When Princess Diana Finally Faced Camilla | Diana: In Her Own Words | Netflix

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    In this personal recording, Princess Diana shares how she confronted Camilla about her relationship with Prince Charles.
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    When Princess Diana Finally Faced Camilla | Diana: In Her Own Words | Netflix

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    1. a sotm

      "It must be hell for the both of you" that sentence impressed me the most tbh - that in this moment of confronting the mistress of her husband, she still had that much empathy. They played all of them in a bad way! Should've just let Charles marry Camilla and let Diana find a husband that would really love her.

    2. Mark Justin Laurente

      Charles mustn't be a King

    3. maria demers

      I’ll never like Charles or accept Camilla

    4. EllieBit

      I will never understand his fascination about Camilla. It’s awful what they put Princess Diana through. I didn’t like Camilla back then and I still can’t stand her now. She’s a home wrecker.

    5. Cory Yohani

      "I WANT MY HUSBAND." I don't have a words! Diana is a stronger woman, and Camilla is a .. ugh, we all know, what she is exactly!

    6. Aman Thounaojam

      Honestly Charles looks like a mouse that sometimes comes to steal food

    7. Usha Bajracharya

      What a reply Camilla gave to Princess Di🙄

    8. Olivia M

      Diana, Queen of our hearts ♥️

    9. Laveena Gupta

      Girls learn from this. Never let any man through crap at you!

    10. Maria Rivada

      Amazing princess diana..you're the only one "lady diana".

    11. Malvika Mohan 7609 LSUF 19

      What a womannnnnm !

    12. Kathie Walli

      Poor Diana.....gusty girl....good on her

    13. ifunanya okonkwo

      Charles and Camilla will pay for Diana's death whether they like it or not Karma must visit

    14. Mahika Pramodh

      she was an angel who deserved way better

    15. Aysegul barker Barker

      Prensın sonradan evlendıgı kadın da aynı ceset gıbıymış

    16. little bopeeps

      Brave, beautiful woman.

    17. Gitanjali Puri

      The voice person is misusing Diana through my voice and hiding one's identity by becoming me or targeting D1 through me !

    18. Gitanjali Puri

      White shawl !

    19. millieo

      More English royal blood, too.

    20. palo thom

      I would have gotten something and whack camilla with it several times and I would have whack Charles too when we at home he would never had peace till the day we divorce he making me unhappy he would pay....harry n William should have never accepted camilla if it was my mom she caused so much heartache she couldn't come anywhere near me n my father I would let him know every day of his life what a jerk he was...how could they have accepted her I wouldnt ...never

    21. GravityBoy72

      Charles and Camila? They can do one. Horrible people.

    22. A.R

      I hate the Royals. Poor Diana!

    23. Chad Flexington

      Dude had a Diana and traded her for a Camilla ( literallly).

    24. Peter Jacinto

      Princess Diana didn’t know she was dealing with (Snake Camilla ) . Charles the devil. Allegedly. Princess Diana was so Graceful, such beauty. Her presence stole pplz hearts, princess Diana was truly Royalty.Diana was on higher Royal level. World love princess Diana. The Royals hated Diana.they wanted her out ! Allegedly Princess Diana would still be here . Allegedly

    25. Silent Night

      Diana was handpicked for her beauty, innocence and purity then used, abused and cast out like an old shoe. Camilla is a man thief. Rest in eternal peace Diana. We are still here for you. 🌾 💐 🌷 🌹❤️ 💚 💙 💜.🂽🂽.

    26. J R


    27. AfricanDanceIstanbul

      charles is an utter idiot, weirdo and spoilt brat oh and quite cruel. monarchy better dissolve and this puppetry stop, this sheep public following evil phoney family stop. Royals must give all wealth to public for free QUALITY health and educaiton system to be built.

    28. Thomas Morin

      Perhaps that's the reason harry isn't so keen on royal life.

    29. Shahanas Murshid

      Lady Diana 😘❤️

    30. Riley Juvene

      😖💔 Why!? Why do good things happen to good people!? 😔

    31. Lil Red

      It's also rather disgusting that apparently everyone knew and did what they could to prevent Diana from either knowing or getting involved. "Oh Diana don't go downstairs"

    32. Dazzle V

      I'm happy that Charles still ended up with his first love but the stupid thing here is she broke our precious Princess Diana asf.

    33. Shagufta Shaikh

      "I don't know what you're talking about", most famous lie.

    34. don john

      Camille is traitor. May God Almightyove u more Princess Diana. We love u and miss u.

    35. Cheryl McDonnel

      Charles never wanted diana

    36. Cheryl McDonnel

      You know I’m done blaming Camilla it was the queen that would not let Charles and Camilla marry

    37. Suzanne Baxter

      THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND WE NEVER GOT TO SEE, The 80's was a dreadful time, miners strikes Falkland conflicts Aids virus it was none stop bad news after bad news, places were becoming ghost towns, no work no money it was dreadful and then along came a young lady Diana and lifted our frowns into smiles and it sounds cliché but it wasn't that smile of hers could light up a room and we knew nothing of what was going on behind the scenes, and this is where my hatred started I was only 4 years younger than her and we as a nation of my age group for the first time we seen a royal who came out from behind those gates, and in her own way dragged them kicking and screaming into the 21st century which is why she took the boys to theme parks and helped the homeless and those worse of than you and showed them that this is what this country is not pomp and ceremony. The women and men of my age group this was the first royal of our generation and us girls loved her so much because she talked about every day things, it wasn't a glamourous life it was HELL for her.

    38. Daphne Fitzroy Mendis

      When Charles got married to Diana, it was a duty of a good woman not to have any thing to do with Charles. Only prostitutes go with married men.

    39. Joan Goodwin


    40. Merlyn Ramkissoon

      If only Camilla was not in the way Princess D. Was going to be still Alive today, shame on you Camilla.

    41. Olga T

      She is amazing poor girl so sad Camilla NOT deserve to be a Queen !!! NO NO NO so Charles I cant believe William forgive them for that as they grow up if Charles will become kind William should not let her be a queen

    42. Wander Girl

      Diana deserved much more better ❤️

    43. Susie Leventis

      Poor Diana.

    44. Ra_gi_nee Sha_rma

      She was too pure for this world that's why God took her away..😔😔

    45. Susan Williams


    46. Dark Side

      "What more do you want?" "I want my husband"

    47. Felicity Memela

      The fact that Camilla is living her life guilt-free says a lot about the kind of person she is, what a vile woman smiling in Diana’s face while sleeping with her husband. And she had the nerve to ask Diana “What more do you want” 🤦🏾‍♀️

    48. Maia Elyse Guinto



      Beauty and the FOREVER beast

    50. Tiala Ao

      Karma will get to Camilla

    51. karina bomstein

      Camila ruind evrything

    52. EXT0

      She is soooo disarming when she shames them for being the unfeeling machines they are, they had to **** her

    53. Ms. D

      She was rebellious and brave, yet timid and shy at the same time. So beautifully endearing.

    54. Amjid Shah

      A true princess 👸

    55. Dineh P


    56. Nkechi Esan

      He didn’t deserve her. So sad. All the people supporting Charles and Camilla were being really mean. This is a reminder to not side with evil.

    57. Sim sim Khan

      Love you DIANA 😘😘😘😘😍😍😘😍😍😍😍

    58. Sim sim Khan

      Unfortunately undoubtedly great lady princess 👸 Diana you will always remembered with respect.😍😍😍😍😍😍

    59. Mr Naz

      I am happy Prince Harry has his mum blood in him history will repeat itself 👍

    60. Jaclyn Seliner

      Everyone says poor Diana. Guess what Diana wasn't a Saint. Charles loved Camilla long before Diana came into the picture he wasn't allowed to marry her back then. An he only married Diana for children that was it nothing more nothing less

      1. Nihal Kumar

        That's not Diana's fault. Charles hid that fact earlier.

    61. Heree Tostay

      “I just said I love you and there is nothing wrong in that.” -Lady Di-

    62. Johnny Hollingsworth

      l'll love diana, forever.

    63. Jennifer Lopez

      Oh God, Princess Diana must have hurt so much for all those years ! Always trying to fix the same situation, the same problem about his marriage, Camilla Parker Bowles ! Actually she faced her rival she had a talk with her but i guess nothing had changed and Camilla kept having an affair with Prince Charles. So much deception and sadness...until the final chapter Charles and Diana's divorce

    64. yuki asuna

      Charles just couldn't handle the fact that she was better he knew she was way too good for him and his freaking ego made him choose Camila like it's obvious the only reason Charles choose her is because he thought she was lower than him like he wanted to feel like he is the best in a relationship and shit that's why he cheated because that jerk couldn't handle the fact that Diana was way too I mean way too good for him

    65. yuki asuna

      I swear Charles didn't deserve this gem

      1. yuki asuna

        @Nihal Kumar yea u too

      2. Nihal Kumar

        @yuki asuna yeah. Have a good day.

      3. yuki asuna

        @Nihal Kumar Lol I used a j😂

      4. Nihal Kumar


    66. David Canez


    67. Tina Varble

      And she was everybody's Princess the whole world not just the British people.

    68. Deela

      It's so terrible that she , the legal wife , apologised for being on the way of lovers!! If it was true love between them they should have married each other no matter what, without him dragging poor Di through a shame marriage.! There really was no chance for Diana to win here. So so sad

    69. Adam Joyner

      WoW.....love this⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    70. Gizzie Sugiswo

      the word that i dont understand how strong she is..."im sorry i'm coming in the way..."

    71. Rhona Ford

      Diana was wonderful Charles cheated on her

    72. Suryansh 310

      I have never seen such honest, beautiful and down earthed woman in my entire life. Her husband is just a rich spoilt kid who only listens to his praises. He and his bloddy girl friend made the people's queen life a hell. He was jealous of Diana's popularity. He was a shitty guy with awful ego and a poor charactered girl friend. RIP people's queen. In your next life I would order god to please give her a beautiful life in which she would live upto her wish

    73. Bernard Shearing

      And to think that guy is in line to be the "Head of the Church Of England" !! That club dies with the Queen. Mark my words.

    74. zmkenya

      I hope they skip over Charles. They’ve brought so much hell upon Harry and Meghan, yet the man that is next in line to the throne would do such a horrid thing. They should skip over him, just the way they threw King Edward out. Charles is a disgrace and def won’t be my king.

    75. Dilek Koksal

      Le corps de Camilla est tout aussi laid et déformé que son âme

    76. Suzanne Davies

      That disgusting vile man most certainly does not deserve to be the KING!! He made his choice to be with Camilla and forfeited the throne ! He doesn’t have the qualities to be King, he has no morals ethics or any care for anyone other than himself! Edward was given a choice and he abdicated to be with the woman he loved and so should Charles! This is why the Queen has not handed down the throne - she knows Charles is not wanted or suitable to rule!

    77. Sandra Scoular

      What a beautiful lady Diana was.Camilla and Charles should be ashamed of themselves.

    78. Afsheen Fatima

      She was right it's sad to think how she must have suffered knowing that she was in an unfaithful relation

    79. Erna wati

      The best princess I think

    80. Beverly Hawking


    81. David Humphries

      Oh, boo hoo. What a load of crap.

    82. Vivian Malhiers

      She loved her husband despite him having an affair, she treated everyone with love, kindness and respect. Charles "loved" his wife, he expressed his love by giving her mental health issues and eating disorders. He used her for babies and threw her aside. She deserved better!

    83. Layla Requena

      I don’t understand how the queen allowed such disrespect. Who are the banded Camila from all events. Dear god that woman camila is gross and so is the prince.

    84. Utube Sucks

      Nobody likes a home breaker or adulterer - even a royal one

    85. Casey Wiggin

      Lost for words...


      Camilla as Queen? Acceptance denied Forever Queen Diana

    87. Angela Stojanovski

      What a lady! 🙏✊💪💥✨

    88. Mrs. Giannos P

      Jesus, this was so hard to listen to.

    89. bahrawijaya

      I am in Diana's side.

    90. glenys edwards

      Well be fare that's is what they did to dianne freeze her out ,I have lost my faith in the royals look what Charles did and Andrew all been divorced Harry has not behaved like that and all the girls in the royal family all divorced and poor dianne dead if I was Harry I would leave and only go back for the I vaili g of his mum get on with your life .your wife have caused all this Harry even down to her own family she only got you what does that tell you .

    91. Deeeeeyn

      Princess Diana lose Charles but gained everyone’s heart & respect.

    92. Tom Zart

      LOVE No rope or cable can hold so tight What love can do with twine. No kiss can taste so bittersweet As the one which captures our mind. The first sign of love is the last of wisdom As eager hearts fulfill desire. Love is just a staple of life Though Heaven sparks the fire. Heaven knows no rage like love Once to hatred it has turned. How wise are we who are such fools Who forget the lessons we've learned. Love, indeed, descends from Heaven Like a shooting star across the sky. Love sometimes stirs the dust Till tears fall free from the eye. THANK YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE IN YOUR HEART ! By Tom Zart Google = Most Published Poet On The Web Tom’s 1,650 Poems Are Free To Share! Google = George Bush Tom Zart

    93. Jyoti Arora

      “What more do you want?” What an arrogance! As if the Princess was at her mercy.

    94. Parvathi Devi

      Camilla looking like devil👺

    95. patricia sherman

      i still want to slap camilla everytime i see her

    96. charlie hovey

      the greatest and brightest person in that family and they snuffed her. so so sad. rest in peace lady dianna.

    97. Darlene Achille

      The Epidemy of Bravery Humility & Class

    98. liljana kimca

      Shame on Camila destroyed her life.

    99. Robyn Marie

      So Diana was best friends with camila ??

      1. scorpio200218

        No, Camilla was pretending to be Diana's friend.

    100. Maxine Chantelle Gomes