

    36. Colin Stahon

      It’s just a sussy Baka and it cannot be that bad

    37. Infinite Gamer

      Evelien>comes to get jack to bed Jack> im havin a moment here


      Boys and girls this mans be sad, tired, and big.

    39. Python

      could i play amoung us with u ???

    40. Tamagon Bagel

      "I didn't go to college for four years just to be called Kermit"

    41. Gabriel Reed

      He should've killed sykkuno when he was in the vent he could've

    42. BluSire

      'Gigantic Sykkuno' Phrasing please

    43. pickeleboi

      The returne of the devil

    44. Gaia

      i think your editor had a little problem at the end XD "Media offline" lol

    45. Diamond Red Fox

      sykkuno is like dogs. we dont deserve him. too pure

    46. Onyx2


    47. EVNgelion

      Casual detective zylus

    48. Midnight_kittys.

      when your name is leslie and there saying a name that sounds them same:...

    49. kstormgeistgem

      .... what thell is going on ...??? i haven't a clue about any of this... lovers... jesters... Time Lords?!? wth, mate... among us just gets more n more kcufed up the more people play it, it seems.

    50. Garrison Cardinell

      I can’t believe jack lost his accent

    51. Zachary Wilmot

      Hi all

    52. PPTI 3 Ebrilliant A. D.

      Jack! Jack! Play Metro Series! The Metro 2033 or any other one like Metor Exodus or something, they're awesome!

    53. Chadx M

      I very much liked the mods and changes added to the game since I last played it....

    54. Mr. Mirage 2

      Airship is dumb. If You click the ladder, and once again, and again, and again, You can survive the round, You can't get killed on the ladder

    55. Bees

      Jack talking with Kermit voice > literally anything

    56. Maddox Breakdown

      let's appreciate fuslie's hat with the trans flag. it's just cute :)

    57. Gaming Mario Unbox

      You should play Among Us hide and seek

    58. ChimeraXYZ

      24:48 I felt that

    59. Rebekah Letourneau

      I got an ad for among us in the middle of the video and I couldn’t tell that it was an ad for a lot longer than I’m willing to admit.

    60. Payton Barnett

      is jack drinking a malibu seltzer??

    61. Bens fan club president

      Why was Zylus’s detective Kermit skin used as the thumbnail?

    62. Destro

      100% Kormit win rate!

    63. Maxwell A. Gaming PS4

      The way Myth saved Jack from Leslie telling on him 🤣🤣🤣

    64. Cat Matic

      This made me think of a new mod which may or may not be a good idea. So say something simalir happens like with the last round but it's like a trust test. Where if the remaining crew vote someone out (which is a crewmate) Imposters win. But if they just skip crewmates win. I know it sounds ridiculous but that's just what came to my head.

    65. HEE-HEE MAN

      Dude can we stop with the among us

    66. SpedSamurai


    67. Jennifer Melissa

      I love you ❤️

    68. Hunter Lynn Roth

      Irish lad *Kermit* ing murders

    69. Washcoon

      Didn't know Jack was a fan of Zylus ;)

    70. Bicc Boi

      Evelien has joined the game 😂

    71. catelyn stone

      Have you heard that there's a siren head mod? where the killer is siren head?

      1. catelyn stone

        I thought you might like it because you like siren head

    72. Weeb Levi

      Where is the old intro?

    73. animatedlux

      how do you even get mods

    74. The Only King

      The first map wasn't Giant-friendly

    75. Tasty Beans


    76. 行きなさいピクルスリック

      Bruh how can you be out of breath sitting in your chair

    77. ShyFoxFeather Here

      Jack: You never vote me out Sykkuno: Oh that's true I'll skip Me: that worked?!

    78. VoidGaming404

      Idk about anyone else, but man I really hate when people stack like that.

    79. Nagito Komaeda

      *i'm so large*

    80. Hannah Welsh

      Myth saving Jack on the timewarp was sooo good. 🤩🤩

    81. Mog Treleaven

      “Thank you, that’s usually how heads work”

    82. I don’t know what brain cells are

      “I didn’t go to college for 4 years just to be called kermit” -Jacky-boi 2021

      1. I don’t know what brain cells are

        For anyone who wants the time stamp it’s 16:52

    83. Ryan Hannah

      I could listen to this mans voice for hours

    84. GameFam

      I like the new mods. They're super funny! . "I AM LARGE MAN" haha

    85. Odle Scaboodle

      Evelien coming in randomly and then just standing there is both confusing and hilarious

    86. regina powell

      Fuslie's wearing a trans flag hat *happy boi*

    87. Doc2hot

      sussy baka

    88. juniorcarkid

      Jack should make a.discord server

    89. Callum

      Evelien really said “Jack I threw up”

    90. Mal K

      lmao idek why i watch these videos they suck. jacks fine and all but sykkuno makes me seethe with rage and no one here like acts logically at all.... i think im hate-watching these videos.... its awful..... the worst part is that they're so popular its like wtf.......,

    91. well

      Nice video.

    92. JustFIn

      The VIBES

    93. Plushy Lovez

      best kermit voice 100/10 😏💚

    94. Ishouldbedoingsomethingelse-


    95. richie the duck

      I don’t think that big boi is very fun


      Your kermit sound is so cute....

    97. ShadowAspieGamer


    98. Sam M

      jack first meeting. and us-suses himself

    99. raVen Fox

      When Among Us turns into Town of Salem

    100. Bepee Likes Pi

      It kermitted die