Who Writes Better Songs? - SWEDEN vs USA

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    Which country is SUPERIOR?! We need to get an answer to this!
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    Who Writes Better Songs? - SWEDEN vs USA
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    1. RoomieOfficial

      Correction: Bee Gees are Australian. My researcher fubbed it, he will be spending life in prison. Thanks for watching gang!

      1. Cara Penneck

        It’s ok! It’s just nice to hear that song tbh

      2. Rob Vollans

        The Bee Gees are British

      3. wearethefallenmusic

        Roomie Taylor Swift vs Taylor Swift is a loss for all of us...no one wins

      4. wearethefallenmusic

        Roomie the Wknd was sooooo much better that Rihanna should have been easier that that I had soooo much respect for you you’re better than that. Umbrella should be on the most annoying songs list(along with 3/4 of her songs) not denying she a good singer just lots of her production and vocal patterns are unnecessarily annoying

      5. wearethefallenmusic

        I don’t know why but the first long shot of Justin made him look uncomfortable in that giant sweater

    2. XxReRe_MNMxX

      I feel Swedish put more emotions abd story in their lyrics than American

    3. BessyBase

      It's really cool that all this nice songs are made from Swedish songwriters!!!☺️🎶🎵 Also the song of Rihanna- Umbrella ☂️ "Ela" means Come in Greek!!!

    4. yasio bolo

      Any video: Literally any video: A naked part of the body expect the arms Joel: Oh Jesus....

    5. Lautaro Quintans

      5:07 Messi appears on the video *Argentinean Anthem starts playing*

    6. Shannon Smith

      is it just me who noticed that in the Backstreet Boys music vid they're like over pronouncing the words like CRAZY?!

      1. yasio bolo

        i hate the weekend the singer


      Swedish song Me thinking :carramel girls?

    8. qopoy dnon

      Day 3 of asking Roomie to make a video: Songs by famous artists that were made for movies.

    9. Melissa Clark

      Haha yea Joel is right

    10. Soliman The magnificent

      Me being a Swede-

      1. qopoy dnon

        Do one for Nigeria

    11. nieooj gotoy

      React to Jeremy Jordan: -the day I saved the greatest showman -she used to be mine -it’s all coming back to me now

    12. David Johnson

      why are words like "God" and "Damn" censored?

    13. Jennifer SC

      Joel thinking Nsync's 'This I Promise You' is hard to sing when Arianna's stuff is literally impossible to remember/to sing.

      1. nieooj gotoy

        On Jah though, i def prefer the Swedish ones

    14. sam not found

      i love how he talks shit about songs, but his song is actually the worst thing Ive ever heard

    15. Maidul Hossain

      The editor makes your videos so much more enjoyable. Kudos.

    16. Evan Nave animations

      When roomie sees a Swedish song he IMMEDIATELY starts v i b i n g

    17. No Name

      Ahem.. i'd just like to say his singing is good

    18. zijuiy wttuy

      Roomie: »Knows the song was written by Swedish people, so he instantly likes the song«

    19. Mihiraa

      HEY u hit 7 million!!! Yayyyyy❤️

    20. Tikki Lover


      1. zijuiy wttuy

        PP WEWE ha pee

    21. Madison Lubin

      i hate the weekend the singer

    22. Evelyn Lily

      Yeah you can’t compare the masterpiece of Panic! to the actually really well done song by 1D. They’re completely different genres with different audiences and goals in mind. It’s hard. I like them both, but I’m a Panic! kid at heart, so I’ll have to disagree with your choice there.

    23. Kieraaa

      Not him saying the bee gees are American

    24. KD ARTS

      Or Africa

    25. KD ARTS

      Do one for Nigeria

    26. Terrawave

      ngl I only like Sweden better because I LOVE their War Thunder Tech Tree lol :)

    27. Freddie Eric

      Impressive Roomie! thank you so much for throwing those knowledge.

    28. Buildin a sentry

      On Jah though, i def prefer the Swedish ones

    29. //

      When I hear Livin Alive by Bee Gees, I see North Korean soldiers marching..

    30. soinu foig

      React to Jeremy Jordan: -the day I saved the greatest showman -she used to be mine -it’s all coming back to me now

    31. Coral Valdez

      can u pls wear chapstick JSJSJSJSJSJS

    32. Daniel Medina

      Dude just react to Clinton Kane already he's so good

      1. soinu foig

        I really like comparing the same artist. I think it really helps get a good comparison

    33. none of your business

      You should do a reaction to yungblud or mgk's new album " tickets to my downfall"

    34. Alberto Sarmiento

      No hate but, why didnt you blur out Brittany Spears derriere

      1. Sarmiento Fam

        Of course no hate I think Joel ( RoomieOfficial

      2. Sarmiento Fam


      3. Sarmiento Fam

        Yes please I ain't wanna see her derriere

    35. Sultan Al7

      PP WEWE ha pee

    36. Makeyoumad_gacha_studio

      When “I want it that way” came on I was like.”WERE DID I HEAR THIS!” And than I remembered “Oh wait... Brooklyn 99”

      1. Sarmiento Fam


    37. MightyAL

      I want it that way is swedish welp time to put my biased cap on

    38. idon'tknow _whattowritesooo 155

      Day 3 of asking roomie to review Qawali

    39. CarlyCChapman

      Nah, on What Makes You Beautiful vs I Write Sins Not Tragedies, it's I Write Sins Not Tragedies for me. Plus the members of Panic! wrote it themselves

    40. Leotique

      Into You sounds like it could have been produced by SHM in their Greyhound days

    41. Oppenheimer Roberta

      I love Britney's Piece of me soo much more than Slave 4U, I really don't like that song, there is something annoying in it. Also Abba's gimme gimme is such an amazing melody, I still listen that, it is also bettet in my opinion.

    42. Delee Ryo

      Misheard: "You wanna piss on me".

    43. Emily Padilla

      Dude, would it hurt to put on a little damn chapstick?

    44. EXO Mekhi

      Roomie vibing to swedish songs but picking american songs

    45. R B

      Wait he hit 7 mil

    46. Andrew Nowlan

      lol Rhianna isn't American

    47. rehna anliker

      I really like comparing the same artist. I think it really helps get a good comparison

    48. Idjdj Fjfjfjfb

      Into u Ariana grande is better than thank u next for me

    49. Claire Woerner

      Dude, The Bee Gees are all from the Isle of Man and lived mostly in the UK and Australia. They’re not even vaguely American.

    50. AkuNoRin

      Abba was singing about pizza delivery after midnight of course 🤓😆

    51. QueenOfLaughter

      “Or maybe I want the American to approve my VISA” LMAAAAAAAO 🤣💀👏🏻

    52. Milla Solomon

      Kak in Afrikaans means bullshit

      1. bssni touir

        omg gimme gimme gimme i know bc my mum

    53. Atish

      Don't bore us get to the chorus is my life motto now.

    54. Luca the blessed

      The reason they bleeped out the word god is cause they r in a church. Its inky in the video

    55. Elias Webber


    56. Edison Phua

      Where's hej Monika

    57. 80siix

      Why do you change your voice exactly the same as pewdiepie?

    58. Gimlis Stunt Double

      3:59 NOW NUMBER 5

    59. soniyu ziuy

      BTS singing dynamite: 'cause a-a-a-' Bee Gees jamming with them: stayin' alive

    60. Luis

      ZARA LARSSON WIN ❤️❤️❤️

    61. KalebGamez

      he should react to Pentatonix

      1. KalebGamez

        @soniyu ziuy ?

      2. soniyu ziuy


    62. Kate Knight

      Omg Justin timberlake voice in that song thou ❤️❤️❤️

    63. Ideias Radicais PT

      To be fair, "I write sins not tragedies" is NOT a pop song, it's alternative/pop-punk.

    64. Trinity Lowe

      Is it just me or does Joel have a 5 o'clock mustache shadow?

    65. Kerdalidec Yay

      THE Swedish band loses to a bunch of Aussies

    66. bssni touir

      Day 3 of asking Roomie to make a video: Songs by famous artists that were made for movies.

    67. Charlotte Wallace

      omg gimme gimme gimme i know bc my mum

    68. varfordodo

      17:33 phentatonic?

      1. bssni touir

        I think that the like “gimme a man after midnight” is referencing the sex

    69. Gabriela Daneshka

      The editors giving Roomie two Taylor songs so he woudn't have a way out and him managing to criticize them both so sufficiently... 🤣

    70. eric pepin

      the Bee Gees are British.

    71. Simon Håkansson


    72. Samurai Guy

      I'm american. This is just proving that my ancestors are from scandinavia. Rarely did I prefer the american songs in this video. Actually, I think I'm preferring the opposite songs as him.


      Anyone else noticed Joel said Benny OCH Bjorn instead of Benny AND Bjorn

    74. Jan Lundqvist

      You're Swedish? Well me too.

    75. xXF1R3_-FISHTICKXx

      When backstreet boys are on me just going number one number two number three number four number five

    76. Emil Skoglund


    77. Ryan Cornwell

      We would be happy to have you roomie in America

    78. Radiot

      Joel's inherent bias vs America

    79. ps1 hagrid

      Nonething can win abba

    80. Charz Sulllivan

      Happy 7mil joel

    81. Atul Krishna

      Gimme gimme gimme comes on David dobriks giving someone a car

    82. Ace Sniffly

      Rommie can you react eaj I think you'd like his stuff.

    83. Dr. Dunce

      I think that the like “gimme a man after midnight” is referencing the sex

    84. narnbread1

      They censored god because they filmed in a church I believe

    85. Hessimore

      Videos about structure of songs are one of my favourites. It's very interesting to listen to all those technical details I wouldn't have noticed otherwise.

    86. dav raf Carter

      do 25 voices this time I think im the first comment after 7m

    87. dav raf Carter

      dude I just saw when he got 7 mil

    88. Transformers Finn

      1:58 she kinda sounds like she's saying "bacon eggs"

    89. cup_ man


    90. Maia Figueira

      Am I the only one that whit umbrella couldn't stop thinking at Tom Holland when he danced it? Yes? OK, nice

    91. Soapier jesus

      5:50 this gave me rasputin vibes ngl

    92. Ethan W

      I love abba

    93. The Gurk


    94. Bolia Fops

      React to Jeremy Jordan: -the day I saved the greatest showman -she used to be mine -it’s all coming back to me now

    95. Michael Pátek

      *Roomie:* »Knows the song was written by Swedish people, so he instantly likes the song«

    96. Just John

      Who enjoys listening to Into You more than TU,N??? Only Me.. Okay.

      1. Bolia Fops

        6:21 i think they are going to watch some roomie videos!

    97. Spencer Lewis

      I cant feel my face is way better than umbrella I'm giving it to sweden

    98. Helen Lutz

      am i the only one who doesn’t find umbrella as impressive as joel thinks it is? i can’t be the only one. i’m mean it’s a good song but in my opinion it’s not THAT good.

      1. THICCC Manfred

        i like almost every song exept Umbrella. XD

    99. Jimenez Fox

      my fav part of the vid is 8:05 to 8:10 plus the same thing happed to me right after

      1. gtoss chddy

        I am from sweden

    100. Fox Inc.

      I watch roomies vids with ad block because his videos get copyrighted and the money goes the the music companys because roomie cant get the money no one can

      1. gtoss chddy

        WYF did i laug at the part where he tried to catch a fly. A FUCKING FLY