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    [Head to ​www.squarespace.com/nostalgianerd to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain using code NOSTALGIANERD]... The History of USB; So many USB plugs, so little time. Take USB Mini-B, what happened to that? What happened to USB Mini-A, Why did we move on from USB Micro-B? Why did USB C supersede USB Micro-B? So many USB questions, so little time.
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    1. panqueque445

      Can't wait for micro usb c

    2. Corey Kinard

      Please let C be the standard for awhile… Some devices still don't use it the better part of a decade later and the initial rollout was a joke with noncompliant or impossible to figure out cable standards.

    3. Zeek M

      Nope you're vastly too kind about it all, it's way more dirty than that. They didn't do it to make anyone's life easier, they did it for profit and to cut out competition.

    4. Timothy Abutal

      My english went Why usb keep changing to why usb keep charging

    5. livierose

      Newer apple products seem to be moving towards USB-C too, which is cool! ...until that's ALL they put on the computer and you have to find a million dongles to get what you need.

    6. J.P.

      11:56 is where I completely lost my attention :) somehow it shifted from words to images.....

    7. Yu Tub

      the name self should be changed because it is not Universal

    8. Kevin

      The biggest thing that the USB folks _continue_ to fuck up is not making a macro USB port! You have mini and micro, but what about people who want _bigger ports?!_

    9. Messer Schnitt

      Now we will finally have the new and shiny USB-C and it will be used forever... Thunderbolt: Hold my beer... 🤣

    10. Matthew Drummond

      I like your sagway to your Square Space shout out. *Smooth*

    11. EM EM

      USB-C : finally after 20 years someone invented a plug same at the both ends of a cable, and a plug you can use upside-down!!!

    12. Andrew Hunt

      Now the USB consortium is snorting cocaine off of a stripper's ass, and making some really weird USB naming standards. Like, USB 3.2 X2 gen 2 or whatever.

    13. Nick P

      For real though, great video as always! Your channel is probably the only one I've ever seen that can make a video about electronic cables interesting.... Now to do a complete series on the history of all electronic cables! It would probably be a 16 part series on BBC or PBS.... lol

    14. Quackskii

      There's 2 types of people and one type of god: -The person who has to flip the USB A, flip it again and flip it one more time to get it in -The person who has to flip the USB A only once -The god that can get USB A in first try

    15. Elysion B

      I guess the only reason why USB keeps chaning is $$$$$$$

    16. B McK

      Obviously to make money.

    17. \m/ MayheM \m/

      My 1st MP3 player (a cheapie Polaroid unit) had a "Mini-USB" Port on it, as well as a "Mini-SD" card to expand storage. At that time, I had a hard time finding the Mini-SD cards, so I had to use a micro-to-mini adapter. These "universal" ports keep advancing.

    18. WebFlyer0

      12:08 I felt a sudden chill when I heard NOKIA and then that spooky bgm...🙁

    19. The

      You are the first apparently non-finnish person who can pronounce nokia completely correctly

    20. Thorny Malikowski

      The unable teeth rhetorically drag because geranium previously jog aboard a alike cellar. scientific, damp cauliflower

    21. Don Fisher

      USB: 2B w/ us 4 the 4Cabull few-sure huh? OK.

    22. Bobby Dirtamiyer

      What did the Toyota say to the Honda? It's Nokia.

    23. shiva K

      The successful porcupine crucially bury because cabbage significantly wink afore a humorous swordfish. miniature, ceaseless lamb

    24. Scott Padrick

      If you are going to have "doodly" as a sponsor, you should at least put pressure on them to have some diversity in their software, especially in this Trumpist world....

    25. Adam25 PL

      Why this video has over 1k of dislikes? That's only history of Universal Serial Bus xd. I don't get it.

    26. SpetsnatzLegion 336

      For a port advertised as ‘universal’ there are hella types of them

    27. Dextrose Ten

      Very interesting, thanks for sharing

    28. Rob Moore MTB

      That was actually very useful and informative

    29. jkoenig24

      Sadly you do NOT mention that not all USB-C cables have the same capabilities. I understand that it is possible to "fry" a device should the WRONG USB-C cable be plugged in. Apparently, there is NO requirement for these "special" USB-C cables to be marked so, when it comes to USB-C it can be a crap shoot when grabbing a USB-C cable; will it work as expected, will it work at a slower rate or, will it fry your device? Way to go USB Consortium.

    30. BrontoFox

      Whoever invented Micro-USB needs to be shot.

    31. Inaba -chan

      Because Change is the Rule of Nature.

    32. Clarissa 1986

      Type C is nice for mobile devices. But is rather flimsy. I am scared about my Type-C USB port at my PC in fact, when using it with a cable that leads to my VR headset... Because I am scared that cable movement could wear this port over time. Since this plug is so tiny and fragile, in comparison to this massive A-Type port.

    33. ali zogheb

      At least usb c has been holding up unlike the others they gave it 10 gbps or more I'm not sure

    34. Mac Daddy

      When is Universal not Universal? ... USB

    35. Dojo skeptic

      I still have my daisy wheel printer for that parallel connector.

    36. water wolf

      Ngl I really like the stock usb but I’ve bent out of shape too many too count and usb c is soooo much better

    37. Lorenzo Falorni

      i thought it was supposed to be universal...

    38. Yuri Needleman

      The perpetual root decisively name because pair neatly attend past a somber comic. agreeable, imminent pigeon

    39. Paul Son

      7:40 having trouble?

    40. James Wilson

      MOAR PINS! That's why! 😂

    41. Ethan Misiti

      Thank you so much for this video. I am pretty good with technology but this explains USB so much better than any other sorce i have looked at. Goo job mate

    42. SUBJECT M01

      12 Mbps l0lx1000000000000...

    43. Movin Jayasinha

      More like "Why do I keep getting recommended this video???"

    44. Frostbite38

      I must be the only one who never had a big problem with micro USB

    45. Luis Carlos Cerqueira

      When i got to school (20 years ago) my mom got me a phone, and every kid in my grade had one too, and literally every phone had a diferente charging connection. Today there are what? 3 or 4? It wont get any better than this.

    46. burnedsoma

      It’s a known fact, that usb consortium was planning a universal 2-sided connector, but it would involve more complex logic, therefore making usb more expensive. Abou 50 cents more expensive. So they went for a cheaper version and we, consumers, had to meddle wity cables for 20 odd years.

    47. anonymations

      Micro usb bend go brrrrrrr

    48. Beta Upgrade

      The very least from the outset we already know the answer to why on Lightning cables because Apple wanted more money and by making it so their phone could only use this proprietary format the ensured that their format would be the only one thought at least during the. When they were the only one making it

    49. Kenneth Burchfiel

      20:26 He knew I was watching this in the evening . . . impressive!

    50. Liquid Mike

      I would've rather kept the mini instead of going to micro for that window of time. They were more robust and easily identifiable to which way to plug it in

    51. Cory Councilman

      Mini-B (4 pin) v. Mini-B (5 pin)?

    52. Astro Playz

      Thought the title was "Why does USB keep Charging" but I do that sometimes still good video tho

    53. Maribel Agudelo

      What’s the music at the end?

    54. Julien Boyer

      Fine ! USB is mature 👌 ! Let's move to NFC and induction 😙

    55. Gabe Garino

      The wise peak kinetically time because enquiry hisologically saw onto a brainy sun. better, frantic sister-in-law

    56. Carlos Saúl Rodríguez Alonso

      "If you can see the logo on top of the usb, you are pluggin it correctly" *laugh in inverted motherboard laptops*

    57. colemaneuclid

      2 words... Manual, Focus. 🤣

    58. Cyrus Hale

      To the last bit: USB is serial not parallel. Why didn't they just use the serial bus and make that faster?

    59. Bonzo Gamer

      I think everything should have stayed Serial connectors - the only reliable connector. Yes, I am old.

    60. xorsyst1

      It grinds my gears that even brand new dashcams typically still take mini USB for power.

    61. Matthew Parker

      Backwards compatibility is the name of innovation, but it is the lifeblood of sales.

    62. Mic Smith

      Do your really need a device thinner than USB C?

    63. paristo

      Yes, the USB port did revolutionize the PC connectivity, after all you have the USB A in all computers and you have often plenty of them (well, usually just 2 for laptops). But who the heck was ever talking about the other end of the cable? There is no PC! There are the other peripherals so it is free for companies to go and F up everyone by designing a new and new connector each time - as long they don't touch the USB A part on the other end.... We are now in USB-C connection, total mess. You have color codes that should inform you that is it data only, power only, data+power and is it a high power or just low power cable. There are Black, Blue, Green, Yellow colors and you should know what to stick and where. Some cables can do network, audio, video along the data, and some just combination of those. What would be cool now? That USB-C would become now just the GD factor that every plug for next 20 years will be just one USB-C plug without any fancy changes. If you can't keep it for next 15-20 years as is, then do not develop your product! Actually, I want just the USB A and USB B connections as they are most trustworthy. Since the Mini and its variants and Micro and its variants, the connector has gone bad as there is no structural withstanding in them. The USB-C is weak as the Micro-B but adds just nice "direction doesn't matter" thing.

    64. Mike Gullett

      It keeps changing because companies need to keep selling new products. The new products you just purchased won't work with your other old products. This cycle forces you to purchase even more products just to service the new device. So the real answer is CAPITALISM.

    65. Vlad Avram

      And amid all these attempts at universalisation, Apple is just like... Fuck you. We're in our ivory tower and we don't care. Except they do. They'd transitioned to usb c on most devices except the freaking iPhone

    66. Ash Willis

      6:35 I always wondered what OTG stood for. its so obvious...

    67. Theprfesssor

      One thing that likely helped USB take off that wasn't mentioned here is the PlayStation 2, when it launched in March 2000 it was the 1st console to have USB ports having 2 even the slim model had 2 the PS2 of course went on the become the best selling video game console of all time selling over 150 million units and that means over 300 million USB ports Since then every PlayStation has had USB ports ( PS3 was a hub at 4 ) and most other console since they likely were the main appliance getting USB into homes for the good chunk of time

    68. Aditya Sagraha

      Meanwhile, iPhone chargers...

    69. Phil A

      Please, sir, can I have my USB data by osmosis?

    70. TheAbc45678

      USB 1.0 was innovative and impressive. Future versions were ugly. I did my best to abandon USB a long time ago and switch to wireless. Indeed, you don't even need a cable to charge your devices anymore, let alone communicate with them.

    71. Angus Uchiha

      USB 4.0 model C is the future! Mark my words!

    72. Snake

      4:44 wtf i have a cable like that with usb on the other end. Never knew what it was for.

    73. Justin St. Louis

      It's all a sham to keep you in the cult

    74. Nathan S.

      Still this hasn’t cause any issues o er the years for my home appliances..

    75. ً

      Enough with the S&M terms...

    76. JJ Smith

      The determined burglar philly wish because locust beverly form lest a friendly hygienic. pleasant, ancient corn

    77. FrontSide FrankLucas

      Bro almost got 2 mil views talking about fucking usbs lmaoooo props to you

    78. Wid Eye

      I have more USB cables than I know what to do with.

    79. Beach&BoardFan

      This is about 18 min too long say bandwidth, durability, and standardization.

    80. EXcentriX

      I have to keep multiple cables because they can't make a future extendable standard. USB-A to USB-A, USB-A to USB-B, A to Mini-B, A to micro-B, A to C, C to C.. seriously? Same shit with HDMI and later DisplayPort.. why do they first make a plug, just to slim it down a few years later. They are doing that on purpose, so they won't get fired or disbanded, right?

    81. Christopher Miller

      I was touching USB Flash drive to my tablet While I was watching this video. Realised I accidentally hit the like button with my thumb. Actually That was no accident it was meant to be

    82. LilacDoe

      TIL computer engineers are into BDSM

    83. Don Lee

      soon, phones will have no ports at all. It's inevitable.

    84. buddyroach

      for the people plugging it in sideways: the PCB board in which the USB port is attached to, whichever is "up" for that board is "up" for the USB port, generally.

    85. Tim Smith

      I understand the updates for functionality (additional signalling I presume) but can't get my head around data transfer rates. Why are newer designs capable of greater speeds? Surely they are the same copper or brass contacts and wires?!?

    86. LVintageNerd

      03:46 The **What**

    87. TheKazz

      micro USB was the worst

    88. Michael Combrink

      next up USB-MAG

    89. Foervraengd

      Bumped into this video while looking for a way to connect my bluray player (mini usb) to my smart tv and im this close to crying because theres so many fng adapters but no mini-usb to hdmi screw all this i just wanna watch lord of the rings extended edition

    90. Stir Fry The Science Fly

      Even better video: Why does the mac charger change?

    91. Andy Privat

      Yes USB C ist the answer ! With the current specs it should be up to date for the next 10 years. Power Handling: We are using an average power of 7 to 10W ( 5v1,5 /2A that is like QC3) TYPE-C : up to 100W Datatransfer: Average USB storages and SD cards about 20 to 50MB/s TYPE-C 3.2 up to 500mb/s (10x faster) TYPE-C 4 up to 4000mb/s (80x faster) So i thing the USB C type is good enough for the next 10 Years

    92. Dollar Guy

      Because the world sucks and run by a$&holes Now I have a USB C adapter brick that PUTS OUT 12VAC!!!! Has a “no use with phone” sticker on it. Engineering standards are gone. It’s a free for all of factory to landfill garbage.

    93. Corwin Hochrine


    94. Jenny Saunders

      The micro evolutions of tech means what worked fine yesterday is useless today.

    95. DJTINNIO

      They change, so they can sell adapters for it.

    96. Fikin27

      Is it ironic that i got a usb ad on this video?

    97. Mal

      13:31 Wait a sec, that sounds like DJ Slope.

    98. Ryan Zhao

      usb works with logo on top logo-less cables: haha the hackerman meme go brrrrrrrr

    99. Mamel's #26

      Micro USB are shit. I don't remember the number of broken port or cable with this type of connector...usb c is much better

    100. splewy

      I feel like USB-C is finally the the standard the will stick around for a while. The data speeds are fast, the power limits are high, it’s small enough for mobile devices and it’s reversible.