Welcome to the Internet - Bo Burnham (from "Inside" -- ALBUM OUT NOW)


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    listen to album here: boburnham.lnk.to/INSIDE

    inside now streaming on netflix. hope you enjoy.

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    1. kvngbxne

      This sums up the Internet very well

    2. pineapple “insanity777”

      Pineapple guesses it's true what they say. "We become what we behold" Seriously, tho Bo Burnham did a really and he is very accurate about how the internet works these days. Pineapple wishes him the greatest of fortunes -pineapple

    3. Hannah Joy

      0:47 1:15

    4. Eli Kuli

      Child: "Mom what ist this the Internet" Mom: "Well..."

    5. Morgan Smith (DerpyPeppermint)

      I thought he couldn’t grow a beard 🤔

    6. Comic 3176 (Hilda)

      I am completely vibing with this song since it’s basically true of everything on the internet. 😀

    7. Shaun Weston

      Great song. Not going to think too much on it because my brain will bleed, but very catchy 👌

    8. Brye Thurlow

      I low key feel like him saying he's ok and he's not about to commit suicide is wrong. BoBurnham reach out if you need to talk man. Who knows maybe I have the answer you seek.

    9. Christopher Senkbeil

      I'm I the only one who thinks he looks like heisenberg from resident evil 8😂😂😂

      1. Yeet 426

        No, you aren't

    10. hello helli

      gay people: *existing* this song: it's free real estate.

    11. Tamir Paz


    12. Sam Taylor

      When did heisenberg decide to do music?

    13. Gomi Gumdrop

      This reminds me me of the quote “ you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself becoming a villain” I don’t know why

    14. Unsie is a Tuna

      and to think, he made this in his bedroom by himself

    15. so ju lee

      bo kinda sounds like markiplier now ngl

    16. Hailey Dee

      Wow, great internet content you made here Bo.

    17. Boba FettFanClub

      I've watched this over and over. I never felt so personally attacked and yet find myself agreeing to everything.

    18. Hatwox

      im going to be honest , I had netflix and I was hyped as fuck for the new album from bo Then i saw it's about "Being inside and how it made Bo insane" .... and........ WHAT? ....HOW! ... why are people so fucking sad... Corona.. Not counting the fucking 5 day sickness when none was with me , was the best year ever Actually... even that 5 day sickness.... even tho i thought i'd die.. I was never.......... as scared about death as i was when going to office and taking shit from my bitch boss , shit , it was the clearest I had thought for days...... I thought i could enjoy video games again... if i could just get my arms to even lift me.. let alone sit or stand.. or keep my food in.. Like what? Ok.. I guess it will be good but.. Wtf... what's wrong with people? You guys are sick.

    19. Jayla_B JB

      Welcome to the Internet- Antagonist welcoming the Protagonist into the world of the internet and more Could I Interest You in Anything- Antagonist gaining protagonists trust "I'm here for you" "Come to me for anything" type of thingy "We're in this together" Type of song idk- DEEPLY gaining Protagonists trust *3:51* Could I Interest you in Anything (Reprise)- Antagonist betrays protagonist " Apathy's a tragedy, and boredom is a crime " Protagonist=Dead/depressed you pick Antagonist=Somewhere doing the same to someone else Or this could just be a story about the internet 😦

    20. Justin

      Can this please play everytime I open a browser?

    21. Jamie Denson

      You are a genius. There are so many things about this song to be appreciated!! I know you are aware that you are brilliant and genuine but I sincerely thank you for sharing it with the rest of us. I want to make that laugh my ring tone! The nostalgia of the classic mad man yet it made my hair stand on end!!

    22. Andrew Maxwell

      An exact explanation of how the internet spends maximal time and money keeping you distracted from life. I don't care about inappropriate lyrics when a song is this honest

    23. Calvin Serpico

      ive lost more sleep than i care to mention thinking of this song

    24. Muhd Azim

      Its all fun & games until your internet play this while you away

    25. Lucy Biermann

      i’ve literally watched this special at least 30 times so far, i’m not over exaggerating. i’ve had it on in the background every day while i play on my phone and stuff.

    26. Kane The Unsettled

      Heisenberg really let himself go after village

    27. Monokuma

      Pov: Heisenberg sing's you the dangers of the internet

    28. Mateja Zivanovic

      Sounds like that one Bendy song

    29. Fireball303

      He gives off the feeling of a puppet master guy or that one salesman at a carnival that looks like a employee but isn’t and has a sketchy room in the back where he makes trades with souls where he can give you anything you desire

    30. odd bunny

      Il ressemble à Bob Lenon

    31. Jim Flask

      "You know schools are brainwashing you when there is only one book." - Harry Potter

    32. Magical Myth

      Best internet song out there.

    33. sukci

      i was lowkey waiting for him to say a line like: "welcome to the internet, how can we assist? There's so many things to learn about like fucking your stepsis"

    34. May Sayay

      Never knew of this dude before. Just finished his special. So good ×.× Hope you're mentally in a good place, man

    35. RazingBear

      This is a scarily accurate representation of the internet…

    36. Ced Burner

      The goofy vinyl superfamily live because treatment thessaly stay alongside a understood foot. fat faulty, spiky sushi

    37. Vincent Rath

      I truly believe that the internet is not evil, but that what we see in it that we hate is a reflection of how human society has always been. One of the purposes I see for the internet is that is bringing out the worst of humanity, so that we can deal with it. It won’t be easy, there is a lot to address and unpackage, but one day, we will finally overcome our failings as a society and be in a far better place for it.

    38. ZRobbie D

      Welcome to the internet. What would you prefer? DaBaby turning into a convertible or Chop Suey but all the lyrics are replaced with TABLE

    39. b3n

      this song is too accurate any corner of the internet. he just covered

    40. Zen

      How is he even hotter now

    41. Melany Garcia

      Aquí el único comentario en español 👁️ De México para el mundo claro que sí jsjsj 🤠👌 Por cierto muy buena canción Me gusta dar vueltitas con la canción 😩🖐️

    42. ShanaroNeasomi

      Holy fucking shit he's got the best evil laugh I've ever heard in my fucking LIFE- god damn it had a full fucking twinge of chaotic insanity and everything, that laugh was the highlight to me lol

    43. firebird188

      That second _''You"_ at 2:52 is like a scary monster watching me sleep.

    44. Roberto Fx (Ricardo Evelyn)

      7th time watching it

    45. Potatoguru

      Gives me evil willy wonka vibes

    46. ChiefMaster117

      This song really is terrifying in a way which is very hard to describe. The internet used to be a platform where we were able to connect with people around the world and search up new ways to make our lives easier, play cool flash games or search up funny SEprom videos of cats or something. Now it's a tool used by corporations wanting to monitor our every move, used by hate groups to send death threats or doxx people with, and has made us more isolated and disconnected than ever before. Pretty ironic.

    47. No Lives Matter

      Wow. So this is what it would be like if Mitch Hedberg were gay 😅

    48. ArcticAfton -3-

      the other dad from coralline:

    49. Minilla Tea

      The truth is censored on the internet

    50. Andrew M

      loved the movie already watched it 4 times. missed you bo

    51. Cryocide109

      The actual villain of Ralph Breaks the Internet

    52. Andrew M

      its the laugh and the speed up for me

    53. communism 2

      I interpret this song as the contrasting sides of the internet and how the apathy you develop while you use the internet causes you to not care. If you go on Twitter you’ll see #DreamBreathed and under you’ll see 19 people dead in shooting .And then you just keep scrolling because it happens everyday. You can go onto Liveleak or watch a Cocomelon video on the internet I mean stop and think about how insane that is, I can watch a person get mutilated and a children’s nursery rhyme video on the internet. Bo put such a emphasis on the algorithm and I think it’s very consequential in development, if you clicked on one Ben Shapiro owns libtards with facts and logic then you’ll end up with Steven crowder and the such recommended. It’s such a powerful system and it’s also a very precarious system.

    54. ded child

      I have a habit to talk to myself (according to my mates ) and on friday during like 4th lesson I started singing this with out missing a word without realising

    55. Mrhcool


    56. Chief brobro

      It's not as funny because things aren't as funny anymore. Kinda the point. We are fucked, but we have good seats

    57. BriggStrider

      oh :( i wish i wasn’t raised by strangers on the internet

    58. aureolin

      This man is a literal genius.

    59. Raging God

      The laugh reminds me of Light’s in Death Note yet somehow even more creepy

    60. Kiem Long

      Bo sounds like puberty hits him twice.

    61. Poro love's cookies

      4:04 O_O

    62. John Miller

      Check out the channel Keen Murphy who does an incredible animated version of this . It hits

    63. Nitaki Nagachiro

      Welp i thought id be the first then I found this! Its awsome

    64. Mugdork da Facekrumpah

      This is some good shit.

    65. Kcalb _.

      Ur here cuz ur gay or just sad

    66. The Obsidian Man

      This really is the only song that is 100% accurate about the modern internet.

    67. \ стул /

      Wow, esto es bueno muy bueno

    68. Rgyhtoip

      You can tell at 1:01 he’s about to break down laughing

    69. Ranch


    70. shaun blackburn

      can anyones elses brain just not accept that this is the same person as bo in 'what' ect? p.s he is still hilarious he just doesnt look the same LOL

    71. Jane W0794

      “Maybe allowing giant digital media corporations to exploit the neuro-chemical drama of our children for profit, maybe that was a bad call”

    72. Sheers

      best bo burnham song ever.

    73. Adam (Jugodaime)

      Does this guy have his own Broadway show yet?

    74. nemesis girl

      i don't know what i just witnessed *but i love it*

    75. Jesse Jones

      His laugh is chilling

    76. Ebonee Joyce

      This is the best I’ve ever heard

    77. Ebonee Joyce

      I’m obsessed

    78. •Ìvykēï êdîts•


      1. Aunt bill


    79. Plague Doctor

      He looks like Heisenberg from Resident Evil Village

    80. Rinocorn (Rinocorn)

      Still on trending

      1. Aunt bill

        Hell yeah

    81. Andrew Holland

      The writing in this is on another level.

    82. Crash

      The Net is strong with this one!

    83. Bobby Cribb

      I found him by accident now I can't get enough of him funny asf guy

    84. Nathan

      Proof the towers fell in '99 because the earth is flat.

    85. DuncanSneddon

      The starlight projector you see advertised under every other viral tweet is a nice touch.

    86. A highly suspicious badger

      This part is great, along with a few other stand outs, but overall, did anyone else find this special like, really masturbatory?

    87. ibad850

      Why tf doesn't this have more views than Despacito?

    88. Doc_Hurff

      I love the sinister tone it takes in the end

    89. Diddlydoo_ Firstofherkind

      You need a musical cartoon series.. This is brilliant! You are like a good wine, with the years you only get... bitter and sour..

    90. Jordan Van Ryn

      I know how everyone in the comments is talking about how this song resembles a "Villain" song or "a guy who tricks you into selling your soul". But we should talk about how Bo puts so much effort into creating a special from inside his room. "Inside" is much more dark and complex than his previous specials because it shows the process of losing your sanity due to being quarantined. Bo Burnham is brilliant!

    91. Elijah Jakobsen


    92. Chern

      the skit which precedes this song in the special just makes it so... surreal. really the climax of the special

    93. HighCrossLP

      This is kinda giving me vibes of like some sort of creepy and crazy circus director luring children into his internet circus where they can have anything they want whenever they want it

    94. Genavieve Vanaman

      the end with the everything and everything part in the back always gets me omg the whe song is freaking amazing

    95. Micheal Memes


    96. Llama luxury

      My FAVOURITE song 💕👌🖤😈☠️

    97. Clint Parsons

      This guy should seriously write actual show tunes for theatre. Matt Stone and Trey Parker, hire this man.

      1. Eclyptical

        Instead he's doing the music for Sesame Street!

    98. Mac Ervin Alerta

      This is so catchy

    99. ControllerQuickSwaps

      Hello Mr. Net

    100. Steppo

      He looks a bit like heisenberg