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    Norris Nuts do this eating challenge but the winner is unexpected!
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    In this video we find out which Norris Nut can gain the most weight in a day. The Norris Nuts do this challenge by having some rules to the challenge. You aren't allowed to stock up on things as you have to eat what you buy before you can move on to the next thing. These also have to be single items - you can't buy multiples! Sabre loves the food challenges but will she be able to gain the most weight? Watch all to see all the twists!
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    1. The Norris Nuts

      Watch NEXT - LAST TO LEAVE CAR seprom.info/clone/video/zLxumLuQcXOkmJ8.html​ FIRST TIME PLAYING WORLD OF PETS seprom.info/clone/video/mpOCns5ucXKlj2g.html

      1. liv mac !

        I have bin a legend since you started

      2. liv mac !

        Hi norris nuts i am a legend I love your videos so so much!

      3. skye perry

        Good job biggy, but I think that mama should have said that you could go to maccas whenever you feel like it 😂

      4. Monther Algamal

        Guys boggy didn’t win remember when he weighed himself again he was 33.8 not 7 so he cheated he didn’t win Sabre won

      5. ccedits


    2. ryan marshall

      im a big legend/true legend im english sorry if cant read

    3. ryan marshall


    4. Roy Steinberg

      Biggy was with the bag so he's 33.7

    5. anya nicholls

      this might just be the most annoying family i have even came across

      1. Arianna r


    6. clumsy bud

      no one literally no one biggy explaining how sabre got curly hairs

    7. Charity Faith

      Ok but there all like really underweight 🤨

    8. Sitora Sattorova

      Biggy cheated cause, do you remember he corrected and said that he was 33.8! So, that means Sabre and Biggy were tie

    9. DJ Fauzzie

      2:01 Badyyadyyadyyady

    10. Silly Stories with Sissy

      Sockie meets her idol and gets a house for the cooking channel Biggy get very expensive brands of clothing Sabre gets a car and designs noris nuts fashion Naz no complaints wants a 15$ pet dos not get it I’m not a hater but I just think I know who the favorite is🥰

    11. Victoria Ha

      The norris nuts are really underweight

    12. Tech Support

      Does anybody realise it says on the clickbait it says 124.3 kg to 142.3 kg. Most people are not even 124 kg. Although if you are it is fine.

    13. BellaTheFrog

      Have yall ever been to a target

    14. Ariana Johnson

      Y did everyone say biggy was their biggest threat? Wasnt sabre in the X games???

    15. Maddie Maddox


    16. Kimberly Sussewell

      No that is a tie Sabre and Biggs won

    17. Peter Welch

      Ok Ima say it for what it is I am a legend don't get me wrong but like Sabre gets bare expensive stuff Sockie gets her OWN kitchen And Biggy gets expensive stuff as well But when Naz has been asking for a guniea pig she always gets turnt away it is not fair. I feel for Naz like please Justin why can't u consider for your child bc when Charm is to grow up I bet u any money u would buy the world for her. Like she just wants a guniea pig and her siblings do nothing to help her with the dream (no offence) Legends spread the word and help Justin reconsider.

      1. Peter Welch

        Hope they see this 🙏

    18. ArstyVoid

      Not to be mean but the parents do a bad job every kid-teen is under weight

    19. Ela Varela Gonzales

      Mum: beside the Guinea pig that’s off limits Naz:ooh :( Me somebody come get her she is very sus sus ~

    20. lily brown

      btw i swear sabre and biggy are tieing as they re wayed biggy and he was 33.8kg wasnt he? so im pretty sure there tieing. BTW I LOVE UR VIDEOS THERE THE GREATEST EVER KNOW TO MAN AND WOMAN KIND!!!!

      1. Samantha MOSS

        what's tieing

    21. Xx. sunshine. xX

      Wait how are they in the 30s and 40s my nephew is 4 and he’s healthy and everything and he weighs 32 pounds

      1. Samantha MOSS

        they are using kg

    22. Charlee S

      This may be a weird question as I have missed some videos but is Sabre in the Olympics or does her Heath condition mean she can no longer compete bless her? X

    23. April Linden

      24 hours of Naz having a Guinea pig so Justin can see how responsible Naz is. Let's spread the word Legends

    24. Seren Hawkins

      Fucking hell all of them but Sabre are lighter than me and I'm in fucking anorexia recovery 😔

    25. Kaycee White

      did u mean to make it a 24 minute video with a 24 hour challenge?LOL!

    26. Selina Davis

      Saber actually cheated because she got hot cakes but then mamma said ONE thing from one shop

      1. Abimbola John

        No she never got cakes comes together plus naz got a pack of cookies 🙄🙄🙄

    27. imogen slater

      omg i love your vidios there so fun to watch :)

    28. Anthony Petricca

      I’m 9 and I’m 60 pounds

    29. Anthony Petricca

      24 hours of naz having a guiena pig for 24 hours! To show how responsible she is. It’s also so unfair. BIGGY GETS EXSPENSIVE STUFF SABRE GETS A CAR SOCKIE GETS A KITCHEN NAZ GETS NOTHING AND DOESNT COMPLAIN SHE. JUST WANTS A GUIENA PIG It’s okay I’m still a super legend ily guys!

    30. Delilah Carrasco

      To be honest sabre I think that's her name but she cant actually wear a Crop top that's like bad parenting 101

    31. Sara

      I'm dying 😭☠️ Yall so thin, I'm 16 years old and weight 65 ☠️☠️☠️☠️ btw I'm a big fab ❤️

    32. •Simply Lia•

      24 hours of Naz having a guinea pig so Justin can see how responsible she is Spread the word legends

    33. Emma Sparkes

      Hi I love you're videos so much HIIIIIIIIIIII

    34. SophieSunset

      No one in reply can do it longer than me Ha told ya Maybe you can idk! Hey does this count? Yes it does H3he Jhdwcnjcsdbj Byeee

    35. Lilo Rose

      Why is no one talking about how unsafe this is and the fact that they shouldn't be doing this when most of their viewers are young children as its basically telling kids to eat as much as they can and gain lots of wait.

    36. MeizyxX

      also, to all of you that are hating: they are just kids. they are also skinny, and they're actually very healthy. They can do what they want, and they are not promoting anything. If you are unhappy with them dont watch the fricking video!

    37. MeizyxX

      i find the norris nuts so cute together *cutest siblings award*

    38. Kaliyah's World

      I think that every challenge nazzy never gets to choose like I fell bad and you guys should to😒🙄

    39. Jex Zander Martinez

      24 of naz having guinea pig so Papa/Justin can see how responsible naz is.ease spread the word

    40. Gia bear Gaming Gang

      im 76.8

    41. K H

      24 hours of Naz getting a guinea pig so papa can see how responsible she is spread the word legends

    42. Carly and Braden cooking with friends Yt

      I don’t like this challenge I feel like it’s just being mean but wait☹️ maybe you should try to lose weight instead of gaining

    43. Kennedy Williams

      Does anybody notice from 13:00 to 13:07 biggie says wun instead of run

    44. Jessy Ghattas

      sockie is definetly the favorite she got to meet gordon ramsey got a whole kitchen and a gaming channel

    45. Lexi Martínez

      i like how they edit 😭

    46. Fire Master

      I’m a little worried I’m overweight because I am nine and I Weigh 64.8kg And I weigh more than a 16-year-old?

      1. Samantha MOSS

        no your probably weighing in pounds but they are weighing in kilograms. 64.8 pounds is equal to 29 kilograms which is a good weight for a nine year old.

    47. Isla Fitzhugh

      Biggy at the started at 33:8 not 33:7

    48. Farrah Lucas

      Take the video down.

    49. Coco Panda

      Ow my face

    50. Sour Skittle

      Sabre and Biggy Tied. The numbers were wrong

    51. Khloe Seath

      they tied

    52. Ruby Pink


    53. XxwolfclannxX Forever

      24 hours of Naz having a Guinea pig so Justin can see how responsible Nazzy is (Spread the word legends)

    54. Lissy Malt

      24 hours of Naz having a Guinea pig so Justine can see if she is responsible enough (let’s spread the word legends)

    55. Keira Mulder

      If u didn’t know u can skip a generation in DNA so she could have got her curly hair from flizzy

      1. A friendly fairy

        I didn’t know that could happen maybe that’s how I got my curly hair

    56. rayyan abuhuwaij

      Does ur mom feed you guys?

    57. Simply Sunflower

      Why do you cry if you has to eat carrots you act like little kids especially saber

      1. A friendly fairy

        When did they eat carrots

      2. Simply Sunflower

        Sockie is ok

    58. • TheRamenQueen •

      Me: when is naz going to get her Guinea pig

    59. Mrs.Baking اكلات سريعه ومعجنات

      Come on let naz have a ginipig 🐭🐭🐭

    60. Linnea Graff The Husky of sandy Beaches 1

      In your legend song you guys said “We don’t use clickbait” but you did on the thumbnail.

    61. Lau Ren

      yeah...sorry but these kinds of videos are legit the types of things people with eating disorders search for and exposing such a young audience to this is definitely questionable. not sure if they understood how harmful this could be or not but yeah..the constant mention of calories and what will make you gain/lose weight is really not ok

    62. Subodh Patil

      Catch me knuckles

    63. Claudia Nowakowski

      Isn't Sockie vegan?


        She is not anymore

    64. Deborah Chung

      Sockie should’ve got a choc frap from maccas

    65. Lovely Norris

      Wait that isn’t fair boggy wasn’t actaully 33.7 he was 33.8 so him and Sabre were tied

    66. Pinky pop

      You are ruining your body just for you tube the legends don't want to see you sick or fat so don't do this challenge anymore it's very dumb you're ruining your body

    67. ic0nic.blxssom

      wait i just realised when biggy had the camera and weighed himself he was 33.7 but without it he was 33.8 he gained more weight without it-

    68. The boy with a personality23**5

      Has anyone noticed that Sabre new fancy song is cool I noticed that at 20:01 I heard it and I was like wow is Sabre gonna release her new fancy song soon cuz I want know since I’m a legend.

    69. Bobba Tee

      The norris nuts are very light lol

      1. Siena

        Just like me, there so light it's kinda unhealthy ( i am 37 kg and i am 12 )

    70. Tiarna Bonello


    71. Gia TELLIS


    72. Maddie Mulato

      Naz is perfectly capable of having a guinea PIGS* She and her family just NEED to do more research before getting them! :))

    73. Sam Kingston


    74. Meghan Biegler

      Please come to America it is awesome and I live there in Minnesota

    75. roxy capper

      Hello Ive been a fan for agesssssssss if you reply I would cry and my dream would come true ilysm 💙🥺

    76. Lara Gilson

      1. mama

    77. Heather Garnham

      24 hours of Naz having a guinea pig so Justin can see how responsible she is with one. Spread the word Legends!

    78. Kailea Nelson

      anyone else notice how they dont wear masks....

    79. Ava Rose Bourgault

      Uh is it ok they are only like 33 pounds or is it different in Aussie

      1. Samantha MOSS

        no 33 kilograms

    80. Tabitha

      When your American and use pounds

    81. Una Prodanovic

      You have to go to American

    82. Buthaina Alattar

      Let naz have a gunni pig

    83. Buthaina Alattar

      Why does sockie gets a new kitchen and meets gorden ram

    84. Kezey Hamedamin

      I had did that challenge

    85. jory jory

      Why do Justin get a Guinea pig for naz for 24hours to prove she is Responsibleand she make it she get two guinea pig spreed for the legend ❤️

    86. EnviEternitiKanika Brown

      get naz a pet now papa

    87. Lilly horton

      Biggy sabre can get her curly hair from frizzy because she could've got at least one genetic from her grandma or a trait so

    88. LazyDaisy

      Comments be acting like Naz is like the most hated child. She is quite spoiled for a child, just like her siblings. There’s nothing wrong with being spoiled, it’s just means she gets more than normal kids. Things she gets: 1. A nice home 2. A supporting fanbase 3. A pet fish (that sadly died) 4. She gets tons of handicaps in challenges 5. She has nice clothes, expsenive stuff, etc And a lot more. So please stop saying she doesn’t get anything. Also: Sabre only got a car because she’s OLD enough and hopefully responsible Sockie got a kitchen because she’s very good at cooking, and she earns money from her gaming channel (and she’s not the only one who owns it) Biggy: He gets expensive things because these people are probably loaded See? It’s not like the parents hate naz and don’t give her attention

    89. EnviEternitiKanika Brown

      naz get pet

    90. Maria Wiltshire

      Go to England and get a traditional breakfast go to London

    91. Katherine Savoie

      That challenge would be so fun to do with a family member :)

    92. tres marias

      Biggy loves 🦐 shrimp but txunamy hate it

    93. Leni Hosang

      Bigggy txunamy your crush has Norris nut fashion merch

    94. Liv Parry

      Go to America you will have a great time also love ur vids

    95. AVN REDDY

      Yes you should Go for America and meet royalty family and familla diomand, please

    96. Bethanie Reid

      “Do we need a vomit bag?” 🤣

    97. Amina Majid

      I LOVE THIS VID THIS IS THE 7 TIME IM WATCHING IT ahhhh i luv u guys!!!!!!

    98. Go Girls

      You rechecked biggy,s weight at first and it was 33.8 and you sad 33.7

    99. foxy treasure

      Justin just give Naz the pet she deserves! 😡

    100. Lisa Borg

      Plz send me a give away or a shout out