Worst Uber Driver On Tiny Bicycle for 24 Hours! Matt and Rebecca

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    Uber Eats App Controls our Lives for 24 Hours. First Matt and Rebecca tried SURPRISING REBECCA with WORST DAY & Doing the Opposite for 24 HOURS. Then Rebecca Zamolo created iPhone Controls My Life for 24 Hours. Finally the Game Master Network uploaded If You STOP MOVING the iPhone is DESTROYED for 24 Hours. Now in order to get the missing dog frankie back we need to work together and use the iPhone app Uber Eats. Each of us must go to the location and pick up the food just like an uber eats driver. Whoever loses the challenge at home must eat the worst food on the menu. Who do you think will win and do you think we can trust this iPhone? Where is Daniel? Can we trust the game master or whoever is doing this to us? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021.
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    1. Matt and Rebecca

      Which menu item was the worst?

      1. Reyleen Lopez

        I took screenshot of Matt🤣

      2. TAWE's CHANNEL

        Hey madie tell me hos youre crush i subscibed to Madie and rebecca chalenges

      3. TAWE's CHANNEL

        From madie

      4. Tyler Jones


      5. prabhat vishnoi

        Love you all

    2. Jaleel Mohammed

      maddie has crush she is sussssssssssssssssssss

    3. ice Queen playz

      I think Maddie has a crush on Rick Noah

    4. Aairah Bunty Walia

      Ok ra

    5. Aairah Bunty Walia

      Maddie t or d

    6. Emily and Chloe’s Place

      My favourite SEpromr is you

    7. Emily and Chloe’s Place

      I love McDonald’s

    8. Jahzara Wiles

      I took a screenshot to remember the time matt was on a girls bike🤣🤣😏

    9. Curtis Edwards

      Truth or dare plsz

    10. Mylanna Flores

      I think the Crush is Rick Noah

    11. Ejin Kawaarab

      Gå ljugit om vissa Mats min Tendo natt natt mamma hur Gum Gum på en på en Hundred and money korvar med hetens Berta ju som kallors en Marie

    12. purple._.sparklequeen

      addison and brys hall pleasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    13. iainniain3

      Colin mel

    14. Alexa Barbecho

      I like bmpp food

    15. Suela Krasniqi


    16. Suela Krasniqi

      Rebecca how are you a big and strong but broccoli then be big and strong and you can live a table you were a car how hard it is to roll or a hold hold hold her cardboard and stacks of Colboard 100 cardboard for 900 cars in a lot of them you can lift anything you want 100 cars or 900 cars on Honda cars millions boxes also you can lift a Flippin 100 trucks neighbor 10 million trucksCardboard box and why would you ever wanna Copper bar flipped him to do the broccoli boxes when you eat it so much broccoli that that I don’t want to boxes on it you’re on 100 box on her arm but kidding or not hon solo box

    17. Modrasta Gaming


    18. Crazy Mysteries

      my FAVORITE McDONALDS meal is chicken nuggets.

    19. Crazy Mysteries


    20. Olive Johnson

      Me me

    21. Asma Nadeem

      NO No No No No

    22. cynthia margo

      Mario they put a lot of texts or mixture in there Maddie

    23. Nickey Coombs

      I see 👀 rick noah real hair 💇

    24. IsLa. Greenough. Rose

      Halloween queen ha ha

    25. IsLa. Greenough. Rose

      Chips and burger ham burger and chocolate milkshake

    26. Hailey Richardson

      He was so funny riding the bike

    27. natacha940


    28. Sophia Treveton

      Truth or dare fo daddy😆😆😆😆😂

    29. john Underwood

      Rick noah and Maddy like each other

    30. Renato Ortanez

      yes I will not hahahahahahahahahahahahahahajajaahahahahahahahahahahah

    31. Renato Ortanez

      I don t no it's mat??

    32. Matt Hicks


    33. Lakenya Blanchard


    34. Nichole Longbine

      Happy meal is my favorite at McDonald’s

    35. Ana Ruhani

      a girls bike wow 😂😂😂

    36. Darey Calderon

      maddie rececca but lie dtectter

    37. Suhaila Badran

      👍 yes

    38. Olly Mitchell

      and matt that was why the frij or the cabnit was open im a big fan my name is lndie

    39. Olly Mitchell

      Rebecca put liye dtect mixju in your drinck

    40. Olly Mitchell


    41. Song Hongchhay


    42. Ella Evans


    43. Fornite God

      I HATE pizza

    44. claireuppingtoncu

      Who’s maddies crush

    45. Jacob Nixon


    46. Ruby Edwards

      Truth or dare

    47. YT Arial_cryptic9

      All right well I want to see I would Adam you mean baby or a burger or do you know what I’m saying math

    48. jeanne germeil

      My favorite is the nuggets and fries

    49. Seleste Urbina


    50. Seleste Urbina


    51. Seleste Urbina

      Hi Campos are you chicken nuggets and a burger my favorite if you had to say what’s my favorite drink is Dr Pepper

    52. Olivia Pryor

      she like

    53. Olivia Pryor

      Rick noah

    54. Olivia Pryor

      Rick noak

    55. Olivia Pryor


    56. Olivia Sposato

      TRUTH IR DARE!!!!!!!!!!

    57. Gael Ramos


    58. Hudson Fnaf lover

      Truth or dare

    59. Hudson Fnaf lover

      Nuggets and fries

    60. Hannah Nunez

      My favorite thing in McDonald’s is happy meal and chicken nuggets

    61. i play roblox


    62. Rocelyn Velez


    63. Sandy Morales

      Truth and dare yes yes and yes truth there and treat and day to then they yes yes yes

      1. Sandy Morales

        Tell us who Maddie's crushes on truth and dare

    64. Uwa Ese

      Matt is a girl

    65. Ava Gowland

      I Love you

    66. Alia m

      I saw a bit of his hair I think it is black it was showing from his hat 🎩

    67. Amiracle Hayes

      P Panda Express

      1. Amiracle Hayes

        The broccoli yuck

    68. Amiracle Hayes

      Sofie dossi

    69. Alexa hadassah Santos

      The other game

    70. Alexa hadassah Santos

      Do you the truth or dare please

    71. ava Khavari


    72. lovella black


    73. lovella black

      Rick Noah has brawn

    74. Mia Basseng

      Snake 🐍 I love snakes 😍😍😍😍

    75. Maria Zacarias

      You need to do a truth or dare challenge so you can get Maddie to spill her beans about having a new crush!

    76. Huam Aja

      my is hapemal

    77. Chloe Best

      I Love mudonelds

    78. alondra cabrera

      The green boy we need to see his face I don’t know why he’s here but I have a slime game by wheels’s

    79. Jessica’s Asmr

      The royalty fam

    80. Milagros Ramirez

      when you guys are plying jennga u can see ricknoah's hair its color black

    81. Robert Mazur

      Do a truth or dare challenge

    82. Silvia Delgado

      When Maddie was up in the attic I saw Daniel in the background

    83. Isabelle Walters

      That I think is it the one with her Maddy that’s the biggest sister Maddie and the Becca I think you should go on live Luisa powder heating element

    84. sister channel

      Truth or dare

    85. Sophia Hunter

      Hate toco bell

    86. king slayer_14

      She probably does

    87. king slayer_14

      Truth or dare

    88. Sophia Hunter

      *maddie* Drinks pickel juice A month later Rebbeca Maddie do you have a crush Maddie No

    89. Alia Mashhour

      Is Franki your dog

    90. King Giana


    91. Richard Gito

      Maddies crush is the halloween hacker

    92. Richard Gito

      if im frankie im gonna shake my but

    93. Mudita Mohan

      rick nova dark brown hair

    94. Simon Smith


    95. Abigail Chong

      She did

    96. Kaci-jane Kerr

      Riding lessons

    97. GiMeng Moua


    98. Narindra Bridgelal


    99. Lauren and Gracie super Hero power Crowley

      Excuse me do you have my bike that really bad little girl bike that’s mine

    100. Lavinia Camara

      I Really Want Maddie To Go On A Double Date With Rick Noah