What happened to Beats by Dre?

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    Beats by Dr Dre used to be a worldwide phenomenon, but then Apple got involved...
    Do I regret switching to an iPhone?: seprom.info/clone/video/qdZ9pLxqZpR9pnA.html
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    1. Mrwhosetheboss

      So this is pretty much my first non-smartphone related video in over a year! I'm trying something new, so would love some feedback if anything comes to mind! 🙏 For my last video about whether I regret moving to an iPhone: seprom.info/clone/video/qdZ9pLxqZpR9pnA.html

      1. HysteriKal JokerT3ddy

        I Don’t Have No Type Of Evidence, I Was Listening To Everything That U Said And I Agree, Dre Like The Regular Headphones, So He Decided To Design His Own With Some Help, So Know Apple Have Ears Everywhere And Wanted To Know Who Was The Brains 🧠 Behind These Headphones That Were Raving The Streets And I Feel Like The Reason Why They Bought Dr. Dre’s Business Out From Under Him Was Just Because He’s Black!!!!! Call Me A Hater Say I’m Saying All This For Clout, But I’m Not The Truth, Let Me Explain Why In Two Sentences! If Apple Was Working On Some Headphones, Earphones, or EarPods, Then Now Dr. Dre Just Released His Beats Who Have Been Getting Sued Dre! Because Apple 🍎 Would’ve Said That Dre Stole The Idea From Them Then Would’ve Gotten Sued Bankrupt, Why All Because He’s Black!!!

      2. Mabawa Vocal

        Its a great one...we actually need to know original stuff coz china has come a long way in selling fake electronics

      3. Filip L

        I read that Beats basically stole their tech from Monster, after Monster paid Dr. Dre for the Beats branding --- some slim shady stuff right there

      4. Rit

        Love the video, looks like a lot of good research and summary 👍 thanks Aaron

      5. Zang


    2. SomeRandomYoutuberHere

      Dre got beaten

    3. Sometrash 1

      Too expensive lmao

    4. moralinda nanas

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    5. Dexter Fretsing

      Bro, you gotta stop adding the intonation of a question mark to the middle of every sentence.

    6. Free Thinker

      The real winner in this story is Dre’s ex-wife

    7. Lakshith Ravindra

      my HP envy 6 ultrabook which is 9 years old and it is powered by beats audio

    8. Free Aim Annihilation

      It's like killing a lion cub before they become an adult.

    9. alban hyseni

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    10. M1K3

      get to the point idiot 10 min of my life down the drain

    11. Эди Александр

      u shd review every tws nowadays trends esp affordable price such as soundpeats, tranya, mpow, etc... send me sennheiser or jabra 75t

    12. Valhalla Awaits

      I bought Beats Executives way back, paid 300€ for them, I regret the purchase to this day. The only people thinking Beats sound good are retards, they are 30$ cans marketted to morons. You want good headphones ? Get some Beyerdynamics for a hundred bucks. Oh, but wait. Those don't get you any street cred...

    13. Nagappa Pattanashetti

      "Chaliye shuru karte hain" has more subscribers than MKBHD!

    14. iPych

      Apple always bought company for their technology. Along the video you say several time that Apple shut down Beats or even copied. Well, they did not copied, cause the company was theirs. And I don't think Apple was ever "afraid" of Beats. They literally buy beats for one only reason : Beats Music. You speak too long about the headphones. This was nothing for Apple. Also BeatsMusic was far from being popular.


      £25 Senheisser pissed over tacky beats...

    16. Harlem

      Any company: Fails Reason: Apple

    17. chuk90

      So basically the music stars who promote for this brand is for $$$. They know their headphones quality is waaaaay lower than the headphones they are using. Glorifying that and ripped their fans to buy overpriced headphones? $$$ but no dignity

    18. Adrian Bankhead

      You are a snob. I had professional headphones - they were tuned for musical accuracy - which meant no bass. But I listen to bass heavy music. Beats made music sound right to me. Not accurate, but right. To say that beats are not the “best sounding” headphones is to make all kinds of judgments about how music is supposed to sound. And those mistaken judgements are how beats won. Not because they looked cool, but because they were the best sounding for bass heavy music.

    19. Real Verdade

      I try the beats many times I don't feel anything special, only thing that is bigger is the price, there are better headphones in the market and more cheap. Paying a lot for less, probably who have beats use a iPhone has well 🤮

    20. The Eagle 2007

      I can listen to more than 10 new songs on spotify, because on apple music one song costs like $1,29

    21. Atique Melic

      no surprise, beats is a brand name, they are still using those resources for apple brand, they bought it for this purpose

    22. stephen connell

      Dre sold it,happily walked away with 3 billion dollars and concentrates on his first love,music.. No mystery.

    23. sjsu pa

      Very good video. I was wondering about Beats also.

    24. xr6lad

      So in other words they appealed to vacuous millennials like yourself easily swayed by flash and bling and image. Lol. So much cr.ap and waste while you still moan about climate change and environmental waste.

    25. hami.m

      Man i stiil have my fake beats in the drawer

    26. Dr. Wian Meintjes


    27. Technology Tips

      Stupid move by beats to let apple by their company.

    28. Zachary Ling

      Loyal to shure and or anything off of sweetwater 😂😂

    29. Luis Mercado

      What happened is that everyone realized they were overpriced trash.

    30. Joseph Padget

      Ngl I have beats and they r sick but I didn’t know about this

    31. Ian Berg

      I have a set of non-Beats wireless over-the-ear headphones where the headband snapped over a year ago but the wiring is still connected. The headband is kept together with black duct tape. The sound is great. They're my workout headphones, I'll use it until it no longer works!

    32. Loli Stalker

      Damn, that was a genius move by Apple But you know what, I think I feel better for normie to buy and use Apple headphone than Beats, let it die

    33. nate levinson

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    34. Josiah Rose

      Beats have actually gotten pretty good lately. Beats Solo Pro are just as good as AirPods Pro. The issue is that the brand lost its flame and now that the audio is actually pretty good, albeit bass-heavy, it will forever be tarnished by its early, low quality products

    35. Coqui

      I don't care for those $20 Beats headphones or that fruit company. At all.

    36. tzuten

      You don't have to watch this video to know what happened. Apple. They bought them, pillaged their IP, now are leaving them to a slow death and replacing them with their own. Honestly, I never wanted beats. I didn't want to look like a tool, especially in your late 20's. It gave you a try hard wanna be look. Thus why people bought fake ones. I guess that's what you were going for.

    37. Christopher Althouse

      Too shortsighted with bias towards Apple... What you literally just described was what is known as a "hostile takeover" where a company who desires to become a monopoly greedily buys up their competition specifically to remove said competition from the market...and, it's actually ILLEGAL even though we see big corporations do it all the time. It's called "antitrust" and you don't even have to be a monopoly YET to be guilty of violating antitrust laws. Look it up. I've had a lot of trust to you in the past but now seeing that you've switched to Apple and since then I've seen you give their obvious antitrust practices a free pass, even making it sound like a GOOD thing in this video, is giving me a sour taste in my mouth. Feel free to buy whatever brand you like best but you really need to be more honest when reporting on this sort of thing. Even while Apple "appears" to be competing now, even still you've mentioned their "walled garden" ecosystem which they've now made easier to enter...that's step 1 to forming a monopoly right there! If it's easy for a new customer to get in but impossible for said customer to get back OUT, you have just removed competition for that customer as now no one else can ever hope to get that customer again. That's anti-competitive and could well qualify for an antitrust suit in Apple's future if these practices continue. For all of the hate that Google gets (which Android is a part of) I have never seen them make it hard for customers to leave their ecosystem and while I have seen Google buy out competitors, I have also seen them maintain the former company's branding and purpose, choosing instead to simply make that company a subsidiary and it's mostly Google's OWN projects that get killed off if anything...hell, this VERY PLATFORM is a subsidiary of Google and yet is STILL called SEprom, the name it had since its creation has been well-maintained since being bought by Google, that says it all right there... You're happily shilling for a monopoly, stop it...

    38. twentytwentyhoe

      The thumbnail: 🅱h dear

    39. Matthias Schmitt

      Beats are the most crappy headphones I ever tried. They drowned everything in a crapload of low quality bass and every detail in die music was gone.

    40. teamneverlost

      Never laughed so hard when old mate dropped his and they broke in two. OG Senny HD25-1 ll destroy this rubbish.

    41. Eduard David

      Imagine a world where all electronics are made by apple, yeah, not really good.

    42. 婷婷陈

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    43. manoman0

      At a certain point in future BEATS will have a great comeback.

      1. ————————————

        Doubt apple owns beats they are not gonna keep it alive especially when AirPods are selling

      2. Dra. FATIMA MELO

        press x to doubt

    44. manoman0

      These Earphones were all show and no go. A scam, a trick, by hollywooders. People, again, bought their lies hook, line and sinker.

    45. urmomgay01

      they're shit that's what happened

    46. Rob The Squire

      I never bought into the whole beats range due to constantly being advertised down my throat. They looked tacky and the pill didn't look like a portable speaker I wanted and I wanted a good speaker too. They were far to costly and they weren't the only ones and they never had the sound quality that I was after. I have never been tempted by the celeb made or endorsed products. Since then i've bought better or just as good headphones from Philips and Sony. Beats seem to me to be a fashion trend and those come and go like the summers we have. And since Apple own them and since they like to get rid of old stock it will not be long before Beats go away and Apple fully involves itself in a signature line that we all see slowly coming along as mention in the vid.

    47. Szabó Arthur

      Once I had the displeasure to listen to a pair of original (not a copy or something) beats earphones. Well, they were really bad sounding. I'm much happier with my Sony

    48. Valperci Nabanalan

      ya i remember that beats brand back in college years, i got the Fake version and Original version of headphones well i can't really tell the difference

    49. gipugly

      bH DEAR - now what does that mean

    50. Ömer Gülcü

      What do you think about the fact that Apple gave a free set of Beats Wireless Studio 3 with a MacBook? That's how I got my pair and honestly they suck. If I had the chance I would buy the overear pairs.

    51. Ryan Tamayo

      d - _ - b

    52. I Cunt Spell

      celebrities using and endorsing some product is enough reason for me to disregard it automatically.

    53. Roach DoggJR

      "Professionals hand-picked songs for you." So, radio. They went back to what radio stations dedicated to a genre of music have been doing for years.

    54. Simply Toxic

      I wish beats never sold themselves to Apple. I'd love to see where they would be today.

    55. mrsquishyboots

      funny thing is studio music is meant to sound ok out of crap speakers.

    56. Mark Engelman

      Easy- beats sucked as a product. They were crap headphones!

    57. Blackbird 111

      My beats 4 years ago are amazing. Deep bass, amazing sound. The new ones are horrible. I still use them with tape and superglue. Apple said they are great headphones but we want people to have AirPods. So they bought them and made them trash. Sucks

    58. Diane Cherian

      The only beats I got was beats by mom 😭

    59. Sean John


    60. Steve FG

      I’m like most of you guys that also bought in the hype of the beats when it first came out. My Pros Solos 2 studios All destroyed within 2-3 years. But Bose q35 1 still strong 4+ years

    61. Colin

      this video literally covered every prediction i had about beats

    62. Mr Conweezy

      There aren’t any headphones in the market under $500 that can out perform beats. yeah they say Sony I heard them not that impressed with them for that price.

      1. zivkovicable

        You must have hearing impairment. They were by far the worst performing headphones for that price. You will never see a pair in a pro recording studio.

    63. nate levinson

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    64. Tanner Richards

      I was gonna buy Beats originally to use for podcast editing, but what is better to use now?

    65. Octavia Rolle

      At this point I'm just binge watching his videos to see how he's going to ask for a sub... and I'm enjoying every second of it.

    66. THOUGH THE NO TOWN 559

      Piece of s#$t earphones. They should of sold at dds discount.

    67. Melvin Hii

      I still have one. It works fine

      1. zivkovicable

        For the price they should be more than just fine.

    68. Ethen Hunt

      The fact they were CRAP had a LOT to do with it and the fact everyone looked like TOAD from super Mario brothers , and AND they only got em " famous " hahaha people involved , muppetes in other words . Like little Wayne, hahaha , aaaaahahahaha

    69. Deepak Khandelwal

      Without a doubt, this is one of the best tech channels available on youtube. Its content is so good, it should be a part of youtube premium.

    70. Moist Chungus

      Beats were my intro to headphones that weren't discounted $20 headphones. Many people in highschool had them and now I don't know anyone with them

      1. Moist Chungus

        All I see now is Audio Technica and Sennheiser

    71. jhing bangayan

      In 2013 someone stole my beats headsets that came with my HTC😂🤣😂

    72. 113 Doctor

      Beats are shit! Frequency response is shit! 20-20,000!?!? Shit!

    73. brian gillis

      least we forget that the headband snapped and was not covered under warranty

    74. Jerrad

      Beats were always for suckers who knew nothing about sound. A quote from P.T. Barnum about a fool and his money comes to mind.

    75. Serena Willabella

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    76. Eleven

      I will never buy an apple product because you will never own it outright. They own everything on your phone that you paid an exuberant price for. And they are fighting to own even more, might even end up owning the buyers. No thanks

    77. No Name

      Smart move by apple

    78. Cale G

      I’m confused why Apple would try to push Beats out. If Apple owns Beats doesn’t that mean Beats’ success=Apple’s success?

      1. Cale G

        @------------ that still doesn’t answer my question though. Why act like Beats is competition when you own them? Beats was a competitor but now their sales go to Apple. Why not use the Beats brand or even remarket it as Apple. For example have headphones called “Beats Solo 3 by Apple”. Instead of removing the Beats streaming service and then adding Apple Music, why not just use the Beats streaming service as the Apple streaming service/music app? Maybe rename if desired but this way you keep people hooked on Beats who might not have even been iPhone users. The argument that Apple can sell the same product for more doesn’t fit here since this video mentioned how Beats had the same fashion appeal where people would pay more just for the brand. Obviously Apple and Beats have brand appeal. Why not use the Beats brand to market Apple’s headphones? My point is that they’re the same company why not attract customers though two different brand names?

      2. ————————————

        (Short answer) they want people to buy apple products and they don’t want competition Which is why they took the components of beats and put it into apple products so they could overprice it and people would buy it With this method they can sell how iPhone is so we got iPhone 1-12 max pro So with air pods we get same product but with some small different features

    79. Damien Croft

      sennheiser for a decade, prolly always.

    80. kev chen

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    81. Wild Walls Art

      I feel that this explanation is crystal clear. I wonder if dr Dre could have beat the market and the 1b Mark if he said no to apple, also if it would have left him with more purpose instead of money.

    82. Guest

      I thought eBay killed them off by allowing everyone to sell fake ones

    83. OLGMC

      And apple fanboys still get triggered when people say Apple just copies or buys "their" products

    84. Zerdy X

      wooow, apple sells most headphones woooow

    85. DerpEye

      Everything as a service, even music :D . When you stop paying, you own nothing.

    86. syousef

      No. With few exceptions., Apple is all about image and form over function. So was Beats. You couldn't get a more natural acquisition. Barf by Dre. Barf by Apple. People lap it up either way. And people are just too lazy to keep a collection of music files nevermind storage media, which is why subscription services took off. They're a terrible idea. The vendor can retroactively take away the music you love at any time. The only thing stopping them is if they did it to enough customers those customers would revolt.

    87. Sound Education

      Who got suckered into buying that overpriced shit? No wonder he made more money with headphones than his entire music career, hats off to him.

    88. Casey Hanford

      I could hear my Sennheiser HD650s cheering along with your honest description of Beats sound quality.

    89. J Egbert

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    90. Nishit Sureka

      I am wearing beats right now

    91. daniel barbosa

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    92. Rainy

      bruh anyone remember Chris Pirillo that took me back

      1. Rick Astley


      2. DUEL

        @Shinsou’s Kitty idk I see a bunch of replies on verified commenters lol

      3. Shinsou’s Kitty

        @DUEL I’ve never seen people beg for subs where the hell are you lookin-

      4. DUEL

        @Shinsou’s Kitty I did that because on a lot of verified people comments I see there are a bunch of comments that beg for subs so I was making a joke about them

      5. DUEL

        @Shinsou’s Kitty it was sarcasm if you didn't get it, too bad I guess

    93. sn1p3r847

      imagine calling Dre a rapper

    94. Lovejoy Santina

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    95. David Bailey

      Apple happened to beats.

    96. Eruk

      I think the beats story is one of the best commentaries of Apple as a company. Acquiring them to dissect and absorb

    97. John Q

      Glad I did not jump in the Beats bandwagon, I always found the headphones too overpriced and the sound quality was nothing to brag about. Personally I don't like bulky headphones anyways, I prefer ear buds because they don't make my head look big.

    98. Samsung with Sam

      side chick company lmfao xD

    99. Vic P

      I haven't seen anybody mention the fact that the Beats Solo headphones had weights put in them, to appear as if they had quality or a "premium" feel. These headphones were retailed at $199 USD in 2015. "A little bit of weight makes the product feel solid, durable, and valuable." "In these headphones, 30 per cent of the weight comes from four tiny metal parts that are there for the sole purpose of adding weight."

    100. satin rules

      Didn't beats have a hunk of useless metal to make them heavier and make them feel more quality?