What It’s Like to FLY In A Fighter Jet (PUKE WARNING!)

Sam Eckholm

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    This will definitely go down as one of the craziest experiences of my life. I hope you guys are ready to strap in and join me for a ride in the backseat of an Air Force fighter jet!
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    If you're interested in becoming an Air Force pilot, you can learn how to get started here: www.airforce.com/careers/detail/pilot
    Huge thanks to Swayne Martin for coming out to help me film this video. You can check out Swayne's SEprom channel here: seprom.info
    [ABOUT SAM] Sam Eckholm is a Public Affairs Officer serving active duty in the U.S Air Force. He graduated from the Air Force Academy in 2018 before being selected to travel with the F-22 Raptor Demonstration Team as their photographer/videographer/social media lead. Sam enjoys creating videos both highlighting his experiences in the Air Force and showcasing all of the incredible career fields and Airmen serving all across the world.

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    1. Sam Eckholm

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      1. Ntoulstudios

        Are you pilot or reporter.?

      2. KBKYOSHI127

        Lad them planes look cool sadly i live in a country that barely has an army and that basically only flies european jets w/ the exception of ryanair (aka Ireland) also i love ur country 🇮🇪❤️🇺🇸

      3. Renier Zamora

        I want tobe air force but im filipino

      4. Lunai00

        I'm but I came to late to the U.S.

      5. Windex Bottle from the 90s says GO DODGERS

        Youre handsome

    2. ヲf trump

      i live in norfolk

    3. Prince john matthew daque

      can't wait to comeback in this channel and you're already on 300k subs

    4. MrBCut

      that is so amazing and so surreal!!!

    5. TruthSeeker Ai

      i wish i was

    6. Connor __26

      I live 2 mins from that base and it’s kinda cool to see it from a new POV it’s cool to see the jets flying in the air. Especially when the F22 demo team is flying around here.

    7. Joseph Drew

      Man the air force is so dope

    8. J.S. Unknkown

      Hello Lieutenant! I wanted to ask a question about joyning the airforce! I'm from Germany and wondered if I could study my 4 years at a German university before joyning the The American Airforce. That's just a theoretically question, cause I know that there are still some obstacles like becoming an official citizen of the United States and stuff. I just wanted to know if this would potentially be possible.

    9. Platinum

      awesome video Sam.I thank you always do and excellent job on your videos your content is excellent and your production of them is excellent.

    10. Tony

      doing the ejection training and what to do should it be required would freak me out. Watching your face with the mask off trying to keep yourself together. Yup that was a face of "I'm gonna puke" and I just laughed. I don't think taking in 100% oxygen would've helped. Just some good fresh air and solid ground and no moving for several minutes. I too have some motion sickness issues. But WTH man you had a see through sip lock baggy to puke in? That's just nasty and I'm glad you didn't show it getting of the jet. Hoping you didn't leave it behind.

    11. Ethan Pieter

      I just love the A-10

    12. Paul Cimijotti

      Jesus Christ loves you ❤️

    13. Tự Do

      Nice video, man. Did you ever join the Civil Air Patrol before you went to college?

    14. Terry Carraway

      FYI, the T-38 is NOT a fighter. It is a trainer. You can tell because it starts with T, not with F, or even A. I loved flying the T-38A and AT-38B. Great fun.

    15. Ole

      As soon as I started thinking about trying to become a fighter pilot, I only got recomended fighter jet videos

    16. scott wheeler

      Oh wow that was a o awesome 👌

    17. Andrew Moore

      Got a back seat in a 16, now I'm hooked.

    18. Sir Leandro

      nice, i like to know that we can see typical americans yet in the US

    19. geckogamer

      Do sea sickness tablets work to help prevent nausea

    20. STS

      eyy, was stationed at langley for 4 years flying the F-22! awesome stuff man. Those 38's are well maintained and great trainers. Loved doing incentive rides for our MX people. Very rewarding.

    21. Falcon001

      Yeah putting on the g is hard

    22. Nottay

      I came back just to she that face on the window at 6:19

    23. holycrapnukekiller

      Didn't know tanner fox had an older brother

    24. yuthefL erlim

      Damn I feel like anyone would throw up their first time

    25. DM4MVP

      0:35 does the Air Force not have conditions for hair this long???

    26. Bart Broekhuizen

      Nice video. I think I'll just stick with DCS World flying VR :). Also remember Josh had allot of training before entering a fighter plane. So you stomach / body will get used to it.

    27. Shane kelly

      5:37 song?

    28. K4ID

      God damn i wanne be a pilot so bad but i also want to be an interior designer 😕

    29. Charlotte D'Hondt

      What plane do you fly ?

      1. Charlotte D'Hondt

        @Sam Eckholm that’s so COOL

      2. Sam Eckholm

        The desk

    30. Christilee Banner-Wong

      German tiger helicopter pilots: where are the jets??????

    31. Madisyn Lange

      Thank you so much for sharing this video! I'm a 13 year old girl, and next year, when I turn 14, I'd like to start learning how to fly a plane and potentially get myself a license. (In Canada you can get a driver's license and pilot's license when you're 14, not sure if it's the same in the United States). I've always wanted to be a bush pilot, Air Force pilot, or a pilot who helps films movies, but I used to think it was so simple. Just press one button and flip one switch and you're in the air, but now that I've learned more about it, there's a whole lot more to it lol! But it was always the thought of being a pilot in the Air Force that excited me. And I suppose it will be extremely hard, having to learn everything that comes with it. As of now, I'm not the strongest in pretty much anything physical, so, that might be hard... but if I work hard enough, I hope I can become an AF pilot. Anyways, I loved, loved, LOVED this video! It gave me a bit of insight as to what it would be like to fly a T38. I loved the editing, too! It was phenomenal! I'm most definitely going to subscribe!

      1. Madisyn Lange

        @Arjen Mulder yes, in Canada it is. When you're 14, you get the basic license but once you turn 16, you should be able to get a Private's license. I haven't looked much into it yet because my brother is a pilot and he associates with trainers, so I might just learn everything then because I have about 6 more months to go. Sorry! And thank you so much!

      2. Arjen Mulder

        I am just like you (just 1 year younger) I want to be an military pilot and I am a girl. but is it really possible to fly when your 14!!!!!!? I live in the Netherlands and i don’t know if you can do that here. Have you already looked information up, and do you know a lot about it yet? I can’t find anything, except this kind of video’s (this video is indeed good) so can you tell me something or sent links? That would be nice, anyway, I hope that when your 14 you get your pilot license and that you can fly by that time!

    32. Ben Blair

      Ay finally someone in VA, at the beginning I think you showed the mobjack bay?

    33. Anxiety

      really cool video sucks my dream of being a jet pilot is kinda impossible because i have bad vison and asthma

    34. Murray Ball

      Hey Sam, better men than you have puked up there, and you went into it knowing about your motion sickness, so well done you! Apart from that, your commentary throughout this video was excellent, and I really enjoyed watching it. This is def something that I would love to do too. Great work mate, thanks.

      1. Murray Ball

        @Sam Eckholm So I found out why your commentary was so good - I watched the Raptor video and saw what you do! Cheers mate.

      2. Sam Eckholm

        Thanks dude!

    35. J Bizzle

      Breakfast, tastes better the 2nd time =) He probably threw that last turn in to send you over the edge because he knew you were there. Thats what you call a good friend. On my first scuba dive, it was a rough day, i ate way too much, and after my first ascent, and just getting back on the boat, nausea started hitting me. I mentioned it, and they named every gross thing to eat to trigger me, greasy bacon and eggs, all the fun stuff, combined with the smell of mussels being cooked, it sent me over the edge and i chummed the water on the spot. Lots of cheers followed. Cant beat friends.

    36. Rod Deluhery

      i think those training jets are actually pretty awesome. I like how they are so small, best cockpit. Amazing the view must be. awesome. they have one here at the air force museum in Riverside, California

    37. SimplyNew

      Tbh, it’s not a fighter jet if it isn’t used in combat, or have any weapons.

    38. Mb-eli

      Are u in ACC?

    39. Kathy Root

      As far as I am concerned, the USAF is awesome! Many great memories!

    40. Ill will Ill will

      I want a turn

    41. It is I

      The best damn channel the Air Force could have ever dreamed up! All the way from Canada and I still want to join up!

    42. CreativeNickname

      5:30 thank me later

    43. Arya Kelkar

      wait if u don't fly the t-38 then what aircraft do you fly?

    44. Pankaj Sharma

      Bro medical is very tough for fighter jets pilots ????? & what about specs can i do lasik will I be allowed to fly such aircraft's after lasik ???

    45. Justus 239

      A T-38 is not a fighter jet

    46. netanel ben shitrit

      the guy: T-38 dogfight the f-22 f-22:is that a joke 🤨

    47. Luke Altmeyer

      Why did you take the rebreather off dude you could’ve passed out

    48. Pure Sand

      This looks so fun

    49. Asmit Malik

      Anyone puke yet?

    50. yasir urooj

      Its an f5 fightrr airctaft

    51. cboy4

      It seems to me one of the unspoken rules is....if you want to be a fighter pilot, you better have model looks lol. I don't think I've ever seen a FP who didn't have that certain look, if you know what I mean lol

    52. Eddie Butkaliuk

      Amazing videos! Good job

    53. Jorge Libs

      My least favorite part about flying is strapping in

    54. Jimjim Jam

      im a student pilot almost done with training and for the first 10 hrs i would get motion sick i never get sick now

      1. Jan Richter

        Me too, I got a little motion sickness during my first couple of flights but got used to it really quickly. Best of luck with your studies, those are difficult times for us but eventually it will get better.

    55. ZinZorro

      What do you do in the airforce? like what do you work as?

    56. Kramo

      Technically not a fighter jet

    57. Cora Perkins

      Ex-Army Infantry here, I don't care what anyone says about the Airforce, I love you guys. Thank you for keeping the skies safe!

    58. Jenn Hambran

      I’ve always liked the Aggressor aircraft.

    59. Barry

      I’ve always liked the Aggressor aircraft.

    60. Revxez

      If I join Air Force I’m gonna do para rescue

    61. velocelimitless

      Did u survive the flight?

      1. Sam Eckholm


    62. Cora Perkins

      Ex-Army Infantry here, I don't care what anyone says about the Airforce, I love you guys. Thank you for keeping the skies safe!

    63. Cora Perkins

      "T-38 flying against the Raptor in a simulated dogfight" Looks like someone's about to have a really bad day...

    64. Josh Martin

      Did you eat before flight?

    65. Stormed Ghost

      At 7:30 Idk if he passed out and thank you for your service

    66. Gixxer Suzuki

      didnt know Mario Lopez was a pilot

    67. Fırat KARA

      Modifiye ettin sen öyleyse rafık rekorlar belliydi çünkü harbiden ufo sandım çılgın bir şey olmuş.

    68. Arc gaming

      Bit faster than my pa38


      The T-38 is a flight trainer not fighter trainer. The F-5 is the fighter trainer aircraft. I was stationed at a pilot training base with the side-by-side seating T-37, tandem seating T-38 and the F-5 that is a T-38 with weapons mounted. Unless something changed from the 70's.

    70. francis mutEmwa


    71. jonki leshi

      Solid shooting and editing! Your to camera delivery is on point as well - great stuff!

    72. Dragontooth428

      Hey Sam! I am 15 years old and I’ve been thinking. I want to be a pilot. What all training do you have to go through in order to become one?

      1. Dragontooth428

        @Sam Eckholm will do. Thanks!

      2. Sam Eckholm

        Check out my video on how to become a pilot!

    73. Adventures with Greg and Janice

      Great video! As an Airmen in ATC back in 1979, I was given a T-37 ride, and later in the FAA I was given a T38 ride. Both rides were AMAZING!!!

    74. Ben Peterson

      hair force

    75. John Smith

      looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool sooo funny xpp

    76. MrRol52

      you did awesome mate..sweet vid!

    77. Professor raccoon

      Josh makes the most out of his job

    78. Divine Skeen

      How do you Flim ? what camera set up do you have?

      1. Sam Eckholm

        I use a Sony a7iii!

    79. Fish On!

      The T-38 was designed to be a trainer for the 100-series fighters. The F-5 variant was the "fighter" version. Why were you both doing a walk-around with your parachutes on? in the rain? You put them in the seats and then close the canopy to keep them dry. I flew this jet for four years and never did a walk-around wearing one. And we never called it a fighter. I don't think they would ever give an incentive ride on a BFM mission against an F-22. I'd say that part was a little made up. But hey it looked like you had fun. The point for the AF giving these rides and making these videos public is for recruiting, and this video helps in that cause. But please put the helmet bag down off your shoulder. You are not Navy pukes. And zip up your flight suit. :) Cheers! In our squadron, if you had your zipper down like that, we would walk up to you and pull it all the way down and then rip it off. :) 54 FTS, Reese AFB TX.

    80. 【鱼论】小龙鱼

      T-38 Talon = F-5 Tiger

    81. ourang-zeb khan

      0:30 why your eyes were closed :P :D

    82. kitty plays

      Shit, I'm near langley

    83. Riley Smith

      Great editing

    84. Kazu Ki

      But what if you need to go to a bathroom

    85. GLOBALDRUMvideo

      I did a sortie in an RAF Hawk which is similar to the T38. I was concerned about the ejector seat and throwing up but thankfully managed it. The training was good and my pilot was superb - later went to the Red Arrows (UK version of the Thunderbirds). A great experience but after 1:40 sortie I was exhausted after the G. I was surprised you were not wearing gloves.

    86. Unknown Eagle

      Extremely motion sick myself ... I obviously don't fly cool stuff like this! But in private pilot training I remember thinking the same thing - I can see the airport just gotta survive 10 more minutes without puking!

    87. Dushaun Tsosie

      What if you have a astigmatism and want to be a pilot

    88. Sepehr Bastami

      It seemed you had your oxygen on. So you may not have been getting any fresh air anyway. XD

    89. M Knoll

      I live in Virginia lol

    90. Karlie Charbonneau

      Oh my gosh, this is awesome! Such a dream! I want to experience this so badly.

    91. Flakey Claps

      I’m only 13 but looking forward to become a f-35 pilot in the Air Force. Thank you for your service!!

      1. Terry Carraway

        @zero What I don't like is, it is a very expensive solution to no actual problem. And it can't do true close air support.

      2. zero

        @Terry Carraway Yeah, personally the display inside is like a giant tablet, just too digital for me. I also just don't like the shape.

      3. Terry Carraway

        @zero AGREED.

      4. Terry Carraway

        @Venus 1 FYI your grades in school are part of getting a pilot slot. As to what you end up flying, that is ONLY based on how you do in pilot training.

      5. Venus 1

        What are your grades? If you do good enough you can get first picks of what plane you want to fly

    92. Stephen Clarke

      Mig-28s! No-one's been this close before!

    93. Doc Will

      With all that gear, how do the active units scramble in an emergency?

    94. Jeffrey Collier

      Damn nice bar in the squadron!

    95. OMR-ocks

      Cool shooting. I wish I had the capability in my flight time in the T-37. That was 1985 at Williams. What a great time when I got the stick from my instructor and got to put it thru some paces. The only thing that rivaled that as aerobatic flying in an open cockpit Pitts biplane. Thanks for showing us that Talon.

    96. jontheexec

      T-38 is basically an F-5

    97. boomerhgt

      Awesome video what an experience to have thanks for sharing subbed and liked ....oh and I think I would have thrown up as well ha ha

    98. Daniel Guiwan

      i wish i could be a jet fighter pilot too

    99. amethystvvitch

      This was so cool to see. Thank you so much for sharing! Those views are amazing. I want to do this SO BAD. Just once. Top of my bucket list since I was a kid. My thirst for flying has only grown over the years.


      T-38 Talon engine GE j85 same F-5 tiger and A-37, same engine GE j85